Friday, July 30, 2010

Packed and Ready!

Good morning, kittens!
It's almost the weekend!  And in about 8 hours, I'll be boarding a bus to the Big Apple!  Yay!  Because, you see, I have been invited to an *exclusive* event: Chelsea Clinton's Wedding!
Haha.  I kid.  I'm actually going to the Puntabulous Pool Party in hip, happenin' East Islip, Long Island.  How cool is that?  I've never been to Long Island before.  I wonder what it's like ... I am kind of imagining a slightly more upscale New Jersey.  We shall see.  But, I've made some fun infused booze to take, blueberry gin and green tea vodka.  I'm also hauling up several pieces of pottery.  Very excited.  And, I'm sure next week, the blogosphere will reverberate with Tales of the Fabulousness.  Srsly.  With so many Sparkly People in one place, who knows what will happen?  I'm betting Global Thermonuclear War.
I am also planning to meet up with several non-bloggery friends and to pay a visit to the Mothership (a.k.a. Uni-Qlo), so I'm sure it will be, like, totally, the Best. Weekend. EVAR!
As for what I did yesterday?  Hm ... I did not do A (nor B through E).  I was planning on going for a run after work, but my commute home was *so* awful (, I opted for a martini instead.
I did a little packing.  And, then, SCGB came down for a margarita.  Then, I went to bed.
And, that's it.  Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!  See some of you tomorrow!  *smooches*

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer of Fun!

Good morning, Kittens.
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to tour the US Green Building Council's National Headquarters and the offices of RTKL Architects.  Both offices are certified LEED platinum for commerical interiors.  The USGBC's HQ used very cutting edge technology, while RTKL managed to meet the requirements using readily available techniques.  Thus, it was quite interesting to compare the two. 
Once home, I did laundry.  Fun times. 
In other exciting news, I received a text from E, the very fine guy from last Friday.  He was all "I had fun and would be willing to see you again to "play," but I'll understand if you're not OK with that."  So, I am good enough for teh buttsecks, but there is some other standard which I'm failing to meet (like, I don't know not cute enough?  not smart enough?  not funny enough?  not rich enough?).  Whatever.  Summer of Fun.  We're going to let it ride ... If I have time to see him, maybe I will.  If I'm too occupied with A, C, D and there is an F in the works, I guess I won't see him. 
Finally, here's the big WTF of the Day:  FBI director says Justice Dept. is investigating possible exam violations (possibly the most. boring. headline. ever).  My WTF is not over the actual cheating, but that they cheated on an OPEN BOOK TEST.  Seriously, how lazy and/orstupid do you have to be to cheat on a test that allows you to look up the answers in the text?  AUGH!
Tonight's fun activities include packing for New York City! (Yay!)  and a possible visit from A (I haven't made up my mind about him coming over. depends on how the packing goes and how tired I am).
Have a great day!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Night In

Good Morning, Kittens.
Ah, another day down and the Weekend of Fabulousness slowly but surely approaches.
Yesterday, I had to attend a meeting characterized by clusterfuckery.  First, the meeting was scheduled to start at 10, but didn't get underway until 10:30.  Second, the people presenting did not seem well-prepared.  And, third, when it was my turn to present, they started to skip over me.  W.T.F?  I gave my presentation and did something that was (unbeknownst to me) a little shocking:  I said 'no' to the two-star general.  Seriously, he was asking for something unreasonable.  And, I didn't say it wouldn't be done.  I said that I wasn't going to be the person to do it.  We all have boundaries.  And one of mine seems to be an unwillingness to be at work at 11PM on a weekend to read an electricity meter.
Once home, I decided to go for a run.  yay!  Then, I had a martini and made dinner.  I was supposed to meet C last night, but we had to reschedule.  Instead, I blobbed on the sofa, chatted with friends, and worked on arranging a first date with F.  Summer of Fun, kittens.  Summer. of. Fun.
Today, I have been trying to catch up on a bunch of little projects.  Later this afternoon, I have a tour/meeting at the US Green Building Council.  And, tonight is laundry.  Oh, yeah.  Good times.
Have a great day!  *smooches*

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unexpected Holiday

Good Morning, Kittens.
My plans for yesterday started off with the best intentions.  I was going to get up early (like 5AM) to go for a run before getting ready for work.  Well, that didn't happen.  Instead, I hit snooze a couple of extra times. 
My commute to work was uneventful ... until I turned the corner and noticed a large group of people standing outside the building.  Just then, my phone rang.  "The power's out," said one of my co-workers.  "Great," said I.  After about an hour of dithering, they made the decision to send us all home for the day (yay!).
On my way home, I stopped by the Whole Foods and did some much needed grocery shopping.  I also bought a lottery ticket, because I was feeling lucky!  Once home, I learned that K-Factor's office also didn't have power.  We decided to do a boozy lunch - pasta salad, hummus, cheese, and beerz.  Later, I joined her on a Quest for Craigslist Furniture in Prince Georges County.  Unfortunately, the desk did not fit her needs.  Fortunately, the desk did not fit her needs (because I didn't really want to have to help carry that thing down three flights of stairs).
We returned to the co-op and I took a quick nap.  Yay.  Napz!
Around 5PM, K-Factor and I drove to the pottery studio.  She picked up a plate she had made last session.  I was planning on glazing my 5 mugs ... except they were still in the kiln.  Gah!  I guess I will glaze them next session.  Poop.  K-Factor left, and I read my nook while waiting for D to meet me.  He arrived around 6:45 and we went to Franklins in Hyattsville for dinner.  It was nice.  Good beer.  Nice food.  Fun conversation with a cute guy.  He dropped me off at Fort Totten metro station and home I went.  It would be nice to have some alone time with him at some point.  Maybe when I return from NYC.
I might have a busy day today.  Have a great one!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Update: Sweaty McDripperson Edition

Good Morning, Kittens! Happy Monday! I hope you all had an uberFabulous Weekend o' Fun. I certainly did.

On Friday night, I met E for snacks/drinks. And then we went to see Despicable Me in 3-D. It was a cute movie. Funny. Uplifting. But dragged in parts. After the movie, E offered to drive me home, which I accepted. Then, he was all like "Can I come in for a minute?" And I was all like "OK." And then, once he was inside, he was all "Maybe I should give you a massage?" And I was all like "OK."


So, I guess you know where the night ended up. And it was well worth it. Good times.

Saturday, I slept in. Then, I went to the Giant to buy cleaning supplies and food. Rather than cleaning my bathroom, I made a video for BOSSY's Tempur-Pedic Mattress Giveaway. I hope I win:

I made a pasta salad. And, then, I invited A over to *ahem* watch movies.

Sunday morning, after A left, I headed to the pottery studio. Unfortunately, all of my pottery was still in the kiln. Wasted trip. In 100 degree heat. Ugh.

After I got home, Tomokito came down and we had many margaritas ... and some wine. There was a BIG thunderstorm. Scary!

Tomoko went home. My friend, Robert, came over and we went to El Golfo for dinner. Spinach enchiladas! YAY! (And, to prove that I am not a Total SlutPuppy, I stayed true to my friend, Robert, and turned down the offer to go to C's house to "watch movies". Yay me)

And that was my SuperFun Weekend. How was yours?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sometimes Reading About My Life Makes Me Very Tired

Good Morning, Kittens.
I had a date last night.  It was supposed to start between 7:30-8, but he called around 7:15 to say he was running late.  That was cool, because I was heading up to hip, happenin' Downtown Silver Spring to read and wait.  I was almost finished with The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet.  I chilled out at the Panera and read and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And then he called and said he was leaving his house and would be there in 20 minutes.  I finished my book, which was really good.  It's the story of a Dutch man in late 1700/early 1800 Japan (on the Dutch outpost, Dejima, which is off the coast of Nagasaki).  The story was complicated and twisty and happy and sad.  There was romance and love and disaster and good luck and bad fortune and revenge.  Creepy priests, honorable interpreters, and spies.  It was fun and fascinating way to relive my experiences in Japan (while living on the Island of Kyushu in the mid 90s, I made several trips to Nagasaki - one of which was for the sole purpose of eating Chinese food (Is that weird?  They *do* have really good Chinese food there)) and to discover a little unknown (if fictionalized) history.  I'd definitely recommend it. 
Still waiting for the date, I purchased another book (on my Nook),  One Day.  Which -so far- I am enjoying.  It's a fun summer romance (so far), although I hear that it becomes (or parts of it are) quite a tear-jerker.
At 9:15 (fifteen minutes before I was set to chuck it all and go home), my date shows up, apologizing profusely.  You know, the normal excuses - work, traffic, blah blah blah.  Still, he's cute.  And I like him.  So I forgave him.  I'm easy like that.
this was our 3rd date.  It ended with a short kiss.  And for those of you keeping track, this is D.  Refresher:  A = the sex-date/friend who reminds me physically of the cheating cheater.  B = the date where SCGB caught us making out in B's car (no progress on B.  He texts/emails and says he's interested.  But when I ask when he's free, he never responds.).  C = hm.  I can't remember how I described him.  But I have a 2nd date planned with C next Tuesday. 
And, this weekend (tonight, actually), I am supposed to have a first date with E.  We're going to the movies.  Or dinner.  Or something.
But, I digress, after my really fun date with D (which ended with a short kiss.  Did I mention that already?), I went home. As I was trying to get ready for work the next day, I stepped in something wet in the kitchen.  "Ugh.  Cat vomit," I thought.  I turned on the light and cleaned up the watery mess. 
This morning, there was more water in the same spot.  "Ack," I thought.  "Leaky kitchen sink."  I checked the leak that I had sealed with duct tape.  It was fine.  But there was a fine layer of water under the sink.  Finally, I spotted the culprit:  a quiet drip near where the cold water comes out of the wall.  I tried to turn off the pipe, but it seems to be rusted shut.  So, I put a bucket under the drip and, a la Scarlett O'Hara, said "Fiddle-dee-dee.  I'll think about that tomorrow."  And, then, I said, "As Gawd as mah witness, I'll never be hungry again!"  And, then, I ate a carrot.
Weekend plans, besides aforementioned date with E ... Saturday, I need to scour my bathroom (and, apparently, try to fix my kitchen sink) and create a video for Bossy's contest.  I could certainly use a new mattress.  My current mattress was purchased in 1993, which means it is about ready to graduate high school.  I am also supposed to see Inception with Mike (Who Makes Cakes), but, depending on my cleaning progress, I may have to back out.  I am wondering if I'll be able to schedule a rendezvous with A later in the evening ... hm ....
Sunday, I am going to the pottery studio for the final time this Summer Session.  I hope that my mugs have been bisque-fired and are ready to glaze.  Then, I am scheduled to have dinner with my friend, Bobert.
So there you have it.  Happy Friday and have a great weekend!  *smooches*

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

Good Morning, Kittens!
After a fun-filled day of work, I did laundry (two loads!).
The end.
Don't you wish you lived my fabulous life?  Of course, I also had a martini (or two).  And, I cooked dinner (which was quite a challenge since I haven't been to the grocery store in over a week).  AND, I watched the last half of Galaxy Quest.  AND, I talked to my best friend from college. AND, I confirmed an after work date today.
Good times.
Have a great day!  *smooches*

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun

Good Morning, Kittens.
So ... yesterday, I left work a little early for an "appointment" ... with Leah the Colornatrix.  Oh, yeah.  I am back to my (*ahem*) natural (*cough*) color.  See? Actually, it's a bit brighter than normal, but it's Summer and this is the Summer of Fun, filled with lots of boys and cute bright hair.  Yay.
The trip to the salon was exciting ... especially if one defines "exciting" to mean "OMG Worst Torturous Metro Ride EVAR!!!!"  I got on the train near work and the car's a/c wasn't working.  At the next stop, I switched to an adjacent car ... which also had a non-functional a/c.  I decided to suck it up b/c until my transfer at Metro Center.  Once my red line train approached, I got on a car ... that had NO A/C.  So, I immediately hopped off and boarded the next car.  WHICH ALSO HAD NO A/C!  WTF, Metro?  W.T.F.
Let's just say I was a hot, sweaty mess by the time I arrived at Tenleytown ... so I treated myself to an iced chai from Starbucks.  Nom.
After my appointment, I met Jerry at Level One (the restaurant below Cobalt, formerly known as Food Bar) for drinks (lots and lots of drinks) and food (mmmm.  black bean chipotle burger).  Good times.  Fun conversation.  Always cool to catch up on the Jerry Dating Drama.  Then, I staggered to the bus stop and eventually made it home to bed.  Bed is good.  I like bed.
ANYWAY, the other day I received a $25 iTunes Gift Card (yay!).  I have already asked this on Facebook/Twitter but I am welcoming suggestions about songs I should purchase.  I'm thinking of songs for the Official Summer of Fun Soundtrack.  What songs would you buy?
Have a great day!  *smooches*

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday is the New Monday

Good morning, Kittens!
And, we are back to work!  (yay.)
Yesterday was super-fun and busy.  In the morning, after A left (or should I say "came and went?" *ahem*), I ironed my shirts for the week.  However, after burning myself twice on the iron, I decided the Ironing Gods were displeased and didn't want me to do any more.  So I stopped.
Then, I heading to DC to meet Nida and Mike (Who Makes Cakes) for a lateish lunch at Guapos in Tenleytown ... except after waiting about 20 minutes for Mike, I texted him to see when he would be there and he was all "Oops.  I forgot.  Go ahead without me."  *sheesh*  Srsly.  I am beginning to wonder about his mental state.  We talked the evening before to set up the time/place.  At least Nida was there and we had a fun chat about life! 
After we parted, I had a little time to kill, so I went to the National Portrait Gallery and sat in the Courtyard for awhile.  I thought about wandering through the Norman Rockwell exhibit, but I didn't think I had enough time to see the whole thing.
Next, I went to the pottery studio ... I put the finishing touches on two mugs and I made three handbuilt mugs.  I was supposed to meet Date D for an after-pottery studio coffee (or something), but he texted and had to work late.  So, I headed home, ate a sandwich, and blobbed on the sofa for the rest of the evening.
All in all, a pretty full day off.  Yay!
Today, after work, I am getting re-blonded.  And, possibly, meeting my friend, Jerry, for drinks/dinner.  Suh-WEET!
Have a great day!  *smooches*

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Update: It's Too Darn Hot Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

Happy Monday! At least, it's a happy Monday for me, because I am OFF! Yay! Three day weekends are the Best. Things. EVAR! (except for maybe 4 day weekends).

So, my weekend thus far ...

Friday after work, I had plans to meet some friends to see Stonewall Uprising. I had some time before the movie, so I went to Macy's and bought a new white belt. Then, I wandered down to Barnes and Noble. I hooked up my nook and was able to read the first couple chapters of One Day for free. It started out fun. I may read that next, once I finish The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet.

A little before 7 I walked to the theater. Several of my friends canceled last minute, but -fortunately- I had anticipated that and had a backup plan, a date (would this be "D"? I'm losing track). D and I had gone out about a month or so ago, but then he disappeared. Turns out he was traveling for work. When I spoke to him online on Thursday, he was all "Do you have dinner plans on Friday?" So, I invited him to the movie. And then we went out to dinner. It was really fun. Nice guy. I hope to see him again (perhaps this evening!).

The movie, itself, was good. I didn't know much about Stonewall, so it was great hearing people's stories of the event. And, it's always a bit shocking to see how gay people were treated prior to the Pride Movement. I'm glad I was born in a more enlightened age. Speaking of being born, D and I determined that I was more than likely in utero when Stonewall happened. Could it be possible that the Stonewall Uprising made me gay??? Something to think about ...

Saturday, I hitched a ride with Tomokito, her husband, and Baby Hana, to attend the baptism of our new neighbor, Forrest. As luck would have it, I did not burst into flames when I entered the Chapel. Nor did lightning strike me when I whispered an inappropriate comment to Maura. *whew*

This is what I wore:

I feel like i'm rocking some sort of weird 70s vibe. isnt this what  people wear to Catholic baptisms?Cute, no?

Once home, I took a nap. Mmm. Nap. Then, I went for a run. After dinner, I watched Once and knitted. I am 8 rows from finishing Forrest's baby present, the Never-Ending Baby Blanket of Doom. Yay!

Once was a lot better than I had anticipated. I did not like the Oscar-winning song, "Falling Slowly," when I first heard it (during the Oscars ... in 2007?). However, sung in context, I did like it. And hummed it for most of the day on Sunday. Annoying.

Sunday, I went to the pottery studio. I got two pieces back. That wacky vase/pitcher thing pictured above. And a bowl. I also attached handles to two mugs. And made another bowl.

Then, I met SCGB at Mi Rancho for a late lunch. I had salad. And lots and lots of beer.

When I got home, I took a nap. And at 8PM, A came over for a little ... um ... fun. Or a lot of fun, as I am kind of sore this morning.

And, that was my weekend. Today: lunch with Nida and Mike (Who Makes Cakes), pottery studio, and possible dinner with D. I also need to iron for the week. And maybe go to the grocery store.

Have a fantastic Monday! *smooches*

Friday, July 16, 2010

Shaky McShakerson!

Good Morning, Kittens!
I felt the earth
under my
Or bed.  Or something.  We had an earthquake!  Exciting.  If only I remembered it happening ...
I woke up around 5AM this morning.  And, then, got all confused about what day it was.  Saturday?  Thursday?  Friday?  Do I have to go to work?  I finally worked out that it was Friday and fell back asleep.
When the alarm went off a few minutes later, NPR was all "OMG!  EARTHQUAKE!  ARMAGEDDON!  WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!*"
So, anyway, yesterday was certainly fun with all the Meeting Clusterfuckery.  Once I got home, I relaxed for a minute.  Then, I went for a run (about 4 miles, I think.  Maybe a smidge less).  After that, I sat on the sofa and blobbed.
This weekend there is a lot going on.  I'm going to see the documentary Stonewall Uprising this evening (if it's not sold out).  It's either going to be a "Friends Outing" or a "Date" ... depending on who shows up. 
Saturday, I'm taking the Hana-chan Express to the baptism of Baby Forrest.  Everyone pray that I don't burst into flames the moment I enter the chapel.  That would be bad.  On Sunday, I need to go to the pottery studio.  And, on Monday (since I'm off.  again!), I will be meeting Mike (Who Makes Cakes) for lunch.  At some point during the weekend, I will be hanging out with Nida, who is in town with her husband.  Yay!
All in all, it should be pretty cool.
Have a great Friday!  *smooches*
*OK.  They weren't really all like that.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Of Pop Tarts and Presentations

Good Afternoon, Kittens.
Mmm.  Homemade Pop Tart (from Ted's Bulletin near Eastern Market).  Tasty deliciousness ... although the edges are a bit dry.
ANYWAY, I now have a working A/C!  Hurrah.  I actually had to use my comforter last night.  It's so nice to sleep in a cool room.  Not much else happened yesterday.
Today was yet another adventure in clusterfuckery.  Two meetings.  The second of which I had to give a presentation.  My slides have been ready since before the meeting was first scheduled (July 7th).  The meeting was postponed twice.  Finally, they get their stuff together and held the meeting today.  I was the only one with slides that weren't just a title page.  PLUS, they didn't have a projector set up.  Instead, they had made photocopies of all the slides for everyone.  *ugh*  Next time, I'm bringing my own damn projector and screen.  Srsly.
Anyway, the funniest thing?  After I gave my presentation, everyone applauded.  Ha! 
Now, I am braindead and fighting off an attack of the Afternoon Sleepies.
Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!  *smooches*

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Satisfaction Delayed

Good Morning, Kittens.
So, yesterday my new Air Conditioner arrived. See?  Which meant I was a little late to work.  I was a bit worried that I might be a lot late to work, which would mean that I would possibly miss the meeting in which I was scheduled to make a short presentation. I needn't have worried though.  The meeting was postponed until the 15th.  *sheesh*
I totally want to add the date I created my slides (July 1st) to my slides so that the people at the meeting will realize that all this rescheduling was not because of my incompetance. However, my guess is that they already realize that anyway.
After work, I met my friend, Ray, for happy hour.  I had a lot of this and some of these.  So very tasty.  Ray and I had a good catching-up chat and then we parted ... just as the rain started.  Luckily, I had the best metro and bus karma EVER!  I barely got damp from the torrential rains last night.  Hurrahz!
I made a late dinner of leftovers, poured a glass of wine, popped in a seriously under-rated movie, View from the Top, and settled in for a fun night of lazing on the sofa.  My plans were dashed, though, when I got an email from the contractor who is going to install my new A/C.  She can't come until the afternoon.  Thus, instead of sleeping in and coming to work later, I had to wake up at my regular time and will leave work around noon.  Half-day!  There is definitely a nap in my very near future.
So, that's my excitement.  Have a great day!

Monday, July 12, 2010

12 of 12: A Whole Lotta Nothing Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

And, here is my long-awaited 12 of 12 post from my day. I figured I might as well post my pix now, because nothing much else is going to happen tonight. OK. Some other things *might* happen, but I'm not going to take pictures of them.

OK. I might take pictures (or video! hah!), but I'm not going to post those here. This is a Family Blog.

OMG. Did I just type that? So. Funneh. Still ... not posting those kinda pictures here. Sorry.

ANYWAYZ, so my morning started off in my neighbor's apartment b/c of this:

july201012of12 001Hello, My Busted A/C

Isabella? She does not enjoy the heatz either ...

july201012of12 002

Then, I ironed. For hours ...

july201012of12 003

Ironing finished, I decided to walk up to Downtown Silver Spring for shopping and food. But first ...

july201012of12 004Hello, Pretty Cosmos in my yard

Shopping at the sad, sad, partially empty City Place Mall was disappointing.

july201012of12 006

But, my Boozy Lunch at Adega was far from disappointing!

july201012of12 008

The new Silver Spring Community Center Thing:

july201012of12 010

I don't know what this sign is advertising, but the image creeps me out.

july201012of12 012

Nap Time with Isabella!

july201012of12 015

Martini Time!

july201012of12 016

Taking a photo of a sudden rainshower is hard.

july201012of12 018

Dinner Time! Leftover Chinese food and Retsina. Yumz.

july201012of12 017

Photos not featured in this post are on flickr.

And that would be all. *smooches*

Weekend Update: Many Dates and Fun Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

What a weekend! And, in my case, since I have today off, it is still on-going. But, I thought you deserved a little recap of all the excitement so far.

On Friday, after work, I metro'ed to Dupont Circle. I met the Canadian and K-Factor at Circa for pre-dinner drinks. I had a Dark and Stormy. Yum! Then, we walked to Bistro du Coin for dinner and champagne and lots and lots and lots of wine. After dinner, we walked up to the Russia House for even more boozy good times. And, that's where my date, A, met us. We had lots and lots and lots of vodka. But, A had to work on Saturday, so we left the party early (like around midnight) to go to his house. Where we ended up having Wild Monkey Secks on the living room floor all night long.

Or, y'know, for a little while and then we went to bed. And, got up EARLY (because of the whole "going to work" thing). Let's just say one of us was a Little Overhung. Fortunately, A drove me home. I got home around 930AM and promptly crashed on my sofa until noon. Nice.

Made lunch. blobbed. Walked to the grocery store. Went for a run. Made dinner (delicious raw corn salad with Michelle's favorite, feta). Oh, and my Saturday night date with "C" was postponed. Instead, I went up to Tomokito's for drinks and conversation. Fun!

And, because it was so cool after a morning of rain, I was able to sleep in my own apartment Saturday night. Yay!

Sunday, I got up early and went to the pottery studio. I threw three small pots, the second of which ended up back in my clay bag. But, the other two (pictured above) came out quite nicely and will be mugs of some sort.

On the way home from pottery, I stopped off at Subway. Yum. 12 inches of goodness. Mmmm. Then, I wasted time until my date. C was in Baltimore doing work. So he stopped in Silver Spring on his way home. We met near the metro station and went to a nearby Chinese restaurant. It was pretty good. He hasn't dated for awhile (just out of an LTR, I think), so the conversation wasn't exactly *sparkling*. He seemed nice. I would like to see him again. And, he drove me home (which is always nice).

Then, I went upstairs to have drinks with SCGB and to hear all about his fun trip to NYC. I slept in K-Factor's apartment, even though my place might have been cool enough without a/c. I slept really well, but had some strange dreams ... at one point I was being attacked and I punched the guy in the face. I woke up when I actually punched my bed. Then, I turned over somehow and wrenched the beejeebus out of my knee. Ow. Walking is slightly difficult (so no training run today, methinks).

AND, to recap my three dates in four days:

B: fun. made out in his car.
A: drunken. hot buttsecks at his place.
C: also fun, but slightly awkward. hug good night in his car.

The interesting thing is that I see both A & B as mostly fun, summer secks things. C seems like we have a lot in common and more long-term dating potential. As far as personal attraction goes. I think A is the most attractive, followed closely by C, and then B. I know I am weird.

That's about it, I guess. Today is 12 of 12. So I may be posting again later tonight. Stay tuned.

Happy Monday! *smooches*

Friday, July 09, 2010

On the Cusp

Good Morning, Kittens! 
And, it is Friday!  Hurrah!  Which puts me one day closer to having a working air conditioner.  I still don't know what day that is, but it's CLOSER!  Srsly.
Last night was fun.  After work, I had a first date scheduled with this guy (let's call him "B").  We were going to have happy hour at McGinty's in Silver Spring.  I got there a little early, ordered a beer, and called up "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" on the Nook.  Then, I got a text from B.  He was stuck in bad traffic.  UGH.  Three beers later (and an almost finished book), he arrived.  First impressions?  Nice looking. Older (he's 44).  Shorter than I thought.  Interesting conversationalist, but worked a bit too hard at trying to "read" me.  I find that slightly annoying, sort of like the way Mr. Not-So-Fantastic used to categorize everyone by their signs.  B did it with psychobabble and philosophy. 
Unfortunately, he had to leave early.  He drove me home and we made out for a minute in his car.  Apologies to SCGB who walked by and saw us.
Once inside, I got out of my work clothes, made some toast, had some water, and then went upstairs for a quick drink with SCGB (who's heading to NYC this morning.  Hate him).  Crashed on my air mattress at K-Factor's awesome air-conditioned pad and finished reading "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest."
Plans for the weekend?  Tonight, I am going to a little birthday gathering for the Canadian at Bistro du Coin.  Then, we are heading over to the Russia House for after dinner drinks.  I invited A to join us there.  If all goes according to plan, I will be going back to A's home for a little somethingsomething and a lot of air conditioning.
Saturday, I head home, do some cleaning, take care of the kitty.  And, in the afternoon, I am going to Pentagon City for a coffee date with (I don't know, should we call him "C"?).  Yes, you are counting correctly.  3 dates with 3 different guys in one weekend.  When it rains ...
Sunday, I plan on resting, relaxing and heading to the pottery studio.  Monday I am off, so I may schedule something for Sunday night (if I'm not too tired).
And, that's my busy busy weekend o'fun.
Have a great one!

Thursday, July 08, 2010


Good (Practically) Afternoon, Kittens.
Well, things are getting a little bit better.  My fabulous neighbor, K-Factor, will not be home for the next few days, so she has offered me access to her air conditioner.  Yay.  I stayed there last night (on an air mattress on her living room floor).  So cool. So airy.  So conditioned. 
I say it to you all now.  Air conditioning is a beautiful beautiful thing.
And, that's about all that happened yesterday ... other than doing laundry.  And wasting a LOT of time at work. 
Today, I am wearing my new houndstooth pants.  Cute.  Or at least I think so.  Tonight, I have a date.  We're meeting for happy hour drinks.  Then, I'll probably be hanging out with SCGB for awhile.  Fun times.
No news about *when* my new a/c will arrive.  Fingers crossed that it will be SOON.
Have a great rest of your day!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

It's Mornings Like This That Make Me Wish I Still Drank Coffee

Good morning, Kittens.
But, wait.  I still drink coffee ... but not during the week.  Only on weekends.  It has to do with the whole "heart skipping beats" thing a few months back.  I cut out the daily coffee and it stopped.  I mean, my heart didn't stop.  That would be bad.  But, the skipping beats thing stopped. Weird.
ANYWAY, there is more to my sad, sad coffeeless life, which you probably already know if you follow me on Twitter:  Monday evening my air conditioner died.  *ka-THUNK*
And, as you may be well aware, the temperatures this week have been in the TRIPLE digits.  So, yesterday, I spent the morning on the phone seeing if I could find someone to repair my (very old) air conditioner.  And they could!  In about 2 weeks!  At the earliest!
Then, I decided to look for a new one.  None of the stores around here seemed to have much, but I did find one online.  I bought it.  It should be here next week.  And, then, I contacted a contractor (who several people in my building have used) to come install it (and haul away my old one).  Grand total of this little adventure: $500.
Which means, my Summer/Fall vacation plans may not be happening.  Well, my trip to NYC at the end of July is still happening.  But my other trip in September may not be.  Bah.  Homeownership.  Sometimes it totally sux.
In the meantime, without the A/C, I am sweltering at home.   I briefly considered arranging a series of Craigslist Hookups: 
Casual Encounters:  Me - cute, hot, single.  You - Have a/c. 
Fortunately, I may not have to resort to that.  Several neighbors have said I could crash in their living rooms.  I may take them up on it tonight.  It is too darn hot. 
And, after two nights of very bad sleep, I am a little incoherent.
Have a great day and stay cool!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Weekend Update: Suburban 4th Edition

Hello, Kittens!

Did we all have a fabulous, SuperSparkly 4th of July? I hope we did!

As for me, my weekend was chock full of boozy, delicious fun!

On Friday, I spent the morning/afternoon doing housework-type things ... like laundry and mowing/weeding the lawn. And, taking some pants to the tailor to be hemmed. In the evening, I met A (the guy who looks like the Cheating Cheater) for drinks/dinner at Nellie's. Boozy fun. Although, this was our first "date" ... I guess. Normally, he just comes over here for hours of teh hot secks. Now, we are having, like, conversations and stuff. I'm not sure if I like where this is going ;-) ... Srsly. I like him. But, I don't know if he's the kind of person I want to *really* like. Friend w/ Benefits or regular FB would be good. Something more? I'm not so sure...

Saturday morning, he left to go to work. I blobbed around the house. Then, SCGB and I headed out to (near) Greenbelt for a birthday party. It was so much fun. Cookout! Conversation! Sangria! We got home late. I crashed.

In the morning. after getting over my (slight) hangover, I headed into VA to hang out with the ShallowGal Posse! 4th of July in Suburbia! So, like, weird and homogenized.

After arriving at the ShallowHouse, we relaxed for a bit and then went to the pool. I wore my ubergay squarecut swimtrunks (soon to be featured in a Blogger Swimsuit Calendar. srsly.). Then, we took the dog for a walk. And, after showering, the whole ShallowGang piled into the Suburban (or whatever) to drive like 2 blocks to a BBQ/potluck on the lake. Delicious Peach Sangria! Pineapple Chili Margaritas! Wine! Beer! Delicious Foodz! And, once it got dark, bootleg fireworks by the lake. So. Much. Fun.

And, the best part? After making up many many stories about how ShallowGal and I knew each other ("we're friends from elementary school"/"we only met yesterday"/etc), one of the party guests said to ShallowGal, "Is he (meaning me) your son?"


ShallowGal is 9 months older than I am. So, I guess, *technically* in some sort of weird sci-fi way, I could be ...

I spent the night in the 'burbs and returned to the Silver Spring early Monday morning. Then, Eric from Baltimore came down and, along with Tomokito, SCGB, K-Factor, and the Canadian, we went to Mi Rancho for Boozy Lunch. Margaritas! yay! After several pitchers, we returned home, made more margs and watched "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion." So. Much. Fun.

And, there you have it. My weekend o' Boozy Fun.

Friday, July 02, 2010

I Spare You the Photos. Srsly

Good Morning, Kittens.

OK. I do share with you one photo. My new earring. I bought it in Denver. It is turquoise. And triangular. And it replaces my "rainbow" earring that I wear during pride month. *sigh* June is over. I can't be proud anymore.

ANYWAY, yesterday was pretty cool. My office conducted a four-hour training at one of our sites. I gave an (approximately) 30-minute presentation on that site's energy use and how to save energy. If I do say so myself, I was brilliant. The participants seemed engaged and (as proven by a little quiz/game we did at the end of the four hours) the information seemed to have stayed with them.

Let me just say that, although I did not enjoy being a high school teacher (so many many years ago), the skills I acquired during that time are pretty damn useful.

After the training, my officemates and I went out to lunch. When we got back to the office, we learned that the General had approved Early Release. At 2PM. We got back to the office at 2:15. So, we all packed our bags and went home. Yay.

When I got home, I noticed there was an odd "dead animal" smell near my building. I thought that maybe our garbage bin was being all gross and stinky.

Then, I went for a run.

Later, after noticing that the "dead animal" smell was getting stronger, I decided to investigate. I headed to the garbage bin, but -on the way- noticed a large swarm of flies near my building. I looked closer and OMG! BIG FURRY LUMP OF UNMOVING BEASTIE!!!

I called K-Factor and SCGB, but they weren't home. Then, I called another neighbor, who was home ... and who volunteered to assist me in disposing of the OMG! BIG FURRY LUMP OF UNMOVING BEASTIE!

We got a shovel and a couple of garbage bags and rapidly disposed of a VERY LARGE putrid, maggot-covered, festering, dripping, juicy opossum. At one point, I may have squealed like a girl. BUT, on a positive note, I did not vomit. Yay me.

On an even positiver note, my 4-day weekend begins today! I am spending it by (1) doing yardwork, (2) doing housework, and (3) spreading SPARKLY FABULOUSNESS all over the suburbs of Virginia. Yes, I am spending the 4th of July with the UberGroovy ShallowGal and her Amazing Posse of Spawn.

Oh, and (totally unrelated to my visit w/ ShallowGal and her Spawn) I may also be getting some of teh hot, sweaty buttsecks. Details later, I'm sure.

Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day Weekend! *smooches*