Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pussy in Repose

Because I haven't posted enough photos of the PsychoKitty:

Isabella on the Sofa (Can you spot the wine stain?)
Does that print look crooked?


Cat in a Hot Tin Tub

I'm a little overhung today. Last night was fun. I think I'll wait 'til my Weekend Update on Monday to fill you in on the all the gory details, though. There's more excitement happening tonight and tomorrow. [Oooh. Suspense. Can you handle it?]

AND, many, many, many thanks to all of you are sponsoring my AIDS Walk!

Because of YOU, I have surpassed my goal!!! Seriously, you made me cry last night when I looked at my donation page. I am sending you all HUGE HUGS and SMOOCHES.

[If you still want to donate, you can. Click here. The Walk is on October 6th. I think I'm going to put all your names on a card or something to carry with me.]

Friday, September 28, 2007


OhEmGee, kittens.

Like, I am a fountain of weepiness. How the hell did this happen?

This morning, I was fine and dandy.
Ever since about noon o'clock, I have wanted to crawl under my desk and sob.
I have, like, little tears squeezing out of the corner of my eyes.
What the fork is going on?

And, then, like the fool I am, I had to go check out my AIDS Walk page ... I'm only $60 away from reaching my Team Goal, considering I'm the only one on my team. I have the most awesomest friends EVER! Seriously, if you're my friend ~and if you're reading this more than likely you are~, give yourself a BIG HUG from me. Right now. Do it. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeze really hard.

Of course, reaching my goal of $500 in less than two weeks would be TOTALLY awesome, but you know what would be TOTALLY AWESOMER?

Surpassing that goal!
Yep, that's right.
That would have to be the most TOTALLY AWESOMEST THING EVER ...

... except for, maybe, meeting and falling in love with a TOTALLY AWESOME man.

But, hey, we take what we can get. So, wanna help me BEAT my Goal of $500?
Click here.
Make a donation.
Give yourself another *BIG HUG*
and, pass me a Kleenex.

Someone is Cranky

On my walk to Whole Foods to buy lunch,

Perky GreenPeace Volunteer: Hi! Want to hear the story about how I got arrested?
Cranky Someone: No. Want to hear the story where I kill the Perky GreenPeace Volunteer?

Ah Am Wearin' Mah New Bootz!

And, like, O-Mah-Gawd, I came into work and have had to work! What is up with that?

See, what's happening is this: Part of the enforcement and responsibility of the Act on which I work is being transferred from one part of EPA (OPPTS) to a different part of EPA (OSWER). Supposedly, this is to consolidate responsibilities.

Apparently, "consolidation" means "creation of nearly twice as many technical contacts."

I've been updating our referral lists all morning. *woot* Fun. Times.

I've also been polishing my resume [insert little doohickies over the appropriate vowels] and cover letter ... which reminds me of what I was actually going to blog about today:

I invited Y over to watch a DVD last night.

"What movie," he asked.
It's a French film, called "The Page Turner."
"What time," he inquired.
I don't know. How about 8?
"Ok," he said.

He arrived at 10 after ... NINE.

I asked if he would mind looking over my resume [doohickies] and cover letter.
"Sure," he said.

He made some suggestions. I explained why I had written things as I had.
He made more suggestions. I explained those too.
He started to get frustrated because I wasn't immediately taking all of his advice.
I said that I am listening to what he is saying. I will be running everything by a few more people. After I get everyone's advice, I will combine it with what he said, and maybe make some changes.
Then, he said, in a very sarcastic tone, something along the lines of "I don't know why I'm bothering because you aren't going to take my suggestions seriously."

Um. Whatever.

I put in the movie.

For the first 15 minutes of the film. He kept making smart-ass comments. I mentioned once that I didn't appreciate that, because I was trying to concentrate on the movie.

Finally, I turned the movie off, and said, "Here. Let me put in something more to your liking. I'd rather watch the rest of this without the commentary."

I put in The Princess Bride. After the movie, I went to bed. He stayed up studying, because he has a big meeting with his advisors today. He came to bed around 6:30 this morning. That's when I got up to get ready for work.

I don't think I'll be inviting him over anymore.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

If You Call the Service Center, They Will Come

New boots! New boots!

As I was on hold with a lovely young woman at the Zappos Service Center trying to get my tracking number, the boots arrived.


I'm not sure if I like them. I think the toes are a bit squarer than I'm used to. Also the color is not quite what I was hoping for, but we shall give ourselves until the weekend to see if they are keepable.

Le Pics:


High Noon

Where the fork are my spiffy new boots? WHERE?

They are not in my office.
They are not on my feets.

I do not have the UPS tracking number. And, ZAPPOS is saying that my tracking number is not yet unavailable (which says to me, "someone out there needs to WAKE UP and UPDATE the website!! GAH!!!).

I want my boots!

Lessee, since I can't blog about how I love my great new pair of boots, here's a quick rundown of what I did yesterday evening:

1. Drank half a bottle of wine.
2. Laundry.
3. Ate leftover veggie tacos.
4. More laundry.
5. Drank bourbon.
6. Surfed the innarwebs, updated a few personals profiles.
7. Talked to Y.
8. Went to bed.
9. Dreamed about boots.


Free overnight shipping.
The night is over.
Where are my boots? WHERE?
Help me, David Hasselhoff! HELP!

(more later, kittens)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Ugly Head of Financial Responsibility

Very rarely do I feel guilty about things; however, my desire to spend my *woot* bonus frivilously on BOOTS! and JEANS! and A SUPERFABULOUS PARTY! has made me feel a slight twinge of ... something.

For the lack of a better word, let's call it "guilt."

Thus, I'm reorganizing my savings plan and opening up a ROTH IRA.

Fortuitously, one of my $500 6-month ING DIRECT CDs matured today. I transferred that to my ING DIRECT savings account. I sent half of the CD (minus interest) to my BOFA checking account. I will use that money to open up my ROTH IRA with PAX WORLD (the balanced fund).

I am liking PAX WORLD because of their socially responsible investment approach (and their 8% annualized return).

Currently, I have $60 automatically deposited from my BOFA account into my ING savings account every 2 weeks.

4.3% interest, kittens! Much better than a regular bank account! You can open your own ING DIRECT Savings Account HERE!

In order to grow my ROTH (Did you know you can put up to $4000 per year into a ROTH IRA? And, that, when you withdraw the money at retirement, it is TAX-FREE?), I am decreasing my automatic deposit to $50 every two weeks. Every 2 months, I will send $50 to my PAX WORLD ROTH. With creative budgeting I should be able to find an extra $5 per month, right?

So, $100/month into savings! $50 every 2 months into the ROTH!
Eventually, I will be the Master of my own financial EMPIRE!

Of course, at the rate I'm going "eventually" means "in about a gabillion years."

Questions. No Answers.

I bought the boots. Zappos has free overnight shipping. I should get them tomorrow.

Stay tuned for pictures (if I remember to recharge my camera batteries, which are so old and sucky they lose their charge after, like, 3 pictures).

I am still undecided about the jeans. $105 seems like a lot to pay. At least the shipping should be free (*woot*). What's the most you've ever paid for a pair of jeans. Speaking of "pair," is it countable or uncountable? Do you have 2 pair of shoes or 2 pairs of shoes? Grammarians?

In other news, I am working on my cover letter for the job in Seattle. Are there any job-hunting experts out there who would like to take a look at my resume/cover letter for me? I could use some input [and my regular, DC-based Advisors aren't around]. kthx.

I felt sad last night. *sigh*
I could use some chocolate.

Fortunately, I have a bar of Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans. Mmm. Mmm.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Yesterday, we got a performance bonus because our Project Officer gave our team a perfect rating.

$500! *woot*

Of course, after taxes it will be much less.

Here is what I am thinking:

1. Buy these boots.
2. Buy these jeans.
3. Use the rest to help pay for my 6th Annual Bring Your Own Pumpkin (BYOP) Pumpkin Carving Party. [And before you ask, of course you're invited.]

The problem is this:

My company sometimes holds 3-day PMI (Program Management Something That Begins with "I") training programs. The next one is being held Oct. 26-28, which is not only the start of my vacation, but also the weekend I would hold the aforementioned BYOP Pumpkin Carving Party *AND* I have a hair appointment for that Saturday [cut AND color, kittens].

This PMI thingie would be very good for my resume [insert little doohickies over the appropriate vowels].

It also would cost me $500 (which would be reimbursed if I pass the PMI test). AND, it's in forkin' Tysons Corner on a weekend, which has to be one of the least Metro accessible areas in the Metro Area.

So, do I have a fun relaxing kickoff to my week of vacation? Or do I try to go to this PMI training? What to do? What to do?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tasty Tidbits for Your Lunch Break

1. I bought 3 CDs this morning (but only one of the ones I mentioned in this post). I liked these better:

Music from the Chocolate Lands
Brazilian Groove

My current thinking is to keep "Cuba" for myself.

2. I want to make vegetarian tacos for dinner tonight.

3. I am thinking about applying for a very cool-sounding [and well-paying!] job in ... SEATTLE! Which raises a whole bunch of issues. Sure, "applying" doesn't mean "being hired." But, ACK!

4. Can anyone name the movie from which the title of the previous post came?

A Say Something Hat Day

I made a pitcher. It's quite lovely, if I do say so myself. I forgot to take a picture of my pitcher, but it still has to survive trimming, handle attaching, firing, glazing, and firing again. I'm trying not to become too attached.

Before anyone makes any sort of jokes about me making a pitcher because I need a new one, please know that I was making all those jokes in my head during class. In fact, for some reason, I kept getting the Pervy Monkey Giggles ... especially when the supercute (but very young) straight Jewish boy kept talking about tapping the bottom ... of his bowl.

This pottery making thing is a lot more difficult than I remembered. It is taking a lot more concentration than I thought. I did notice that if one semi-yells "fuck!" while making a cylinder, the instructor almost immediately rushes over to help. Quite handy that. VUBOQ needs to watch his language in his class filled with babies. Or college sophomores. Same difference.

After class, I walked over to Y's. We ate. We had a good talk. We had sex. It's very weird how non-emotional the sex is becoming, at least on my part. I think it will be best for me if I stop sleeping with him though, but I am kind of liking the slow weaning as opposed to stopping cold turkey.

In other news, my AIDS Walk Team has raised $290, which is over 50% of its goal!!

And, considering that, right now, my AIDS Walk Team is ... just me, I rock.

Which means YOU rock! SUPER BIG HUGS and SMOOCHES to those of you who have donated. Slightly smaller hugs and smooches to those of you who haven't (I still *heart* you).

Dare I hope that I will surpass my goal? That would be so awesome.

Feeling generous? You should be able to click here to donate. [Please let me know if that link is wonky.]

More later, kittens. *smooch*

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mindless Distractions

Yesterday ... or was it the day before? It all becomes muddled in the Bourbon Fog ..., I received a coupon from Borders: 3 CDs for $11.99 each. Pretty good deal, I guess.

I need to buy a belated birthday present and a belated housewarming present (for people I know, but not very well). I was thinking CDs would make a nice gift. Both acquaintances are world travellers, so I thought something from the Putamayo collection ...

I've narrowed it down to 4 CDs (OK, one of them is for me. Can you guess which one?):

And, if you were to receive one of these CDs as a present, which do you think you would like ... or more importantly, which of the four above is the least appealing.

Finally, take a look at this website, Blogger Play, which shows uploaded photos to blogger pages. It's a little mesmerizing.

Weekend Update: I Did Do Other Things Edition

I did do other things besides have teh secks with the most recent ex and drink lots and lots (and lots and lots) of bourbon.

I also drank lots of gin.

And, let me take a brief moment to extol the virtues of Ann Arbor's own, Leopold's Gin. I bought a fifth when I was there in March, and I save it for special occasions. In fact, I have only made 3 martinis since I purchased the bottle! The first two were to celebrate Tomokito becoming my New Upstairs Neighbor.

Number 3 was on Friday night. I felt I deserved a super delicious martini. And super delicious it was. Other gins pale in comparison, especially after drinking Seagrams for so long. Leopold's is YUM. I had to resist making a second martini. Mmm.

Saturday, I went grocery shopping. I picked chili peppers and hung them up to dry. And, I weeded the front garden. I also ripped out a whole bunch of flowers. They were scraggly, and I was tired of looking at them.

On Sunday, Tomokito, Y, and I went to the Mall for the National Opera's free simulcast of La Boheme. Mike joined us at intermission, and we saw one of my neighbors briefly. The sun was hot. I am a little sunburned, but it was worth it. The opera was beautiful. Y asked if I enjoyed it. I said yes. He said, but you weren't reading the subtitles. He went on to say that he thought that people get bored when they don't understand what is going on.

I told him that I read the synopsis before each act, so I felt that I didn't need to understand every word. Sometimes, it's nice to lie down and listen, to let the sounds wash over you. I like that.

The opera ended around 5. I was home around 6. I didn't do much else other than chat on the phone and online.

I really need to get caught up on my knitting.

Tonight, I'll be going to pottery class. And home afterwards. Not having to make the trek home after class was one of the nice perks of dating Y. *le sigh*

*Answer to the Photo Question: No, you can't. Ha! Trick Question! Vuboq and friends were behind the photographer.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mimi! Mimi!

Saturday afternoon, I was chatting with Y. I wanted to know when he would be returning my spare keys. He happened to be available that night, and I'm sure you can see where this is going.

He arrived around 9:30. We started drinking my very good bourbon. We watched a DVD [Lady in the Water]. And, yeah, well, somehow we ended up having teh buttsecks.

Gee. Wonder how that happened?

This morning, I made coffee. We blobbed around the house. And, um, ended up having more of teh buttsecks in the shower.

Gee. Wonder how that happened?

Oddly enough, I'm not overly concerned about it [I think the pre-game peptalk IM with Sin the Pornographer helped]. Maybe I've been able to separate sex and love? Maybe I'm emotionally detached? Or maybe I'm still emotionally attached and this was some weird last chance thingy?

It's so strange. I don't feel sad about the break-up. I mean, Thursday night (all night) I felt awful. Friday, I felt sad. Saturday, I started to feel better. Now, I don't really feel anything. I don't understand. I need to think on this.

But, I'm not really sure what to think. *sigh*

Saturday, September 22, 2007

To Do/ To Done

To Done List:
1. Grocery shopping for picnic tomorrow
2. Likker shopping for picnic tomorrow
3. Wash dishes
4. Pick chili peppers and string for drying
5. Weed front "garden"
6. Change all profiles to single *sniff*
7. Treat self to late afternoon Tom Collins
8. Blog

To Do List:
1. Knit
2. Drink bouron
3. Get spare keys from Y
4. Feel sorry for self
5. Mope
6. Watch DVDs
7. Stuff face full of popcorn
8. Contemplate the Mysteries of Life

Finally, a word of advice:

If you accidentally put an entire tub of garlic-stuffed olives in the freezer and leave them over night. After you move them to the refrigerator and they unthaw, remove the garlic before eating! The garlic turns to mush. Totally EW.

When It's Over ...

I officially ended it last night. He IM'ed me around 8 saying he was leaving school and to call if I needed to talk. I didn't need to talk, but I called anyway.

The conversation was strange and awkward, full of pauses and half-started sentences. He asked what I was thinking, so I said, "I'm thinking we should go our separate ways."

There was a long pause. "I thought maybe we could work things out. Maybe I wasn't clear last night ..."

"I understood what you were trying to say. I'm never going to want a non-monogamous relationship. And I can't make you, and you can't force yourself, to love me. What is there to work out?"

There was another long pause.

"Maybe ..."

"Why don't you take some time to think about it? If you come up with a solution, I listen to it," I said.

He's supposed to come over today to return my house keys. And that will be it, I guess. We have plans to meet friends on Sunday afternoon for the National Opera's free simulcast of "La Boheme" on the Mall. [Look! I made plans.] I don't know if he still will come to that or not. I'll find out today.

It's not like I hate him or anything. In fact, I'm glad he was honest. It's much better to know this early that he wasn't happy rather than walking in on him with some long-haired 20-something with bad skin 13 months into the relationship.

Anyway, thanks for all the supportive comments and email.
And for the chats.
And for the love.

*big hugs* and *smooches*

PS. Send more bourbon.
PPS. Scroll down and read about the AIDS Walk.
PPPS. Could someone tell me if the link to my donation page works for you [It's the "Click here to donate" link]? When I click it, I am sent to my login page (which could be because it knows it's me? Or is everyone sent to a login page?). Thx.

Friday, September 21, 2007

How to Pull Yourself Out of Your Personal Pity Party: Step One!

Register for AIDS Walk DC.
Pledge to raise $500 (in 14 days! GAH!).
And try to convince 2 friends to join you! ACK!

What's a little donation between friends, right?

Click here to donate (please?).

Oh, and I may be sending some of you super-lucky friends form emails begging for cash.
Try to find it in your heart to forgive the intrusion. Skip the latte; send me $5. Or $100!

Click here to join my team: One is the Loneliest Number.

Being on MY team is only $25. You'll get a t-shirt! And you'll get to walk 5K with ME!
(How far is 5K anyway? Like a couple yards, right? Maybe a football field?)

Step 2? It involves bourbon. And lots of it.

This Is How the Story Ends

Y looked like he was going to say something. We had been talking about my vacation plans and what we were going to do this weekend.

"I haven't fully formed the thoughts yet," he said, "but we've been going out for, what, four months now?"

And it's time to reassess.
And we did.
Or he did.

I'm familiar with the process. First, they say all the good things. I've been supportive during a difficult time. He really appreciates that. I felt my entire body start to shrivel, constrict, tighten. Then, once again I got to hear all the things that are wrong with me. I don't want kids (which is an oversimplification, really). I expect sexual exclusivity. I don't plan. I'm not career-oriented. I don't have goals.

Is this really the impression I give to people? I guess it is ...

"You can tell me what you think is wrong with me?"
"Well, I guess you think I'm perfect," he said with a laugh.
"No, but I think you're pretty great. Too bad I'm not."

I knew he wanted to end it, but he didn't seem to have the courage to say so. Neither did I.

I went to bed, but couldn't sleep.
He joined me a few hours later. We had sex.

As we lay there, I whispered, "Yuval, I love you."
"I love you, too," he replied, " ... in a way ... but ..."
"You don't need to say anything," I interrupted. And he was silent.

That's the moment I should have done it. That's when I should have said, "I don't think we should be together any longer." But I couldn't. I wasn't sure if my heart could take it. So instead, I stayed awake. Staring at the ceiling. All night.

This morning, I left him sleeping, breathing softly, without our usual before-I-leave-for-work cuddle. The sunrise painted the clouds bright red, and I thought of broken pottery and what my cousin once said: Never use an adhesive stronger than the material you're gluing back together. That way, if it rebreaks, it's along the same lines. New breaks are harder to fix.

Elmers. I always use Elmers. My heart will break along the same lines. I will pick up the pieces, and sitting on my wine-soaked sofa, I will glue them back together. And maybe have some bourbon while doing it.

This is how the story ends.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Have You Bought Today?

VUBOQ's Purchases for 09/20/07:

1. Sympathy card for boss
2. 8 lb. bag of IAMS Cat Food Hairball Formula (prevents, not creates)
3. Small bag of Spicy Nacho-flavor Doritos
4. 20 oz Mountain Dew
5. Snickers (2.07 oz. Not Big Enough!) - Blame the ChocoJesus Photos.

From the Healthy Eating Files

After the aforementioned Wine Disaster of 2007, I had no desire to cook (so YAY my pans stayed clean for an extra day!).

My dinner last night:

More wine.
Half of a flattened Israeli Chocolate Bar ...

... which had these weird crispy things in it. At first I thought they were like Rice Krispies, but I noticed as I was eating them that they would *POP* ... like POP ROCKS. Strange sensation, eating chocolate which makes popping noises in your mouth.

I briefly debated having bourbon and microwave popcorn for dinner, but that seemed like too much work.

On a not-entirely-unrelated note, some interesting images come up when one googles Israel chocolate:

[If you're interested, I'll be cooking the yellow tomato/mushroom pasta tonight, and taking some to Y for his dinner.]

Forkity Forkity Fork Fork

Last night, as I re-entered my apartment carrying my laundry basket, Psychokitty Isabella caught a case of the crazies and went dashing all over the apartment and crashed full-speed into the table beside my sofa ... which knocked a nearly full glass of red wine all over my beautiful sofa!


I grab some towels and sopped up what I could.

Then, because when I dropped the $1200 on this sofa I had the foresight to pay for a "stain protection plan," I called the Stain Protection Plan people to ask what to do. The woman on the phone took my information, emailed me a claims form, and started to hang up.

"But, wait," said I. "What should I do to clean up the spill?"
"We're not allowed to give stain removal advice over the phone."

Da'what? Do'huh?

I thought that's what they did.
I checked their website and to clean a red wine spill it suggested using a 30:1 solution of distilled water and non-bleach detergent. However, the fabric code on my sofa is "S," which means don't use water-based solvents.

Da'what? Do'huh?

As I'm filling out the claim form ... How did the spill occur? Cat went crazy. Knocked over glass of red wine ... I start reading the fine print.

I will be called within 10 days of the company receiving my claim.
Then, they will give me advice on how to remove the stain.
If that doesn't work, they will send some sort of Stain Removal Technician to my home.
If that doesn't work, and here's where it starts to get fun, they will replace the sofa ... but only from the store where I bought it.

The store where I bought it no longer exists.

So what do they do in that case?

They provide a FULL REFUND...

... of the cost of the Stain Protection Plan. (Which was something like $72.)

Woo hoo! Thanks so much for your kind generosity.

This stain had better forkin' come out.
I need a drink.
And to switch to white wine.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Doing the Dishes: A Photo Essay

This is a picture of the dishes in my sink. UGH. I hate doing the dishes. They just keep getting dirty. Wash. Dry. Use. Wash. Dry. Use. It's a horrible never-ending cycle und I hates it.

Step One: Make room for most important Dish Washing Tool. Can you spot it?

(mmm. marteeeeeeeeeneeeeeeeeeee....)

Step Two: Start to wash dishes, but, then, think "Hm. I should put all this food waste into the "compost cup." Then, remember the "compost cup" is full. Prepare to take the "compost cup" out to the compost bin.

Step Three: Notice that I'm not wearing pants. Stop to take photo:

*sound of camera shutting down*

Yep. The camera batteries, even though they were charged this morning, died.

So, these are the photos YOU missed:

~Pantsless VUBOQ
~Mr. VUBOQ's Neighborhood's Compost Bin (possibly a good thing there are no photos of this)
~VUBOQ watering his plants with the water used to clean out the "compost cup"
~VUBOQ washing the rest of the dishes
~VUBOQ emptying all the water out of the pan that catches all of the water that drips out of the pipe under the sink.

But, on the bright side, the dishes are done! (mostly. FINE! I still have one more pan to do, but it's soaking. Really. And I'm going to use it later. GAH!)

VUBOQ hates doing dishes.

As an apology not being able to take the above photos, here are two lovely photos of VUBOQ's mums und chili peppers:

Food and Booze

Dinner tonight (assuming I can motivate to cook):

Yellow tomato, green pepper, red onion, and mushroom pasta with basil from the front garden.
Possibly some sort of spinach salad, but probably not. I'm feeling lazy.

I bought the mushrooms from Whole Foods during my lunchbreak. I also restocked my garlic-stuffed olive supply. The yellow tomato and green pepper were purchased over the weekend, with the grand plan to make a fun tomato cucumber salad. Then, it turned kinda chilly and all desire to eat a cold, Summery salad flew out my open apartment windows.

On the way back to work, I answered the Siren call of the likker store. Oh, how we love the likker store. So many pretty bottles. So many orange SALE signs. I ended up buying a bottle of wine (Australian Shiraz, too lazy to reach in the bag to look at the label) and a fifth of bourbon (1792 Ridgemont Reserve)!

It's practically Autumn! Bourbon season! The time for Manhattans! And bourbon, neat, by the fire (if I had a fireplace)!

My other Autumnal beverage of choice is a negroni. Mmmm ... gin. campari. sweet vermouth. a match made in Heaven.


Destination: Unknown

OK, Kittens ... VUBOQ has scheduled vacation time from October 27-November 4. However, he can't leave until the 28th, unless he reschedules his Saturday hair appointment (cut and color! woot!).

This morning, rather than work on a project due on Monday, I checked ticket prices to various cities I would like to visit, and, GAH! London $1000! Tokyo $1500!, it looks like VUBOQ will be staying on the American Continent. Here are the 10 cities I checked out:

Detroit/ Ann Arbor (SuperFantastic Cuzin! GayProf!): $139
San Diego (Pandas!): $183
Las Vegas (Casinos! Barry Manilow!): $214
Santa Fe/Albuquerque (Adobe! Chili Peppers!): $230
Boise (Potatoes! Larry Craig!): $240
Seattle (Rain!): $244
San Francisco (Teh Gayz!): $257
Toronto (Bala Wala Shi!): $390
Vancouver (Mounties!): $421
Oaxaca (Pottery!): $481

I really don't want to pay more than $300 for a ticket, especially if I'm going to have to pay for a hotel room as well. Of course, there is always the Scary Chinatown Bus Option to New York City or Philadelphia.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am always open to suggestion.

I Got Nuthin'

Yet, I'm still typing up an entry. Which is either pathetic or admirable ... I can't decide, but am leaning towards pathetic.

Here are a few things that have been on my mind this morning:

Gay marriage (Thanks for the beat-down Maryland Court of Appeals)
Chrysanthemums (I took a few photos this morning)
Talk Like a Pirate Day (Arrrrrrr)
Infused olive oil
Job hunting
Everything but the kitchen sink

More later ... hopefully.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Seeing Stars

Submitted for your VUBOQ-gazing pleasure:

Purple dots indicate zits which can be seen with the unaided eye.

White dots are unseen, but astro-dermatological science indicates their presence.

Don't even ask about the Crabby Nebula.

Goals for September Revisited

The month is more than half over (and, OMFGWTFBBQPONIES!!!!11eleven, the Autumnal Equinox is this week!), so here's an update on my Goals for September:

1. Start running [on a regular basis. in the morning. this will be difficult. I also need to buy new running shoes, so this isn't going to start until the new September budget goes into effect.] Accomplished, kittens! I've been running 3 times a week this month! Yay me! In fact, I'm going running this evening after work. Yay me (again)!

2. Job Hunting [polish up the resume. devote a certain amount of time per evening to perusing job openings.]. LIKE, OMG, I have hardly done anything on this. Must. motivate.

3. Plant flowers [possibly chrysanthemums in the part of my yard I now refer to as The Chili Plant Graveyard.] Flowers! I rock! Photographic evidence to be posted at some point.

4. Writing [complete at least 2 new short stories (rough drafts).]. Hm. I've written a paragraph. Does that count? Can taking a pottery class substitute as my creative outlet?

5. Finish the spare bedroom cum office [*heh* "cum" ... this includes painting (hopefully over Labor Day Weekend) and buying some new furniture (desk and futon mattress).]. Like, OMG, I haven't even thought about this (other than to pick the paint color).

To these wonderful (and partially accomplished) goals, I am now adding:

6. Plan my forking End of October vacation!

Finding Center

It's been a long time since I've felt clay's oozy grittiness slide between my fingers. Yesterday in class, I concentrated on centering.

It was about the process. I wanted to reaquaint myself with the clay and the wheel. To see if my hands remembered where they should go and what they should do.

They didn't.

I used the kick wheel. I prefer it. I feel more in control. And it's kind of nice to be "off-grid" if only for a little while.

Slap center.
Press down.
Press from the side.
Add water.

I was the only one who didn't keep his first lopsided cylinder. Or his second, for that matter. The instructor looked at me like I was weird ... but I have enough sad, lumpy cylinders at home.

Technique, kittens. It's all about technique.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Bombshell

Scene: In the Shower on Sunday Morning

Y: I think you should know that having children is very important to me.

Me: ...

Then, we had sex.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Mouf Ith On FIRE!

Tasty new cocktail:

2 oz of chili pepper-infused vodka
1/2 oz lime juice

Shake over ice.
Strain into chilled martini glass.

Top with seltzer.


Weekend Update: Sunday Edition

Happy Sunday, kittens.

Work may be a bit hectic tomorrow, so not sure how much blogging I'll be able to do ... so here's what I did this weekend...

Friday, I was supposed to leave immediately after work to go to a birthday happy hour. However, my fun, new glasses were hurting my ears. They (my glasses, not my ears) need to be adjusted (again. gah). So, I went home to put on my more comfortable glasses. Of course, I had to change clothes because the comfortable glasses didn't match the outfit. Why is my life so complicated?

On my way to the happy hour, I left my umbrella on the metro. GAH. I arrived about 45 minutes late and slightly damp. Because of my dinner plans, I could only stay there for about 20 minutes. I didn't even get to order a drink.

I met Jerry and Y at Straits of Malaya at 7:30ish. The food was great (as usual). The service sucked (as usual). [Note to the Waiters at Straits: When a customer raises his hand to get your attention, he is not waving at you to say "hello." He is not flirting with you. He does want you to come over to see what he wants. Thus, when a customer raises his hand to get your attention, do not smile, say "hi," and walk past him without stopping. If you do that, your tip will be negatively affected.]

Y and I discussed going out somewhere else for a drink, but, in the end, decided to head back to my place. ;-) ;-)

Saturday morning, I had a haircut. *woot* We're trying something a little different ... shorter on the sides and back, longer on top. I like it. It doesn't seem like it will be too much maintenance. We'll see how it looks after the next cut and color.

When I got home, I busied myself getting ready for a small social gathering. Tomokito and Diagonally Upstairs Neighbor's SuperCute Gay Brother joined Y and myself for cheese/crackers and my latest experimental cocktail - frozen Tom Collinses (lemon sorbet, lemon Italian soda, gin). They were totally yum! Very summery.

After drinks, Tomokito, DUNSCGB, and I went to Mandalay for dinner. Y took a nap (I brought him take-out). The food was great. The service, while in the same style of Straits of Malaya where all the servers work the entire room, was much better and more attentive than Straits.

When I got home, I made espresso, and Y and I watched Torch Song Trilogy. I hadn't seen it before. It was good. Definitely gave me a lot to think about.

Today, I went running in the morning. Made a late breakfast for Y and myself. Then, we sort of blobbed around until 2. Y had to leave to pick up a friend who is visiting from Israel. They are going out tonight. He asked if I wanted to go, but I thought it might be more fun for them if I didn't go. They haven't seen each other for several years, so they need time to catch up.

We will probably all go out to dinner tomorrow night, after my pottery class.

Speaking of tomorrow, I'm not quite sure what to do with Meat-Free Monday since I have class on Monday nights. I may have to do Meat-Free "Monday" on Sunday or Tuesday evenings. We'll see ...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ah. Food.

I had falafel. I feel a gabillion times better.
Not quite better enough to take on Chapters 9-16 of the Training Manual though.

My boss figured out the issue I was having with Chapter 2, which proves the old adage: Even a blind hog can find an acorn every now and then.

I never even thought to move my mouse randomly around the text clicking like a crazy person. Live and learn, VUBOQ. Live. And learn.

Looks like we'll be going to Straits of Malaya tonight for dinner. They have good food, but, because they don't assign waiters to certain tables, the service can be a bit spotty (and that's putting it nicely). Hopefully, the staff will be "on" tonight.



Stupid MS Word.

I got all involved in trying to get it to do what I wanted (rather than it getting me to do what it wanted), and time slipped away.

I missed my lunch break.

VUBOQ is v. hungry now. I have another break in about 45 minutes. Hopefully, I won't waste away to nothing by then.

That grumbling sound? It would be my tummy.

Whole Lotta Nothing Going On

Last night, I knitted. I ate. I drank. I chatted. And I watched Good Night and Good Luck. My life. It is filled with the fun and excitement.

This morning, I couldn't motivate myself to go running. It's so much easier when Y stays over, because I don't like to hit snooze 47 times for fear of disturbing him. When the alarm goes off, I get up, turn it off, and go running. This morning, I hit snooze 47 times.

At least I have some fun things planned for this weekend ... tonight, I am going to a birthday happy hour. Then, I am meeting a friend for dinner [Y may join for that, not sure though].

Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment. Cut only. No color this time. Then, I am having a few friends over for cocktails in the early evening, followed by dinner in hip and happening downtown Silver Spring ... maybe Mandalay (yummy Burmese food). After dinner, we might head back to my place to watch DVDs ... or we could go out somewhere.

No plans yet for Sunday.
More later, kittens.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Few Thoughts

1. Arriving over an hour late for a dinner party in which you volunteered to bring the appetizers is not cool and does not endear me to you.

2. Low Blood Sugar VUBOQ = Cranky VUBOQ

3. New Rosh Hashanah food tradition: Apples soaked in honey ... and VODKA! For four days! Then frozen! YUM! [Credit the Supercute Y for this one. Although, VUBOQ would like to think that his summer-long vodka infusion experiments were somewhat of an inspiration.]

4. Sometimes very smart people say very stupid things.

5. If the Supercute Y thinks that Cranky Low Blood Sugar Annoyed at Smart People Saying Stupid Things VUBOQ did not have a good time at a dinner party [even if VUBOQ *did* have a good time ... once his blood sugar level returned to normal], there will be amazingly hot secks when they return home.


PS. OMG. I'm only on Chapter 12 of the Training Manual. AUGH! Need. Motivation.

Begin the Beguine

Somewhere the shofar has been blown. And a time to celebrate beginnings continues.

I took a few moments at the beginning of today to watch the dark slowly shift to light, filtering into my room and across Y's face. As his features became more recognizable, it dawned on me ... (ha! pun!) ... I'm in love. (*ack*) And my heart felt all warm and gooey in my chest.

His eyelids fluttered with the beginnings of wakefulness, so I moved my mouth to his ear to whisper the words that were on my mind ...

"Did you bring my spare keys with you?"

He nodded.


So, it is with VUBOQ ... sometimes, the feelings stay in place. To make themselves at home before they feel ready to be shared.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chapter 11

My brain is bankrupt!

I'm on Chapter 11 of the stupid training manual. One of the weird things that happened in the conversion process from WordPerfect to MS Word (and, believe you me, we wouldn't have converted, except our clients switched programs) is that the letters i, f, and y, when they appear in that order, have been replaced by "@." Thus, "notify" is now "not@."

That took me awhile to figure out.


Meanwhile, I have this vague memory of hearing an NPR story this morning on the new hugely destructive bomb the Russians tested recently. I can't find a copy of the story, but I remember the reporter saying something along the lines of "it's [4?] times as powerful as a nuclear bomb, without the environmental destruction [damage?]."

All I remember thinking was "um. yeah. besides the BLAST area being totally destroyed." I guess that doesn't count as environmental damage.

The Days of Our Laundry

Yeah, so I did laundry last night. I switched laundry nights with my wonderful Diagonally Upstairs Neighbors, because, tonight, my regular laundry night, I am going with Y to his friends' home for a Rosh Hashanna (Hashanah? Hashannah?) dinner party. FUN. Par-Tay with da Jewz!

We're supposed to bring a meaningful poem/passage/quote to discuss. I'll have to find something. Maybe a nice biblical passage from the New Testament. I can convert them all to the ways of Christianity! Wouldn't that be a HOOT?

Ha. Seriously, I have no idea what I'm going to do. Emily Dickinson? Hope is the thing with feathers? Too cliche? Shel Silverstein? I'll find something eventually ...

As my food contribution, I am making Aztec Couscous Salad from Lorna Sass' Short-Cut Vegetarian. Actually, I'm making something similar to Aztec Couscous Salad, because I can't follow a recipe. It's basically couscous, corn, black beans, red onion, cumin, cilantro, olive oil, garlic, chili peppers and lime juice. Tossed. Served warm or room temperature. Easy peasy and delicious!

It's also the start of Ramadan tonight, so ... um ... happy 30 days of fasting to all my wonderful devout Muslim readers. Eat lots NOW!

AND, according to NPR, tonight is also the beginning of the new millenium in Ethiopia. So, Happy Millenium, to all my Ethiopian readers! *smooch*

*ugh* I have work to do today. I'm still editing/updating the Training Manual. It's a hot mess (worse than Britney, y'all), because last quarter we had to change all our documents from Word Perfect to MS Word. The Training Manual did not transition well. gah! I'm supposed to be finished with it by Friday. We'll see if that happens.

I have to take frequent breaks, because the text gets a bit heavy after awhile, so

more later, kittens! *smooches*

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

VUBOQ the Heathen

Here's is a list of some words that don't appear in the King James Version of teh Bible (courtesy of the BibleGateway search function):

  • stapler
  • scissors
  • coffee
  • buttsecks
  • cheezburger [Jesus can't haz cheezburger!]
  • inspire
  • porn
  • dandelion
  • fantabulous
  • sturgeon
  • madonna
  • spiral wedging (per request by Ms. Clio Bluestocking)

and, a word that only appears once:

James 2:2-4 (King James Version)

For if there come unto your assembly a man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment;

And ye have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool:

Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become* judges of evil thoughts?

Teh Bible h8s teh gayz [and apparently teh metrosecksuals].

*are become?

the LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being

--Genesis 2:7 (NIV) [as if you didn't know]

I left work a little early so I wouldn't be late for my pottery class at the University of Maryland. I arrived just on time. I would have been early, except I spent a good 15 minutes wandering through the basement bowels of the STAMP Student Union searching for the classroom.

There are 7 of us in the class. Excluding myself and the instructor, I believe the average age would be ... erm ... 12. Ha! I kid. It is actually about 18. It's me and a bunch of BABIES! Oh, my GAWD, I felt so old listening to them babble. I figure, though, once we start on the wheel, I will enter my zone and the babbling will be like the waters of a cold mountain stream.

Anyway, yesterday, all we did was wedging (y'know, smooshing the clay to get all the air bubbles out). The instructor taught the "ram's head" method ... which is not the one I know. I was reminded that, since I learned pottery in Japan (and in Japanese), I do not have the correct pottery vocabulary. I told the instructor that I learned a different wedging method, called "chrysanthemum." She had no idea what that was. So I demonstrated. In English, it is called "spiral wedging." Ah.

The instructor then used the rest of the class to demonstrate centering and cylinder making. Next week, we will start using the wheel. Yay. I'm ready to make me some cylinders.

Apparently, as class participants, we also have access to the studio at any time during the Center's operating hours (except when another class is in session). This is very cool, since I will be missing at least one class because of my yet-to-be-determined vacation plans.

After class, I called Y. He was in his office on campus, so we met up and walked back to his place. We had a quick easy dinner of party leftovers. Then, we retired to the bedroom. He said he wanted to take a short nap of 30-40 minutes, and afterwards we would watch a movie. I knitted. After 45 mintues, I went to wake him up and he brushed me off.

So, I let him sleep. I knitted more.

At 10:30ish, I joined him in bed.

I woke up this morning, feeling like a visitor, like I was unwanted and in the way. I left as quietly as I could. And we'll see where this goes.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Which Looks More Painful?

The oozing, festering, salsa-making injury? Or the pile of chapters I have to edit for our training manual?You make the call!

Weekend Update: Blood and Chocolate Edition

My fun-filled and exciting weekend began on Friday night, which I spent at home, alone, drinking and proof-reading Y's paper. Fun times. *woot* [I also had nice chat with a few friends, so that -and the booze- made it bearable.]

Saturday, I had a nice lie-in, made coffee, ate brownies, and the headed over to Y's. We drove to Costco to buy supplies for his party. And, as God as My Witness, I will never go to Costco again! GAH! So. Many. People. Who were completely clueless and unaware and should not have been allowed behind those GIGANTIC shopping carts. ACK. I was totally stressed out by the time we left.

We drove to Shoppers to get a few things he didn't need in bulk. And, it was at Shoppers where we learned something important about our relationship: VUBOQ gets all stressed out in crowds of STUPID PEOPLE (and, thus, needs someone to help him remain calm and to remind him he is getting uber cranky). Y, on the other hand, gets all stressed out by computers, like Shoppers' Self Checkout System, that don't work as they should (and, thus, needs someone to help him remain calm and to remind him he is getting uber cranky and to push him out of the way for Chrissakes so we can get out of the forkin' store).

We also stopped at MOM [My Organic Market] to pick up yummy fresh produce. I liked MOM. It was calm. It was happy. It was not filled with STUPID PEOPLE. And there were no computer interfaces to deal with. YAY. A pleasant experience for us both. *sigh* The likker store was also fun. Likker stores are always fun ... because they sell likker. duh.

Once we got back to the apartment (around 3), we worked non-stop getting the food ready and cleaning [OK, we did stop once for some v. hot buttsecks. YAY]. As I was making the salsa fresca [which I had never made before and was sort of making it up as I went], the knife slipped, and I sliced off a piece of the tip of my thumb. There was blood! EVERYWHERE! *ow*

We managed to get everything ready by 8. The first guests arrived around 8:30. A fun time was had by all. Or at least, I'm assuming so. I had a good time. Y had a good time. The guests left around 12:30(?). We cleaned, and then blobbed on the sofa, until about 1:30. And then went to bed. At the same time. I can't remember the last time we went to bed at the same time. It was lovely.

Sunday, we got up around 10:30 or so, messed around for a bit, and ate party leftovers for breakfast. Y wanted to get some cleaning and organizing done, so I headed home around 2. I spent the rest of Sunday on my sofa. I *heart* my sofa.

And, that's about it. I got up this morning at 6 for a 30-minute jog in the park. It was nice, but where are all the HOT MENS I saw when I went running last week? When I got home, I had to organize and pack an overnight bag. My first pottery class is tonight at the University of Maryland. I'll be heading to Y's after class lets out.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Blame It on the GayProf

Updated with the ANSWERS ...

Yeah. So, GayProf did this little contesty meme thing about song lyrics. Since I participated in his, I feel obligated to do my own. Here are his rules:

Here are the [adapted] rules for the meme:
1) Put your mp3 player or music player on your computer on random.
2)Post the first four lines from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song (Skip repeat artists).
3) Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.

Leave your guesses in the comments.

Some of mine are going to be very hard. Try not to cheat by googling the lyrics. You have all weekend. Good luck. *smooch*

[oh, and some songs I couldn't find the lyrics, so I skipped them. whatever.]

1. Nothing's gonna stop me
Only you can stop me
Yonaka no san-ji a.m.
Makura moto no PHS
Naru no matte 'ru
Baka-mitai ja nai
--Movin' on without You, Utada Hikaru

2. A la luna de Valencia,
me robaste el corazon.
Lo tiraste contra la
Albuferay en anguila se torno
--A Luna de Valencia, Mario Frangoulis

3. My old flame
I can't even think of his name
But it's funny now and then
How my thoughts go
--My Old Flame, Billie Holiday

4. Everybody needs a little tenderness
Everybody needs a release
From the cell they lock themselves in
Love’s the only peace
--Love One Another, Cher

5. Küstürdün, canımdan bezdim
Insafa gel yeter!
Ya beni de al oralara,
Ya da kalbimi bana geri ver.
--Sen Baskasin, Tarkan

6. Habibi ya noor el `ain
ya saken khayali
`ashek bakali snin
wala gherak bi bali
--Habibi de Mis Amores, Alabina

7. It's Close To Midnight And Something Evil's Lurking In The Dark
Under The Moonlight You See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart
You Try To Scream But Terror Takes The Sound Before You Make It
You Start To Freeze As Horror Looks You Right Between The Eyes,
You're Paralyzed

"Thriller," by Michael Jackson [Yay, Chelsea!]

8. South of the border, down Mexico way,
That's where I fell in love
When the stars above came out to play.
And now as I wander, my thoughts ever stray
South of the border, down Mexico way.

"South of the Border" [Earl Cootie] by Frank Sinatra [Steph], although I actually have the Patsy Cline version.

9. And I'm not sorry (I'm not sorry)
It's human nature (it's human nature)
And I'm not sorry (I'm not sorry)
I'm not your bitch don't hang your shit on me (it's human nature)

"Human Nature," by Madonna. Good job, Cooper.

10. First you say you do
And then you don't
And then you say you will
And then you won't
--Undecided, Ella Fitzgerald

11. I saw the splendor of the moonlight on Honolulu Bay.
There's something tender in the moonlight on Honolulu Bay.
And all the beaches are full of peaches
who bring their ukes along.
--Ukelele Lady, Bette Midler

12. Awaki hikari tatsu niwakaame
Itoshi omokage no jin'chouge
Afururu namida no tsubomi kara
Hitotsu hitotsu kaori hajimeru
--Haru yo Koi, Matsutoya Yumi

13. peuan kon neung aeb ruk ter
gep ngam kwaam lup nun yoo pai nai
gor mai ker-ee bert per-ee bai
duay glua ja sia jai lae sia ter
--Peun Sanit, Endorphine

14. Laras hati
Berkelana iris janji
Mengukir bisikan
Bisikan memacu hasrat
--Kamulah Satu Satunya, Dewa 19

15. Porque yo se que las almas se juntas
y que los cuerpos en vida se cruzan
porque la vida es asi misterios
aquiero que sepas que no pienso en otra cosa
--Santa Sofia, Chayanne

16. Te regalo mi cintura
y mis labios para cuando quieras besar
te regalo mi locura
y las pocas neuronas que quedan ya
--Tu, Shakira

17. As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good old way
And who shall wear the starry crown
Good Lord, show me the way!
--Down to the River to Pray, Alison Krauss

18. I've been alone with you inside my mind
And in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times
I sometimes see you pass outside my door
Hello, is it me you're looking for?

"Hello," by Lionel Ritchie [Chelsea, again!]. I have the Paul Anka cover.

19. Now what am I supposed to do
When I want you in my world
How can I want you for myself
When I'm already someones girl?
--Next Lifetime, Erykah Badu

20. She knew which fork 2 use but she couldn't dance
So he hipped her 2 the funk in xchange 4 the finance
Who's pimpin' who if nobody gets a second chance?
This is the story of illusion, coma, pimp & circumstance
--Illusion, Coma, Pimp, and Circumstance, Prince

Good forkin' God, I have weird taste in music.

20 Songs, 7 Languages. Thanks for Playing!

Is It Forkin' Martini Hour Yet?

Or even better Martinis Hours?

After sending an email and making countless [unanswered] phone calls, I *finally* got in contact with someone at the Pottery Class Place. They had no record of my registration, but they've put me in the last available spot for Introduction to Wheel Throwing ... which I'm sure is much better than Introduction to Cow Pie Tossing. Since I forwarded them my confirmation email, I won't be double charged.

Anyway, I hope that my friend also got into a class. This was a *very* frustrating experience. I hope the course is fun. And it is full of cute menz. I should have asked.

Nothing else has happened all day, except for me getting crankier and crankier. I am very looking forward to Go Home Time ... and the Making of the Martini ... and the straining of the Chili-Pepper Infused Vodka ... and the Goofing Off in Front of the TV ... and, hopefully, the Hot Buttsecks with the Y.

Unemployment Mathematics

It's time for another VUBOQ Math Lesson!

46,000 (manufacturing jobs lost) +

11,000 (motor vehicle and parts jobs lost) +

22,000 (construction jobs lost) =

79,000 jobs lost

Now for some Washington Post Mathematics:

46,000 + 11,000 + 22,000 = Employers Cut 4,000 Jobs in August

Can anyone explain this?

Carelessness Has Lost Many a Battle

*ugh* What a morning, kittens. What. a. forkin' morning.

It all started out well. The alarm went off at six. I was up and out the door at 6:10. And had a nice 2 mile-ish run. The last few minutes of the run all I could think of was the yummy pot of coffee that was waiting for me at home.

Wisely, I had prepared the coffeemaker last night, with the timer set at 6:30.

So, when I got home, I did have steaming hot coffee waiting for me.

All over the kitchen floor.

I had prepared the coffeemaker, except for one key part: the carafe.


So I treated myself to an egg and cheese biscuit, hashbrowns, and large coffee at Chik-fil-a this morning.

Weekend plans thus far: Nothing tonight (except cleaning and mopping the kitchen). Tomorrow, Y is having a party. I will help him prepare for that. No plans on Sunday either. I am becoming (becoming?) very dull.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Grrrlz, I Could Be In *SUCH* a Bad Mood Right Now

1. My Visa bill with my first Verizon Internet charge on it arrived the other day. I thought it seemed a little high ... but, you know, there are always these weird "mystery" fees which make the cost higher than one would expect, like "tax" and "service charge." Anyway, I checked my Verizon account last night, and, guess what?

They are charging me double.


Instead of $16/month, I am being billed $33. GAH!

So, after much searching online, I found the toll-free number to call. And navigated the menu by repeating "BILLING" ad nauseum. Two hours later, I finally get to the part where I can speak to an *actual* person, and I get this recorded announcement:

"blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Office hours are from 8:30AM to 6PM." *CLICK*

Bitch hung up on me.

Could they not have included that little fact at the BEGINNING of my call? Would that have been too much trouble? Would it?

Of course I forgot to bring all the information with me to work today, so I'll have to remember to call when I get home. FUN.

2. The pottery class I am taking on Thursdays from 8-10 has changed from "introduction" to "intermediate." And is showing no one registered for it. Where is my class? Where is my registration? Where is Carolyn's registration? I emailed Carolyn to see if she'd received any notification of the change. She hadn't and is going to call to find out what happened.

1 +2 = VUBOQ in a Bad Mood

1 + 2 + SuperCute New Champagne Glasses (see photo below) = Happy VUBOQ!

I want to rush to the likker store to buy some bubbly so I can try them out tonight. YAY!

(ugh. My desk is a mess.)

Buttery Goodness

Sec. 321a.

"Butter'' defined

For the purposes of the Food and Drug Act of June 30, 1906 (Thirty-fourth Statutes at Large, page 768) "butter'' shall be understood to mean the food product usually known as butter, and which is made exclusively from milk or cream, or both, with or without common salt, and with or without additional coloring matter, and containing not less than 80 per centum by weight of milk fat, all tolerances having been allowed for.

(Mar. 4, 1923, ch. 268, 42 Stat. 1500.)

I just thought you'd like to know ...

The Book of Job

As I was walking to work this morning, fighting off the panic attack of "OMG! My contract ends in March! And I Really Shouldn't Have Listened to that NPR Story about Foreclosed Homes! And GAH! I Could Be Out of Work in 6 Months! But, I Still Want to Buy that Super Cute Pair of Shoes I Saw in DSW!," I began thinking of jobs I would like to do ... or at least skill sets I possess that I could apply to a new job.

This is what I came up with during the 15 minute walk:

-teaching ... not necessarily in a classroom setting (and, god forbid, never again in a public school)
-explaining complex ideas in an understandable way
-coming up with creative learning tools
-writing [I think I'm purty good at it]
-thorough understanding of international and domestic environmental issues
-know the Toxic Substances Control Act like the back of my hand (which is *so* very very sad)

Now, the questions are how to best package this and what kind of jobs I should look for. Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

Completely unrelated update, but have I mentioned recently how much I *heart* Madeleine Albright?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Breaking News

~My co-worker has a boyfriend. I guess this means she isn't in a lesbian relationship with her "friend," the super-butch tennis instructor.

~I am having a Baja Fresh veggie burrito, enchilado style for lunch. I figure my insides are already feeling kinda mushy. I might as well help them along. Or was that TMI?

~I forgot to get quarters at the bank.

~I probably won't have anything for dinner tonight other than vodka and cheese. Is that so wrong?

~OK. I might have some olives.

~And two-bite cupcakes.

~And more vodka.

Time Warp

Can someone explain how one can get up about 45 minutes early and, yet, almost be late for work? Hm?

I was up at 6AM this morning to go running. I took a picture on my cell phone, but decided against posting it.

VUBOQ at 6AM is not pretty. And VUBOQ does not want to break the innarnexts. That would be bad.

Luckily, one of my neighbors was also going running at that time, so, if no one believes that I was actually up that early, I can get a signed sworn affidavit from her. So there. HA!

I ran/walked for about 30 minutes or so, came home, checked email, took a shower, had coffee and a scone, then ... um ... crawled back into bed for a cuddle with Y. Ah. *cuddles*

It's amazing what getting a good night's sleep will do, because, when I got up again (at 7:30) to get dressed for work, someone was feeling a leeeeeeeeeeeeeetle frisky.

Which probably explains why I was running late for work. But I think a good morning fork [and it was good ;-)] is well worth the bus fare and last minute rushing around.

So at 8:07, I'm flying around the apartment trying to get my shit together. And *ACK!* there's the bus! I managed to make it. Yay! And get here at 8:28! *woot*


Of course, all the yummy delicious good feelings evaporated as soon as I sat down and tried to enroll in my company's new health care plans (better! more expensive! bastards!). I named my brother the beneficiary of my life insurance plan (don't tell him). I may change that later to something like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation [two of my cousins died from CF complications]. I opted out of the Vision Care Plan, because my next eye appointment isn't until next Summer. I should (*fingers crossed*) be in a new, better job by then.

Or woefully unemployed. Either way, I won't need the eye insurance.

And, I think that's enough verbal vomit for one morning. More later, perhaps. *smooch*

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

VUBOQ Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I'm working on yet another Goal for September: Start running!
New shoes! *woot*
Who wants to get up at 6 tomorrow morning for a quick jog? Anyone? Anyone?

Babbling Like a Brook

Morning, Rays of Sunshine!
Everyone so happy to be back at work? *woot*
I know I am!!

*keels over*

I blogged over the weekend ... so not much to add. I may think of some stuff later.

Y's deadline is today. He's meeting with his advisor this afternoon. Cross your fingers that it goes well. And cross your fingers that VUBOQ will finally get some red hot luvin'. I can only be so patient.

I think I'm going to go buy some new running shoes today. As you know, one of my Goals for September is to start running again. *geh*

One goal has already been met! *woot* I planted 5 chrysanthemums over the weekend, three golden/bronze and 2 maroon. Only later did I realize that there's a little Gryffindor theme going on [Or Elon. Go Phighting Phoenixes!] ... I should take a photo. Maybe once they are all in full bloom. The Chili Pepper Plant Graveyard will soon look bright and cheery.

If you've read the His Dark Materials trilogy, you'll know all about daemons. You can help choose mine by clicking the image in my previous entry and answering a few questions. Isn't that fun? I think it settles in about a week.

Monday, September 03, 2007

And a Good Time Was Had By All

Or, at least, by me ...

The party is over. In attendance were Cute Gay Brother of Diagonally Upstairs Neighbor, Tomokito and her husband, Across the Way Neighbor, Across from Diagonally Upstairs Neighbor Neighbor, and Friend of Across from Diagonally Upstairs Neighbor Neighbor. I really need to come up with better nicknames for people. Tom Collins was the most popular guest!

There was loads of food - spicy salsa, cucumber and feta salsa, chips, olives, hummus and pita., and cheeses! Three kinds! Blue! Havarti with Dill! Gouda with Basil! I *heart* cheese. Tomoko brought cupcakes and brownies. And, Across the Way Neighbor brought apricot scones. And Across from Diagonally Upstairs Neighbor Neighbor brought some sort of yummy pastry thingy. Mmmm.

Everyone left around 8ish, I think. I cleaned up and called Y. He was too busy to come to the party. He may be coming over later, depending on how tired he is. It would be nice if he could. If not, I guess I'll see him tomorrow. I haven't seen him all weekend. Stupid research deadlines.

Guess that's it for now. More tomorrow. *smooches*


I got this off of Jeff's blog. I'm so excited about The Golden Compass:

T-Minus 2 Hours!

Not. Ready! Pan-EEK!
Must shower. Must clean. Must prepare food-like substances.
Shouldn't be blogging.
Or chatting.

Maybe I'll have a pre-Cocktail Party Cocktail ...

VUBOQ is Draggy

Afternoon margaritas were fun.
I am moving slowly.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cleanliness is Next to VUBOQliness

This morning, after a leisurely cup (or 4) of coffee, I walked up to Whole Foods to buy some supplies for my party on Monday. I also bought another chrysanthemum (a dark red one). I figure I can buy one mum every time I go to Whole Foods, and, eventually, I will have carted enough down here to make the garden look pretty and Autumnal. I estimate maybe 2 or 3 more mums. Maybe more.

Today's weather has been stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately, I've been inside cleaning for most of the day. The living room and dining nook are now practically spotless. The kitchen is (relatively) organized. I still need to clean the bathroom, but I may wait to do that tomorrow or Monday.

I did take a few moments to enjoy the sun and plant the mum this afternoon.

Around 4:30 or so, Tomoko joined me for cocktails [peach vodka with a splash of tangerine Italian soda]. Yum!

So, all in all, it's been a good, productive day. Tonight I'm going to watch a few DVDs and knit. *woot*

Hopefully, I will accomplish enough this weekend that I will feel justified in rewarding myself with that supercute pair of boots!