Friday, May 28, 2010


Good Morning, Kittens! 
Who's ready for the Holiday Weekend?  I know I am. 
Yesterday was such an adventure.  I spent most of the morning conducting a water audit and exploring the bathrooms of my work site.  Stinky.  Then, I scarfed down lunch and metro'ed to Franconia-forking-Springfield for a meeting at my corporate HQ.  It was fine ... if a bit long.  and tedious.
The trip home?  Awful.  Even on a perfect day, the ride from Franconia-forking-Springfield to Silver Spring takes forever.  Yesterday's journey was made Extra-Special because my train went out of service at Brookland.  F to the U to the C to the K.  So, even though I left an hour earlier than I normally leave, I still got home at about the same time. Gah.
Once home, I decompressed for a bit.  Then, I went for a run - approximately 3.5 miles in about 40 minutes.  Not great.  But not bad.  Then, I showered and had a martini.  Mmm.  Martini.  Then, I decided I was too tired to cook so I ordered a pizza.  See.  Spinach, feta, and tomato.  YUMMERZ. 
This morning, as I was standing at the bus stop looking super cute (and txting with my cute boy in AZ), I heard a load CRASH!  My intersection is notorious for accidents (poor visibility plus a lot of people who have obviously never had driver's training).  A dark blue car had hit a silver car.  There was a brief pause, and then the blue car sped away!  Another brief pause (followed by VUBOQ (and probably the driver of the silver car) saying "FUCK!") and the silver car reversed and sped after the blue car.
Then, my bus came and my fun commute started.
My exciting weekend plans thus far include: Mike (Who Makes Cakes) and Tomoko's Combined Birthday Party (apparently my ex-BFF is actually going to show his face at something I attend.  I'll believe it when I see it ...).  I think Eric from Baltimore is coming down.  Yay.  Saturday (or Sunday or Monday), we will be going to see Sex and the City 2.  And, on Sunday, my neighbors are hosting a brunch.  I am making chili-infused vodka for the bloody marys.  Also on Sunday, my friend Christal will be in town with her baby and is having a BBQ.  The only hitch is that the BBQ is in southern MD and inaccessible without a car.  Not sure if I'll be able to attend or not.  We'll see ...
So, that's my news.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Brain is Not Working

Good morning, Kittens!
One of us stayed up a bit too late last night watching Mad Men (Season 3).  And all I can say after the last episode I saw is "Peggy and Duck?"  Srsly? 
Anyway, I am ubergroggy this morning.  And, I totally missed my "OMG I am So Late" Bus.  And the bus after that one.  BUT, somehow, I managed to get to work pretty close to on-time (only 15 minutes late).  No idea how that happened.  The Mysteries of Metro.
Not much else to report.  Today is going to be pretty busy.  I have some people coming in to conduct a water audit.  And, later in the afternoon, I have to go to f**cking Springfield for a meeting.  Fun times.  I'm sure.
Have a great day.  and here's a picture of me looking all cute in my work clothes.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday. Srsly. Who Knew?

Good afternoon, kittens.
After a hectic morning (missing the bus! Red Line delays! crazy work email!  phone calls!  explosions!  earthquakes! smog!), my afternoon has settled down considerably.  Hurrah.  Of course, I spent most of the morning thinking that today is Tuesday and not worried about a couple of deadlines.
Oh, yeah, oops.  Not Tuesday.  Deadlines?  One day closer!  ACK!
Yesterday, I was a total blob ... which was lovely.  Around 1ish, SCGB headed up to Adega for a boozy lunch.  Yay boozy lunch!  Then, we went to the likker store (yay likker store!) and the Whole Foods. 
Once home, more blobbing on the sofa.  I ended up watching the first 5 (or 6?) episodes of Mad Men Season 3.  I'm trying to remember the last one I saw.  It was either the one in which Betty had the baby or the one after that episode.  I guess I'll figure it out if I watch more tonight.  I forget how good that show is.  I could watch it all the time.
In other news, I've been carrying on a fun little on-line/text flirtation with a guy in Arizona.  I know.  What up with that?  He is actually from Maryland and will be moving back here in 3 or 4 months.  He's in the military.  And cute.  And, um, a little young (but legal!).  We may be meeting up when I fly out to Denver for a conference in a couple of weeks (if he can get some time off).  Anyway, more on this as it develops, I'm sure.  Let's just hope it doesn't end up like the guy I met from Tulsa, Oklahoma (luuuuuzer).
Oh, and I talked briefly with Mike (Who Makes Cakes) last night.  His and Tomokito's birthday party is coming up (on Friday!).  In the course of our conversation, he said he ran into Mr. NAFAIOT in front of the Whole foods.  Mr. NAFAIOT started telling him all these bad things about me (true? not true?  I have no idea) and how it was all my fault the relationship ended (and I suppose how I'm to blame for him dumping me and his refusing to repay me for the plane ticket).  Mike said he just told him that he doesn't want to hear about the relationship demise.  It's true.  I don't even want to hear about.  So why am I talking about it here?  No idea.  Nothing else to write, I guess.
OK.  That's it.  I am so ready to go home for the day (and do laundry.  yay).

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good morning, Kittens.

Hurrah! I am off work today! I decided after the Weekend Wedding, followed by the Parental Visit, I needed an Official Day of Recovery. I plan to plenty of couch blobbing, followed by a boozy lunch, followed by more couch blobbing. Yay!

Yesterday, the parents and I did a tour of the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress. I have to say I was a bit disappointed that the Supreme Court Gift Shop did not sell Ruth Bader Ginsburg finger puppets. Alas.

On the way home, we stopped by Whole Foods. And, then, I went for a run. After my run, we headed to El Golfo for dinner. Yum. Then, Yahtzee. And they went to bed. I had a cocktail. Mmm. Cocktail.

And, I guess that's all the news. Hope you have a great day (at work! ha!).


Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Update: Nic and Maura's Wedding Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

I am back from beautiful and sunny and VERY VERY HOT Clearwater, Florida.

SCGB and I arrived on Friday afternoon. We checked into the hotel and went for lunch at Cooters (*heh*). I took a nap and, then, we got ready for the wedding ... which was beautiful. The reception was a lot of fun too. Lots of boozy good times.

Saturday? Very Hung Over.

In the afternoon, we went on a Dolphin Cruise (with beer! and dolphins!). See:

mauranicowedding 040

There was no shade so we were all well-lathered in SPF 5 MILLION. Later that evening, we all went to dinner at a seafood place near the hotel. Then, we gathered in the hotel bar for dessert and cocktails.

And lesbian kisses:

create avatar
Create avatar(This is the Bride and her new Sister-in-Law).

The next morning, we flew back to BWI. My parents arrived about an hour after I got home. *whew*

Flickr set of wedding photos are here.

Have a great day! *smooches*

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'll Be Gone 'Til November

... or Tuesday.


It's Friday! Yay! SCGB and I are flying to Florida this morning to witness Nic and Maura's beautiful beach wedding! Huzzah!

The luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuzer ex, Mr. NAFAIOT will -obviously- not be attending.

I plan to enjoy the sun. and the fun. and lots and lots and lots of booze.

Because Alcohol Free (the Rest of) April and (Most of) May will Officially be OVER! (although -unofficially- it's been over for a couple of days already).

Try not to miss me too much. I'll be thinking of YOU the entire time I'm away.

And, I'm not taking my computer so I won't be able to check facebook, or twitter, or this wonderful oft-read blog. (but, I'll still be updating twitter/facebook. Just don't get all sad if I don't respond).

Have a wonderful weekend and ...

*many happy smooches*

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ghosts of Photos Past

Good Morning, Kittens.

Way back in 1995, my family visited me in Japan. My brother really liked a photo of the two of us, which was taken in my apartment. So, he had copies made for the family.

15 years later, at my 40th birthday party, a friend took another great picture of the two of us (which was improved by Michelle M's amazing photoshop skillz!). So, I had copies made and will give mom one for a (very belated) Mother's Day present. I'll send one to my brother. And, the other one will cover up a 15 year old photo in which I had a hairline ... and no eyewrinklez.

I think we're only getting better with age.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Another Day

Good Morning, Kittens!
So.  Yesterday I was all alone in my office.  Most of my co-workers are at a conference and another one called out "sick" ... where "sick" equals "on a bus to NYC to see Fela."  I'm ok with that ... as long as she brings me back a PRESENT!  Perhaps, a Uni-Qlo T-shirt?
I actually got a lot accomplished with no one here.  Made several calls.  Compiled some statistics.  Fun times.  Then, I lost my motivation and goofed off, until I left early (4:15!  Yay!).
Once home, I helped SCGB move some mattresses.  SCGB's S has decided to sell her place (*super sad face*), so they are having it painted this week. Thus, the moving of the mattresses happened.  I will be sad when it sells (unless the New Neighbor is a SuperHunkySingleGayMan, like GayProf ... I wonder if that can be written into the sales contract "Must Be SuperHunkySingleGayMan Who Will Lust After VUBOQ").  However, because it's so hard to get SuperHunkySingleGayMen to move to the (close-in) 'burbs, my hopes are not high that that will happen.  *sigh*
For dinner, I cooked swiss chard with onions and cashews in a spicy soy ginger marinade.  And rice with some red quinoa thrown in.  Polka-dotted rice!  So cute!
I had a long conversation with my college-friend, Lori.  Actually, long conversations are about the only thing you can have with that grrl.  Srsly.  Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk.
No big plans for today other than laundry and cleaning.  Must finish getting the house cleaned before I leave for Florida on Friday morning.
Have a great day!  *smooches*

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oooh. Look. Pretty.

Good morning, Kittens!

I could either bitch about my job and a Directive From On High which is imposing an impossible deadline and my decision to say that the deadline is Stupid and Unreasonable and to ask why didn't you consult with me before imposing the stupid and unreasonable deadline OR I can post photos of my latest pottery.

Hm ... in the Battle of Pretty vs. Ugly, Pretty wins. Yay.

Pictured first is a surprisingly beautiful 10" plate. I am well pleased. I may actually keep this one. We shall see.

Up next, a handleless pitcher. I wanted it to be a martini pitcher, but I think it is too short and flared at the top ...

Handleless Pitcher

It's about 6" tall. I am also not overly pleased with the glazes (black and warm jade). And, I kinda forked up the bottom by trimming it when it was too wet.

And here's a funky little 5" vase. Once again, not super-pleased with the glaze:


I mean, I like how the blue went all funky and drippy, but the black looks thin or something. Bah.

And, finally, a funky 4" handbuilt mug. I love the dragonfly stamp (which I made last summer):

Handbuilt Mug

The glaze is Michigan brown and Lisa's favorite blue (I have no idea who Lisa is). I like the shape. And the size is good. I am wondering how sturdy the braided handle will be ... hm. Should be fine as long as people don't throw it at walls.

I still have pieces left from this semester. A handbuilt vase which won't be glazed until this summer and a little chip/dip thingy that is in the kiln (I think ... either that or someone stole it).

OK. Guess that's it. Have a great day!

*many happy smooches*

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Update: Cupcakes Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

And, how was your weekend? Mine? Well, mine was a streak of dullness punctuated by a few bright, shining moments of cupcakery goodness ...

I did post once or twice this weekend, so scroll down to have a look-see. There are some new birthday party photos uploaded to Flickr. Some of them are quite funny ... at least to me.

So, Saturday, I did some minor cleaning and straightening of the apartment. Then, I went for a run.

In the early evening, I ventured into DC for a Coffee Date with this guy I met online. He was nice enough, but I didn't feel like there was any romantic chemistry. After coffee, I stopped by Hello Cupcake to see if they had started making the Sex and the City-themed cupcakes yet.

They hadn't. They go on sale today. I should buy some at some point for Tomokito's birthday (May 28th). I went ahead and bought 4 cupcakes anyway. 2 Raspberry Beret (chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting) and 2 Cookies 'n' Cream (see photo). I texted SCGB and K-Factor to see if they wanted to stop by later for cupcakes.

And, that's when SCGB and I decided to meet up at Adega for dinner. Which would be where the first "slip" in Alcohol-Free (the Rest of) April and (Most of) May occurred. I had a glass of pinot grigio with dinner. I am so bad.

Once back at the abode, SCGB decided he wanted to go out with another friend. I popped in a DVD, The Namesake (which was a lot better than I had anticipated). K-Factor came down and we ate cupcakes. Nom.

Sunday, I got up early and worked on my bedroom. I organized some stuff. I vacuumed the curtains. I filled two garbage bags full of clothes to donate. And I ironed and ironed and ironed and ironed.

Oh, and I went to the Whole Foods.

And I "slipped" again. What can I say? My resolve is weak and I wanted a martini.

Today, I am going to try to slip out of work early so I can get to the pottery studio before it closes at 5. Both K-Factor and I have completed works that need to be picked up (and the studio was closed yesterday --- WTF?).

Have a great day! *smooches*

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Apparently I Am Avoiding Cleaning My Apartment

Good Saturday Morning, Kittens!

Behold my New Favorite Birthday Party Photo! The other photos taken by Ray are here.

And, I've selected a few (ok, 47) of my favorite Birthday Party Pix which you can view here.

Of course, all 80 Gabillion photos from the Party Event of the Decade are in this set.

Now, I promise I will stop blogging about my 40th birthday.

And, maybe, I will go for a run (but it looks hot outside).


Friday, May 14, 2010

How an Asshole-y Ex Can Ruin a Perfectly Fun Photo

Remember my 40th Birthday Party?
I sure do ... well, parts of it, at least.

I may or may not have been durnk when this photo was taken.

Ray finally sent me the pix he took at my party. I am in the process of uploading them to flickr. Stay tuned!


PS. Who has the rockingest Friday nights? Oh, yeah. That'd be me.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exciting Thursday Nights

Good evening, Kittens.

This is how I spent my evening ...

create avatar
Create avatar

Making an animated gif using some free website. I took the pictures when Dr. Mel was visiting two weeks ago(? whenever ...). I think he was in the bathroom and I was entertaining myself taking self-portraits.

Not much other news to report ... I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. I don't have many weekend plans. Tomorrow, I'm meeting Ray for dinner. Saturday morning, I must clean. In the evening, I have a date. And, on Sunday, more cleaning and -perhaps- my final trip to the pottery studio to pick up the last few pieces from the Spring session.

Have a great night and a fabulous weekend.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 of 12: Cranky Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

Yep. Once again, my life is so dull I couldn't even manage 12 pictures of my day. Of course, that could have to do with the fact that for about 7 hours I was in meeting conducted by our Health & Safety Office. Woo. Hoo.

AND, besides the meeting which made me cranky and my work computer locking me out (it refused to accept my password. wtf?), I am still totally PISSED about the email from Mr. NQAFAIOT. In my revenge fantasy, I spread his business all over my blog and sigh with satisfaction. In real life, I will take the high road, bitch and complain to a few close friends, and destroy him in a less obvious fashion move on.

It's disappointing that someone who you thought was a pretty decent guy turns out to be a petty asshole. Oh, well, enough of that! On with the 12 10 of 12 ...

I can haz Green Thumb ...

12of12May2010 001Cute Little Lettuce Plants

Morning Metro Commute ...

12of12May2010 002The guy behind the pole was really cute. srsly.

Rhode to Sha ...

12of12May2010 003

Workz ...

12of12May2010 004

Lunch ...

12of12May2010 005Vegan Tuna Salad on Pita

More workz ...

12of12May2010 007Workz iz hard

Waiting ...

12of12May2010 008 ... for this sign to fall over

A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall ...

12of12May2010 009And I haz no umbrella

Mint ...

12of12May2010 011You will be my tea tonight

Dinner ...

12of12May2010 012Nom

And, soon it will be Go to Bed Time. Yay.

Have a good night! *smooches*

True Colors

Good Morning, Kittens.
So, I had a much longer post planned, but have just learned that the All Day Meeting I'm supposed to attend starts 15 minutes ago.
Here's the abbreviated version, which I will update later:
As you may remember, Mr, Not-Quite-As-Fantastic-As-I-Originally-Thought and I were supposed to go to a wedding in a couple of weeks.  SCGB, who is also going to the wedding purchased all our tickets. 
I emailed Mr. NQAFAIOT (because he wasn't answering my calls):
We need to talk about the plane ticket to Tampa that SCGB bought for you.  I thought I'd give you a head's up so you can think about what you want to do and I will call you tomorrow (Tuesday) evening.  Your ticket was $191.  I'm pretty sure you can change the dates (for a fee), but I'll find out all that information before we talk.

I got his response this morning:
Steven. You're kidding, right? You can't be that dumb! You have to know what I'm about to tell you.
If you had let me buy my own ticket when I offered instead of going ahead and letting your SCGB do it, you wouldn't now be in this predicament. Oh and since you have made no effort to continue a friendship or be an acquaintance (this is your own choice), why would I want to go with you or ever purchase the ticket? Why don't you find someone else who wants to share a room and a bed with you. Oh that's right, you have SCGB--well at least for sharing the room. And maybe in the future, if I'm ready to overlook this obvious attempt at humor, I'll give you a call.
I responded:
Somehow, I expected better from you ...

I'm sorry that, when I told SCGB to buy our tickets, I thought it would be easier to purchase them all together.  I didn't foresee you ending our relationship before the trip.  Perhaps, since I am so dumb, you should have been more insistent.  Fortunately, I am not in a "predicament" as you so kindly put it.   I will pay for your ticket and chalk it up to yet another Life Lesson.

Enjoy your path.
AND, there you have it.  I have *so* much more commentary, but I don't have the time to type it all up.  Needless to say, *ugh*
Have a great day!  *smooches*

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Update: Spreading the News Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

I am back from my fabulous weekend in New York City, in which I spent lots of money, saw lots of friends, saw a show, and even kissed a girl (OK. I didn't do that, but I did have lots of teh buttsecks).

Friday after work, I headed to the Megabus stop via Chop't. I got there a bit early, so I ran into Macy's for a quick looksee. And, I found an AMAZING winter coat. For 75% off. Which I couldn't buy, because I didn't want to schlep it all the way to NYC. I am thinking I may head there after work tomorrow to see if it's still available.

The bus ride to NYC was Looooooooooooooooooooooooong. There was a Late Start. and Traffic. and an Accident. But, we finally arrived and I took the subway to Y's apartment near Union Square.

The next morning, I met the lovely Nida for brunch at the Coffee Shop. We wandered around a bit, poking our heads into random shops. Then, we took the train uptown - she was meeting a friend for a picnic, and I met David to see "Everyday Rapture" - a totally awesome musical starring (the Tony-nominated) Sheri Renee Scott. So much fun.

After the show, David and I found a place to have drinks and nibbles and caught up all that is new and exciting in our lives. Then, David dropped me off at Barrage in Hell's Kitchen where I waited for a few other friends (Min, Jake, and Y) to meet me. Once they all arrived, the four of us (David had another engagement) went to a yummy Thai restaurant, and then to Therapy for drinks.

Sunday morning, Y and I had brunch at Curly's (Vegetarian) Lunch. It was delicious. Then, I went on a Mad Shopping Trip and spent lots and lots of my hard earned cash. BUT, now I have a suitable spring/summer work wardrobe. Yay.

I dropped off my haul at Y's and we went to Wild Ginger (a pan-asian vegan restaurant) for dinner. YUMZ. I had kimchee yakiudon. Delicious.

And, then, today, I came home. Yay. I am tired ... and not quite ready to go back to work tomorrow.

The few photos I took on this trip (plus some pix of my new clothes) are on flickr: New York in May.

Have a great night! *smooches*

Friday, May 07, 2010

Thursday's Come and Gone

Good Morning, Kittens.
Remember a few months ago, when I had a little party?  Well, there's a little bit more to the story of the theme ... As you may recall, one of my Chinese students used to always say to me, "We have a saying in China 'Men are flowers at 40.'" She would stop, look at me and then add, "You will be an onion flower."
Last Fall, I planted some globe allium bulbs (thanks to Dr. Mel and Diahn who told me the name of the flowers), aka ornamental onion flowers.  Last night, after I got back from a (very) short run, I noticed the bulbs had sprouted and were blooming. Here is a picture.  Do you see a resemblance? I love them and I hope they come back next year (without me having to dig up the bulbs and store them, because I am way too disorganized to do that).
Meanwhile, my Fun and Exciting Weekend Getaway of Fun and Excitement starts after work.  We have an 8-hour day today (yay!), which means I am finished at 4 (yay!).  I am taking the metro to Metro Center, buying a to-go salad from Chop't, and boarding the 5:30 Megabus to New York City!  Woo hoo!
I'll be crashing at Y's fabulously located apartment near Union Square.  Saturday, I have plans to meet Nida for brunch (or coffee or something) and, then, I'm going to a show with David.  We're seeing ... um ... excuse me for a moment while I look up the title ...
"Everyday Rapture," with Sherie Rene Scott, which the New York Times said is "a smashing little show that reminds us of why so many of us keep going back to Broadway, even though it's broken our heart so many times."  Hm.  That sounds good, no?  After the show and hanging for a bit with David, I'm hoping to meet up with some other friends for dinner/bar-hopping (which, since it is *still* Alcohol-Free (the Rest of) April and (Most of) May, may not be as fun as it sounds).
No plans as of yet for Sunday (other than calling my mother), but I do want to do a little power shopping at Uni-Qlo and Ben Sherman.  And maybe pick up some cute new sunglasses.
I'm heading back to DC on Monday afternoon.  Stay tuned for an eventual post of Fun and Exciting Photos.
Have a great weekend.  *smooches*

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Yet Another Amazingly Boring Post

Good morning, Kittens!
OMG.  Where have I been?  What have I been doing? 
I have NO idea.  The long, slow slog of summer seems to be beginning.  Hot nights.  Poor sleep. Cranky mornings/afternoons/evenings.  And none of this cheerfully augmented with booze.  *silently curses Alcohol-Free (the Rest of) April and (Most of) May*
Seriously, since hanging out with the fabulous Dr. Mel and his SuperCute Spousal Unit, I have not done much of anything. 
On Monday, K-Factor and I went to the pottery studio.  I glazed 4 things (a plate/platter, a weird serving dish, a vase, and a handleless pitcher).  The two things I handbuilt a week ago were not bisque-fired.  I am hoping that they will be bisque-fired this week, and whilst I am living in up in New York City, K-Factor can glaze them for me.
Tuesday, I blobbed.  And had a long phone conversation with a potential suitor.  He's cute, but I think there may be some personality issues.  We'll see ...
Yesterday, I ditched work early (oh, yeah! I rock).  I got home and started my laundry early.  Yay!   Except there was a Minor Laundry Disaster - Unbalanced Load.  Gah!  After reshifting all the laundry and swishing it around and removing a sodden sweatshirt, the machine started again.  Hurrah.  But, it threw my entire evening out of kilter.  I didn't even eat dinner until 9:30.  And, dinner wasn't all that delicious. Wah.  However, on a brighter note, I had a long phone conversation with another potential suitor.  Also cute (and a Jewish doctor!  ... well, a PhD.  Not an MD.).  Plus there don't seem to be any personality issues (yet).  We have a lunch date set up for Tuesday.  Fun.
This morning, I could not get moving so ran a little late to work.  Bah.  However, I think my outfit is SuperStripey Cuteness today.  See?
And, that's all I got for ya.  Have a wonderful day!  It's almost Friday.  *w00t!*

Monday, May 03, 2010

Weekend Update: Dr. Mel Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I certainly did, because I got to meet Dr. Mel! Live and in person! And his SuperCute Husband! OMG. How lucky am I? How jealerz are you? HM?

ANYWAY, Friday and Saturday I didn't do much. Hung out with Tomokito and SCGB at various points during those days. Saturday evening, I went into DC to chill with some friends, but was tired and came home early.

Then, on Sunday, I met up with Dr. Mel, Hubby David, and their friend, Glenn at the National Gallery of Art. Here are a few pix:

artwithMel 011Blurry Spanish Bears

artwithMel 022Spicy Chocolate Gelato and Coffee. Nom.

artwithMel 025Dr. Mel, Glenn, and David on the Moving Sidewalk to the East Wing

artwithMel 034Three Cute Guys

artwithMel 037Four Cute Guys

artwithMel 035I think I may make this my new profile photo

The rest of the museum photos are here.

We left the NGA and had a light dinner at Teaism. YUMz. Then, I metro'ed home.

Fun fun fun.

Have a great day! *smooches*