Thursday, April 06, 2006

Barnes & Noble Gift Card Foolishness

For my birthday, my parents gave me two $25 gift cards for Barnes & Noble. Who knew that using them would turn into such a royal pain in the ass?

Earlier this afternoon, I went to to look for a couple of titles I had in mind:

The Weather Makers by Tim Flannery, and
Field Notes from a Catastrophe, by Elizabeth Kolbert.

Each book was about $16, so I qualified for free shipping! Woo hoo! I also had about $18 left to spend. I decided to get the third Harry Potter DVD. It was only $15. After taxes, the total came to $51.80-ish. Not bad, I thought $1.80 for 2 books and a DVD.

Then, came the big surprise. As I was checking out, I clicked the "other payment" option to enter in my gift cards ... and what do my wondering eyes behold?

A little note that says "Only one gift card/certificate may be used per order."

Da fuuuuuuuuck!

So, I cancelled my order, and decided to buy each book separately. Since I would not qualify for free shipping (about $4 per order), I would not buy the Harry Potter DVD.

The first book I ordered, I hit the wrong button and it charged my credit card. I had to cancel the order. And make it again. GAH!

Finally, both books were ordered. Of course, they will ship separately. Besides wasting about $8 on shipping, all that extra packaging will be used to. GAH!

Gift cards are such a scam.

[I am excited about reading the books though. Both are about climate change!]


  1. I thought of getting you the Kolbert book for your birthday, but then I decided I'd undermine your intellect by getting you a cheaper, lighter read. ;)

  2. Anonymous7:00 PM


  3. why did the parents give you two cards for $25 each instead of one for $50? were they afraid you'd spend it all in one place? was one for you and the other for your big hairy pussy?

    bn has a service where you can pay online and pick up the order at border's assuming they have everything you want at the store (although they may be able to get it from other stores to complete your order). probably still costs more but there's no shipping charge so maybe it evens out.

  4. You shoulda called. Maybe they coulda helped you over da phone.