Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update: Crazy Busy Fun Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!
OMG.  What a crazybusyfun weekend!
After work on Friday, I had a hair appointment.  I have been reblonded.  See?  Then, after presenting the Colornatrix with a bottle of Green Tea-infused Vodka, I metro'ed to Gallery Place/Chainatown where I met my Most Fantastic Cuzin (and her husband) at Jaleo.  I haven't seen them in over a year, so it was So Much Boozy Delicious Fun eating, drinking, and catching up.  Good times.
Once I got home, I had plans to go quickly to bed.  Those plans were thwarted by a text message exchange with "I" who, after deciding he didn't want to come over, changed his mind and came over ... (and *ahem* "came" over).  He's a little Chinese guy who lives nearby.  He's little in the sense that he has a small build.  He's actually fairly tall (like 5'10" or so?). The secks wasn't all that, but I guess he would do in a pinch. 
  Saturday morning, I slept in.  Yay!  Then, I did a little housework and relaxed before walking to the grocery and likker stores.
At the likker store, I bought a fifth of El Jimador tequila, so that I could make this, habernero-infused tequila.  Oooooh.  I think it's gonna be SPICY.  I used the first ripe habenero off my plant.  Yay!
Around 3PM, Tomokito came down for gins and tonic and conversation.  Fun.  After she left, I decided to finish up some knitting projects.  I know, crazy, right?
First, I wove in the ends and blocked the Never-Ending Baby Blanket of Doom.  Surprisingly, it took less than a year from cast-on to blocking.  Yay me!  Next, I attached the tassels to the Last Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban scarf that I will ever knit.  I promised a friend that scarf for his birthday ... two years ago!  What can I say?  I'm a slow knitter.
After finishing my knitting, I started getting a horrible, splitting headache.  It was so bad I felt like I wanted to vomit.  After fighting it for an hour or two, I decided the best thing to do was to go to bed.  I got like 10 hours of sleep.  It was a beautiful beautiful thing.
Sunday morning, I went for a 3.5 mile run.  The weather was sooooooo nice and cool.  I think Autumn is trying it's hardest to gain a foothold against the sweltering Summer heat.  After hearing this week's forecast though, I think Summer has a little more time left before shuffling off this mortal coil.
After having a cup of coffee and entering to win free tickets in the Shakespeare Theatre Company's Free for All lottery, I went to the pottery studio.  It was supposed to be open today from noon to 5 for Summer students to finish their remaining projects.  Guess what?  It wasn't.  *durrrrrrrrf*  I hate making a wasted trip to College Park.
On my way home, G texted to say that he didn't win tickets in the lottery, so maybe we should go to a movie instead.  I told him to hold on, because I was feeling lucky.  Once home, I booted up the netbook and guess what?  I WON!  Yay!  Two tickets to see Twelfth Night.  Awesome.
I met G at 5:30 at the theater to pick up our tickets.  Then, we went to Austin Grill for a bite to eat.  The play started at 7:30.  It was awesome.  Funny performances by some of the supporting characters fer sure.  AND, after the intermission, when the long-lost twin appears, I whispered to G, "The twin looks a lot like the kid from Queer as Folk."  After the show, we checked the program and, SURPRISE!, it was the guy who played Justin on the show.  "I thought his nipples looked familiar," I said to G on the way out.
For those of you in the DC area, enter the lottery!  The show is so worth it ... even though it is nearly three hours long and, if you live in Silver Spring, that means you won't get home until nearly 11:30 and that you won't get into bed until nearly midnight and your next day at work will be absolutely miserable.  There's no show tonight, so the lottery will open at midnight for Tuesday's show.
And, that would be my weekend.  I'm pretty out of it right now.  I think I have a date tonight with D.  I need to text him to see what the plans are.
Have a great Monday!  *smooches*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Metro is Trying to Ruin My Life

Good morning, Kittens!

What a craptastic day (already!). Since nothing really happened last night (I did laundry. I have a fabulous new comforter set), let's bitch about Metro for awhile ...

Metro is trying to RUIN MY LIFE.



Labor Day Weekend. Every. Single. Metro. Station. North. of Fort Totten. CLOSED! WTF? Oh, there will be free shuttle buses (whoopee!). But, let's do the math. A 6 car train can hold how many people? Maybe 2-300?

A bus can hold how many people?
Like 4? If they are thin.

So it looks like my fun-filled 4-day(!) Labor Day Weekend will be spent with many many many Metro Headaches. GAH!

And, that's not all!

In the good ol' days, when Metro was broke but still functional (as opposed to now when they are broke and dysfunctional), you were allowed to exit a station using your SmarTrip card even if you didn't have enough money to cover the fare. You could "go negative" as we say in the Metro-Rider Vernacular.

"Not anymore," says the Metro Powers That Be. Come Fall, no more going negative. Of course, they have foreseen that this could cause a problem to many many metro riders (like me), who go negative All the Time, so they are installing SmarTrip readers on the machines inside the station.

The only problem? Those machines only take cash! Who carries cash these days? It's so retro!

Which means, that I am going to become one of those sad sad souls wandering the inside of the metro station asking, "Do you have a quarter?"


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

D is for Dating

Good Morning, Kittens.
It's been a semi-hectic few days at work and I am slowly getting back into the grind.  It would probably be more hectic if I were more motivated.  Oh, well.
After work, I went here:, the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum.  I met "D" there, and we walked around the galleries for a bit.  Then, we walked up to Matchbox, a wood-fired gourmet pizza joint in Chinatown, but the wait was going to be over 30 minutes.  Instead, we walked a few doors down and tried out a new pan-Asian place (the name of which I can not remember).  It was ok.  Cute space.  The food was a little expensive for what it was though.  I don't see myself going back anytime soon.
We walked to the metro station and kissed good-bye on the red line platform.  Then, he ran for his green line train.  He told me later that he got on the one going in the wrong direction. Apparently, I am *that* good.  I am liking him a lot more now, but we aren't going to be able to meet up again until Monday.  *sigh* 
I blobbed around for a bit once I got home, and that was pretty much my night. 
Today, I have no plans other than eating leftover veggie tacos and washing sheets and towels.  Who has all the fun?  That would be me, I'm sure.
Have a great day!  *smooches*

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

Good morning, Kittens!
Yesterday, I only worked a half day.  It was awesome.  Every day should be a half day.  I had a boatload of crap to do after my week out of town, so, after leaving work at noon, I stopped by the likker store (yay!) and the Whole Foods.  Then, once home, I did a little cleaning (I can haz sparkly bathtub!) and lots and lots of laundry (Three Loads!).  Then, I made a Gin and Tonic (or two).  And took a nap.
Yay for Naps!
After my nap, I made dinner: veggie tacos. Nomz.
Later that evening, A came over ... and we may (or may not) have had lots of teh secks all over the living room (ow.  rug burn).  We also may (or may not) have had lots and lots of tequila.
And wine.
Why am I not overhung this morning?
Anywayz, A is getting to be a bit clingy.  I think I may have to end it soon.  He is getting too attached.  Which I don't really understand, because he made it clear that we weren't dating.  But now he seems to think we are dating.  And that would only be if you define "date" as "come over to my place for cocktails and secks."
I don't usually consider that to be dating.  Dating should involve dinner.  Or an outing.  In public.  Not skulking around in the shadows.
I like him.  But I don't *like* him.  If that makes any sense.  And, last night, he was all "I missed you while you were in Texas.  Did you miss me?" (Um.  Not really?)
In other news, I am supposed to have a date (like a *real* date) with D this evening after work. I both like and *like* D.
And, in non-dating news, behold!  My first ripe habenero:  I will be picking it soon and possibly using it in food (or infused tequila!).
Have a great day!  *smooches*

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week Update: Dallas Edition

Good evening, Kittens!

I'm back from Dallas! Miss me?

The trip was super fun. I met blogger buddies! and I learned a lot! and I made very useful work connections! And it was forking hot hot hot. Plus humid.

So, I left for Dallas bright and early on Sunday morning. The plane ride was uneventful. Once there, I checked into the hotel, attended a brief session on LEDs, and, then, met up with the fabulous Biddy McBidson!

She took me boot shopping! And then we drove to Fort Worth for dinner: enchiladas! and margaritas!

I had my picture taken with a cow of some sort:

Dallas2010 008

and here's me and Bidmeister:

Dallas2010 012

The next day, after work, I met up with Biddy again. And we went out for super yummy pizza. Mmmmmm.

As a courtesy, I won't mention the number of times she tried to kill me. (here's a hint: more than one).

The other highlight of the trip was meeting the beautiful Marathon Mom! We went to this fabulous restaurant, Mi Cocina. And had many margaritas and delicious ... wait for it ... enchiladas!

She is blurry, and fabulous:

Dallas2010 024

And then I conferenced some more. And ate some more. And drank a lot more. And there may (or may not) have been hot buttsecks (twice) with a guy I met.

Then, I flew home. Arrived late Saturday afternoon.

Today, I had a date (with "G"). We went to the Freer/Sackler and Teaism for a snack. He's nice. I likey. When I got home, SCGB came down for Gins and Tonic in my SuperCute new Longhorn Highball glasses (courtesy Marathon Mom!).

And, now, I'm going to call the Parental Units, have a bite to eat, perhaps have another gin and tonic, and, then, go to bed. Work tomorrow. I'm taking a half-day and leaving at noon. I have lots and lots of laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping to do ... oh, and A will be coming over later.

Finally, here is the link to my Dallas pix.

Good night! *smooches*

Monday, August 16, 2010



I'm still in Texas.

The new boots! love!

More later ... I have bad internet at the hotel. BAH.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pre-Weekend Update

Good evening, Kittens!

Just thought I'd bring you up-to-date on all the exciting things that are happening in my life right now ...




Ha! Seriously, I'll be flying to Dallas (TEXAS! ... Where I hear the stars at night are big and bright!) very very very very very early tomorrow morning to attend a conference.

But, before we get to that, we need to discuss "H" ... who I met online Friday night. And who wanted to come over. So, I was all like. um. ok. He came over. he was nice enough. We didn't do anything other than watch a movie and make out for a bit. he wanted more. I wasn't feeling it. Then. I might feel it later. Dunno. We'll see. Like I said, nice. but, um, he has small hands.

Not that that's indicative of anything ...

he lives nearby, which is convenient.

ANYWAY, I spent today (Saturday) getting ready for my trip. Packing. Coordinating with some of my fabulous blog friends. Arranging random hookups with hot guys. Y'know. the usual.

SO, it's going to be a busy week. I will try to update as I can. Try not to miss me.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Someone Might Be in a Bad Mood

Good Morning, Kittens.
A couple of bitchy little incidents to start your Friday off right ...
1.  I had a date last night.  He was fun.  We went to Mova (the bar formerly known as Halo).  I have not been there in ages (like maybe 4 or 5 years), so I thought it would be a nice change.  Check it out again.  See what it's like.  And what is it like?  A pile of smug, egotistical shit.  That's what it's like.
So we walk it.  It was early and not very crowded.  The bartender was in the back and we had to wait a few minutes until he came out. Then we had the following conversation:
Bartender:  What can I get you?
Me:  Hm.  I don't know.  What would you recommend?
Bartender: (blank look)
Me:  Maybe something summery with lemon?
Bartender: I don't know.
Me:  You don't know?  What do you like?
Bartender: Chocolate.
Me: That's not very summery.
Bartender: *shrugs shoulders*
Me: (thinking) You are an ass. (saying) Fine.  I'll have a cosmo with Ketel One Citroen.
Seriously, what kind of bartender can't recommend a fucking drink?  How hard is it to say something like, "Oh.  A gin and tonic is very summery.  Or I like a Vodka Collins in the summer."  Is he an idiot?  Does he hate his job?  Has he ever bartended before?  All of those things ran through my head, until after he rang us up and I was signing the check, when I heard him mocking me with his friends at the end of the bar ... basically parroting what I had said "something summery ... with lemon ..." and laughing.
Fucker. You just cost yourself your tip.  And insured that it will probably be at least another 4 or 5 years before I go back to Mova/Halo/Whatever.
(Other than that the date was cool.  Good conversation.  Good-looking.  We'll be hanging out again when I get back from Dallas)
2. A woman on the metro bumped into me this morning as we were exiting the train, and then turned and glared at me.  Like it's my fault she ran into me.  WTF?
3. Thunderstorms.  We have had 3 very strong ones in the past month or so.  I have heard that people are starting to refer to them as the Pepcoplypse (Pepco being our power provider in the area). Guess what, people?  It will probably only get worse.  It's a little thing I like to call "Climate Change" and it's working on giving us a proper smackdown.  Droughts will be dryer.  Storms will be stronger.  Get used to it.
And, have a great day!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

12 of 12: Crappy Cameraphone Edition

Good evening, Kittens.

OK. I only managed to take 12 cameraphone pix today. And I hate about half of them.
So I'm not even going to post them here.

You'll have to go to my flickr page to look at them.

Click here.

Today was chock full of drama and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Good night!

Thursday Morning Quickie

Good Morning, Kittens!
Huge thunderstorm this morning has thrown everything out of whack.  At least the power is on at work (it's not at my apartment, according to a text from Tomokito).  And today is 12 of 12 ... of course, I forgot to charge my camera batteries and I can't find my camera's memory card. Joy.  It's very possible I left it on a table and Isabella turned it into a cat toy.  So, my 12 f 12 will all be cameraphone pix.  I've been sending them to Flickr (click on link near the top of the page) if you want a sneak preview.
Anyway, last night I was supposed to have a date with D.  However, he canceled at the last minute (for a perfectly valid and understandable reason).  I was still a bit disappointed.  So, instead of a hot hot date, I did laundry, made pesto, and had a drink with SCGB.  Not a bad way for the evening to have turned out, fer sure.
Oh, on the way home from work, Maryland's governor, Martin O'Malley, was campaigning outside the Silver Spring Metro Station.  I should have stopped to talk to him, but I was hot and cranky from a ridiculously long commute (made even ridiculouslier longer by some sort of delay on the orange/blue lines) and hurrying to get home to get ready for my date.
I started to think of questions I would ask the governor if I ever get the chance to meet him again.  The one I finally decided on is "When, in Maryland, will my relationship be considered equal to yours?"
(Not that I have a relationship.  It's hypothetical (for the moment)).
So, what would you ask your governor if you had the opportunity to ask him (or her) one question?
Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Good morning, Kittens!
OMG.  I am so tired that my fingers ache.  What is that all about?  And why is typing such a chore?  And why did walking from the metro station to my office feel like it was sapping every last ounce of energy I had?  *ugh*
Originally, my plans for last night included going for a run, cleaning the house, and blobbing on the sofa with a glass of wine (or seven).  That all changed when my friend, CJ, decided we should go out for Mexican food.  Of course, being the dedicated Health Enthusiast that I am, I was all like yes we should go out for dinner, but I need to run first.  So, we decided to meet in downtown Silver Spring at 8:30 ... which gave me enough time to run in the disgustingly humid early evening with air that seared my lungs with every step.
Someone please remind me why I am doing this whole running thing?
I did not run very far (somewhere between 2.5 to 3 miles).  I got home, showered, threw on a t-shirt and walked to Mi Rancho.  Mmmm.  Margaritas.  and beer!  and vegetable enchiladas!  and cheese dip!  Fun times.
Tonight, I am supposed to have a date with D.  I don't know what we are doing yet.  I considered inviting him over for dinner, but my house is a Hot Tranny Mess.  I would like to spend some time at home though.  Maybe he'll be ok with the filth.  And we can order pizza.  And watch a movie.  Or something.
Or "something."
Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Date Night with Myself

Good morning, Kittens!
I was such a lazy bum after work yesterday.  On the way home, I stopped off at Adega, where I purchased a bottle of wine.  Then, I did a little grocery shopping at Whole Foods, buying the fixin's for a black bean/corn salad as well as a few other necessities (cashews!).  Once home, I blobbed on the sofa whilst the wine chilled.
Then, I threw together the salad, popped the cork, and relaxed ... until I summoned forth the motivation to do some ironing.  2 shirts.  1 pair of pants.  Hurrah.  Then, I texted a few people to see what they were up to.  A and I chatted for a bit.  When I texted E to see if he had time to hang out this week, he was all hang out or "hang out?" ... Then, he said that he's started seeing someone, but he should be free on Tuesday (today).
Um.   What?
Seriously.  What kind of guy do I look like?  I am a firm believer in Ignorance is Bliss.  If I don't know you are seeing someone and we have some "fun," then that's on you.  However, if I know you are seeing someone, then I refuse to be a willing participant in any sort of cheating.  Other people may rationalize their actions in other ways, but that's just how I roll. 
So, I texted back and was pretty much, "contact me when you are single again and we'll see if anything happens."  After that, he was all, "I really respect that."  And "let's keep in touch." And "I definitely want to hook up when we're both single."  Mm-hm.  I see that happening ...  Oh, well.  He was cute ... even if his penis was a little small.
No big plans tonight.  I definitely need to go for a run after work.  It's been too hot and I haven't run in weeks.  Maybe I'll do more ironing.  Or maybe I'll just blob on the sofa all evening.
Have a great day!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekend Update: Sex and (No) Candy Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.
What a weekend!  *whew*  I am exhausted.
Friday, after work, I met a group of friends for happy hour at Nellie's.  SCGB and his beau, Steveandbobby (who I haven't seen since my birthday party in March), Tomokito, Mike (Who Makes Cakes), his friend Brian, and Kris (who I haven't seen in, like, 2 years) were all there.  It was a boozy good time for sure.
Saturday, after blobbing all morning, I hopped on the metro to Virginia.  I met C at Pentagon City around 3 and we went back to his place. We had cocktails, played Super Mario Brothers, and had lots and lots of hot buttsecks.  Then, we ordered pizza, watched Alice in Wonderland, went to bed, and had more hot hot buttsecks.  Sunday morning?  *ahem* a little more secks.  Then, he dropped me off at a coffee shop while he went to tai chi training.  Once that was finished, we met for brunch.  Then, I went home.  I did some ironing for the week, a little cleaning, and took a short nap.
When I got up, it was time to walk to Downtown Silver Spring to meet D for our movie date.  We had dinner at Adega.  Yum!  And, then, watched Salt ... which was awesome fun.  He drove me home and we made out for a minute in his car.  Good times.
I went to bed early (9:45ish!), but didn't sleep well.  Boo.
And that was my weekend.  Hope yours was equally as fun and exciting.
Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Weekend Update: Seven Pictures Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

Over the weekend, I took a few more than 7 pictures. However, I only took seven during the fabulous Puntabulous Pool Party. BUT, to start at the very beginning ...

The bus ride to New York got off to an unpleasant start. First, the bus stop was a madhouse because of some youth soccer tournament that was going on. Kids were everywhere and it was difficult to tell where the lines for the bus began/ended. Then, because of traffic, my bus was about 30 minutes late. Luckily,once I boarded, I snagged one of the much coveted upper deck front seats. Yay.

After much traffic and way too much air conditioning, I arrived in New York City a little after 11, and I got to Y's about 11:45. Very tired. Went straight to bed.

The next day, I met David, Enrico and Josh at the rental car place so David could drive us all out to Long Island. And we arrived at the Puntabulous Pool Party around 3:30. You've probably all read others' accounts of the festivities, so I don't have much to add. Good food. Great booze (if I do say so myself, since I brought blueberry infused gin and green tea vodka). Fun times. So much fun that I only took a few photos, like these:

PoolPartyWeekend 003

PoolPartyWeekend 004What is everyone looking at?

PoolPartyWeekend 005

PoolPartyWeekend 007Michelle and Her SuperCute Hubby, Harry

Adam drove me (and Mikey and Jere) back to the City. I took the subway back to Y's and went to bed. So tired. Sitting in the sun and drinking all day is exhausting!

The next day, I met Jake for brunch. We went to ABC Kitchen, which is just north of Union Square. While enjoying my spinach and goat cheese omelet, I had my first ever New York Celebrity Sighting (thanks to Jake): Jimmy Fallon. Groovy.

After brunch, we walked to Uni-Qlo. I bought two new dress shirts, two ties, a pack of t-shirts, and a hoodie (to wear home because the bus was so cold).

Cute new purple uni-qlo hoodie

Jake found some cute polo shirts. Yay. Then, we walked by Ben Sherman. I was determined not to buy anything ... but they were having an amazing sale: 50% off already reduced clothes/shoes. I saw a pair of shoes I wanted, but decided I didn't want to carry shoes all over NYC and back to DC. Instead, I bought a supercute red hoodie for $40 (reg. price $109). Bargain!

Cute new red Ben Sherman hoodie.

Then, we walked to Highline Park.

PoolPartyWeekend 009"Infamous" Hotel, which straddles the park

Jere and Y joined us there. And Jake left. Then, Jere, Y and I went to Vynl for dinner. Yum.

On Monday, I met Harry and Michelle at the Coffee Shop for an early breakfast. Then, I went back to Y's to pack and take a nap. I got on the bus around 2:30 and was home around 8. Tomokito came down for martinis and then I went to bed.

PoolPartyWeekend 016

I am still tired. *whew* The other 4 photos I took are here.


Still Not My Puntabulous Pool Party Post

Good Morning, Kittens.
Well, this is still not my Puntabulous Pool Party Weekend Post (obviously).  I did work on it this morning, but I need to add photos (and edit, because a post written before 6AM usually has one or two or 500 mistakes).  Maybe I can post it tonight ... depending on how (or if) my date with D goes.
Yesterday, after work, I had my first date with F.  We met at Dupont Circle.  I got off work at 5:00, but he didn't finish until 6:30 ... so I spent some time sitting, people watching and reading my nook (currently reading: The Poisonwood Bible).  Once he arrived, we walked to Circa for drinks and appetizers.  We had a really good conversation.  And, he's cute.  Tall.  Bald.  He's also in his mid-30s "I'm happy just being alone" stage.  Which means there isn't much long-term relationship potential.  But what do I care?  It's the Summer of Fun!  We did not have any "fun" after the date.  I walked him to his bus stop (which was near the metro).  We hugged.  Kissed.  And will hopefully see each other in a couple of weeks when he gets back from his summer vacation in New England.
I got home around 9:30, which gave me just enough time to futz around before bed. 
Today is Laundry Day ... but, as I mentioned two paragraphs ago, I also have a date with D.  I'm not sure what time.  I called him last night, but only got voicemail.  I invited him over for dinner (that way I can still do laundry).  I'm not sure if I will cook or if I will just order pizza.  My house is a bit of a disaster, so I probably should clean before (if) he comes over.  Wash dishes.  Vaccuum.  Clean the bathroom. And I totally need to iron some clothes for the rest of the workweek. 
Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Weekend Update: Not Quite Yet Edition

Good morning, Kittens. 
Well, here it is.  Tuesday morning.  And I still haven't posted about my weekend.   And I have an excuse.  I do.  And it's a really really good one.  You see, I want to include pictures.  Which means I have to blog from home (rather than via email from work).  Which means I have to upload the photos (all seven of them!) from my camera. And, when one gets home late on a Monday night and then has martinis with Tomokito until bedtime, the blog post doesn't get written.
But the weekend was REALLY fun.  And I can't wait to tell you all about it.  Except I have to wait (because I want to include photos ... didn't we cover this already?).
And, it's likely that I won't be able to post tonight (because I have a date).  Unless the date is cancelled/postponed.  Then, it could happen.
I might be able to do it on Wednesday (but I also have a date scheduled that night).
If not, I am free on Thursday evening.  So, I will definitely post about my weekend that night (unless I schedule another date ... but I don't think I will ... because I have a date on Friday night and four dates in a row is too much even for me to handle).  Better late than never, right? 
So, stay tuned.  Lots of fun and excitement is in store for us all!
Have a great day!