Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Two Thumbs

Who has two thumbs and totally got mad at someone for cooking him breakfast this morning?

Oh, yeah ...

Bowtie Wednesday!THIS GUY

I feel I was totally justified though.  The Certain Someone didn't start cooking until about 5 minutes before I usually leave for work.

Plus, I was stressed out because today was a Very Important Day filled with Lots of Things I Had to Do.  And I could not be late.*

Plus, all I could think was "I'm going to have to do all those dishes when I get home."

Also, it's hot.  My back has been hurting.  And,5 thousand other reasons that make it perfectly OK to get mad at Someone for Cooking Me Breakfast.


And one wonders why I am not alone ...


*as it turns out I was 20 minutes early.  I don't know how that happened.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pottery Picture Post

Good Saturday Afternoon, Kittens!

Yesterday, I left work a few minutes early to pick up pottery from the studio.  Although, I have two pots which haven't been glazed yet and a missing pot, most of my pots have been fired.  The only thing that hasn't been fired is the Platter of Trials and Tribulations ... I may be able to pick that up later this summer.  We shall see ...

Anyway, here are a few pics of the Pots of Spring 2013.  Enjoy.

Marcus' Mug

Morgan's Mug


Soup Mug

All of my photos from Pottery Spring 2013 can be viewed on Flickr.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Monday, May 06, 2013

Weekend Update: Elon Edition

UntitledGood Evening, Kittens!

Pottery class has ended for the session ... the final Glaze Firing still hasn't happened.  I hope to have some Pottery Pictures (and possibly some Pottery to Give Away) for you by the end of this week.  We'll see ... I don't have much confidence in the speedy work ethics of the new pottery studio manager.

ANYWAY, no class tonight means I have time to update you on my SuperFun, sex-filled weekend in the booming metropolis of Elon (and Burlington), NC.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an invitation to a former professor's retirement celebration at my alma mater, Elon University.  I was surprised that she remembered me, and I needed a little get-away, so I rented a car, booked a hotel, took Friday off work, and drove down to North Carolina.

I may (or may not) have had a certain someone come along with me ...

Friday, we slept a little later than usual, and, then, headed out to pick up the rental. Driving is stressful,

Me and the Carbut, at least, I am wearing cute shoes.

Traffic was awful.  I had planned to get to the hotel around 3:30PM, which would have given me enough time to shower and iron my clothes before heading to the reception.

Unfortunately, we got to the hotel at 4:45.  Isa was already there to pick me up for the reception.  I had to rush around to get ready.  Not fun.

Isa and MeBut, in the end, we still managed to look fabulous.

After the reception, Isa and I went to pick up my Mystery Guest, and we drove to Reidsville to hang out with another college friend, Elisa.  That was fun.  Lots of wine and snacks and laughs and conversation.

Isa dropped us off at the hotel after midnight and we CRASHED.

Saturday morning, we had breakfast and, then, walked around Elon University's campus.

Where Isa and I Used to GossipThis is the building formerly known as the Student Center.  Isa and I would sit on these benches for hours gossiping and making fun of all the Frat Boy Clones.

After lots of walking (in 20 years the campus has GROWN!), we had lunch at a cute little restaurant with lots of veggie options.

ChewingI had a falafel burger thing ... and a couple of beers.

Then, we headed to the outlets in Burlington.  Even though there was an Allen Edmonds store, I didn't find anything I liked.  *sad face*

That evening, we had Mexican for dinner.  Yum.

Cinco de Mayo Eve Margarita$6.95, people.  $6.95!!!

And, later, I learned that having teh buttsecks 3 times in one day might be a little too much ...

And, then, we watched "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter" on HBO.  It was mildly entertaining.

Sunday morning, we got up, packed, and drove to Durham to meet Isa for brunch.  And, then, we drove back to the DeeCee.

It was sooooo good to finally be home.  Plus, I bought myself a present ...

Cheerwine to Smuggle HomeA case of Cheerwine! (although I've given most of the cans away)

And, that was my exciting weekend!  Hope yours was equally as fun!