Thursday, April 13, 2006

Phones and Psychology

According to my boss, our phones were fixed at about 3AM today. Yay. Now we can "work."

Last night, due to oogly stomach, I crashed early - around 9ish, maybe 9:30. I slept well.

Oscar is so weird.

Does anyone remember that experiment on superstitions, in which scientists fed pigeons at completely random intervals? As it turned out, the pigeons all began doing really weird things, like hopping on one foot or walking with one wing in the air. Apparently, they started associating these behaviors with receiving food. [Hah! God Bless Google! I found it!]

Anyway, the point of this is that Oscar does some really weird shit. And, I'm wondering if that's the reason. For example, last night, as I was getting us ready for bed. He started to go batshit crazy. He would shake his collar a couple of times. Look at me. Crouch down. Spin in a circle and crouch again. He did this three times.

Finally, I let him out of the bedroom. He ran downstairs to finish eating his food and have some water. Then, he came back upstairs, plopped down beside his doggy bed (on the hardwood floor) and fell asleep.

I read somewhere in a dog-training article that dogs have signals. A simple (and perhaps more practical) one is sniffing by the door when they need to go out. Is it possible that Oscar's signal has some how morphed into this "shake, look, crouch, spin, crouch, repeat" system.

Seriously, the dog is fucked up ... which gives me a delicious idea *rubs hands together menacingly*



  1. this is a reminder for the entertaining story from your youth which was triggered by the words "gaping maw of a dishwasher" please elaborate to your listeners!

  2. share! I wanna know what this delicious idea you have.

  3. Dogs are crazy. That's why I only have three.

  4. gotta love b.f. skinner and his pigeons. those poor pigeons. can you imagine the hassle the took from regular pigons who thought they were nuts?