Wednesday, April 09, 2014

April Already. How Did That Happen?

Good Evening, Kittens.

So, what's new and exciting in your lives?  I'm doing laundry.  Yay!  And, drinking a martini.

I suppose I should try to catch you up on all that's going on in my life, except not much is going on in my life.  Just the usual: Work. Sleep. Eat. SteamyHotButtsecks. Pottery. Tap. Tappitytappitytaptap. And running.

I have signed up for the Asheville Half Marathon in June.  I know.  WTF, right?  Normally, I wait for a Fall Half.  But, I figured I need to visit the Parental Units and Asheville is close to their town. The course is hilly as all get out.  I'll survive somehow.

Cuddly Little Boo Bear McLovin' has signed up for the Wildwoods 8K in NJ in May.  I'll be sidekickin' it there.  He doesn't want me to run (fine by me!).

Of course, it's the weekend after my work trip to (wait for it) MIAMI!  Oh, yeah.  The reward for being sent to Detroit in February is a May trip to the Land of the Dolphins.  HashtagWINNING!

If all goes well, I have several other work-related trips in my very near future: Detroit (again) in May, LA and San Francisco in June, and St. Louis in July.  Busy Busy Busy.

OH, how about that cute UMass basketball player (Derrick Gordon) coming out?  Good on him!  We need more cute athletes to come out!  Yes, we do :-)  With each one, it gets easier for the others, I think.

How about some pottery?  This is the only thing new-ish that I haven't posted here:

This came out nice. But at 6" maybe a bit too short for a utensil holder (which was the original idea) #pottery #nofilter
It was supposed to be a utensil stand, but it's a bit too short (6")

I have 5 more vases/drinking vessels/somethings that will be glazed in a similar manner, but weren't finished by the end of the last session.

The new session (which starts tomorrow.  yay!) is going to be the Session of Large Things (Like bowls and platters).  I have a LOT of clay that needs to be used up.

I guess we are all caught up now.  Huzzah!