Friday, April 21, 2006

Weekend Plans: Re-Blonding Edition

Tonight, my co-workers and I are going to Strike Bethesda for Happy Hour. The thing about Happy Hour with my co-workers is that it usually turns into Happy Hours ... beginning with a round of tequila shots and ending with drunken staggering home.

Usually this is not a problem, except tomorrow I have to be up very early for my 10:30 hair appointment. I'm going to be re-blonded! YAY! Just in time for my next weekend stint as a bridesmaid. Hair made all purdy, I will head back to John's for a nap or two. I also will need to go feed and play with my pussy and check on Christal's abode.

Later, I'm meeting Jake in Dupont Circle for drinks (at Halo!) and dinner (at somewhere!) and maybe a night of crazy partying (or not!).

Sunday, I will go to the grocery store and recharge my batteries by blobbing around the house a lot.

AND, don't forget, Monday, is the first Meat-free Monday! It would be *so* cool if a couple people participated along with me.

1 comment:

  1. Yay! I could use a visit to the salon.