Monday, August 26, 2013

August Roundup

Good lord, kittens.  It's been awhile since I've filled you in on all the strange and wonderful things going on in my life.

So, let's see ...

Tap class has ended.  It was only 5 weeks long, but it was fun.  Most of my classmates are signing up for "Next Steps."  However, because that class starts at 8:30PM, I have registered to repeat "Intro."  It's like I'm being held back.  I'm in Remedial Tap.  Oh, well ... The "real" reason I'm staying in Intro is because I want to get home at a semi-reasonable hour on a worknight.  If I took Next Steps, I wouldn't get home until around 11.  And that is way too late for someone who has to wake up at 5:45 the next morning.  Tap class starts again on September 9th.  The day after I run a half-marathon.  Joy.

 Yes.  I'm running the Parks Half Marathon on September 8th.  If you're local, come out to cheer me on.  If you are hyper-local, give me a ride to the starting line!  Otherwise, I'll be taking the bus.  Ughz.  This will be my second half-marathon this year.  I've already registered for one of my 2014 half-marathons, the Virginia Beach (something) Half.  It's the day before my birthday.  I'm trying to convince some friends to run it with me as a birthday celebration.

Pottery class has also ended.  I will be posting some pottery pictures eventually.  Or not.  I haven't been overly pleased with my product this term.  The electric wheel is hard to get used to after years of using a kick wheel.  I have also signed up for Fall Pottery. It starts sometime in mid-September.  I plan on improving a bit.

Metro. Bowl.

My parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on August 14th, so I spent a fun-filled weekend in North Carolina.  Here they are departing for their honeymoon:

50 years (+ a couple days) ago ...

I'm pretty sure I was adopted.

Ever since I got the new kitchen (and stopped having constant sex with the most recent ex, with whom I may (or may not) have resumed having sexual relations ), I have been expanding my cooking skills into the World of Baking.  On Saturday, I popped my Cake Baking cherry.

Voila! Kahlua-glazed Mexican Chocolate Poundcake. Tasting to commence shortly.

It's a Mexican Chocolate Poundcake with a Kahlua glaze.  Pretty damn tasty, if I do say so myself.  Although, like most poundcakes, it could be improved upon by serving it with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

I guess that's pretty much all the news (or at least all the news I can think of at the moment).  What's been happening in your world?


Thursday, August 01, 2013

Pottery Post

This pottery session has been filled with more disasters than triumphs so far.  Here are the first two finished pieces:


It's a mug.  The glaze on the outside is T(something) Gold.  I sort of like it. The inside is glazed with Nutmeg, which I also like.  There's just something about the mug that is kinda.  I don't know.  Blah.


This is a bowlyvasething.  The glaze on the outside is Nutmeg, which I like.  The glaze on the rim and on the inside is T(something) Gold.  I don't really like it at all.

Today, I glazed a mug and a bowl in Avocado.  And, then, I left, because I am sick and felt like crap.  Yay.