Wednesday, April 26, 2006

VUBOQ Cheeses Off Someone at the Corporate Office

I received a call through the hotline asking for Person Z(first name only, not familiar). Here is our conversation:

Caller: May I speak to Z, please
Me: There is no one here by that name. I don't think he works here.
Caller: Yes, he does. He's the PM [project manager] of that program.
Me: No, the PM of the program is X.
Caller: No, Z is above X.
Me: No, Y is above X.
Caller: I work at Corporate and I know, Z is above X and below Y.
Me: There is no one here by that name.
Caller: Fine! I'll call Y.

Turns out that Z works in the suite next door, but that section is undergoing "phase out" or "down-sizing" or something. No one has been in that office for a couple of weeks. And, Z is not above X and below Y. Z and X are in equivalent positions on different contracts.

Who knew?

Apparently not corporate lady.


  1. more importantly, does she know who V is?

  2. what about W? he's above everyone, no?