Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Update: What Olympics Edition

Good evening, Kittens!   And Happy Monday (Thank goodness it is almost over)!

I had a superfun weekend, even though I spent most of it on my back (and not in the *bow chicka bow bow* kind of way).  During the times when I felt I could be vertical, I was very productive.  Yay me!

On Friday evening, I watched the latest Muppet movie, The Muppets.  It was cute.  Funny.  Sentimental.  I say everyone should go out and watch it now!

On Saturday, I did some major cooking ... even though I'm not sure if it is still "cooking" if you don't turn on the stove ... First, I pickled jalapenos (see photo).  I also made gazpacho.  And, then, I made vegan pesto, which I suppose could also justifiably be called "basil puree." 

I was texting with M that day and was telling him about the jalapeno pickling process and he wrote back, "Mmmm.  jalapenis."

Which I believe should now enter the World Lexicon and mean "a very HOT guy,"  as in, "OMG.  Check out that Olympic Diver.   He is a total jalapenis.  Do you think he's gay?  I think he'd be into me ... literally."

*cough* *cough* *ahem*

ANYWAY, after my day o' cooking, I went to a fun birthday party ... Kris (a former blogger) turned 29.  OMG. So young.  So cute.  The party was at his house.  It was short bus ride away.  I took some green tea infused vodka.  His friends were all nice.  There was a minor "incident" in which a guy who I introduced to Kris one night showed up to the party.  Not unusual, I try to introduce my friends.  I like to build connections.  This guy was new to town, so, after meeting him at a party, I invited him out to happy hours and stuff.  Then, he stopped returning my texts/calls, unfriended me on the Facebooks.  I guess I was not a "useful" friend.   And that kind of douchebaggery really pisses me off.  I tried to be polite (which I probably wasn't polite at all).  He works in journalism, but I won't badmouth him to my journalist friends.  I hope he appreciates that about which he will never know.  Hm.  That was an oddly constructed sentence.  Someone fix it in the comments.  I've had too many martinis.

OTHER THAN THAT, the party was SuperFun ... and I am giving too much significance to something that barely registered (because after him asking me twice "How are you doing?" and me saying "Fine" ... that conversation was limited).  Kris' other friends were fabulous!  And friendly.  And his mom stopped by and she is beautiful and charming.

On Sunday, I went to the pottery studio.  I had a few things out of the kiln ... but they were disappointing.  I glazed the rest of my pieces but I am not confident that they will turn out the way I want them to.  One of the handles on my handbuilt casserole broke.  Hm.  Wonder how?  Someone needs to instruct the studio manager not to pick up thing by their handles.  They are FRAGILE before they are fired.  GAH.

Here's a mug ... the inside is f**ked.  The glaze was too thick and it bubbled.  So the mug can't be used for drinking.  Bah.

Inside the Mug

This session of pottery has been highly disappointing.  I guess that happens.

AND, that was my weekend.  Good times, no?

Hope your Monday was fab. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Upcoming Events

Good Morning, Kittens!

As further proof that (if there is a God) S/He hates me, on Tuesday my back was almost entirely pain-free.  Not 100% better, mind you, but close ... maybe like 95%.  I was ecstatic.  I made all sorts of plans for the weekend ... like going for a short run.  And, well, that was it.  I was going to get back into running.

And, then, Wednesday happened.  I awoke at my regular time (5:15AM) and tried to get out of bed.  "Tried" being the operative word.  WTF?  My back was in excruciating pain ... AGAIN!  SRSLY.  I am totally over this whole Bad Back Thing.  At least this time, I knew to get up and move around. 

But, still, I have been in mucho pain the past couple of days.  I have left work early every day just because I can't stand it and I want to come home and be horizontal.  Hello, Heating Pad, my old friend.  I've come to lie on you again ...

But enough about the sharp stabby pains in  my lower lumbar spinal region, let's talk about this weekend!  Because I don't have many plans other than to be flat on my back (and not in the fun way).

Tonight, I am going to eat leftover Japanese curry (which I made last night.  And it was yummy and tasted like memories).  And, I'm going to watch the Muppet movie (the latest one).

On Saturday, I want to do some major cooking.  I want to make jalapeno pickles.  And gazpacho.  And vegan pesto (which I suppose could also be called basil puree).

And, while all that is happening, Tomokito and I are going to do a little sake tasting with some (I'm sure it will be) delicious sake that her family brought over from Japan.

Saturday evening, I am going to a birthday party.

AND, on Sunday, I will be going to the pottery studio for (possibly) the last time this session.  Fingers crossed that all of my stuff has been fired and I can glaze it.

So, there you have my fascinating weekend plans.  Let's see what really happens, shall we?

Have a great day!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Update: Back into the Swing of Things

Good Morning, Kittens!

After several weeks of being anti-social and sofa-ridden, I finally am easing my way back into life.  Yay me!

On Friday, my co-worker and I had planned to go to a DC Fringe Festival play, Young Republicans, which starred a friend of my co-worker.  Well, co-worker's boyfriend decided that he wanted to go too.  Gah.  Thus, rather than be a third wheel, I took a date, L (this would be our second date).  We all went to Fado in Gallery Place for beers and snacks and dinner and then headed to the play, which was entertaining, probably could stand some tightening up ... but it's Fringe.  That's what one should expect, I suppose.

After the play,we all went our separate ways.

On Saturday, I had a mini-English lesson with Tomoko's niece, who is visiting for a couple of weeks.  It went fine.  We talked about fashion and astrology.  And how to use numerology to determine if you and your "crush" are compatible.  Good times.

Then, I headed into the DC, where I met Ray and Tiger and Jake (from NYC) and Bobby and Mike (Who Makes Cakes) for margaritas.  That was boozy good times as well.  Bobby drove me home (around 7ish, I think).  Yay!  I made dinner.  Watched a movie.  Read more of Game of Thrones, Book 3.  Right before bed I had a couple of cherry tomatoes as a snack.

Around midnight, VOMIT CITY!  OMG.  I felt so gross.  And I was perplexed, because I really had not had that much to drink.  BUT,  ugh.  I had cold sweats.  And it was just awful.  In fact, I threw up so much and so violently that I hurt my throat.

Sunday morning, I staggered around, weak, but feeling ok.  That is when I looked more closely at the tomatoes.  Some of them had rotted.  I don't think I ate a rotten tomato, just ones that had been sitting in rotten tomato juice.  YUCK!  Needless to say, I am kind of off tomatoes right now.

Around noon, I headed over to the pottery studio.  The session is almost over.  So I glazed a couple of mugs.  And then I used the last of my clay to do some handbuilding.  I made the vase/pencil holder thing pictured above and this shallow bowl::

Handbuilt Shallow Bowl

Once home, I cleaned up and got ready for my second date of the weekend.  We met in downtown Silver Spring and had thai food.  Yum.  He is super dreamy - dark skin, shaved head, 6'4", 200+ pounds of muscle ... pretty much my ideal guy (physically, at least).  And, he was really nice.  And he seemed interested in me.  He's originally from the Barbados and works as a personal trainer.  He also has a very cool other job, which I may tell you about later ... we'll see how things progress before I spill all his secrets.

After eating, we decided to go get ice cream.  Fun times.

And then I returned home and blobbed on the sofa for the rest of the evening.  Yay!

I am off today (yay!), but I have to go to the dentist (boo!), but, then, I am going furniture shopping (yay!). 

Enjoy your Monday!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Good Evening, Kittens!

First of all, click on over to Polt's Purple Palace for a sort of guest post by moi.  It's chock full of rollicking hilarity.  For some reason, the photo I sent him isn't showing up.  Maybe it's my computer ... But, too bad if you can't see it, because I am COMPLETELY NEKKID in it.


So, anyway, I have a little filing to do this evening ... There was this guy, D.  From a few months ago.  Remember him?  The one out of the 20-year relationship, who went all Bat. Shit. Crazy on his ex and reported his car as stolen and his ex's new boyfriend's boyfriend was driving it?  Yeah.  Him?

Well, he texted me.  and he was all like "I want to see you."
And, I was thinking all "why?" but I said "ok."
And he was all, "When?"
So I was all, "I'm free on Thursday."
And he was all, "All day?"
And I was thinking all, "Are you a total dumbass?  I do have a job, y'know." but I said, "No, after 5."
And he was all, "OK."

So, I expected to, y'know, like hear from him about some sort of plan or something.  Nothing.
And, today, being Thursday and all, the day that I said I was free (I charge on all other days), I expected to, y'know maybe hear from him.
So, I texted him, "What's the plan?"
And, here it is.  Nearly 7PM.  Nothing.
Thus, I have some filing to do.

Let's file D under:
So Done.
So Over.
So Tired of Being Nice and Then Being Dicked Around By Crazy Ass Guys with Psychological Problems who Totally Refuse to Get Help.

Perhaps this is why I need to buy a new filing cabinet.  It's over-flowing.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Plans Interrupted ...

Good Evening, My Sweet, Sweet, Intoxicated Kittens!

Things are bubbling and gurgling here in Vutopia ... Last night, I had a date.  We went to Number 9.  They have a 2-for-1 happy hour.  I may have gotten a little tipsy.  I also may have made out with my date in the bar.  He's cute.  Smart.  Employed. Short.  Old(er ... 52). Divorced. Has 2 grown children.  Seems mostly well-adjusted.  And an OK kisser.  I think I could really be interested in him ... if Mr. Las Vegas (aka M) would ever leave Las Vegas and I could figure out how I feel about him and he feels about me and what exactly is going on there ... *sigh* 

This guy (who we shall call L) asked if I was single.  I said I was.  Which is true.  But I also told him I am dating around, which is also true.  And I may have mentioned that there is a complicated situation.  Why is life so hard?

In the meantime, we are going out again.  On Friday night.  To a play.  That's part of the DC Fringe Festival.  A friend of my co-worker is starring in it.  The tickets were not that expensive ($20?), but there is also this STUPID (aka FUCKING) Fringe Button you have to buy for $7 just to be admitted into the venue.  Really?  WTF is that kind of shit?  Speaking as someone who will only be going to one Fringe Festival event (because I sort of know a person in one of the shows), having to pay an additional $7 just to see a (sort of) friend in a (probably a little bad) play is (possibly quite) ridiculous.  If the DC Fringe Festival wanted to make a little extra money, why didn't they add an additional $1 (in addition to the $3.75 "processing fee") to the ticket price?  I don't get it.  Very.  Annoying.

And speaking of Very. Annoying. I found out this morning that the conference I was attending next month has been cancelled.  Mmhm.  That's right.  A month before the largest energy conference for federal employees and contractors is scheduled to start, GSA decides it does not meet their Very High Standards for conferences and contracting and pulls the plug.

Perhaps the conference organizers should have included a $50000 magician and a team-building exercise where everyone puts together a bicycle for charity.

Seriously, WTF?  I can understand canceling it a couple of months ago, but 4 weeks in advance?  Really?  Poor St. Louis is now going to lose all those  food and hotel and tourism dollars.  Oh, well.  And, I am losing out on my (sort of) paid vacation (although I do actually attend sessions and schmooze with vendors.  AND, I had been trying to convince M to meet me there.  Because, it's, like, sort of halfway between here and Vegas.  Right?   Oh, well. No visiting the top of the Arch and doing a Percy Jackson-esque dive into the Mississippi for me.  No conference nookie for me. 

The only thing for me is the Hope that they will eventually refund my registration fee.  "They" said they will.  Sometime.  Maybe soon.  Maybe not. 

And, I now have a $300 flight credit on Southwest.  Where should I go? 

I guess that's about all my news.  Enough bitchin' and complainin' for one day, eh?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Update: Pickled Edition

Good evening, Kittens.

I know, I know. I haven't blogged all week.  BUT, in my defense, I think you would've gotten tired of posts that were all "my back hurts" and "work sucks" and "did I mention that my back hurts?"

So, consider yourself lucky ...

Of course, my back *still* hurts.  I am taking the Miracle Pills and using the heating pad and trying to do some stretches.  Let's hope it gets better soon.  I am really tired of walking around in constant pain.

In other, non-back-related news, this weekend, I made pickles for the first time.  It was so easy!  and they are so delicious!  I used this recipe and some white cucumbers from our CSA farm share.

I also made this super-yummy lemony green bean salad (using green beans from our CSA farm share):

Lemony Green Bean Salad = Tasty! Yay!

And, today, I drove to the pottery studio and made this:

Handbuilding. Because using the wheel hurts.

It's handbuilt.  I trimmed a vase on the wheel and quickly realized that bending over the wheel was painful.  I doubt I will be throwing any more pots for the rest of the session.  Bah.  Double bah is that one of the mugs I made this session had its handle mysteriously broken.  WTF?

Fortunately, I have learned that one should not become attached to any pottery until it is glazed and safely in my home.   Saves on the heartbreak when another student's stupidity (or my own) breaks something.

And, that's about all the news on this end.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Monday, July 09, 2012

Weekend Update: Miracle Pills Edition

Good Evening, My Sweet, Sweet, Furry Kittens of Joy!

My weekend was chock full o' fun and excitement, if you define "fun and excitement" as "being on the sofa, watching DVDs, and knitting."

On Friday, I went to an orthopedic surgeon.  He (well, his nurse) took x-rays of my back.  And, it looks fine (so he says).  There are a couple of picky little things going on with my lower vertebrae, but they are probably not the cause of my SuperIntenseBackPainOwOwOw.  So, he prescribed physical therapy (meh) and a Bottle of Miracle Pills (aka NSAIDs).  Seriously, I took the first one and, in, like, 15 minutes most of the debilitating back pain was Gone!  I still have a nagging little twinge and am not nearly as mobile as I would like, but, OMG, so. much. better (ish).

BUT, although mostly mobile, I felt I should spend most of the weekend resting.  Which I did.  It was lovely.

Mike (Who Makes Cakes) came over Friday evening for a little while.
On Saturday, I watched DVDs and knat.
I also started a Harry Potter Movie Marathon.  I watched 1 through 5.
And I ironed a metric shit-ton of shirts.

On Sunday, I went to the pottery studio.  Which, in retrospect, was probably not the best thing to do; however, had I not gone, most of the work I have done so far would have been ruined.

Not that that stopped me from ruining it on Sunday.  I did not have a good Pottery Day.  I trimmed three bowls and messed up every. single. one.  Grrrr.  I think I repaired them enough so that people won't notice.  We shall see.

Once I got home, my back was Very Tired.  I blobbed on the sofa on the heating pad.  Yay!
I also knat.
And, then, I made dinner.

I went to bed early, because, today, I went to work!

I know.  Exciting, right?

Work was fine (ish).  I got caught up on some things.  I had to move around a lot.  After lunch, I had to use the heating pad ... which inspired the song "Sweaty back.  Sweaty back.  What are they feeding you?" Around 3PM, I had to take a percoset. 

And, then, it was Go Home Time. Yay!

Tonight, I need to cook the kale from last week's CSA share.  But, I am tired.  We shall see if it happens.  I really just want to blob on the sofa.  And, maybe, have a hot, shirtless guy feed me peeled grapes.

Somehow, I don't think the latter will happen.

Oh, well ...

Have a great night!  Hope your weekends were FanTabulicious!


Thursday, July 05, 2012


Good Morning, Kittens!

How about that 4th of July, huh?  What a crazy riot of fun!  I stayed on the sofa ALL DAY and watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (extended editions). 

I made serious progress on my knitting project (pictured).  At the rate I'm going, I *may* finish the scarf before it gets to be winter ... we'll see.

I am currently reading Game of Thrones, Book 3.  It's a surprisingly good series; however, I've getting very frustrated with one character's storyline right now.  So, I may have to put the book down for a bit to give myself a break.  Anyone else into this series? 

For dinner last night, I made this:

Dinnertime!Spicy Tomato and Cucumber Salad, Sauteed Green and Yellow Squash with Basil and Pinenuts, and Rice with Red Quinoa

Very American, what with the squash and the tomatoes and the quinoa, right?

As for my back, it still hurts.  I am able to get up and move around, which is good.  I think I may have overdone it yesterday a bit, because I did too loads of laundry.  That was hard.  And today I have more shooting pains than I did yesterday.  I fear I am falling apart.

I guess that's it.  I am off today because it's our regular day off.  I may try to do some work this afternoon just so I won't have to do a full day tomorrow.  We'll see ...

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Week(End) Update: Worst Week(End) EVER Edition

Good morning, Kittens!

As you may recall from my last post, I did something to my back.  Well, it still hurts ... I did manage to go to work yesterday for a half-day.  It was awful.  Fortunately, my client and program managers are allowing me to work from home for the rest of this week.  Yay!  "Work"  from home.

Anyway, I didn't post much last week, because there wasn't much to post.  I mostly stayed in bed staring at the ceiling fan.  I am very lucky to have good neighbors who checked in on me frequently to make sure I was eating and staying hydrated.  On Thursday, the SuperSweet K picked up spinach enchiladas from El Golfo for me for dinner.  (Of course, the next day, he came down with the flu.  Apparently, my bad luck is contagious.)

Friday is when the real fun started.  That night we had a HUGE storm.  Thunder.  Lightning.  Very very frightening.  And, the power went out with a BZZZT.

And the power stayed out.  And it was HOT.  Once again, my very good neighbors came through, making sure that my phone and nook stayed charged, bringing batteries for my flashlights, providing food.  I discovered that cold baths are very refreshing.  The only problem is that sometimes one's very concerned neighbors might walk into one's apartment while one is enjoying a cold, refreshing bath.

On Sunday, I was finally able to move out of the bedroom and ventured to the sofa.  How exciting!  A change of scenery!  And, I remembered something else I could do on my back ...

On Day 7 of Limited Mobility and Day 2 of No Power, I remembered something else I could do on my back. #oldschoolentertainmentI think it's going to be a scarf

On Sunday, I also learned that, yes, it can get worse.  Not only did I have severe back pain and no power during the hottest weekend of the year (so far), but someone stole my credit card number.  Joy. 

I realized that I needed to pay some bills.  After doing that on Bank of America's mobile app, I figured I might as well check out Mint to see how my finances were doing.  Looking over my credit card charges, there was one for $97 at Walgreens.  "Weird," I thought.  "I haven't been to a Walgreens."  I wondered if maybe it was a late charge coming through from somewhere or something.  Still, suspicious.  So, I called my credit card company.  Apparently, the charge was made in person on Tuesday ... in Atlanta.  Well, hm, that might be impossible since I couldn't move from my bed on Tuesday ... in Silver Spring.  So, long story short, I had to cancel my credit card.  My new one should be here next week.  As part of the dispute process, they are sending me a copy of the actual receipt. I will post it when I get it.  I can't wait to see what I bought. 

I put everything on my credit card.  I feel like I've lost a major limb.  Fortunately, I recently got paid, so I have money in my checking account to use my debit card.  Hurrah.

Although I have no idea how my credit card number got stolen, I am blaming the last place I used it ... El Gavilon, a Mexican/El Salvadoran restaurant near my apartment.  It was my first time there.  The food was good.  But, I don't think I will ever go back. 

As with all dark days, there is a light at the end of the tunnel ... on Monday evening, our power came back on ... Isn't this the most beautiful sight ever:

I gots da POWER!!!

And, that about sums everything up ... Have a wonderful day!