Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Update: That Which Does Not Kill Us Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

It's actually Sunday afternoon (hurray for post-scheduling) and I am ... irritated. So, I thought I would pound out a blog post rather than sit and fume and drink (more).

I had a lovely day on Friday. SCGB joined me for lunch at Panera (I had a gift card!) ... although he only had a muffin and coffee. Then, after much internal -and external- dithering, I braved the impending storms and headed into DC to the National Gallery of Art.

I wandered around snapping photos. The entire set is here. I don't know why, but this painting reminded me of Marve (Muinamir on Twitter):

Museum Day 1
Perhaps it's the eyes.

The NGA has an amazing exhibit right now, the Art of Power. I felt the totally coolest part was towards the end of the exhibit, where they had portraits alongside the actual armor worn by the subject of the portrait. Totes fascinating. The catalog was $60, though. So VUBOQ no buy.

On the way back to the metro station, I stopped by the American Art Museum and bought myself a little "Mugiversary" Present:

bought himself a present.

Once home, I made a delicious stir-fry for dinner, using a homemade thai basil pesto as the base, plus zucchini, mushrooms, onion, and tofu. Y went out Friday night, so I had a lovely quiet evening at home. Hurrah.

Saturday, I decided to do a little experimental cooking. I have all this cinnamon basil and I'm not entirely sure what to do with it. After brainstorming a bit with SCGB, I decided a sorbet would be nice.

After some online research, I found a couple of recipes that I could use as guides. Here's a photo of the final result:

says the Chocolate and Cinnamon Basil Sorbet is Major Noms!
Chocolate and Cinnamon Basil Sorbet

And the process ...

In a medium saucepan, while constantly whisking over high heat, combine 1 cup sugar, 1.5 cups water, and 3/4 cup grated baking chocolate (I think it's about 2 oz, but not entire sure) and a pinch of salt.

Once the mixture begins to boil, whisk for about 45 more seconds. Then, remove from heat.

Whisk in an additional 3/4 cup water and (what was supposed to be about) 1 tsp of vanilla (except it came out too fast and spilled all in the sauce). Oops.

Pour sauce into a blender and add about 1/2 cup of chopped cinnamon basil leaves (I really didn't measure, so I'm just guessing here).

Blend for about 15 seconds.

Pour into a container and chill.

Once chilled, move container into the freezer. Every hour or so, break up the froze mixture with a fork. Then, freeze over night.

Comments: I think it might be a tad too sweet. Next time, Use less sugar. Perhaps only 3/4 cup.

Finally, take it up to a neighbor's apartment (because you are pissed with your roommate) and enjoy with champagne (Which is what I did on Sunday night)!

Also, on Saturday, my friend (and former co-worker), Dana, picked me up and we went to Adega for lunch. I had a side salad and a glass of wine. Nom.

Saturday Dinner was a veggie burger. Mmmm. With tomato and cheddar. Y was once again gone for the evening (hurrah!), so I watched movies and knitted and chatted with friends.

Sunday, I went for a 3 (or so) mile run in the morning. I sampled the sorbet. I took a nap. I had to change my plans because Y ate the last of my stirfry (which I was planning to have for dinner). I went to Adega for a glass of wine (and to pick up the champagne to enjoy with the sorbet). Then, I did some light shopping at Whole Foods. I came home and assembled the salad I ate for dinner: Red Quinoa with feta, fresh corn, black beans and onion in a chili/lime/mint dressing.

All in all, quite a good Mugiversary Weekend ...

Have a great Monday! *smooches*

Friday, August 28, 2009

Good Morning, Kittens.

I can't find anyone who can meet me for lunch today. Waaaah! Everyone hates me! Waaaaah!

And *whew* now that that's out of my system ... I do need to get out of the house today. I've been housebound for too long and it's time to get out. I have to finish a few more job apps and buy a MegaMillions ticket ($305 Million!). Then, perhaps a Museum Day is in order.

The only exciting things that happened yesterday were (1) dinner at SCGB's [he made delicious fajitas and we learned that the German and his Girlfriend, who I introduced, are engaged] and (2) Project Runway [I only saw the runway show, which was fine, because that's the best part].

Unfortunately, I don't have any fun weekend plans to look forward to. *sigh*

Happy Friday! *smooches*

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Julie & Julia - It's a Book, Too

Good Afternoon, Kittens.

As I mentioned earlier, I finished the book, Julie & Julia, the other day. And, here's my mini-review ...

I'm sure everyone knows the story by now: Bored NYC Office Temp hits upon the idea to cook every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume 1 in one year ... and to blog about it.

And, the blog takes off. She's popular. She's on the news. She's in the NYTimes. She lands a book deal. And a movie, which stars Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

[Do I look jealous? Because I AMz!]

J&J chronicles that fascinating journey with poorly put together prose and lots and lots of whining. Lots. Of. Whining. Not to mention a sometimes sporadic timeline which I found confusing. Although I'm sure a lot of the whining was written for comedic effect, except for a few bright spots, I didn't find myself laughing (or silently chuckling, for that matter).

Plus, without giving anything away, the book had not one ... not two ... but THREE endings. None of which were very satisfying. The first ending was anti-climactic. The second was nonsensical. And, the third? It was annoying in a sort of "look how wonderful I am now" kind of way.

Which is not to say the book wasn't enjoyable. It was a fun, quick, light read. It just wasn't what I thought it could (and hoped it would) be. So, check it out from the library, borrow it from a neighbor, or put it on your Amazon Wish List and hope someone else buys it for you (Thanks, again, Dr. Liz!). Spend *your* hard earned dollars on something else ... like buying gin for me!


Crafty! Chardy!

Good Morning, Kittens!

Yesterday was quite fun and productive, in a totally not-job-hunting way. Alas, I did not win the MegaMillions lottery. Fortunately, no one else did either. $302 Million on Friday. It will be mine. Srsly.

ANYWAY, rather than wallow in my non-millionaire-ness, I decided to make use of the duct tape I purchased the other day for some temporary pipe repair (and it worked, btw).

I made a wallet! It is purple! and cute! See:

First Duct Tape wallet. not sure if i like.

You can make one too

I also did laundry.
And I cooked dinner ... Rainbow Chard sauteed in thai basil pesto (this recipe, except I used cashews instead of peanuts and yellow onion instead of shallots) with rice:

Dinner is served!


Later, SCGB, Y, and I headed into the District to a "thing" hosted by SCGB's DJ friend at the Rock 'n' Roll Hotel. It was very lounge-y. Cheap beer. Downstairs, some band, Cobra Starship, was performing. Teeny-Bopper Jail Bait were everywhere. It was ... disconcerting.

Once home, I watched a bit of Mad Men season 1 before hitting the sack.

Stay tuned. I have finished reading Julie & Julia. Hope to write a mini-review soon.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flaxen Waxen Knotted Polka-Dotted

Good Morning, Kittens.

I had a lovely morning with the Colornatrix yesterday. She does such good work. I bought her a MegaMillions QuickPick (which reminds me: I need to check to see if I won! $250 Million!) and gave her a couple of chilies from my garden.

During our chat, she mentioned that she LUV'ed the tea-infused vodka I gave her last time. Yay! AND, then, I met the cute new "trainee". He gives good hair-washing, fer sure. Too bad he's too young and too partnered. *sigh*

And, the final hair result?



Verdict: SUPERCUTE (if I do say so myself)

I texted Mike (Who Makes Cakes) to see about meeting for lunch, but he didn't respond until I was on the Metro. So I had a lovely grilled tofu wrap and glass of pinot grigio at Adega. Then, I picked up some purple duct tape for some temporary pipe repair, and I bought some groceries for a little experimental cooking.

Reading Julie and Julia, although quite frustrating in many ways (more on this later, I'm sure), has at least inspired me to cook.

When I got home, my friend and former co-worker Dana called and was going to be in Silver Spring. So we met up for some shopping and happy hour beers before she headed out to dinner with her BF.

Once home, I helped SCGB with some yard work. He mowed. I weeded and swept and tidied. And, look! Baby Eggplant in my Garden!


After all of that, I had a beer and decided I was too tired to experimentally cook (let's just say it involved tofu, thai basil, chili peppers, and pumpkin seeds). I nuked a veggie burger, poured some bourbon, popped Doctor Zhivago into the DVD player and blobbed.

All in all, a Very Good Day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still Here?

Good Morning, Kittens!

Do you know what I need?

A Job! Well, yes, but besides that.
More Bourbon! Um, yes, besides that, too.
A Winning Lottery Ticket! Um ...

Oh! Oh! A fabulous hair cut!

YES! That's it! And, that's where I'm heading this morning.
VUBOQ needs a little time with the Colornatrix. Hurrah!
I can't wait to tell her that her cut was the Talk of Detroit.

Yesterday was an Exercise in Ineffectiveness*. I pretty much spent the day either (a) on the sofa or (b) napping. I did find several jobs to which I would like to apply. Perhaps, I will do that later today.

I am getting a little frustrated with the whole unemployment thing, especially the unresponsiveness of certain parties. I have emailed. Should I call? Am I being too pushy? Too impatient? Is it a plus to seem that way? Or a minus? GAH.

MegaMillions is at $250 Million.

Have a great day! *smooches*

*Although not entirely, I did manage to make the Roommate stomp from the living room because I dared to watch movies last night. Mission Accomplished?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Update: Popsicle Edition

Good Morning, Kittens. Time to grab a cup of coffee and dish about the weekend.

And, yes, I did make the mug pictured. It's one of the two final pieces I made in pottery class this summer. The glaze is firebrick and black matte. Me likey the combination. I kept one mug and gave the other to SCGB.

Anyway, the weekend. On Friday evening, SCGB and I drove over to Mike's house laden with party foods and drinks. SCGB went out to dinner and I stayed to start making the Bellini Pops.

There was a lot of this:

And this:

And some of this:

And this:

Popsicles safely ensconced in the freezer, I headed back to Silver Spring.

Saturday, I spent most of the day knitting (and drinking chile-infused tequila with Tomokito, the Bad Mommy). Then, around 7, SCGB and I headed over to Mike's to finish setting up for the party.

Mike had finished the cake. I looked absolutely amazing:

(and it was delicious).

The party was a blast. Even though the weather was kinda crappy, there was a good turnout of friends. The popsicle cocktails were a hit. The basic idea was to make a boozy highball and use a complimentary fruit cocktail as a garnish/stirrer.

The Bellini Pops were a bit of a disappointment though. They tasted OK, but were ... gooey. I'm sure it had to do with the alcohol freezing point, but I followed the recipe exactly (I know!). Perhaps the prosecco I used had a higher percentage alcohol or kthe creators of the recipe fudged a bit when they tested it.

Still, good times. I was way durnk.

Sunday morning? V. Hung. Over.

I slept in a bit. Then, I headed into the District to meet my friend, Christal, for lunch/brunch at 2. We went to Matchbox on 8th St, SE. It was so great to see her (and her sister and a few other friends). Here's a pic:

I got home around 7, had a quick bite for dinner (CNTBD's homemade gazpacho - YUM!), and knitted for a bit. Around 8, I headed up to SCGB's for more cake (and booze!).

All in all, a pretty fantastic weekend!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Spice of Life

Good Morning, Kittens!

Great news! The chili-infused tequila is finished. And it is chili-y. I have total mouth burn going on right now.

I put a dried chili in the bottle (as sort of an homage to the worm in the mezcal), but it's floating. I think it will eventually reconstitute and sink to the bottom. We shall see ...

And, that is all. Have a great Saturday.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Good Morning, Kittens!

Happy Friday! Did everyone watch Project Runway 6 last night? Or should we withhold discussion until you watch the reruns over the weekend? I didn't get to watch the All-Star Special, nor did I stay up for Models of the Runway, but I was able to catch the actual show. And, all I can say is "Hallelujah! It's Back!"

Besides the tv watching, yesterday was quite a busy day. First, I met the wonderful Ms. Clio Bluestocking for Boozy Lunch at Adega. It was fun. And Boozy! AND, I got to hear all about her New Man! I am not going to spill all the deets here though (sorry). It's her sordid and tawdry tale of luv to tell.

After lunch, I metro'ed into DC to do some yarn shopping. I bought two skeins of beautiful yarn for a special (and secret) knitting project. I love the yarn and the colors! So pretty and soft. I was also looking ofr some gold or silver metallic thread, but the yarn shop didn't have any. I remembered there was a fabric store near Dupont Circle, so that became my next destination.

Unfortunately, the fabric store near Dupont Circle is no more. As I was wandering around aimlessly, trying to decide what to do next, I realized I was only a few blocks away from Carolyn's office. So, I called her and we met for an Iced Coffee. Did I mention it was Hot as Fork?

Carolyn went back to work, and I walked to Adams Morgan for a Birthday Happy Hour for Maura (the German's Girlfriend). Do you remember the German? SCGB's former roommate? Well, he's back visiting the Girlfriend. Super fun to see him and his dreamy blue eyes again.

After the happy hour, SCGB drove us home and I knat and ate and watched PR6. Fun times, Kittens. Fun times.

My only big weekend plan this weekend is helping to host SCGB's Popsicle-Themed Birthday Party at Mike (Who Makes Cakes)'s House tomorrow. Should be a good time.

Have a great day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good Morning, Kittens.

Yesterday, after remembering of a couple obligations, I postponed my trip to the yarn shop. I'll be heading down there this afternoon instead. Also, since Y was going to be out for most of the morning/afternoon, I had extra incentive to stay home and enjoy my place.

I did laundry. And I met with some contractors a neighbor had hired to work in his apartment while he is on vacation. Then, I wandered up to the likker store and grocery store.

The other day, I had a chat with GayProf and he inspired me to try chile-infused tequila (pictured). As luck would have it, El Jimador (the tequila the 'Prof recommended) was on sale - $17.99 for a fifth. Score! I only used 3 green chiles and one red one. I wonder if it will be spicy enough? I suppose we will know in about a week.

At Whole Foods, I bought the fixin's for dinner:

Nom.  Nom. Nom.

A Thai-esque stir-fry consisting of tofu, zucchini, red onion, heirloom tomatoes, cashews, chilies (from the garden!), and Thai and purple basil (from the garden!), served over rice.

It was spicy deliciousness. Srsly. Nom.

Later, SCGB came down to discuss his birthday party (and to help me download the first episode of Mad Men Season 3 -it's on my iShuffle memory drive thingie, but it doesn't work on my older laptop. So I need to download iTunes onto my netbook and hopefully it will work there ... or I can watch it on my iNano, I suppose). ANYWAY, SCGB's birthday is going to be Popsicle Themed. I am going to make Bellini Popsicles. And we are going to have other cocktails in which regular nonboozy popsicles will be used as the garnish/stirrer. For example: vodka + vanilla coke + cherry popsicle or vodka + lemonade + lemon popsicle.

Today, I'm meeting the lovely Ms. BlueStocking for lunch at Adega. Then, I will venture forth to the yarn shop, and around 5 head to a birthday happy hour in Adams Morgan. Good Times.

Have a great sunshine day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Master of the Drain Snake

Good Morning, Kittens!

Yesterday, I snaked a drain! I know!
So manly!
So masculine!
So totally not me.

I am plumber. Hear me roar. *rowr*

As you may remember, the day before I left to visit the cuz, my sink exploded (or became clogged. whatever). I haven't had the time or inclination to deal with it since then.

Finally, tired of washing dishes in the bathtub, I decided to take matters into my own hands and fix the sink myself. Step 1: Unclog the drain.

Which apparently requires a drain snake.

I walked into the hardware store, headed towards the plumbing section, and looked flummoxed.

"May I help you," asked the sweet young Hardware Girl.
"Yes! I'm looking for a drain snake."
"Oh. Um ... what does one look like?"
"I don't know."

Finally, she went to get help and there they were. Right in front of us. Hm. Doesn't look very snake-like. Where are the scales? and the beady eyes?

I followed directions I found on the internet and VOILA! unclogged drain. Hurrah.

Of course, now, I have to start Step 2: Replace the pipe that has a big ass hole in it (not from the snake, but from the drain unclogger I had tried previously). Adventures in Plumbing. Fun Times.

Later, the light looked really weird, so I took a couple of photos ...



Y and I had a little "discussion" about the food situation. As in, stop acting like you are expecting me to cook every meal for you. The $500/month doesn't include board.

Oh, and I registered for the Fall Pottery session. Yayz!

Today's exciting plans include a trip to the yarn store (maybe) and laundry. Woo. Hoo.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Boxes are Everywhere

Good Morning, Kittens.

At least one member of this household appreciates having all this extra crap in the living room ...

Not much exciting going on. Having 2 apartment's worth of stuff shoved in my house is stressing me out. Add to that having a roommate. AND an extremely needy guy who won't stop calling and my head could explode at any moment.

Last night, I ordered a pizza (spinach, feta, tomato) and opened a bottle of cava. Mmm. I toasted Y, "Congratulations on your new job in NYC. Now, get your fucking dissertation done."

On the bright side, CNTBD is supposed to come by today to drop off some of his homemade gazpacho. YUM! Happy Happy!

Do you think cinnamon basil-infused vodka would be any good?

Have a great day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Morning, Kittens.

What a weekend. I'm exhausted ... but, first, how about some pottery pix?

This is the casserole dish I made for Esther and Joe's wedding present. Isn't it pretty? Isn't the butterfly handle on the lid *so* cute? Isn't it amazing that one puts so much work into making a present and then at the very last moment something goes horribly wrong?

In the case of the beautiful lidded casserole, it would be that the lid must have warped during the glaze firing, because it is stuck. It no come off. Grrr. Esther has a friend who is a potter where she lives. Hopefully, the Professional Potter will be able to pry of the lid somehow or break it off in a way that the casserole is still usable. We shall see.

And, more pottery ...

A cute vase with a cracked bottom:

Vase 1

Another vase:

Vase 2

A bowl:

Bowl 1

And a mug:


Yesterday, I glazed two additional mugs. I hope they come out ok.

As for the rest of the weekend, on Friday, I blobbed at home feeling sorry for myself.

Saturday, I blobbed some more. And, then, Eric from Baltimore came down. We had cocktails and a delicious all local/organic dinner with Esther and Peter.

Then, EfB, Tomokito, and I went to Town, where we got a little drunk and danced the night away.

Sunday. Very Hung Over. After the trip to the pottery studio, I took a nap and felt better. I had margs with Tomokito and Baby Hana. Then, (not *that*) Robert drove over. We went out for Mexican and then watched a bit of TV on DVD (Project Runway Season 3).

Y is mostly moved in. I feel like my house is (even)full(er) of crap. Urgh.

Have a great day.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh, Look Who It Is.

It's me, the Was Too Blah to Blog One.

Can I blame Post-Fabulous Vacation Blahs?

Or, maybe, I should blame Julie & Julia, which I started reading last night. So far, it's not awful. But, it's one of those books that makes me think, "Where are my book options? Why isn't my life publishable?"

It's not that I feel that I could write better than she did, but I couldn't write anything worse.
Heck, I don't need a movie deal.
Ok, maybe I do.
But, still, it amplified the Unemployment Why Won't Anyone Hire Me Funk, fer sure.

I was thinking of going out tonight, but have decided that I don't dislike anyone enough to subject them to This Mood ...

So, it's an evening of Martinis, Movies, and Me tonight. Oh. I haz all teh funz.

Tomorrow, I have to do a lot of cleaning. I decided to allow Y to rent my spare room (for $500/month). I know it will be stressful and annoying, but I can use the moneys. I have to clean out the spare room and make it at least somewhat presentable. He moves in on Sunday (I think) (and out sometime before November 1st ... not that I'm counting the days).

Saturday night, Eric from Baltimore comes down and we are all heading out clubbing, either to Town or Mixtape.

Sunday, Carolyn and I are heading over to the pottery studio to finish up some stuff. And, at some point, Y moves in.

Oh, the Life and Times of VUBOQ.

Have a great weekend, kittens.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Happened Wuuuuz

Good afternoon, Kittens!

Thanks so much for the good vibes sent my way yesterday. I had an interview at EPA. I'm not sure how it went. It wasn't spectacular, but it also wasn't awful. I don't think they quite understood my sense of humor. This seemed to be a screening interview, in which the two interviewers alternated asking questions from a prepared list. They said that there will be probably be one more round of interviews next week (or so). At the end of the interview, they asked if I felt like there were any questions that they should have asked but didn't.

Of course, I mentioned that I was surprised they didn't ask about my year of unemployment. Y thinks that was a mistake. I believed it would have eventually come up anyway. And I spun it into a good thing: looking for work, participating in charitable activities, Co-op Board service, and personal development (reading/pottery class). What do you think? Should I have mentioned it? Or have I sealed my doom?

Interview over, I had to rush home, change, and head to pottery class ... which was a bit of a disappointment. I only had two things out of the glaze kiln. And my final two mugs were still being bisque-fired. Basically, I had nothing to do. Since I had to wait for Y to come pick me up (my regular ride was out of town), the Instructor suggested I use the last of my clay for throwing practice. I made the chalice-thing pictured above.

Since this was the last class, I would not have time to finish it. So, I destroyed it and gave the clay to a classmate who will be taking a course next session.

Here are the two glazed items which were ready to take home, both of which I made at the end of the Spring 09 session but didn't have time to glaze:

Handbuilt MugHand-built Mug. In Nutmeg. Quite Small. Who wants it?

Handbuilt CreamerHand-built Creamer. In Butternut. I'm thinking of keeping this one.

And, here's something I made a few weeks ago which will probably start making an appearance on some of my future pottery:

Dragonfly StampDragonfly Stamp

Y picked me up from class. I was starving, so we went to a sushi place near his apartment. After dinner, we went back to his place, fooled around for a bit and I went to bed.

This morning, there was more hot sweaty buttsecks and, then, I came home. I really need to work on my Thank You letters this afternoon. Fun times.

And maybe eat lunch.

Have a great rest of your day! *smooches*

ps. I didn't forget about 12 of 12 this month. I just didn't do it b/c I was prepping all morning for the interview.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Winding Down. And Up.

Good Morning, Kittens.

Behold, the fabulosity of the latest edition to the Shelf of Tacky Things from Around the World. It's a Petra Candle.

This is yet another reason why I love the SuperFantastic Cuzin. She goes to amazing places and remembers to bring me back something for the Shelf.

I am totally missing the Cuzin and the Cuzin-in-law and the GayProf. *sigh* The end of the vacation is not any fun.

ANYWAYz, the flight home was uneventful (hurrah!). It's good to be home. Isabella has been Very Needy ... which, I suppose, is understandable. It's hot here. I'm glad my a/c is working.

And, thanks to Dr. Liz, I am now the proud owner of Julie & Julia (the book, not a pirated DVD). You rock, Dr. Liz (and your menagerie too!).

The Co-op's Board Meeting was tonight. It was mercifully short. Hurrah.

Busy day today. I could use some good vibes sent my way around 3PM. And, my final pottery class is tonight. I should be getting several items back. Stay tuned for pix.

*hugs* and *smooches*

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cuz + GayProf = Perfect Vacation

Good Morning, Kittens.

As you are reading this, I am heading to the airport. Yesterday afternoon, after I got home from another fabulous time with the Cuz and the GayProf, I went online to check my flight status and it said: CANCELLED!!!! (because of weather). I called the airline and they couldn't rebook me on a direct flight to DC until today. Extra Time with the Cuz! It is awesome!

So, anyway, here's the rundown of my SuperFun Vacation ...

I arrived on Thursday. The Cuz picked me up at the airport. We got to her house and had cocktails. Yay. Later, GayProf, who only lives a few blocks away (!), came over for dinner. We had lots of wine and pizza on the grill. And tiramisu.

The next day, GayProf came over for lunch - leftover salad and prosecco. Then, we drove over to the Arboretum. It was lovely. See:

With the 'ProfNature red in tooth and claw.

We left the Arboretum to meet the Cuz, the Cuz-in-law, and some of the Cuz's co-workers/friends at Aut Bar, the gay bar in Midwestern Funky Town. After many fun beverages, we wandered up to Seva, a vegetarian restaurant, for dinner ... and margaritas.

The Cuz and Cuz-in-law went home. Gayprof, John (a friend of the Cuz and the 'Prof), and I headed to Detroit. First stop: Pronto, a gay bar in Royal Oak* ... the highlight of which (besides some mighty fine looking menz) was when some drunk girl started playing with my hair ...

Drunk Girl: I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv yer haaaaaaaaaaaaaaair.
Me: Thank you
DG: Wheredi'yougetitcuuuuuuuuuuut?
Me: Washington, DC
DG: You... go. allthewaay to deeeeeeeescheeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
Me: Yes.

Then, before her head exploded, I explained that I am only visiting and am actually from DC.

From Pronto, we headed into Detroit, to a once-a-month dance party held here:


Oslo. Sushi. Thai. Bar. Lounge. Nightclub. It smelled like Egg Rolls. The nightclub part was in the basement. It was dark. And the music was ... how to put this nicely? ... bad and not danceable. Although, towards the end, we danced.

And, this creepy little drugged out 23-year-old kept hitting on me.

We got home at around 3:30AM. *yawn*

Saturday, it rained a lot. The Cuz, Cuz-in-law and I did lots of blobbing on the sofas. It was quite lovely. In the evening, we headed over to the home of some of their friends for a small cocktail party. Then, we went to some other friends' home for dinner - delicious veggie kabobs and seitan loafy things. And lots and lots of booze. And, then, some more booze.

Sunday, after a relaxingly lazy morning, we walked over to GayProf's cute little house for a delicious brunch. Tequila Sunrises! Quiche! Wine! Cake! YUMz!

MePlease note: This is Me. In the Home of the 'Prof! ZoMG!

That night, the Cuz and I prepared several tapas out of Jose Andres' Cookbook. They were delicious ... but time-consuming. We made patatas bravas, spinach with apples and almonds, white almond gazpacho, and a green bean salad. It was a lot of work. We decided that in the future, unless we have a staff assisting us, it might be easier to make only one tapas and a salad.

Monday, after doing some reading, GayProf picked me up and we met the Cuz for lunch at the Red Hawk Pub.

The Prof and MeGrilled CheeseGrilled Cheese or Me. Which is cheesier?

The Cuz went back to work. GayProf helped me pick out a small Thank You for Taking Care of Isabella gift for SCGB. Then, he showed me some sites of the campus ...

Graduate Library Reading RoomLike Homoerotic Murals in the Graduate Library Reading Room

The 'Prof at His DeskAnd, his office. How many cute little male undergrad hearts have been broken here?

GayProf drove me back to the Cuz's home. After learning that my flight was cancelled, the Cuz/Cuz-in-law and I ordered sushi and watched 30 Rock for hours.

So, all in all, a SuperFun trip. It was so great hanging out with my Cuz and Cuz-in-law, who are two of the most supercool, fantastic people I know. I totally want to be like them when I grow up ... except for the heterosexual/married part.

PLUS, I met one of my very first BlogCrushes and learned that he is totally Crush Worthy in Real Life, too. GayProf is smart, funny, tall, cutecutecute, *and* he laughs at my jokes (and he likes to drink. What's not to love?). Why don't they make guys like him in DC? Hm??? Why?

Have a great day! Keep your fingers crossed for an uneventful flight, and -if you want- check out the rest of the photos from my trip here.


*Or not a gay bar ... I was totally going to link to their website, but you can't even tell it's a gay bar from their WhiteBreadSite. What up with that?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Update: Wait 'til I Get Home Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

It's my last day in the Midwestern Funky Town. I'm meeting the SuperFantastic Cuzin and the GayProf for lunch later. Not sure if the SuperFantastic Cuzin-in-Law is coming with us.

I'm flying out around 6 this evening. And will probably be back home around 9. I'll fill you in on all the exciting trip details tomorrow ... until then, here are a few pictures:


GayProf! (I really like this picture. My guess is that he might try to exert some sort of editorial control.)

SuperFantastic Cuzin

Have a great day! *smooches*

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I'm Not Sayin' I'm Just Sayin'

So much cuteness in one place should totally be against the law ...

btw, this is my 2,001st post.


Friday, August 07, 2009

Did You Feel the Earth Move? Under Your Feet?

Good Morning, Kittens!
So, last night, I met GayProf! YAY!
And had a fabulous dinner with the cuzin and cuzin-in-law.
It was so totally awesome I forgot to take pictures. Oops.
Fortunately, the GayProf and I are hanging out today so there should be lots of fun photo opportunities.

Now, I have to get to work on writing a fantastic cover letter for a totally fabulous job opportunity which has fallen into my lap.

Fingers Crossed!

ps. As always, I will be twittering and facebooking throughout the day!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Jet Plane. I'm Leaving on One.

Good Morning, Kittens!

Yesterday was super fun. I spent about 30 minutes on hold with the unemployment office. Then, I had lunch with my neighbor. I cooked smothered squash with basil. After that, I did laundry and took a nap. AND, I got a fantabulous Unemploymentiversary present from Mush: Mad Men, Season 1 and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Yay! I have the most awesomest friends ever!

Pottery class was good, too. I trimmed and attached handles to two mugs. And I did lots of glazing. Next week is the last class of the session. I don't have a lot to do, but will figure out some way to use all my clay.

Today, I must pack. Because ... and this is so exciting ... I am flying to a Midwestern Funky Town to visit my superfantastic cuzin (and her husband), and I will meet (OMGz!) the Most Desirable Man on the Blogosphere. Couldn't you just die? I know I could. I can't wait. 4 days of fun, food, drink, knitting, movie-watching, catching-up, and maybe even a trip to a Decaying Midwestern Urban Center.

My flight is around 4, so I have some time. Fingers crossed for good weather and an uneventful flying experience.

Stay tuned to twitter (in the sidebar) and facebook for travel updates.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

If I Weren't So Durnk, I'd Be Stressed Out

Good Morning, Kittens!

The first of (what I'm sure will be many) Unemploymentiversary presents arrived the other day: Jose Andres' cookbook, Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America. If you don't know, Jose Andres is the chef/owner of my favorite restaurant in DC, Jaleo. Chock full of yum that place is. I am so excited to own his cookbook. I've been flipping through it picking out all the yummy things I want to make. Thanks so much to the lovely, Ms. Eight Lives Left!

Meanwhile, yesterday was filled with fun and excitement ... and naps. Even thought I was totally exhausted after my Day with David and my Date, I could not fall asleep. I tossed and turned until nearly 4am. *ugh*

So, this morning, after my coffee (and a special guest star who provided some fun buttsecks), I took a nap. Then went out for lunch, came home, and took another nap.

Eventually, I got up with David and we arranged to meet at Nellie's for Happy Hour. At Takoma station, this totally tweaked out twink latched on to me and followed me to the bar, babbling the entire time but not really listening to what I was saying. For example:

TOT: Where are you going?
V: Nellie's
TOT: Oh. That's cool.
TOT: So, where are you going?

Once we got to the bar, David was very patient with him. He (David) is a kind soul. I am too bitter. We had a good time at Nellie's (and David has some photos which I'm sure he will post at some point). Eventually, we ditched the TOT and headed to David's friend's home so David could get cleaned up before dinner.

For dinner, David, the friend, and I met David's blogger friend, Carl (I've read his blog before but can't remember the URL) at a middle eastern place, Veranda. I've walked by there countless times, because it's on the way to Mike Who Makes Cakes' home. Nice to know it's a decent place to go.

Then, I headed home ... and had pretty amazing Metro Karma. Hurrah.

Today is going to be quite busy. Helping a neighbor with yard mowing. Laundry. Pottery. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Guest Postalicious

Good Morning, Kittens!

Guess who is guest posting over at Puntabulous today? Yep. Me! Go have a look-see-read.

Or, click on over to flickr to check out photos from my Day with David.

Or, you can do both. I won't complain.

Have a great day!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Bonus Monday Post

The Cuteness. It is Too Much.


Weekend Update: Unemploymentiversary Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

I hope you all had as much fun this weekend as I did.

On Friday, I headed over to CNTBD's house for lunch. He made a fabulous salad. And, somehow, we managed to drink a bottle of wine. Hm. Dessert was ice cream with mini eclairs. Delish!

Around 2:30, I staggered to the metro station to head into the DeeCee. I ended up at the Barnes and Noble (they now have free wifi), had some coffee (to sober up), and then shopped for a book. Recently, while cleaning, I found a B&N gift card. I called the toll-free number on the back and learned that it still had $7.99 on it. Score! In the bargain bin, I found a book by Amy Tan, Saving Fish from Drowning, which I have been wanting to read. And it was only $6.98. Yay.

Book purchased, I took a meandering photo walk to the metro station and headed to Nellie's. Tomokito and Mike (Who Makes Cakes) met me there later. We had many cheap drinks and lots of fun. Tomokito left to get home to teh baby. Mike and I went to his house for food, more drinks, and Star Trek on the tube.

Pictures from the day are here

Saturday, I slept in. YAY! I did some cleaning. I blobbed. And around 4ish, I headed into the Wilds of Virginia. You see, David is in town, and the lovely ShallowGal invited us to her home for a barbeque.

OMG. So much fun. The Spawn are amazing. Definitely not shy. Funny. Intelligent. and all around good kids. We had pizza cooked on the grill. It was delicious. And lots and lots of booze (including some blueberry-infused gin!). I didn't take many pictures though. David did. I'm sure he'll be doing a post at some point.

I didn't get home until very very late. But it was well worth it. Thanks again for a lovely day, ShallowGal, PCSGuy, and Spawn!

Sunday, I blobbed. And, then, I went upstairs and had G&Ts with Tomokito and Baby Hana. (Well, Baby Hana didn't actually have a G&T). Then, I returned home and blobbed some more.

In other news, this weekend, I received two very interesting emails. I will tell you about one: It was from a former college professor of mine. It seems I mentioned his name several years ago in a post (and that I had a little crush on him). He must have googled his name and found the blog. He wrote and said that he considered that to be a compliment. Isn't that sweet? I think that email may have reignited the little crush ... even after all this time. Anyway, I emailed him back to say thanks. I wonder if I'll hear back ...

(and I'm not telling about the other email just yet)

Today, I meeting David for a day of sightseeing and drunken mayhem. Or just sightseeing. We're going to the zoo and then a few museums. Should be fun.

Have a wonderful day!