Friday, April 14, 2006

A Special Message Just for You

for you chemistry geeks, that is ...


  1. too obscure?

    here's a hint:

    It's pentyl acetate.

  2. Peeps? Caffiene? Vodka?

  3. UNCLE!! I'm not even remotely familiar with chemistry... but here's what I found:

    "Amyl acetate (also pentyl ethanoate, pentyl acetate) is an organic compound and an ester with the chemical formula CH3COOC5H11 and the molecular weight 130.18 g/mol. It has a scent similar to bananas which is not detectable by all people. The compound is the condensation product of acetic acid and 1-pentanol. However, esters formed from other pentanol isomers (amyl alcohols), or mixtures of pentanols, are often referred to as amyl acetate."

  4. Here's another clue:

    What is the type of chemical compound? [See Ms. Martini's comment].

    What is the compound doing in the picture?

    THINK about it! *smooch*