Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Queue Forms Here

Somewhere among the sunshine, the margaritas, and the book I'm reading, I recovered a memory from my college days: the only time I've ever lined up overnight for tickets to an event.

Who was this event for? Who was I so desperate to see that I would wait for hours to get tickets? Madonna? Whitney Houston? The New Kids on the Block?

Ha. Amateurs! All of them.

The person I absolutely had to see:

[wait for it]

Jimmy Carter.

Yep. He came to Elon as a part of Habitat for Humanity event. The college was having a special question and answer session that was by ticket only. My friend, Isa, and I decided we *had* to go. So we headed to the auditorium and spent the night by the ticket booth. Surprisingly, we weren't the only ones who had the idea.

In the end, we received our tickets. Slept for a bit. Then, later that afternoon, were able to speak with Jimmy Carter. And have our picture taken with him. I still have the photo lying about in a box somewhere.

Very cool.

My parents are taking part in an Elder Hostel (aka "the hostile elders") trip to Georgia this week. Part of their experience will be to attend Jimmy Carter's sunday school class. I told them to tell him I said hi. I'm sure he remembers me :-)

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