Wednesday, April 05, 2006

All Hail Jaleo

Last night, I met my friend, Bellringer Mike, at Jaleo to celebrate our birthdays. His is the day after mine.

I arrived a little before six and had a glass of sangria at the bar while waiting for Mike to arrive. The bartender was supercute with his yummy Spanish accent and winning smile. *melt* "You can come home to live with me ... until April 29th," I almost said aloud.

Mike arrived. We chatted. Here's what we ordered:

Half pitcher of sangria (yum)

Manzanas con Manchego, Apple and Manchego salad, $5.75
Pimientos del piquillo rellenos de queso y setas, Sweet peppers stuffed with goat cheese and mushrooms, $6.95
Patatas bravas, Fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce & alioli, $3.95
Dátiles con tocino como hace todo el mundo, Traditional fritters of dates and bacon*, $4.95
Garbanzos con espinacas ‘Que bien cocinas, Tichi’ , Moorish stew of chickpeas and spinach, $5.25

*Of course, I couldn't eat these. But, because my cousin raves about them, I made Mike order them. And, forced him to eat them all.

Pastel Vasco con helado de leche merengada, Basque cake with semolina cream, cinnamon-vanilla sauce & ice milk, $7.50

And, coffee (for me).

Grand total: $51.59. Mike covered the extra $1.59 [I had a $50 gift card from my parents] and we left $5 each for the tip.

Not bad for a super-fantastic meal at my favorite restaurant. Plus, it was great seeing Mike and catching up on all the latest news in his life.

Goals for today:

  1. Remember the frozen pizza that I left at work again.
  2. Make reservations at the kennel for the last weekend in April.
  3. Find the correct address for John's Hawaii tax payment.
  4. Research the opera L'Elisir d'Amore.
  5. Finish my birthday thank you notes.
  6. Oh. And, maybe, do some work.

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  1. God, I am soooo hungry reading your menu. Yum yum YUM yum yum!