Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cat on a Hot Tin Sofa

Love me. Love my sofa. Love my pussy. Pet my pussy. Stroke my pussy.

More exciting photos to come tomorrow.


Taxity Taxity Tax Tax

I attempted to do my taxes last night. First, I tried itemizing my deductions. Unfortunately, even with 2 months of interest payments on my home, they were not greater than the standard deduction ($5000).

So, I took the standard deduction.

After calculating my adjusted gross income and doing all the fancy-schmancy math (y'know addition and subtraction) to determine my paid taxes, I discovered that for the first time in years I will be getting a refund.

Woo hoo!

How much refund you ask?


I'll try not to spend it all in one place.


In his blog this morning, Shigeki wrote about the plum trees starting to bloom in Tokyo. It reminded me of something my friends and I used to do in Japan. Several times a year, we would hop on a train to Dazaifu (near the city of Fukuoka) to eat umegaemochi (plum-flavored sweet bean-filled rice cakes). Every trip was fantastic, but the best time was in mid-to-late February when the plum trees were blooming.

We would wake up early in the morning and ride our bikes to Futajima Station (It's the fourth station from the left on the bottom row in the picture).

The train was a local and stopped at every station. We didn't care, because we would pack our bags with dried squid and chocolate and wasabi peas and cookies and, best of all, self-warming cans of sake [just press the button and -voila!- hot sake in a few minutes]. We would eat and drink and laugh and look at the country scenery all the way to Fukuoka/Hakata Station. There we would change trains for a quick trip to Dazaifu.

We would visit a few temples, buy a good luck charm or two, and eat a late lunch. Later in the day we would walk up the hill to a little restaurant and order an umegaemochi set (pictured) - umegaemochi and green tea. YUM.

Then, we would go back to the train station. On the return trip, we always took the express train home.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Singapore! Sing Some More!

I'm a big stats whore. And, I noticed that I've had a visitor or 2 from Singapore. Woo hoo! Singapore! Home of the Singapore Sling! No, pervo, that's not a sexual device, it's a drink! And a yummy one at that...

I visited Singapore in 1998. After leaving Japan, my friend, Anne-Marie and I, spent a few months traveling around Southeast Asia - Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore ... We actually spent more time than we wanted in Singapore because as we were preparing to go to Indonesia, the rupiah collapsed and people were rioting in the streets. We opted not to go, so we spent extra time in Singapore getting our plane tickets sorted. Then, we travelled back to Malaysia, ending up in Kota Bahru and the Perhentian Islands... which was awesome.

But, back to Singapore, we did all sorts of fun things - drinks at Raffles Hotel, the Night Safari (which was a happy exception to most disastrous Asian zoos), and many many nights of eating out with friends and drinking Tiger Beer. Yum.

I was flipping through my photos from that trip this weekend. I was so young and cute then ... now, I'm just old and cute. *sigh*

No "And, Then!" No "And, Then!"

It's been a Mush-less morning. So sad.

In fact, because there was no Mush to remind me, I completely forgot to go to lunch during my break. Durf. I'm holding her completely responsible for my current low blood sugar crankiness.

I guess I'll go eat now. I'm thinking of tomato basil soup from Adega. Mmmm. Soup.

Catch ya on the flip side.

Weekend Update: Alotta Fagina Edition

While I'm waiting for my tax forms and booklets to print (ACK! It's taking FOR-ever!), here's a rundown of my weekend:

Friday night, after dinner, John picked me up. I made brandy alexanders (1 part brandy, 1 part creme de cacao, 1 part Haagen-Daz vanilla ice cream, 1 maraschino cherry, splash of maraschino cherry juice). We watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brad Pitt. So hot. Angelina Jolie. So hot. Lots of hotness to be had. *drool* and EXPLOSIONS!

Saturday, John dropped me off at my place on the way to the gym and I waited for my sofa to arrive. It was scheduled to be delivered between 12 and 4, so I was expecting it around 3:59. Lo and behold, the truck pulled into the parking lot at 12:30! WOW!

I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE my new sofa! Everyone is invited to come sit on it!

The rest of the day, I blobbed around on my sofa, knitting, reading, and eating. That evening, I fixed a nice dinner, had some wine, and watched Sahara. Matthew McConaughey. So hot. Penelope Cruz. So hot. Lots of hotness to be had. *drool* and EXPLOSIONS!

John went out clubbing. He called me around 1:15 in the morning. drunk. fun.

Sunday, we went to Pentagon City mall. I bought shoes. Yay. Shoes. New brown shoes. So excited. I'm going to wear them tomorrow. They are c.u.t.e. CUTE. We met Ray and Joey for lunch. And, yes, I still don't particularly like Joey. He's just not ... um ... interesting. I also bought John's (very belated) birthday present: Season 1 of Queer as Folk and my dad's not-yet-belated birthday present: a Johnny Cash CD. Dad's birthday is March 3rd. [Mine is March 17th for those of you keeping track. hint. hint.]

After shopping, we drove back to my place so John could see the NEW SOFA. He likes! Not that it would matter if he didn't, but it's nice to know that he does. Then, we drove back to his place.

We watched lots of Bravo! Project Runway reruns. YAY! During those reruns, several commercials for this new birth control device, NuvaRing, came on. Apparently, it's a "vaginal ring" of some sort that lasts for a month. Not having seen a vagina since ... I don't know ... birth? I don't get how it works.

Do women just stick it up there and leave it for a month? How does that effect their sex lives? Does the guy slide through it? What if he's ... um ... endowed?

Needless to say, John was no help answering these burning questions ... even though I asked them repeatedly (like, every time the commercial came on). It seems kind of gross.

THEN, we watched a movie (well, I watched bits and pieces in between loads of laundry). It was one of the Triple X movies, the one with Ice Cube (Ice Tea?). I must have been in one of those moods, because I kept asking questions (which drives John crazy). Like, why did they say the train was traveling north up I-95, and then show all the helicopters flying south? I had to explain this to John - in the shot with the helicopters flying towards the camera, the Washington Monument was on the left, the US Capitol was on the right. Thus, they were flying south. GAH.

Things like that drive me crazy. I mean, really, if you're going to make a movie set in the nation's capitol, at least get the major facts right. Same thing with The American President (Note to Annette Benning's character: You don't have to drive around Dupont Circle to get to the White House).

And, then, we went to bed. I had hidden John's present under his pillow with a note. I think he liked it. There was some red hot luvin' and then we went to sleep.

This morning, curse be the DemonDog Puppy from Hell, Oscar. Somehow he managed to get down feathers all over my overcoat. It looked like a couple of baby chickens had exploded on it. Yeesh. John didn't have a lint brush or packing tape or anything. I tried to get the fluffy white specks off of it with a paper towel. That didn't work. SO, I ended up leaving it at his house and wearing one of his winter coats. And, I was running late and didn't have time to stop for my morning coffee. AUGH!

Meanwhile, Robert is having a ball in Argentina. I would hate him, except I know he's going to bring me back a fantastic present!

*fluffy down smooches*
*cough* *hack* *sputter*

Ding Dong the Diary-X is Dead

I suppose some of you already know this, but Diary-X, where I have kept an online journal for the past 4 or so years, is no more. I'm a little sad. At some point last year, I did back up my journal, but it's on my dead laptop. Hopefully, when [if] I get my tax refund, I will be able to repair my dead laptop and my journal's archives will be saved.

Last year is a wash though. *sigh*


I cried a little about it last night.
But, then, John and I had sex and I felt better.

The Diary-X administrators have posted a keep-in-touch database, so if you are a former Diary-X user, I urge you to add yourself. Your journalfriends want to know where you've moved.

Those of you who have linked to http://enviroboi.diary-x.com should change your links. Enviroboi is no more. *sniff*

In the meantime, to help people deal with their Diary-xXdepression, I've decided to unveil my secret diary. I think some of you know about it. I only kept it for about 6 months or so. It's a mixture of fact and fiction and fictionalized facts. I started it because I wasn't feeling creative. I kept it going because I was dating about 4 guys at the same time ... I stopped about the time I met John. Hmm ... so, without further ado: Not Just Another Gay Slut.

Does anyone know if [and how] I can move those archived entries to this site?

Weekend update coming later ...


Friday, February 24, 2006

The New Sofa Cometh

Storehouse called this morning. My beautiful new sofa should be arriving between 12 and 4 tomorrow. YAY! So I guess we all know what I'll be doing on Saturday: Preparing for Sofa Arrival, Waiting, Waiting, and Waiting until 3:59 when it actually comes. Then, relaxing on the NEW SOFA. Then, maybe inviting John over to help christen the NEW SOFA. Very excited. Woo hoo! NEW SOFA! Maybe I should name it.

I don't really have many other plans for the weekend. John wants to go see Madea's Family Reunion (*gag*) on Sunday. I will probably go with him. That way, I'll have some ammunition for the next "high brow" film I want to see (The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, anyone?).

I still need to buy some new shoes, so I'm thinking of trekking over to DSW in Pentagon Row after the movie [John wants to go to an early showing]. Possibly meeting up with Ray for a late lunch/early dinner and giving him the mittens he asked me to knit for his roommate/business partner.

Tonight, I don't have any plans, except John and I are going to make Brandy Alexanders. Maybe we'll watch movies. I should have a couple NetFlix DVDs arriving today.

Evil Game

A co-worker sent me the link to this totally evil game.

Let me know how you do. The first time I played, I lasted 3.28 seconds. I'm up to nearly 12 seconds now (I ROCK!)

J-Pop Friday Returns!

... and there was much rejoicing.

The first selection is another song by that supercute boyband, SMAP:

Dainamaito [loosely translated as "Dynamite"]

Not much to say about this song. It triggers no special memories, although it may be one of the first SMAP songs I learned to sing in karaoke!

And all SMAP songs make me think of the supercute, and you know he has to be gay, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. yum.

The second song for today is by Sorimachi Takashi (OK. I'll admit. He's yummy, too):

Forever [loosely translated as "Forever"], and, yes, that is Richie Sambora singing backup vocals.

This song has a special place in my heart for two reasons. One, it reminds me of the drama Beach Boys that my friends and I watched when we spent two weeks frolicking on the Okinawan island, Tokashiki.

Two, it's the first (and only) song I've ever sung in front of a band. The story is this:

One of the small communities where I used to teach had an international group. They had twice yearly meetings - filled with fun, booze, and food. One year, they told everyone to prepare a song to sing for karaoke. My friend, Anne-Marie and I, chose Forever. We went to a karaoke box every night for a week to practice. We practiced at home with a tape. We practiced all the time.

The morning of the party (the parties usually started around 11), we oversplept and had to make a mad bike-dash to the train station. We just made the train. Out of breath, we sat back and I asked, "So did you bring the tape?"

"No. I thought you had it."

URGH. There was no time to turn around and get it.

We arrived at the party, ate lots, drank loads, and spoke to a lot of friends. Then, it was time for the entertainment.

First up was a garage band, led by the son of one of the women there. They sang a few hair band-esque songs. Everyone danced around. They took a break.

We were sitting at their table when Anne-Marie asked the lead singer, "Do you know Forever?"

"Forever," he asked, "Eeeeeeh.... I suppose we do."

"Could you play it for us? We wanted to sing it for karaoke but forgot our tape."

"Eeeeeeh ... I guess. But we would have to practice."

"Well, go on then."

The band got up from their lunch and went to practice our song. Ha! I love the Japanese. They are so agreeable :-) [*smooches* for Shigeki]

It came time for the band's second set. They played a song or two, then said, "Anne-Marie has asked us to play Forever. She and Steven will sing for us."

WOO HOO! And we did. I totally rocked!

Anne-Marie wasn't too bad either.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Bought a Book

I've already posted 8 gabillion times today, so what's one more?

AND, I still have yet another fun little tidbit to post, but I think I'm going to hold off on that one until tomorrow (oooh. suspense).

John gave me a $25 gift card to Borders for Valentine's Day and I had a 30% off coupon and a $5 reward certificate (from my Borders Visa). Armed with $39 of free money, I trudged over to the bookstore.

Perhaps, given that it's sunny and 50 here, trudged is the wrong word. Strolled? Sauntered? Moseyed?

Anyway, after browsing among the new releases, I finally chose Shakespeare: The Biography by Peter Ackroyd. Several years ago I read his biography of London [cleverly titled London: A Biography] and enjoyed it immensely. The book (after the 30% discount) was only $23.89! So I still have $6.11 of free money to spend on books. YAY!

I don't think I'll be able to read this one anytime soon though. I already have two books ahead of it in my pile o' books: Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang (the author of Wild Swans) and Jon Halliday and Lost Mountain: A Year in the Vanishing Wilderness by Erik Reece.

I'm looking forward to reading all three. Yay! I *heart* books.

New Poll

OK. Don't let me down on this one people.
The new poll is over there -->

What's Wrong With You People

An astounding 67% of you think FEET ARE OK! Don't you know that the correct answers are either a) GROSS or b) the most disgusting things EVER or c) ew. get them away from me?

Nice to know that 67% of my loyal readers need some serious psychological help though.

I'm busy creating a new poll now. Stay tuned.

Tripping Through the Firewall of Doom


Thanks to the most marvelously magnificent Mush, I can now access most of my Firewall'ed blogs through Bloglines!

YAY! I can read Dykewife, and Faggoty-Ass Faggot, and Shigeki, and Scott-o-Rama to my heart's content (except for some reason I can't get Mr. o-Rama's entries to expand, but I'm working on it).

Hm. Three updates in 2 hours. And, I actually have work to do today. I suppose I should get started on it.


from the WaPo:

S.D. Abortion Bill Takes Aim at 'Roe': Senate Ban Does Not Except Rape, Incest

South Dakota lawmakers yesterday approved the nation's most far-reaching ban on abortion, setting the stage for new legal challenges that its supporters say they hope lead to an overturning of Roe v. Wade .

The measure, which passed the state Senate 23 to 12, makes it a felony for doctors to perform any abortion, except to save the life of a pregnant woman. The proposal still must be signed by Gov. Mike Rounds (R), who opposes abortion.

This sort of thing makes me so mad I could spit. I can't even formulate a clear argument and want simply to insult the fuckers who voted for this bill.

I tell you one thing, if I were a pregnant woman living in South Dakota after this bill passed, I sure as hell would move.

Freakonomics should be required reading for all of the Pro-Life folks.

If you haven't read the book, the author -an economist- puts forth an interesting theory: The drop in crime rates in the late 80s/ early 90s was not due to what "conventional wisdom" thought (more police officers, better economy, etc.) but to the fact that the children who had a higher likelihood of becoming criminals were never born. They were aborted after Roe v. Wade made abortion legal.

It's a little disturbing to think about ... but think about it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cursed Be the Firewall

As some of you may know, my work life is now ruled by a cruel master, the Firewall of Doom, which prevents access to some of my favorite sites. One of the reasons some of these sites are restricted are because they deal with "gay and lesbian issues" (*gasp*).

I was doing a little research about the Sonic Firewall of Doom yesterday, and this is what I discovered:

from Sonic's website:

Gay/Lesbian: Sites that provide information, promote, or cater to gay and lesbian lifestyles. Does not include sites that are sexually oriented (from the Content Filtering Service Premium Edition Categories).

God ... er ... Firewall ... forbid that gays and lesbians actually receive information whilst on the job.

from an old news.com article:

Another threat to virtual visibility for gays and lesbians online is blocking software--originally conceived as a way to mollify parents and political leaders anxious to prevent children from seeing sexually explicit material online.

"We know that blocking software is blocking a huge number of sites that are important to the gay and lesbian community," said panel member Ann Brick, staff counsel with the
American Civil Liberties Union.

Brick cited a GLAAD
report on blocking software that concludes that "the advent of Internet filtering software...and ratings systems mean cyberspace is poised on the edge of doing to gay men and lesbians what the CDA was prevented from doing--rendering us invisible."

Check out how much my company paid for the ability to render me invisible.

Looks like depending on the service, between $800 and $4000. Considering this is the company that doesn't let us buy colored ink pens (only blue and black. Thankyouverymuch), I hope they think this expense was worth it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, not much is going on ...

Last night, my happy hour was canceled. So, I went home and knitted for a bit. Then, John picked me up around 7. We went back to his place, caught up on my email, watched TV [CSI reruns so rock!), talked, and went to bed. No red hot luvin'. *sniff*

Not sure what today holds. Probably more of the same. My friend, Robert, leaves for Argentina this afternoon. Bastard. Wish I had the cash for a fun birthday vacation.

I would love to go visit my friends in London, but I don't have the spare $$$ for a ticket. *sob* Maybe I can swing a trip later in the year though. I hope so. I'm feeling the need to get out of the country for awhile.

Finally, welcome to the blogging world, Ms. Martini (the Diary-X'er formerly known as Dragonfly Dreams)!!!

Ode to the Netherlands

I was just looking over my blog stats and noticed that I've had a visitor from the Netherlands.


So, in honor of our Dutch friends, I will share my two Netherland Stories - one of which I told a friend yesterday.

1. When I lived in Japan, I met a Dutch woman, named Jacoba. She and her very unpleasant British husband had been in Japan for many, many years. Jacoba was your classic free-spirited, sharp-tongued artist. One day she told us about an experience she had in Oxford.

She was walking down the street in a very short skirt and tight top. When she passed by two women sitting at an outdoor cafe, one woman turned to the other and said, in Dutch, "Look at that slut walking by now." Jacoba turned to them and said, in Dutch, "Be careful. Everyone in Oxford understands what you are saying."


2. My first semester of college, I took World Civilizations I: Beginning of Time to the Middle Ages (or something like that). The course was taught by a Netherlander, Oscar Lansen (who is now at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte). I don't think he'd been teaching for very long in the US, because his accent was quite thick - understandable, but sometimes he'd mispronounce words.

During the very first class, he told a story of cavemen going out to kill a beer. I thought, "Cool. I'm going to like this class." Of course, later, I realized he meant bear. Eh. Cavemen. Not as cool as I thought.

Oh. and I had a big ol' crush on him. *sigh*

Thus endeth my two Netherland Stories.

First Things First

Dykewife, I think I like Eye of Horus better. Sorry it took me so long to respond.

Ah. I feel better.

Oooh. I just noticed. My little site has had 400 hits. You like me. You really, really like me.
Yes. I realize that probably 50% of those hits are me checking my site.

Not much going on here ... I stayed at my place last night, watching movies (really) and knitting. I've finally finished with the ribbing on the back of the Sweater of Doom. So, in two weeks, I've knitted about 3 inches. Sad. Good thing I didn't sign up for the Knitting Olympics.

Tonight, I'm going out for happy hour with Tomoko and Nida. Yay. I think John might come out too. Maybe. We're going to Halo - Yay for 2-for-1 happy hour specials that run until 9PM in a smoke-free bar! Yay!

It's snowing cats and dogs outside. The weather person said we'd get maybe 1 inch of accumulation. Then, it will warm up and all melt.

I guess I've rambled enough for now.
*happy snowy smooches*

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Worship Me, My Minions!

Look! I'm famous! John and I are quoted and appear in this article in the Nikkei Shinbun. For those of you who do not speak Japanese, I shall translate the important parts of the article for you:

"Steven, the stunningly handsome one in the orange jacket, said the movie, although sometimes inaccurate in its portrayal of geisha, provided a good introduction to Japanese culture.

"John, the other guy, said something not as important, so let's get back to the supercute Steven ..."

And there you have it! Aren't you glad I can read and translate Japanese for you?

Fun with Tables

Curse be the dreaded Firewall which my company has installed.

I have constructed the following table to list some sites which I would check daily (or hourly, if I got really really bored) prior to them being blocked by the evil Firewall of Doom.

WebsiteReason for Restriction
Scott-o-RamaPersonals and Dating
Somewhere in This WorldGames
Faggoty-ass FaggotGay and Lesbian Issues
DykewifeChat/Instant Messaging
The Traveling SpotlightGay and Lesbian Issues
Cute OverloadSaccharin Causes Cancer

[um. ok. I'm kidding about the last one.]

If My Life Were Any More Exciting, I'd Be a Tree

I'm having a grammar issue. It's too early to think about the subjunctive mood, but here it is ...

"If my life was any more exciting" or "If my life were any more exciting?"

Hmm ... i'm thinking "were" ... I'm going to change the title ... some Grammar Goddess out there tell me if I'm wrong. Please.

OK. On with our regularly scheduled entry ...

Yesterday was John's birthday. I still haven't bought his present. BUT, we slept in (until a little after 10 ... I'm sure Oscar's bladder was about to explode). I got up, let the dog out, started the coffee, and mixed together some cranberry pancake batter. When John got up, he grumpily made the pancakes.

I'm sorry, but I'm a pancake-making disaster. It's best if I leave the flipping to the experts.

Later that afternoon, we got out the convertible and drove to Arundel Mills Outlets. I needed to buy a new pair of shoes or two. Did I?


I think I experienced "shoe overload." Too many shoes. Too many options. My shoe-buying hardware short-circuited. Then, crashed. Perhaps I need to be rebooted.


I just typed "rebooted."

For dinner, we went to Dave and Busters. I had a manhattan. John had a beer. Then, I had a beer. Then, I was a little tipsy. The food was OK. Nothing special. Fortunately, D&B's is having a $14.95 dinner special. You get an entree and a $10 game card. Pretty sweet deal. John got to play all his manly shoot-people-with-guns games. I watched. Actually, I tried playing once, but sucked.

"What do you mean I lose points if I shoot a civilian?"

That was so unfair.

We drove back to his house. Watched some TV. Went to bed. Had amazing, hard-pounding ... erm ... movie-watching.

He said it was a good birthday. Yay.

The rest of my weekend was as follows:

Sunday, we didn't do much of anything, but we did catch the Harrison Ford flick Firewall. It was a good afternoon romp kind of movie. Much like all his other movies in the "My family's in trouble. I must save them" genre.

Saturday morning, I met Tomoko, Nida (a friend from grad school, visiting from NYC), and Nida's husband-to-be at Mimi's for brunch. I was about 40 minutes late because the friggin' metro ride took an hour and a half (about 40 minutes longer than it should have). Then, instead of going shopping for John's birthday present and dealing with two (or more) extended metro rides, I took one more extended metro ride home.

At home, I moved furniture, lots and lots of furniture - three bed frames [and all the acoutrements], one bedside table, one mirror, two boxes, and two giganto rubbermaid containers - into my storage space in the basement.

I made some dinner, knitted a bit, and waited for John. He picked me up around 10 and we went to De Lounge (aka Dead Lounge). Much to our surprise, it was lesbian country-western night. Yee-haw! We had two drinks each and left.

Hm. I can't remember what I did Friday night. Behold! The ravages of age! [Later: OK. I've remembered. I had a fit of crankiness. Started crying on the phone with John (momentary stress over his job situation). Went into the District. Bought lottery tickets (I didn't win). Went to a bar. Hated it. Went home. Went to bed.]

In other news, several people have asked if this will be my new bloghome and if they should update their links. Right now, all I can say is "maybe."

I love Diary-X very muchly and would like to keep my Enviroboi Journal going; however, I think it depends mostly on how the data recovery goes. If (when?) Diary-X comes back online, I may keep both that journal and this blog going. I'm not sure.

In the meantime, link here and we'll see what happens :-)

*many happy "It's Tuesday" smooches*

Monday, February 20, 2006

Quick Update!

As it turns out, today is John's birthday! Ack. I haven't bought his present yet - mainly because over the weekend Metro has been doing repair work. On Saturday, it took me an hour and a half to get to Dupont Circle to meet friends for brunch (normally the trip is 30-40 minutes).

I decided I couldn't deal with all the extra time sitting on the train.

We 're going to shopping today so -hopefully- I can buy it then.

I'll write more later - including steamy details of our birthday "movie-watching" and our Saturday night adventure out (two hints: lesbians and country music). Plus, the fun of moving furniture.

Type to you tomorrow when I get back to work.

*Happy Presidents' Day smooches*

Friday, February 17, 2006

What Up With All the Patsy Cline?

Friday Random 10 (borrowed from Pesky Apostrophe):

When You Need a Laugh - Patsy Cline
Punjabiyan Di Shaan - Hansraj Hans
Tonari no Heya - Shibata Jun
Ukelele Lady - Bette Midler
Theme of 015 - SMAP (I think)
I Love You So Much It Hurts - Patsy Cline
Heartaches - Patsy Cline
Rock With You - Michael Jackson
The One - Jennifer Lopez
Roxie - Renee Zellweger (Chicago Soundtrack)

I Really Wanted to Be the Green Lantern

Your results:
You are Spider-Man

Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash
Wonder Woman
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz

Curiouser and Curiouser


and, now ...


John could move back to Hawaii for 3 years.

Will somebody make a fucking decision already?

On a happier note, I have my iShuffle back. Yay. If you didn't know, I somehow managed to delete all the songs on it. Then, because my laptop is dead, I couldn't use it to reload iShuffle. So, I tried to do it at work, but since iShuffle is an E-drive and my work computer already has an E-drive, I couldn't do it. *sniff*

Then, Robert came to my rescue. He offered to upload songs off of his playlist. I got iShuffle back from him this morning. Now, I can listen to Madonna and disco all the time. Life. Good.

Well, except for the whole Boyfriend Uncertainty Principle.

Venti Caramel Macchiato and the Meaning of Life

Just like a Venti Caramel Macchiato,
Life is sweet.
Life is caffeinated.
Life is milky.
Life is warm.
Life comes in a paper cup.

I think I'm losing my grip on my metaphor here ...

Although, I had plans to stay at home and knit the night away, John's sudden announcement that he might be moving to Bahrain changed that. Instead, we went to dinner with his realtor. John is thinking of selling his house ... or renting it while he's gone ... or leaving it empty for the year. Everything is still up in the air.

It's the uncertainty of it all that is driving me crazy. I wish a decision would be made - Bahrain for a year, Georgia for 3, or staying in DC- and then I could start dealing with it. Coming up with an endless supply of hypothetical situations and responses is emotionally, and physically, draining.

Dinner was yummy. We went to some little Mexican place in College Park. Spinach enchiladas rock my world!

His realtor is a nice guy. Later, John said, "whenever I start to think that you are too flamboyant, I remind myself of [the realtor]." I'm like, I'm not flamboyant. *cough*

John's birthday is coming up soon (like next week). I really wish he'd tell me when it is. He told me when we first started going out. But, I had no idea we'd still be together at that time, so I didn't file it away properly. NOW, he won't tell me. I feel weird going through his wallet, even though he gave me permission to do so.

I decided to buy him Season One of Queer as Folk. He may already have it. I'm not sure, but he has told me before how watching that show helped him come to terms with his sexuality. Plus, it's within the price range I wanted to spend (under $50).

My weekend plans are far from complete.

I haven't heard from Laura yet about Steven and Laura Day on Monday. Saturday, I'm meeting some friends for brunch. No plans for Sunday. I might go to a movie tonight while John's at a funeral/viewing/thing.

Anyone want to come out and play?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Poll-y Goodness

Please take the poll.
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Coke Fix

They've restocked the Coke machine.

Life. good.


Well, gooder than it was.

Bahrain on the Brain

We interrupt today's normally scheduled fun blogging for more Where the Fuck is John Moving.

Previously on Where the Fuck is John Moving, our hero (me) was worried that John might be sent -suddenly- to Bahrain/Iraq for 4 months. That "career move" was nixed by his supervisor, who then was transferred. The new supervisor re-opened the possible assignment. Fortunately, February 13th came and went with John still safely in the Good Ol' U. S. of A.

Next, John's entire department was reorganized and people there less than a year had to find new assignments. One of the options: Bumfuck, Georgia for three years, rotating 8 months in GA and 4 months in Iraq and/or Afghanistan every year.

THIS MORNING, John calls and says that he may be going to Bahrain for ONE YEAR, possibly leaving in June or July. He would be able to take a trip or two back to the States, and he would be allowed to have visitors. (Would I want to go to Bahrain? I checked out the State Department's Consular Information Sheet. It doesn't look too bad.).

On the bright side, it's only for one year and when he returns he would have his choice of assignments (DC! DC!). On the not-so-bright side, it's Bahrain.

Yet another reason why love sucks.

I Called the Waiter a "Tard"

Not very politically correct, and I didn't say it to his face, but I was getting frustrated ...

And when you're immature like me and you're getting frustrated, you lash out by calling people names. It's how the world works, yo.

Last night, after work, John and I took Christal to Jackie's. Our waiter was new and ... um ... frazzled.

To start, I ordered Jackie's peach martini. John ordered 4 Elvis mini burgers. The peach martini tasted like it came out of a can. Canned peaches. blurgh. The mini burgers looked YUM though, and John and Christal polished them off quite quickly (once they arrived). Christal ordered a raspberry martini, which ROCKED! So, I had to have one too.

Our waiter disappeared. We had to send the water-pourer-guy on a mission to find him so we could order our food. The waiter came back and said, "your mini burgers should be right out."

"Um. We've already eaten them," John told him. He looked confused.

He took our orders. John and Christal both ordered the Wednesday night special - skillet fried chicken and potato salad. John added a side of spinach. I ordered roasted eggplant on a bed of quinoa (which I've always pronounced "Kwee-NOH-ah," but have been told by someone else that it's "kwee-NWHA." I'm not sure I believe him.). I also ordered the warm camenbert salad.

Our entrees arrived. I had to ask about the salad. The waiter brought it out. I ate some of it. Another waiter comes by and asks, "Who had the green salad?"

"No one here."

He walks away, comes back, reaches down to take my salad, and says, "You ordered the green salad not the camenbert."

"Hand's off, freaky boy. I think I know what I ordered," I thought, but said, "No. I ordered the camenbert."

He puts my plate back down and says to our waiter, "You put the wrong salad into the computer."

Y'know ... whatever ... but I would think a waiter should know better than to grab someone's already eaten food. If I had received the salad I didn't order, I would have let them know. Now, back off.

We finished our entrees. Mine was yummy (although a little salty). Christal thought the chicken was a little dry. Then, we had a bowl of cranberry sorbet for dessert. Yum.

We went back to Christal's for after dinner drinks and conversation. All in all, a good night.

Until bed time, that is.

To prevent embarassment I won't name names, but a certain someone who sometimes shares a bed with me had some noxious fartage last night. I blame the fried chicken. Or it could have been the pimento cheese on the mini burgers. Either way. *GASP* *I can't breathe*

What's on the agenda for today? Not much. John is possibly having dinner with his realtor to discuss what his options are if he has to move to Georgia. So, I'll probably stay home and knit. I haven't knitted anything in a couple of days. I've done -maybe- two inches of the back of my sweater. I need to get crackin' on that.

Busy weekend ahead too. Hopin' to go out on Friday (John has to go to a funeral). Saturday, having brunch with Tomoko and Nida (a graduate school friend who is now in NYC). Monday marks the return of Steven and Laura Day. Woo hoo!

*fried chicken smooches*

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

There is No Coke in Mudville

Our office drink machine is out of Coke! AUGH!
I NEED caffeine. I HATE diet Coke (gag).
I had to buy a Sprite.
Do you know how much caffeine is in a bottle of Sprite?

Well I'll tell you.


My afternoon break/coffee run isn't for another TWO HOURS!
I might just die.

[If I do -die, that is-, in lieu of flowers, please send bottles of Coca-Cola arranged tastefully in delicate bouquets. Thank you.]

[*heh* "tastefully" *heh*]


So far, two of my regular reads on Diary-X have found me. Yay!

I've added the Diary-Xer formerly known as GaijinGirl to my links over there -->
She's now Token Asian. Stop by. Tell her I sent you.

Dykewife, I'll add your link if you give me permission :-)

I wish I knew what happened to my other regular reads: Brain Surgeon, Dragonfly Dreams, Tamarisk, Stephany Sleek, Hwy14Writer, The Fat Lady Has Sung, Marvy Mei, and more ... Where are you? How am I to live without you? How?

I think tonight, I need to send out a mass email to all the Diary-x'ers with whom I usually communicate.

I miss you. *smooch*


I left work at 4:30 yesterday, and metro'ed over to John's. He met me at the door with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Mmm.


He gave me some presents (even though we had said we would only exchange cards) - a singing and dancing stuffed monkey in raingear and boxers and a gift card to Borders. Yay! Books!

He seemed to like the card I made for him :-)

We then settled down to watch some TV, order Chinese food, and get a little busy on the sofa.

There was some serious "movie watching," yo. My back hurts. Fortunately, even after all the champagne, I'm not hungover (much).

In other news, I think the book I've been asked to review has arrived. UPS left a message saying they had a package for me. I won't be able to get it until tomorrow though :-( Because tonight, John and I are taking Christal out to dinner.

We're going to Jackie's. Christal is moving to Atlanta next week. She got an awesome new job at Spelman. I'm really going to miss her. But, as long as she buys a house with a pool and a cute cabana boy, I can visit in the Summer!

I'm hungry. I think I need a greasy egg and cheese biscuit.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cute Boys

or How I Spend the Workday

Hot Olympians


Maybe I need a new hobby.


Happy Valentine's Day!


I hope everyone has fun and exciting romantic plans today! Remember even if you're not with a special someone, you can still do something special for yourself!

When I was in graduate school, several of my [single] classmates and I used to go out to dinner on Valentine's Day. We called ourselves "The Lonely Losers." We'd eat loads and get drunk. It was a lot of crazy good times.

This year, John and I are ordering Chinese delivery, exchanging cards, and "watching movies." [and, might I add that I look very cute today?]

I'm a little unsure of how the card I made him will be received. I bought some very nice handmade paper for the body of the card. Then, I folded 5 small origami heart cards, using pretty Japanese washi (like this, but prettier). On each card, I copied a verse of the poem I wrote.

For those of you with short memories, here's the poem:

Will You?

Will you be mine?
My Valentine?
My evening star?
My bright sunshine?

Will you hold me tight
And calm my fears?
Will you stay up all night
And wipe away my tears?

Will you laugh when I laugh?
Will you be right when I'm wrong?
Will you smile when I sing
The Floppy Ears Song?

Will you hold my hand?
Will you give me hugs?
Will you understand?

Will you love me?

So, the card has 2 verses on the front page, 2 on the inside left page, and one on the inside right page. I wish I had taken a picture to show you ... instead you'll have to use your imaginations!

*VD smooches*

Monday, February 13, 2006

Diary-x. Down. Out.

My regularly scheduled journal, Enviroboi, is down because Diary-X is experiencing "massive drive failure." Not good.

This will be my substitute site.

Here's today's entry.

My back hurts … for all the wrong reasons. On Saturday night, we had about 8-10 inches of snow. I volunteered to shovel John’s walk and deck. The snow was light and fluffy, so it was easy to shovel. Unfortunately, “easy to shovel” doesn’t mean “easy on the back.” And, what we had been doing prior to my shoveling wasn’t “easy on the back” either.

Before I forget, I have some exciting news. A few days ago, I wrote an entry on EnviroWonk about a book I saw in Borders, Lost Mountain. I couldn’t find any reviews online, so I mentioned that I might review it myself. On Friday afternoon, someone who works for the book’s publisher left a comment saying that they would like me to review the book and would send me a review copy. Sweet. I immediately sent my mailing address. I’m so excited. I’ve never written a book review before. It will definitely be an adventure.

OK. Besides the snow, the book review, and the sex, the only other thing of interest which happened was last night. John and I met Robert, Steve, Tomoko, and Bill at Halo. One of the bartenders was having an art show there. The art was … um … how to put this nicely? Hm. The art was bad. John compared it to an art student who had just learned a certain technique and was trying it out. I thought the color combinations were crap and the subject matter dull. The 2-for-1 drinks were good though.

Then, we wandered over to Logan Tavern for dinner. I had the side platter: garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli, and sautéed spinach. YUM. Very garlicky.

I guess we got back to John’s around 10 or 11? A fun time was had by all (I hope), but I woke up this morning very hungover. Not good. I had a greasy egg and cheese biscuit, so I feel better now.