Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Happiest of Hours

Ah. Happy hour. I had planned to meet my friend, Kristen, at Tapatinis after work today to celebrate our birthdays. But, as that Scottish poet wrote, "the best-laid plans o' mice an' men/ Gang aft a-gley."

And gang aft a-gley'ed have my plans. I'm feeling a bit oogly today ... stomach issues => lack of sleep => cranky VUBOQ. I can't think of much worse than a cranky vicious, unrepentant, bitter, old queen. Except maybe one with an oogly stomach to boot.

So we'll get together some other time. Maybe next week.

In other exciting gang aft a-gley news, my hotlines phone system is down. We discovered it at 10:30 this morning, when we suddenly realized, "Hey. We're not getting any calls." This is slightly humorous because the hotline had supposedly been up for 2 hours already. It's now nearly 1:30. It's still down.

Slow day.

On the plus side, my friend, Christal, is coming back to DC for the weekend. We're going out to dinner tomorrow night. Then, she's having a party on Friday at her place. She *may* come to SAM:HTE on Saturday. Woo hoo!

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