Monday, April 03, 2006

If I Were Still Teaching...

I was reading in the Washington Post this afternoon about the rising costs of private school education. The article mentioned that first year teachers in Prince Georges County make about $40,000/ year.

Which made me think about when I was teaching (from 1992-1994) in North Carolina. My starting salary was $19,800. Let's all have a little laugh about how little I made (and how I managed to save enough money to live for about 5 months without a job after I left teaching).

*pause for laughter*

So, what if my life had made a different turn and I still lived and taught in North Carolina (god forbid). Well, starting salary for NC teachers is now $25,510. My salary after 13 years of teaching would be ... $35,980 [$39, 580 with a master's degree]. Woo hoo! I'm rolling in the big bucks.

At my current salary here, I would be a 25-year teacher [20 with a master's degree] or so.

Hm. I guess leaving the NC education world wasn't that bad of an idea after all.

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