Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Being a Contractor Sux

Good Evening, Kittens.

As you may recall, I am a government contractor. And, today was one of those days which exemplifies why working as a contractor sux sweaty ballz.

First, I had to sit through a two hour long meeting o' drivel. DRIVEL!

Then, when I got back to my desk, my company called. Guess what? The organization for which I work has not completed our contract renewal information. And, that is bad because my contract expires in a week and a half.

My company (the sub-contractor) is working on it. The prime contractor is working on it. The agency in charge of the contracting vehicle is working on it.

Who isn't working on it? My clients. Some of whom I would call totally incompetent except it would be an insult to totally incompetent people.


So, in two weeks, I'm going to have to report to company headquarters (which is VERY FAR AWAY) for a few days. If nothing is resolved, I will (more than likely) be furloughed until the contract is renewed ... and who knows how long that will take? (at a minimum, like, if everything goes through tomorrow, it could take up to 4 weeks).

OMG. So forking frustrating.

Next week, my primary work goals are the following:

1. Look for a new job, and
2. Start cleaning and organizing my files so that I can make a quick escape if need be.

Because, trust me, if this contract is not renewed, my clients are not going to get *any* of the work I have put in.

(Of course, this happens every time my contract comes up for renewal, so I should be used to it by now. Still, it's annoying. And stressful. And I needz a new jerb).

Now, off to throw my laundry into the dryer.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Update: Only 2 Days. What Up With That Edition?

Good Evening, Kittens!

I hope your weekend has been chock full of fun and excitement. This is my first two-day weekend in, like, MONTHS. It's crazy! How do you people do it? How do you get everything done, whilst still maximizing your sofa blobbing time?

ANYWAY, so Friday, after work, I met my friend, Eric (not from Baltimore) for happy hour. We ended up having several boozy beverages at Capital City Brewery. Huzzah.

Then, I went home. I texted a "friend" ... and he just so happened to be "chillaxin'" ... So, I invited him over to watch movies. We watched most of "The Sound of Music" ... Then, the "watching movies" part took over. Good times ;-)

Saturday, I went for an 8 mile run. I think I may have died. Later, I resurrected. And ventured into DC to meet my friend, R, for dinner at Thai Tanic. OMG. Their food is sooooo good. Then, I came home and watched "One Day."

I read the book and (mostly) enjoyed it. The movie was not as good as the book, but was still quite good. I think my main problem was the casting of Anne Hathaway. Even though I LUVLUVLUV her, she seemed miscast, not really fitting the mental image I had of the character. Oh, well.

This morning, I woke up early(ish) and went to the Trader Joe's. Huzzah! I didn't make a list (big mistake), so I bought a lot of things I didn't really need (like the pretty purple flowers pictured above. Only $1.99!) and forgot to buy several things I did need. Oops.

I am trying to eat healthier, and M has inspired me to start making smoothies again. I tried to make one when I got back, and somehow managed to break my zhuzher. Oh, sweet zhuzher, I miss you so much already. How will I make delicious pureed soups now? *sigh*

Fortunately, I have enough credit card rewards points that I should be able to get a new smoothie-making blender and, possibly, a new zhuzher for free! YAY!

Then, I went to the pottery studio. I made this:

BowlIt's a bowl.

And these:

MugsA mug and, maybe, a soup mug.

Once home, I called my folks and did my ironing for the week. Good times.

Tonight, I am going to watch some of the Oscars Red Carpet with Tomokito. And, then, I'll probably go to bed. Good times.

If you are going to watch the Oscars, you should check out my brother's new blog: Cheese is Funny. He'll be live blogging the Oscars. Sometimes, he can be quite clever. So, check it out. Or not. Whatever.

Have a fabulous Oscar Night! *smooches*

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Dreams May Come

Good Evening, Kittens!

Last night (well, early this morning), I had a dream, a very disturbing (or as they sometimes write around my office "distrubing") dream. It woke me up around 3:40 and I couldn't really fall back asleep ...

After a long animated set-up, I end up in a house. And begin systematically killing the people inside (and there were A LOT of people inside). I have a gun that can change modes from machine gun to rifle to flame-thrower. I don't recognize the people. And I don't feel any remorse. All I know is that I will not be leaving the house alive.

At one point, I let a group of African-American school children leave the house (through the attic, which -after they escape- I set fire to with my flame-thrower). And, then, I try to exit the house. Outside is chaos. I see cars and buses and crowds of people.

It's at this point, I see the only two people I recognize in the entire dream.

As I try to leave the house, Adam comes towards me with an uzi. But, god bless his little ginger heart, he can't fire a gun at all and ends up shooting himself. Sorry, Adam, you ended up a bloody, bullet-ridden corpse. Off in the distance, I see M staring at me. I can't really read his expression.

I go back into the house, walk towards the kitchen, and start searching for a knife. I know that a SWAT team or something is going to storm the house soon. The first knife I grab is a short serrated bread knife. I think about slicing my wrists, but realize that won't be quick enough. So, I put the knife against my throat and prepare to cut.

And, that's when I woke up. And tossed and turned until the alarm went off at 5:15 ...

Parts of this dream have been playing in my head all day. I kind of hate it when that happens, but it also makes me think the message is important.

I don't know much about dream analysis, yet what I feel my subconscious is telling me is that in some way I am intentionally sabotaging my life. I really feel like (oddly, given the setting) is that this sabotage revolves around work. Neither my friends (represented by Adam) nor potential love interests (M) will resolve the situation. This is something I need to do by myself without relying on emotional crutches. Friends won't help. Falling in love won't either. I need to get my shit together. And, I need to find the internal motivation to do so. ugh.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Update: Dead Presidents Edition

Hello, Kittens!

Here's a quick rundown of my weekend ...

Friday, I left work an hour early to go get re-blonded. YAY! I look great. The Colornatrix recently returned from a 3-week trip to Thailand and Vietnam (Hate her!), so she talked about that, and I told her about my 3-day trip to Vegas. Afterwards, I met Mike (Who Makes Cakes) and Tiger (Who Doesn't Make Cakes) for dinner. We went to Austin Grill and had many margaritas. Then, I went home.

On Saturday, I blobbed around. Then, I had boozy lunch at Adega, bought some prosecco and did a little grocery shopping at the Whole Foods. I made a ginger syrup for these drinks, which I took to SCGB's apartment for a little dinner party. On the way to the party, I ran into some friends on the bus. That was totally random. It made the bus ride go more quickly which was a bonus.

Dinner was great. SCGB's BF was there, as were the German and the German's (Hot) Wife and their 9-month-old. We ate. We drank. We played Apples to Apples ... and, then, the German and the German's (Hot) Wife drove me home.

Sunday, I did my taxes. Yay! Except I am missing one form (my 1099-G from Maryland). I should be OK without it. And, I am getting a decent refund. Huzzah.

Later, Tomoko came down and we made more Ginger Sparklers:

Ginger sparklers with Tomokito. Yum!

And, I watched "50/50" ... which was pretty durn good.

On Monday, I went to the Pottery Studio. I made this:

Later, K-Factor came down for more Ginger Sparklers ... I had a lot of ginger syrup left (and my neighbors all have champagne! How fortuitous!).

And, then, today, I went to work. Joy. BUT! The coolest thing happened. I was taking a break from reading an SOW and opened up Grindr on my phone. I saw one picture and thought, "That looks like S (a blogger friend who lives in Pakistan)." So I messaged him. "S??! Is that you? Are you in DC?"

It was he! He's here for a week vacation and staying less than a mile from where I work. How awesome is that?!?! AND, it just so happens that my usual lunch crew had an all day meeting and S was free for lunch! We met at Eastern Market metro and went to Ted's Bulletin. I had the grilled cheese and tomato soup (nom!). I think the last time we were able to hang out was when I was in London (maybe in 2006?) and he was working there at the time. It was so great being able to catch up. I hope we are going to be able to meet up again before he leaves.

And, that should bring you up to date on my life!
Have a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Aftermath of the Day of the Valentine

Hello, Kittens!

I hope you all had a blissfully romantic Valentine's Day, full of hearts and flowers and chocolates and glitter and sparkles and rainbows and unicorns and topped off with a night of hot VD buttsecks.

Perhaps, I should rephrase that last bit ....

At least you should consider yourself lucky because, unlike my superfab co-worker, your bf of 3 years didn't give you a Starbucks giftcard (and you don't really drink coffee/go to Starbucks).

Menz. Sometimes they are stoopid.

As for me, I had a lovely Valentine's Day, celebrating the person I love the most (here's a hint. It's me).

When I got home from work, I went for a run. 3.35 miles in 29:01. Go me!

Then, I had a martini (mmmm) and samples the Cheddar/Chocolate cheese. It was not awful. In fact, I imagine that it would be even tastier melted ... like in a grilled cheese or as a fondue.

As I drank martini and sampled cheese, I also made a Valentine's Day card for M. It was cute. And had hearts on it. And I used pink and red construction paper. and glue. But, I was out of glittery sparkles, so it wasn't *perfect*.

And, then, I made dinner (pictured): Mac 'n' cheese from Trader Joe's. Plus Hot Cock Sauce.

While I was eating dinner, Tomokito texted. (No longer a baby) Baby Hana wanted to give me something. They came down, and Hana gave me a Valentine's Day card she "made" at daycare. And, my frozen block of ice heart melted a tiny bit (I used the chilled water in my next cocktail).

After they left, I finished dinner. And, then, I had a short photo session, taking and texting pictures of me and M's Valentine's Day card. And, no, I am not sharing those pictures.

So, all in all, a pretty fantastic day, donchathink?

Have a wonderful night! *smooches*

Monday, February 13, 2012

Today We Are 6

Good Morning, Kittens. Happy Valentine's Eve!

My weekend was a whole lot of nothing special. I mostly blobbed around the house, resting and relaxing and trying to shake the remnants of the Airplane Ick. I barely even left the house.

Today, however, is a Very Special Day. VUBOQ turns six. Wow. Of course, I was blogging several years before VUBOQ came into being ... but, still. Six. I have seen bloggers come and go, but I guess I'll keep on chronicling my not very exciting life and see where it takes us.

To mark this momentous occasion, here's a photo of Isabella sleeping on the rug:

Now, I am off to meet a friend for lunch. Then, some shopping and pottery class tonight. Yay for Mondays off!

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Airplane Ick

"Good" Evening, Kittens!

So, it seems I caught a bit of the Airplane Ick. I felt fine when I returned from Vegas on Monday night. And, I awoke on Tuesday refreshed and ready to take on the day. However, by lunchtime, my throat started to feel a little rough.

After lunch, I went to the drugstore and purchased some Airborne chewable tablets. Unfortunately, by Go Home Time, things were worse. I stopped by the Whole Foods to purchase ginger and lemon to make my ginger/lemon/cayenne elixir. It helped; however, when I got up on Wednesday morning, I knew I couldn't make it to work.

I had to take a sick day, which sucks because I don't have much paid time off (PTO) left. My PTO reboots on March 1st. I think I may have to take some unpaid leave for the upcoming President's Day holiday. We shall see ... *ugh*

Anyway, I lounged around all day Wednesday, napping, reading, watching DVDs. I did manage to do a load or two of laundry. And make a delicious black bean soup. At least, I am assuming it is delicious. With the copious amounts of snot blocking my nose, I could only taste the cumin in it. Good thing I like cumin.

Today, after a very unpleasant night of little sleep, I felt well enough to go into work.

Hopefully, I am on the mend ... If I survive work tomorrow, I am planning a relaxing weekend of staying at home. I might do some grocery shopping and go to the pottery studio on Sunday, but that will be about it.

Have a great evening!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekend Update: What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

Well, I am back from my weekend in Las Vegas and I am tired (but happy).

So, I left for the airport immediately after work on Friday, and my flight (amazingly) left on time. I changed planes in Houston, but didn't have enough time to pick up any food. Bah.

AND, I was very fortunate to sit beside a trio of screechy Texan chicks who were OMG SO EXCITED TO BE GOING TO LAS VEGAS AND EVERYTHING OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS WAS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER SO HOW ABOUT ANOTHER VODKA SODA!!!!! Needless to say, my plan to sleep on the second leg of my journey was not realized.

The plane arrived in Vegas around 10:30PM and I made it to the Rental Car Center at 11PM. By 11:15, I was on the road to M's house. Of course, I got a little lost. Oops. I got to his house around 11:35, I think. I was starving, so we headed to Denny's for a bite to eat.

We got back to his place around 2AM (which would be 5AM EST, which meant I had been up for 24 hours straight. *ugh*). We collapsed into bed.

The next morning, after a little *wink wink nudge nudge*, we cleaned up and headed out for brunch. Then, we drove to Red Rock Canyon, which was OMG So Gorgeous (see picture above). Here's another pic:

After driving back into Vegas, we had mid-afternoon lunch at the Yard House. Super Yummy Veggie Burgers. Then, we headed back to M's place to take a nap. Mmm. Nap.

That evening, we headed out to the Strip. We ate dinner at the Sweet Factory, which is right across the street from the Bellagio. Every 20 minutes or so, we could watch the Bellagio's water show. Fun.

We walked around for a bit more and ended up at one of the newer casinos, the Cosmopolitan. I decided to play $20 on the slot machines. I found a nickel slot and had at it.

With about $2.50 left, I managed to do something right (I'm not sure what). There was lots of spinning and flashing and electronic beeping. And, I won $100! YAY! I cashed out and M said, "Well, that was a fun 10 minutes." Ha!

We left the Strip and headed to this cute little gay bar, Garage. We ordered our drinks, which were served in pint glasses. The bartender said, "$7." So, I was like, "Um. I'm paying for both." And he was all, "That is for both. Where are you from?" ... M was laughing.

While at the bar, a friend of M came up to talk to him. M introduced me. And then, he said, "So, are you two dating?"

At the same time, M and I both said, "It's complicated." Which it is ...

Sunday morning, we got up and went for a 3.7ish mile run. Then, we went to the Black Bear Diner for breakfast. Very tasty.

We went back to his house to chill for awhile. We ended up watching the Super Bowl there. Afterwards, we went to a Mexican place for dinner. Mmm. Enchiladas.

And, then, I packed and got ready to leave. This morning, I had to be up at 3:20, so I could return the car and make it through security before my 6:10 flight ... Only it wasn't a 6:10 flight. It was a 6:45 flight. I looked at the boarding time instead of the flight time. I could have slept for a bit longer. Bah.

The trip home was uneventful. All my flights were on time. All my connections were easy. Hurrah. The only sad thing is that I'm too tired to make it to the first pottery class tonight. Oh, well ... I think this trip was worth missing one night of pottery!

Hope you all had a fun weekend, too! And, if you're interested, here is the set of pictures I took from the trip: Las Vegas 2012.


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Two More Sleeps

Good Evening, Kittens.

It's been quite a week thus far in Vutopia. Work has been a little busier than usual and when I get home I haven't really felt like doing much of anything.

Tuesday, after work, I went for a 3(ish) mile run. When I got back from the run, I had a text message from a friend. Apparently, she and her boo, who live in DC, were in Downtown Silver Spring and they saw me run by. They suggested dinner.

I figured I didn't have any other plan, except to blob on the sofa, so I agreed. We met at Adega around 7:45. I had a glass of wine, some eggplant fries, and a mixed green salad. I got home around 9. It was a fun, spontaneous way to fill the evening.

Today, I'm not doing much of anything ... unless you count doing laundry as doing something.

Tomorrow, I will be packing for Vegas.

And on Friday, I will be flying to Vegas (after work). I am getting a little bit excited. I can tell because I haven't been sleeping very well. I hope it will be a good trip.

Whilst I'm away, you can always get your daily dose of VUBOQness on Twitter or the Facebooks. Or, you could go catch up on the CUTEST NEW BLOG EVER, Cooper's Corner.

Have a great night!