Monday, April 03, 2006

Home again. Home again. Lickety Split

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............. back at John's.

I am so tired. DST totally sucks ass -except for it being nearly 7PM and still light out.

After work, I dashed to my place to pet my pussy (rowr!) and feed my pussy and clean out my pussy's litter box [See? It's not all fun and games]. I grabbed some more clothes and some necessities from the fridge: soy milk, pasta sauce, about-to-go-off broccoli. Shit! I forgot coffee. GAH!

Aside: I also forgot the frozen pizza I bought at Whole Foods during my lunch break. Fortunately, I have leftover pasta salad I can eat.

Then, I drove to John's and spent the first half hour cleaning up Puppy Poo out of the yard [and off the deck - when did that happen?].

Now, I'm relaxing with a yummy Sapphire martini with garlic stuffed olive. It's a drink and an appetizer! I so love martinis.

When the clock chimes 7, I'll head downstairs, have dinner, and watch CSI reruns. What a full evening I have planned!

Hopefully, I won't get too lonely ... like last night.

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