Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Friday! Friday! Well, Not Really.

Good Afternoon, Kittens.
Today is my Friday.  Oh, hellz to the yeah!  Four day weekend!  Scorez!
And, I was totally late to work this morning.  I woke up with all sorts of weird intestinal issues going on.  So I called my boss and went back to bed.  I rolled into work around 10:30.  Sweet.  AND, they are letting us leave 2 hours early today.  Suh-WEET-er!
Last night, I did laundry. I called my BFF from college, Isa.  We chatted for a long time.  I ate orzo with homemade pesto.  AND, I managed to get all sorts of semi-interesting gossip from several neighbors.  Good times.
I also finished updating my resume and writing a cover letter.  I'll be sending that off tomorrow.
On a sad note, SCGB moves out of our building today.  Waaaah.   It's so sad that I will never see him again.  He's moving into the DeeCee.  He will be swallowed up by the Columbia Heights Hipster Culture and forget his close-in suburban friends.  Alas, I shall end up alone and rotting in my little apartment.  *sigh*
After work today, my co-worker and I are meeting our boozy former co-worker for happy hour.  That should be a good time.  And, tomorrow, I am getting my hairz did.  Then, I'm going to go pick up M's car.  No plans for Saturday (I have been invited to a BBQ, but it's far out in Gaithersburg.  I could drive M's car, but then I couldn't get all boozed up and embarass myself in front of a house full of strangers). Sunday, Eric from Baltimore is coming down. We'll either do margs in DC or summery cocktails at Casa de VUBOQ.  And, I don't have any plans on Monday either.  Maybe I'll find someone to watch the fireworks with. 
Or maybe I will go to bed early.
I am living the life, fer sure.
Have a great day and a happy weekend.
I may check in at some point this weekend, but if not, Happy Independence Day to my fellow Amurcans.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's Up, Doc?

Good Morning, Kittens!
My doctor's appointment went well (or, at least, as well as can be expected).  On the plus side, my blood pressure is OK (although we need to keep an eye on it).  Apparently, I suffer from "White Coat Syndrome."  When a go to the doctor, my blood pressure shoots up.  Good times.  I've been taking it at home and the doctor says it is fine.  Yay.  No blood pressure meds for me.  and, I have good cholesterol numbers.  Yay!
On the minus side, I have a vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiency.  Boo.  The low B12 is something common in vegetarians.  And he thinks because I'm fair-skinned and tend to avoid the sun (also, I don't drink milk), my D is too low.  Also, unrelated to the vitamins, I may need some minor surgery in the near future.  Joy.  Bettter get that checked out and taken care of before I get laid off and lose health insurance coverage.
After the appointment, I treated myself to a post-doc cocktail (and bowl of soup) at Bar Dupont.  Then, I went to pottery class.  I trimmed two bowls.  And threw two things that might be mugs at some point (although one of them will be a Really Big Mug).
Then, M picked me up.  We grabbed some food and dropped off some of his stuff at Goodwill.  He drove me home.  We made out.  He left.  He leaves for Las Vegas (via Detroit) this afternoon.  *sad face*
On the plus side, he will be back in about 3 weeks to finish closing up his house.  AND, as I mentioned before, he's letting me use his car while he's away.  I am going to pick it up from his place sometime this weekend.
Have a happy day!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bringing You Up-to-Date: So Sleepy Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!
My weekend was a bit of a bust.  My co-worker's Friday happy hour was postponed (boo), so I went home and drank basil gimlets with Miss Isabella (she abstained). Then, I finished reading "We Need to Talk About Kevin."  Interesting book.  Apparently, it has been made into a movie with Tilda Swinton (love!) in the leading role.  Perfect casting, IMHO.  I went to bed around 11 ... which was when M called to see if I wanted to spend his last Friday in DC with him.  I did, but *ugh* there was no way I could do it.  Oh, well.  He should have called sooner.
Saturday, I went for a run.  I did some shopping.  I cleaned (a little).  I had cocktails with Tomokito and SCGB.  I watched "Atonement."
Sunday, I went to the pottery studio.  M was too busy, so we rescheduled our date.  I came home and had cocktails with SCGB.  I blobbed around the house for a bit.  And, later, had cocktails with Tomokito and Hana (she abstained).
After work on Monday, I went for a run.  Then, I rushed around to meet M at Thai at Silver Spring.  It's the restaurant where we had our first date.  Awww.  It was fun.  He makes me laugh.  After dinner, he came up for a minute.  We had QPCT (Quality Partially Clothed Time) and he left around 1130/midnight.  Needless to say, I am v. tired this morning.
I think I may have mentioned that (1) I really like M and (b) he is moving to Las Vegas tomorrow (!) for a year.  *sigh*  On the plus side, he is letting me use his car for the year he is gone.  So maybe he really likes me too?  I am picking the car up after pottery class tonight. 
I am only working half a day today (yay!), because I have a doctor's appointment to check my blood pressure and discuss some other medical issues I've been having.  *ugh*
I guess that's about it.  Just for fun, here's a photo I took at work yesterday.  Enjoy!
Have a great day!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cocktails! (What else?)

Good morning, kittens!
Work has been a gross, pile of s**t recently.  It has been so bad that I am seriously considering applying for a teaching position.  Admittedly, the position is at a small charter school, so it's not like I'd be teaching classes of 30 hormone-crazed adolescents (if I got the job that is).  And it's teaching environmental and earth science, which is cool.  So, we'll see.  I'm going to reorganize my resume into something more Education-Oriented and we'll see what happens ... Still.  Teaching.  It kinda gives me the shivers.
When I got home from work yesterday, instead of going for a run, I made a new cocktail: Live Basil Gimlet (recipe from the NYT).  It was delicious.  So, I made another one using lemon basil.  It was not as delicious.  Very refreshing and summery though.  Everyone should try one, especially if you love basil (and gin!). 
For dinner, I found some frozen pesto ravioli in my freezer.  I whipped up a quick sauce using tomatoes and red bell peppers.  It was tasty.
And that was about the extent of my evening.  I can't use my netbook because the power cord doesn't work.  I've ordered one on-line.  Hopefully, it will arrive quickly.
As for this weekend, I don't really have many plans.  I need to clean.  I need to iron.  I need to grocery shop.  I need to job hunt.  I need to run.  I need to go to the pottery studio.  And, I hope to hang out with M, since he is moving to Las Vegas next week.
Have a great day!  And a Super-Fun Weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pants! Just Pants ... and Maybe Some Pottery

Good Morning, Kittens!
As it would happen, I did not do laundry last night.  And, I have a good reason.  Laundry night is on Wednesday, not Tuesday.  Pottery Class is on Tuesday.  For most of yesterday morning, I was thinking it was Wednesday.  Oops.  So, laundry is tonight.  Yay! (Yay?)
Which means that, yesterday, after work, I went to pottery class ... which is much better than doing laundry.  I made two bowls - a large-ish one, and a small-ish one.  I am not sure I am meshing with the different instructor.  His teaching style is very hands-off.  Oh, well.  Back to my regular instructor in the Fall, hopefully!
When I got home from pottery, I had a package by my door.  My new pants from Banana Republic!  YAY!  I "purchased" them using a $75 gift card I received from my health insurance company for completing an online health assessment (which basically sad I'm fine, but I should exercise 5 times a week.  Who exercises 5 times a week?  CRAZY TALK!).
I made a martini and tried on the pants. As a fun little game, play "Spot the Martini!" (you could also play "Spot the Mystery Bruise," but that might not be as fun).
Here is pair Number One.  Size 30x32, charcoal gray pinstripe.
And pair Number Two.  Size 29x32, light gray.  The comments said these pants were sized large and to order a smaller waist than normal.  I'm glad I paid attention, because a 30x32 would have been too big.
In other exciting news, I think the power cord to my netbook is all screwy.  Even though it is plugged in, the netbook was using battery power.  I need to find a replacement.  I am hoping that it is the power cord.  I really don't want to buy a new netbook anytime soon.  Where does one buy a new power cord, anyway?  Best Buy?
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jaleo Jaleo

Good Morning, Kittens!
Yesterday, after work, I met up with the fabulous Alwyn (and her gorgeous family) at my favorite DC restaurant, Jaleo.  Many laughs ... Lots of tapas ... And too much sangria were had.
And, then, I went home to bed.
Good times.
Today, in celebration of the Summer Solstice, I am going to do laundry. And maybe have a cocktail.  I found a recipe for one which sounds delightfully summery, the Sunday Confession:
-1 oz white tequila
-1 oz limoncello
-1/2 oz lemon juice
-ginger beer
Build in ice-filled Collins glass. Stir and top with ginger beer.  Garnish with lemon wedge.
Doesn't that sound super refreshing?
Have a great day!  Enjoy the sunshine (if it's sunshining where you are).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Update: Relaxing Edition

Good morning, Kittens!  Happy rainy Monday morning!
This day has started off swimmingly with a huge delay because of single-tracking at Takoma metro station.  Huzzah.  Eventually, I made it into work.  Double yayz ... :-/
So, this weekend ... I didn't do much of anything.  Friday, I made pesto, using the lemon basil that is going all crazy in the "garden."  It was actually pretty tasty.  Nom nom nom.  However, I decided to freeze most of it, and I made this for dinner.  Very tasty.  Forbidden (black) rice has a surprisingly nutty flavor.  It was a splurge buy at the Whole Foods.  Too expensive for every day cookery.
Saturday morning, I went for a 4-5 mile run.  I'm not sure how far I went, but it was a good run.  I did some cleaning.  I ironed a shit-ton of shirts. I made more pesto (with regular basil), which I froze.  SCGB invited me up for cocktail hour.  And, then I blobbed around watching movies. Not Joe texted to see how late I would be up and if he could come over to spend the night.  In a moment of weakness, I said I'd be up until 10 or 11 and, yes, he could come over.  However, around 10:45, he texted again.  I was ready to go to bed and he wouldn't be over for at least another hour.  So, I said don't bother. We can reschedule.  Or something. Or not.  Whatever.
Sunday morning, I blobbed some more.  And, then, I went to pottery studio.  I had two things out of the kiln: this raised platter (which, unfortunately, has a flaw in the glaze that may render it unusable for food) and this cute mug (which will become my Dad's Father's Day gift).  After studio, M (remember him?  guy from last summer (D), who I really liked but he disappeared?  I seem to have that problem with guys, don't I?) picked me up and we went out for Chinese.  Then, we went back to his place where we did a little job searching and resume updating ... and making out on the sofa.  I still really like him and, whenever we're together it's like we haven't been apart.  We just *click*. 
However, he is moving to Las Vegas ... in two weeks.  For a year.  *sigh*  I was talking to him about how much I liked him and was sad he was moving away.  He replied rather cryptically, "Why do people give up so easily on the chance for love?  It's this great thing that everyone seems to want, but they don't give it a chance."  Interesting ... What does that mean?  in relation to him and me? (Me and him?) I don't know. 
And, I guess that about wraps up the weekend.  I didn't get to hang out with the Visiting Canadians because of scheduling conflicts.  I thought we were hanging out on Saturday, so I kept it open.  But, they planned something for Sunday.  And, I'm sorry, but making out with a hot guy on his sofa trumps visiting Hockey Hooligans from Canadia.
Have a great day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ready for the Weekend

Good Morning, Kittens.
This has certainly been a week. *ugh*
Lessee ... Not Joe has not been in touch since last weekend.  Whatever.  I sent him a text.  He didn't respond.  Fine.  He was cute, but I don't really need the headache of being all into a guy on the DL.  We had some fun QNT, but that's about all we had in common.  Moving on ...
Work is becoming a big ol' source of stress.  I may have mentioned that there is a new guy (who comes in one weekend a month) who I thought would be a good resource for me.  Well, it turns out that even though he told me that he thought I was on the right track and would be happy to assist me with whatever I needed, he has been telling other people (including the Big Bosses Upstairs) that I don't know what I'm doing (Keep in mind that we've only met once and had a -maybe- 20 minute conversation about the program I am starting FROM SCRATCH).  Thanks so much, dirtbag.  I really don't need a two-faced liar "assisting" me.  Needless to say, this has created a shitstorm.  And I have to do damage control.  Fuck fuck fuck.
On the bright side, last night, I had dinner with Ray.  Things seem to be looking up for him.  Yay!  And he is always an entertaining dinner companion.  We met at Alero on U Street.  I got there early and had a margarita (or two).  And then spinach enchiladas.  Nomz.
This weekend, I don't have much going on ... word on the street is that there are some Canadians in town.  I have agreed to hang out with them at some point.  I don't know when.  I guess they'll let me know.  I hope they aren't from Vancouver, City of Scary Hooligans!
Also this weekend, I need to shop, clean, iron, and do some serious career evaluation/job-hunting.  And make a couple of runs (tonight and Sunday).
On Sunday, I'll go to the pottery studio for a bit.  And, then, I may be heading over to M's house for dinner and (hopefully) a little *wink wink nudge nudge*.
I suppose I should make a phone call to the Male Parental Unit as well, since it is Male Parental Unit Day.  I haven't gotten him a present yet.  No idea what to get.  I'm thinking I will gift him a piece of pottery that still hasn't been fired yet (bah).
I guess that's about it.  Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Force You to Look at More Pottery

Good morning, kittens!

Last night was pottery class and -Surprise! Surprise!- some of my work from the Spring session had actually been fired. *w00t!*

I'm fairly pleased with how these came out. The photos don't really do them justice. Oh, well...

Brown CannisterBrown Cannister/Cookie Jar Thing ... It's about 6" tall. 5" wide.

BowlBowl ... 2" tall, 7" across.

Raised Platter 2Raised Platter ... 3" tall, 11" length, 5" width.

And, I guess that's about it.

Have a great day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

12 of 12: June Edition

Good Afternoon, Kittens.

What a SuperFun Weekend! I had almost convinced myself not to go to the Pride Parade (too hot!), but I'm so glad I did. I got to hang out with Polt and His Posse of Hot Womenz! So. Much. Fun.

On Sunday, I skipped the Street Festival (too hot!), but still managed to have a good time.

It's been AGES since I've written a 12 of 12 post. BUT, I managed to take some photos. At some point, I should fill you in on *all* the excitement of the weekend, but -for now- this will have to do ...

Homophobia is Gay

Pretty flower garden on the walk to Downtown Silver Spring

I returned the Penguins

Pretty flowers on the walk back home

Naptime with Miss Isabella

Silver Spring Metro. On my way to a rooftop party

The View from the top

Brianna gets too friendly

with Mike (Who Makes Cakes)

The View a little later

On the walk home

Miss Isabella is all "where have you been?"

And, that, my dears, was my 12th of June. Hope you are having a great day!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pride Cometh Before the Fall

Good Morning, Kittens!
So, it would seem that the majority of the Kittens have opted for the Penguins.  I am still unsure.  I need to make up my mind soon.  These decisions are so hard to make.  I can really only afford to keep one of the pairs.  I think I will take them both with me when I get the suit tailored and make a decision then.  We shall see ...
And, since I am a major shopaholic, I bought 3 pairs of new C-In2 underwear from Hautelook yesterday.  I am out of control.  Someone needs to take my credit card away from me.  I justified the expense because I'm not drinking and saving all that booze money!  SCGB mentioned having a beer/wine only summer.  That might be a good idea too.  I shall ponder that in my heart.
After work (which ends at 4PM today! Hurrah for 8-hour days!), I am meeting up with the New Guy (who probably needs a more clever moniker than that.  I suppose the Not J wouldn't work either).  We were planning on jogging around the Mall, but we think the weather might not be conducive to exercise.  Excessive heat + humidity + jogging = heat stroke.  Not fun.  Instead, I think we are going to the movies.  I kind of want to see either Pirates of the Caribbean  or  Super 8.  I suggested that we get up early Saturday morning and run.  See how I did that?  Invited myself over for a sleepover?  That is what we call "smooooooooooooth."  *laughs, but not outloud*
This is what I'm wearing today.  I hear all the cool, hip kids are cuffing their pants like this.  Lora, I hope the shoe/sock/ankle thing doesn't creep you out to much.
This weekend is also DC Capitol Pride. The New Guy doesn't do Pride.  He doesn't go to the parade nor the street festival.  Nor does he go out to any gay clubs/bars during Pride.  Odd.  But, whatever.  Everyone becomes comfortable with who they are at their own pace.  As of now, I will be meeting Mike (Who Makes Cakes) and some of his friends for pre-Parade drinks.  Joining up with SCGB and his beau at the Parade.  And, also, (*fingers crossed*) meeting up with His Purpleness, Polt, and his posse.
Sunday, I doubt I will attend the Street Fair.  Too hot.  Maybe I will hole up in the a/c with the New Guy.  And, I'm off on Monday!  YAY!  But, I have an endodontist appointment.  Boo.  BUT, the doctor's office is directly across the street from Hello Cupcake.  YAY!
And, that is a quick run-down of my weekend plans.  We'll see what actually happens.  In the meantime, since it is Pride Weekend, here's an excerpt from a short story I wrote several years ago, Four Letter Words (I believe I've posted it before, but whatevs):
Then it was June and the sun shone more fiercely.
As was our tradition, we gathered on Saturday afternoon to drink many pitchers of margaritas. The tequila loosened our tongues and sharpened our wit. 5 men. 6 pitchers. Experience had taught us that 7 would be a bad idea. We settled on La Frontera's patio, ate chips and salsa, and waited for the parade to begin. As the sidewalk became more crowded, rather than peering over and between heads, I moved from the patio to the street.
Standing on the edge of the sidewalk, watching the kaleidoscope of people and colors and banners file past, I felt for the first time in a long time a sense of place. There among the leather daddies, the twinks, the dykes on bikes, the bears, the tourists, the giddy straight girls and their uncomfortable, yet trying to be OK with it boyfriends, there among it all, with my friends, I felt it: This spot. This spot right here on 17th Street in front of La Frontera. This is where I belong. Here we are one. Here we are united. United by the desire to be superfantastic … and, maybe, to earn a sympathy fuck with someone way out of our league.
Happy Pride, Kittens!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Pottery and Various Other Sundries

Good Morning, Kittens.
Yesterday was my first day back in the pottery studio.  Yay!  During the summer session, my class meets on Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30.  This is a good arrangement for two reasons: 1. Because K-Factor isn't taking the class, I have to metro home.  I will get home at a reasonable hour.  and, 2. Because class starts at 5:30, I have to leave work a little early to get there on time.
I have a different instructor this session.  And there are only 2 other students in the class.  The instructor has a very different teaching style than Gina's.  Maybe I will pick up some new tricks.  He doesn't seem to be as hands on or able to explain things as well as she can.  We shall see.  I just sort of futzed around with the clay last night.  I made a bowl and a large flowerpot like thing.  Neither were anything special.
I was hoping the studio manager had done some glaze firing.  She hadn't.  Oh, well.  I really would like to have some of my completed pieces from last session.  Maybe someday.
Let's see ... I haven't tallied the shoe comments from yesterday yet.  It seems like the Penguins might be in the lead.  I'll look at it again tonight.
Other than that, all is well.  Tonight is Laundry Night, although I may be seeing the new guy tonight after work.  And we have a date on Friday to go jogging around the Mall after work.  That should be fun.  Hot, but fun. And at least there is almost guaranteed Shower Time afterwards.  Which could also be fun and hot.
Have a great day!
OH!  P to the S.  The other night, the New Guy said to me, "You're not like other gay guys in the 40s."  "What do you mean," I asked.  He replied, "They are mean and bitter. You aren't."  Hahahahahahahahaha!  Luckily, I managed to keep a straight face.  I guess he will eventually learn that all I am is mean and bitter.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Decisions Decisions

Good Morning, Kittens.

As you may recall, I had a rough couple of days a week or so ago. And, what does VUBOQ do when he has a rough couple of days (besides drink himself into an incoherent stupor, that is)?

He shops.

And, shop I did.

In fact, I bought a new pair of shoes: Some tan wingtips by Penguin. The dilemma is that, a few months ago, I bought a pair of brown wingtips by Florsheim. The reason behind this over-abundance of brownish wingtips is that I wanted a cute pair to match the SuperCute tiny houndstooth Tommy Hilfiger suit I bought to wear to K-Factor and the Canadian's Canadian wedding this coming Labor Day.

Of course, now, I can't decide which pair I like better ... I need to return one (or possibly exchange for a pair of black wingtips. I don't own any black wingtips!).

Here's a side by side photo (on top of the suit):


And, the Penguin:


And, the Florsheim:


This is totally like Sophie's Choice (perhaps with slightly less emotional/psychological consequences).

Let me know what you think!
Have a great day!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Weekend Update: Trolley Car Edition

Good morning, kittens.

As my aunt says, men are like trolley cars. There's always another one coming around the corner.

Friday, after work, I had plans to meet the new guy at L'enfant Plaza metro station. I got there way early, so I went to the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden to read. Eventually, he texted and we met up. We walked to his place near the Waterfront. He lives in one of the really cool condos which I have always admired (even before they became really cool condos) originally designed by I.M. Pei. When I mentioned this to him, he asked, "Who is I. M. Pei?" ... *sigh*

Anyway, we got to his place and rather than eating had lots of Quality Nekkid Time.

I headed home around 8:30.

And I ate a frozen pizza.

Saturday, I went for a run. And cleaned the bathroom. And went to the Whole Foods.

In the afternoon, K-Factor and I played a couple of rounds of Death Croquet, followed by a couple of rounds of cupcakes. Nom.

Then, I was planning to go over to the guy's place again. But, on my way there, he called and said he'd rather come to my place. OK. I stopped off at Baja Fresh for dinner and went home to wait.

But, he texts and says that his car won't start. *ugh* He asks if I want to come to his. By this time it is nearly 9PM. So I say no. Sorry. Late night bus and metro on the weekends? I wouldn't even get to his place until 10:30 or 11. And I'd be cranky. We made plans to meet up on Sunday evening instead.

So, I sat at home and started knitting a baby beret for the German and his Baby Mama's new baby.

Sunday morning, I finished the hat. See. Then, I made a yummy pasta salad.

Later that afternoon, a neighbor and I visited with the German and his Baby Mama to meet the new baby. It was his 1 month birthday. So I had a beer. I know, bad VUBOQ for breaking the No Drinking Thing. But one beer. Over an entire weekend? That's almost like not drinking. Plus, it was in celebration of the 1 month birthday. The Proud Parents said they liked the hat (yay!) and they appreciated the pasta salad. Yay me.

After much talk about breast-feeding and length and weight and all sorts of baby talk. I walked to the metro and went to visit the guy.

We sat and talked. and, then, walked to a Chinese place to get some take-out. We ate. We watched a movie. We cuddled on the sofa. And then we went to bed for some more QNT.

This morning, I learned it only takes 20 minutes to get from his place to work. Suh-WEET!

Oh, and here's a photo I took of him. He's about 5'8", 31 years old, muscular, and a good kisser.

What more does one need?

And, that was my weekend. Pretty cool, eh?

Have a great day! *smooches*

Oh, and Pee Ess: Thanks so much for your votes in the Cocky & Rude Fight Club NKOTBSB vs. VUBOQ. I won! YAYz!

Friday, June 03, 2011


Good morning, kittens.
Yesterday, I emailed J for the last time.  It was a relatively short email stating that I am concerned about him, that I hope he is OK, and that, if the reason that he has stopped contacting me is because things are over between us, I would appreciate an explanation.  I wonder if I will ever hear from him ...
In the meantime, I went on a date last night.  He's cute.  We met at Gallery Place and wandered around the National Portrait Gallery for awhile.  And, then had a light dinner at Zaytinya.  I had a good time; however, I felt like I was cheating (a little) on J (which is weird since we never had the chance to have a discussion about exclusivity).  *ugh*  I need to move on (I guess).  We are seeing each other tonight as well.  We are meeting at Gallery Place again and, then, going to his place for dinner.  How do I get myself into these situations?
Also, I sort of accidentally fell off the wagon yesterday.  I had a beer with lunch.  Oops.  I totally forgot about my no drinking commitment.  I blame my co-worker.  It was her birthday and she wanted to have a boozy lunch.  She shouldn't have to drink alone at her Boozy Birthday Lunch, right?  But, one beer, and no drink with dinner and no drink when I got home.  I think I'm back on track. 
Oh, and it's Friday!  I don't really have any weekend plans.  I reconnected with another guy from last summer.  He wants me to come over on Saturday for hot secks.  I don't think that will happen.  I need more than hot secks, and he is definitely not the emotionally available relationship type.
So on Saturday, I will clean the house, work in the tiny garden, grocery shop, and -hopefully- play a game of Death Croquet in the park with some of my neighbors.
Sunday, I'm going to visit the German and his Baby Mama to meet the new baby!  Yay!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Fight Club!

Good morning, Kittens!
I'm taking on NKOTBSB over on Cocky & Rude.  Quick.  Go vote for me! I'm scrappy.
In other news, still no word from J.  *sigh*  I hope he's OK.  And, I'm going to try to stop worrying about it all ...
Yesterday, I was in an all day seminar/training session/workshop thing sponsored by GSA on helping the government go green.  Parts of it were quite informative.  Other parts of it were OMG so deadly dull.
Then, I went home and did my laundry. 
Good times.
Have a great day!  *smooches*