Sunday, April 16, 2006


... Thank [Insert Supreme Being of Preference] 4 Coffee ...

I took this pic a few minutes ago, and I love how it turned out with the flowers and the coffee and Oscar looking on in the distance.

The mug in the photo is one I bought for John. We had been dating a month or two, when I went home to visit the folks. They live a short distance from downtown Waynesville, which is filled with cute little mountain crafty stores. Although purchased in Waynesville, this mug was made in Seagrove, NC, a potter's community, located about 1.5 hours from where I used to teach.

The glaze on the mug is called "blueberry and chocolate." Delicious. Anyway, I think John liked the gift, and -using it while he's away- reminds me of him.

With the assistance of the Sweet and Creamy Elixir of Life, aka Coffee, my hangover is beginning to fade. Yay.

Yesterday's Saturday Afternoon Margaritas: Hot Tub Edition! (SAM:HTE!) was great fun. Even though only 3 people showed up, they were the preferred three: Tomoko, Robert, and Terry.

I made the first batch of margaritas using my cousin's recipe: 12 oz. tequila, 12 oz. frozen limeade, 12 oz. Corona, and 12 oz. ginger ale. Muddle in pitcher with spoon. Serve over ice. They were good, but not all that. Maybe I did something wrong, because Cousin Suzanne raves about them. We were kind of *meh*.

Then, Robert took over the margarita making responsibilities. His were much better: limeade, water, tequila, and cointreau. I'm not sure of the proportions though.

We drank and ate liquid cheese (Velveeta and diced tomatoes w/chili). Then, we grilled out veggie burgers and hamburgers. Robert brought the fixins for a very yummy salad. Later, we had strawberries, provided by Tomoko.

"What did Terry bring," you ask. He brought fun margarita glasses! Yay!

A fifth and a half of tequila later, everyone was feeling quite happy. We sat on the deck and watched the stars go by, listening to the occasional wail of a police siren. We opted not to hot tub, as only Terry and I had swim suits. [I did hop in later, though]. Everyone left around 10PM I think.

I crashed around 11:30 or 12. Morning came way too early.

I need to check the newspaper. I either dreamed or actually heard gunshots around 2 or 3AM. Probably it was a dream, but I want to check the paper nevertheless.


  1. nice photo!

    i think the proportions were 1 6oz can limeade, 1 can 6oz water, 1 can tequila and 1/2 can cointreau. then didn't you add another can of tequila after finding it much too weak? and more cointreau?

  2. My marg recipe is similar to yours, save: you use cheap beer, like PBR or Bud from a can; you don't use ginger ale; and it gets blended with ice.

    Mmm. Liquid cheese.