Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pity, Party of 1! Self Pity, Party of 1!

I feel myself getting into a bit of a funk. And, no, it's not because someone from Ohio, and not me, won the $265 million MegaMillions jackpot. I hate them.

Last night, too many negative things converged at once ... things I don't really like about myself and need to work on fixing. Not worrying about going to movies by myself, for example. Or, being able to speak up for myself when the boyfriend fusses at me about completely stupid things, like his dog getting muddy paw prints on his shirt. gah.

While he's fussing, I'm thinking of things I can say; however, when it comes time to say my piece, I don't say them. They fester inside me. And it's frustrating.

I need a smoothie. Off to Whole foods.


  1. Going to the movies by oneself works best on a weeknight. I used to do it a lot. It's much like going to a gym with lots of hot men all around. After the first time or two you realize no one's paying attention to you. They have other things on their minds. So you can relax and enjoy the "movie."

  2. Or a weekend matinee.

  3. Last comment: And in the city (as opposed to suburbs), more people than you realize (when you're with someone) go to movies by themselves, some even on Fri. and Sat. nights.

  4. While you're at Whole Foods, check out their "365" label trout and tell me if you think it sucks (we lost that Whole Foods business a while back).

    Oh wait, fish counts as meat :)

    Love you Enviro!

  5. DUMP HIM (be first! it'll feel better).

    remember, i'm here to facilitate for you. do we need to review our text message exchange from last night? are you still drunk?

  6. Go to a movie by yourself. Please. It's easy. You can do it.

    And you must say your say, or you'll end up crazy. All that energy has to go somewhere, and if you don't put it where it goes -- back at the person who's giving it to you -- it'll turn into dis-ease. This habit of keeping things to myself in my marriage is what got me a full-blown panic disorder, yo. Not saying your say ain't trivial.