Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Twenty minutes until 10.
I'm waiting for my phone to ring.
"We have night training. I should be done my 9:30. If it's not too late, I'll call."

It's never too late.

Sure, I might be a bit cranky if, say, you call at 2AM and wake me up from a sound sleep and a hot dream.

I might even curse you out and then hang up. I've been known to do that - not remembering the call the next day and wondering why my friend seems so distant.

So, I feed the dog.
I cooked dinner.
I ate dinner [spinach, onion, tomato, and blue cheese omelet].
I watched CSI.
I made a brandy alexander.
I knitted a row or two.
I went into the basement to watch a movie, Water Drops on something something, but I turned it off after about half an hour.
I let the dog out.
I let the dog in.
I turned on the hot tub.
I soaked until I got bored [15 minutes].
I showered.

And, now,

I wait.
For the phone to ring.
Twelve minutes until 10.


  1. welcome to my world. But with IM's

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  3. perhaps you should consider electro-shock therapy. i think it'll help rid you of this dependency and reinvigorate dying brain cells.