Thursday, April 27, 2006

GAH! Stupid Firewall!

Apparently "they" have readjusted the settings on my company's firewall. I get to add a whole slew of favorite blogs to my bloglines sitefeed thingy now, including:

Mind, The
La Gargantua del Diablo
Token Asian*
View from the Mantlepiece
Synaptic Discharge [although for some weird reason this one works when I don't use the "www."]
The Krebs Cycle
Hyphenated Non-IDentity

and, best of all,

VUBOQ: Vicious, Unrepentant, Bitter, Old Queen

The reasoning is the same: FORBIDDEN CATEGORY: Hacking/Proxy Avoidance Systems ... whatever the hell that means.

So, because my evil most-hated company blocks my blog and my personal email, I will not be able to read your brilliant comments to this (and other) posts. You'll just have to IM me all day long to keep me entertained (my AIM ID is in my profile).

ANYWAY, I'm taking a halfday today so I can drop Oscar off at the kennel and finish packing for my trip to Atlanta. YAY! I won't be updating until I get back on May 1st, so enjoy the rest of the month (APRIL is the cruelest, so "they" say) and let's chat when I get back...

Sex in 4 Days. WOO HOO!

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