Wednesday, April 12, 2006

VUBOQ Queries the Nation

*heh* "queries"

Who wants to come load the dishwasher? *heh* "come"

My boss let us leave at 4PM today because the phones were still gang aft a-gley-ed. Hm. Methinks, I need to come up with a new acronym, along the lines of SNAFU (situation normal: all fucked up)... GAAG: gang aft a gley-ed!

Anyway, because of our early departure, I fed and watered the kitty and made it back to John's before 5. Woo hoo. I thought about taking a nap ... that didn't happen. I am really tired though. Really.

Now, before I fix myself and my dog (augh! Not *My* Dog! Not *My* Dog!) some dinner, I must shove bunches of dishes which are littering the counter into the gaping maw that is the dishwasher.

Which reminds me of a rather entertaining story from my youth. Perhaps, I shall share it with you tomorrow ... if someone reminds me. I am old and tend towards forgetfulness.


PS. JJD friggin' finally updated. Check it out!

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  1. Who wants to come load the dishwasher? *heh* "come"

    EVEN BETTER: "come load"