Monday, March 31, 2008

It is Gray and Rainy

And I will be pulling handles and trimming in pottery class tonight.
I enjoy trimming.
But it seems like a waste of time to do it when I could be receiving instruction.
I prefer to trim and pull handles in open studio.
But one of us was too overhung to go to open studio on Sunday.
So, today,
I'll be trimming.
And pulling handles.
Maybe I'll have some glazing to do
or maybe I'll stay late and make a pot or two.

And, maybe, the sun will come out.
Why isn't it Go Home Time, yet?

Only If teh Buttsecks Is Considered a Sport

My boss treated us to Chinese takeout for lunch today. I had the Szechuan Homestyle Tofu. YUM!

This was my fortune:

You like participating in competitive sports.

A-hahahahaha. *deep breath* a-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*ahem* No.

I ate another fortune cookie:

From now on your kindness will lead you to success.

Much better ...

but I guess that means I should stop sending "I hope you SCREW UP ROYALLY" vibes to the person who is interviewing for *my* job on Thursday.

Alcohol-Free April Eve

Tonight will be my last opportunity to partake of the fabulous fermented beverages I do so love for an entire month. March was an exercise in Bacchanalian frivolity, and my liver could use the break.

Some of you may doubt my resolve, but let me remind you of International Liver Resting Week 2007, in which VUBOQ did not drink for an entire week!

Not convinced?

Although I can not provide a link as this happened during my Diary-X days, after my 35th Birthday Party and resulting 2-day hangover and mysterious gaping wound between my eyebrows, VUBOQ gave up the booze for six months.



Is that not the epitome of resolve and determination?

[And if you doubt the veracity of the above, please contact Tomokito. She witnessed the whole sordid affair.]

One month should be a piece of cake.

I, of course, am willing to accept Alcohol-Free April Partners, if anyone should so desire to join me in the detoxification process. I (We?) will be eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies and drinking lots of juices and water and exercising regularly (running 3x a week, weather-permitting) and, most importantly, not drinking the martinis. Nor the vodka collinses. Nor the margaritas. Nor the manhattans. Nor the bourbons (neither neat nor on the rocks). Nor the negronis. Nor the wines. Nor the beers. Nor the anything elses ...

Are you with me or against me?

My Brain Has Turned Off


The recruiter emailed that she has found another candidate for the organization to interview. This is good in that the process can move along quickly. This is bad in that it has raised all sorts of self-doubt. Like, what if they like that person better? What if that person is more qualified? Or gives better interview? I know ... It's hard to imagine, but it could happen. I should find out Friday (or next Monday) what will happen next. stressful.

Not much else going on.
Pottery class tonight.
Alcohol-free April starts tomorrow.

More later. *smooches*

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birthday Baking

For Y's 40th Birthday Party, in addition to all the food we purchased, I decided a few homemade goodies would help to make it extra-special.

First, I made Mel's delicious Chocolate Tofu Pie. Here it is in the blender:

yuval40th 001

And, then, poured into two crusts (chocolate and graham, both purchased at Whole Foods):

yuval40th 002

Easy peasy to make. And yummy (but not quite as sweet as I thought it would be. I might put in more maple syrup if I make them again).

Next, I melted half a bag of semisweet chocolate chips and dipped strawberries in it:

yuval40th 004

Warning: Do not let your children lick the bowl or they may end up looking like this:

yuval40th 005

Next, I made chocolate chip cookies.

yuval40th 006

I experimented by putting some Peanut Butter M&Ms in a few:

yuval40th 007

This is the second batch (with no M&Ms):

yuval40th 009

This is the third, and final, batch (with M&Ms):

yuval40th 010

Colorful! Peanut butter-y!

Finally, I used the last of the semisweet chocolate chips to make chocolate-covered pretzels:

yuval40th 012

After all that, I was EXHAUSTED, but there was still entertaining to do ... You can check out all the fun here!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Y's 40th Birthday Party is tonight. I have been super busy food prep bunny today. Lots of fun photos to come (hopefully) tomorrow.

Until then, here's a teaser:


I made those. Yes, I did. Am I not the most cleverest everest?

Stay tuned, kittens. *smooches*

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sneak Peek

Here's a link to the Dead at 40 Crossword Puzzle I made.
[and, yes, I realize that some of these people died at 39 ... but, whatever, close enough.]

Have fun!

Let me know what you think :-)


The End of the World Month Approacheth

And, lo, there came from on high a call, which pierced the air with it's high-pitched screech.

Yeah. That was me. After a very frustrating call with Y. GAH! This is a reconstruction of the conversation:

V: So what kind of food do you want for your party on Saturday?
Y: I don't care.
V: Maybe a little hint?
Y: I have eggrolls in the freezer. They have chicken in them.
V: Um. OK. Anything else?
Y: I just want people to be happy.
V: Do you think they will be happy with only frozen chicken eggrolls?
Y: I don't know.
V: Do you want the food to focus around a specific theme? Like middle eastern or asian? We can get hummus and babaganouj and pita and, maybe, some spanakopita.
Y: I guess we could. I don't know. Seems like I always have those things at parties.
V: OK. You want something different. What?
Y: I don't care if it has a theme. My only thing is that the guests are happy.
V: The guests won't be happy if you don't decide on what food you want.

[continue the conversation along those line for about 10 more minutes, and, then ...]

V: I really can't talk about this anymore. You think about what you want. I'm going to brainstorm some ideas. Then, I will call you back later tonight and we can discuss which of those options you like best. Bye.


Y: I looked on-line and March 25th is Greek Independence Day.
V: Ok. Do you want to do Greek food?
Y: It's also Belarusian Freedom Day [or something like that].
V: I don't know anything about Belarusian food, or Slavic food in general. Except Borscht. I don't think that will go well with chocolate birthday cake.

Blah blah blah blah blah...

This is one of the things I find most frustrating about Y. He doesn't care about food. He's not all that excited about entertaining. He doesn't get the whole "theme" concept. So what if the party is frozen chicken eggrolls, borscht, and chocolate cake?


Finally, we came to an agreement of sorts. There will be two food stations: Chocolate and Savory.

The Chocolate Station will have chocolate cake (made by Mike); chocolate tofu pie (made by me); M&Ms; chocolate chip cookies (made by me); and chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, nuts, etc.

The Savory Station will have (perhaps) mini quiches, egg rolls (enough with the egg rolls already!), spanakopita, maybe an assortment of cheeses and dips.

There will also be lots of vodka. Vodka makes everyone happy.

Today, I will be making shopping lists so that we can have a quick and easy time in the grocery stores. If there's one (more) thing that drives me nuts, it is a disorganized shopping trip. Srsly, I can't stand it when people aimlessly wander the aisles randomly picking up things and endlessly debating if they want to buy them or not.

I'm all "This is the list. This is what I'm buying. Then, I'm leaving."

I hate Costco. And we are going there. *shudder*

Oh. I have also created a "Dead at 40" crossword puzzle for the party guests to work on. I hope it's not too easy...

The party is going to take up most of my weekend with the shopping tonight, the prep tomorrow, and the actual party tomorrow night. Sunday, I am going to the pottery studio. And that will be my weekend. Fun times, kittens. Fun. Times.

More later. *smooches*

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good News Bad Not-Quite-So Good News

The recruiter called.
They LOVED me.
I'm a perfect fit.
Not only because of my knowledge and skills, but also my winning personality.


BUT ... before we break out the champagne ...

I'm the first only candidate they've interviewed, so, in order to give due diligence to the process, they want to wait a few weeks to see if anyone else qualified will apply.

My second interview will not be for another 2-3 weeks. GAH!

The recruiter, of course, was all let me know if there are any changes in your circumstances during that time. I am assuming she means if I get any other job offers. We shall see ...

My dear kittens, I hope your fingers don't cramp up from keeping them crossed all this time.

Valley of the Unfulfilled Promises

Good morning, Kittens!

Yeah yeah yeah I know I know I know. I was supposed to blog all about BOSSY's Stopover in Vutopia last night ... but I was tired and opted for a martini and bed (not at the same time). You know how it is.

Anyway, ShallowGal [She's a Hot Tranny Mess!] did a much better (and funnier) post about the gathering than I ever could. Go there. Read it, now. WAIT! Finish reading my post first, please.

So, after leaving the bar, I forced BOSSY to ride the Metro (the horror!). Srsly, I love the Metro. I could ride it every day (and I might, if this job-thing happens). We had to change trains. So exciting this Big City Life. Then, we had to jog for the bus! Exercise. It is good for us. Luckily, the bus stops directly in front of my building.

We chatted. We had lots of water. Hydration, kittens. It is important.

Y came over. I gave him his birthday present. We chatted.

We went to bed. Well, BOSSY went to bed. I went to bed. Y stayed up until about 3AM grading papers.

Fun times. See?

I got up and went to work. BOSSY left. So sad :-(

I came home from work around Noon:30, got ready, and left for the interview. First, I met with the recruiter at 2:30. She gave me lots of good pointers: things to highlight and topics to avoid. Yay recruiter! Then, at 3:30 I met with the organizations HR director and the director to whom I would report. They were both interesting and personable. I felt we had a very engaging conversation.

Hopefully, I will find out soon if I am to be asked back for a second interview with a group of staff members.

And that was it. No real plans for the day. I'm busy writing Thank You emails, and, at some point, I need to start thinking about Y's 40th Birthday Party on Saturday. At least, I have the cake taken care of. Next on the list will be booze and food.

More later. *smooches*

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just for Java

The interview went very well.
I'm sure they loved me (How could they not?).
I am tired.
And doing laundry.
And eating pretzels.
And soon to be drinking a martini.

Interview details to come tomorrow.

Many thanks for all the good vibes sent my way.


In Case You Were Wonderin'

This is me in my suit. My hair is a total fuckin' mess. Gah.

I Will Not Hyperventilate

Good morning, Kittens!

The BOSSY Outing to the Wilds of Virginia was too much fun. It was totes excellent meeting everyone. More to come on this later ... for now, here's my flickr set: Bossy's Road Trip DC.

A piece of advice for those of you who will be meeting BOSSY (and other bloggers) in the coming weeks: It would be helpful when you introduce yourself to new people (like me!) to say your blog name along with your name [and, then, repeat it again at some point in the conversation. Yes, I'm bad with names]. OR, even better, get someone to bring nametags. Cheesy, I know, but super helpful ... I met some SuperFuntastic people last night ... If only I could remember their names (and their blogs). [Maybe they will find me and comment here today? Pleeeeze?]

But, enough about that (for now), let's talk about ME!

Like, oh.em.gee., I am approaching FULL ON FREAK OUT PANIC MODE. *deep breaths*

This interview could be a MAJOR step forward in my career and I have CRAP hair and like 15 zits. AND, when I get too nervous, I turn into a babbling incoherent idiot.

Why can't I be articulate? WHY?

I've been reading over some "typical" interview questions and practicing (in my head) responses. I don't feel properly prepared at all.

If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it. For example, what is your least favorite interview question and what is the best way to answer it? You have until Noon (that's when I'm leaving work to put on the SuperCute Charcoal Gray Suit Which Has Only Been Worn Like 4 Times EVER).


More this evening. *smooches*

[Updated to Note: I am suddenly concerned that I won't remember how to tie a tie. GAH!]

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No One Loves ...

... a Christmas Tree on March 25th.

In other news, BOSSY has arrived, and she's even more beautifuler in person.


[OMG UPDATE: I can't find my Burt's Bees Lip Balm! ACK!!! Must. Go. to. Whole. Foods.]

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Having a Mild Panic Attack

[Edited to Note: An ExtraSpecial Hello and *smooches* to the 40 Thousand Billion people clicking over from BOSSY! Take a seat. Stay for awhile. I'm usually not this boring. Ha! Who am I kidding? I'm always this boring ... Enjoy!]

1 task done. 8 GABILLION MORE TO GO!!!!

And to start this post off with a bang, here's the question I submitted to my manager this morning for the weekly report:

Q: What species of animal should be used for oral/dermal pharmacokinetics testing?

A: According to 40 CFR 795.228(c)(1)(i), the rat shall be used for pharmacokinetics testing because it has been used extensively for metabolic and toxicological studies. For dermal bioavailability studies, the rat and the mini-pig* shall be used.


What else do I have to do today?


~Make Y's birthday card! Finish wrapping his present!
~Prepare for my SuperExciting Interview tomorrow!

This morning, I found my suit (!), and I did a practice hair run this morning. Please tell me my hair looks cute:

~Race home for lunch to meet the Very Special Houseguest and help her settle in!
~Get directions to the Continental for the Very Special Houseguest's Happy Hour**!
~Make Vuboq Confidence Infusion so I ooze charm (but not in a smarmy way) at the VSHHH (and at the SuperExciting Interview)!
~Did I mention preparing for the SuperExciting Interview? It's tomorrow!!! ACK!!! *panic*

Other than that ... I'm just fine.

Pottery class was productive. I threw 2 interestingly shaped mugs and a twisty vaselike thing. Fun times.

I think I'll go vomit now.

*For some reason, "mini-pig" cracks me up
**I'm also looking forward to Anti-Social Alcohol-Free April

Monday, March 24, 2008

You Know What Would Be Totally Cool?

1. Nap time. At work.

A former co-worker dropped by for lunch. We went to Austin Grill. I ate too much, and I am sleeeeeeeeeeepy.

2. A way to rebuild my seriously deteriorated vocabulary and speaking skills within the next 2 days.

My Liver Hurts

Or it could be my kidneys.

Something. In *there*. Is hurting. And, given that in the past few weeks I have consumed more alcohol than one person should consume in a year, I'm going to say that it's my liver.

Besides, I used to teach anatomy to high school students. I know where the liver is. Sort of.

Hm. Maybe it is my kidneys. Anyway ... here are a few bits and bobs:

~Now that the Global Blogger Meetup is officially over, I need to do some tidying up on the column over there -->

~Don't forget there is still time to participate in the 10% Refund Challenge (or the I Owed the Tax Man Pity Party). The drawings will be held on April 15th. Let me know if you are donating or owing.

~Pottery class starts up again today (Yay!)

~I have major cleaning and some shopping to do to prepare for a very special overnight houseguest who arrives sometime tomorrow.

~Tomorrow is also Y's big 4-0 ... but he has some school commitment. I think we will celebrate later this week ... and his party will be on Saturday.

~My interview is on Wednesday afternoon. Please send "hire VUBOQ" vibes to DC. I must remember to buy some white t-shirts today. All of mine seem to have disappeared.

I am really looking forward to being Anti-Social and Alcohol-Free in April.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Esther's Easter Egg Event

Click here for all the full-color fun!

The last of the Global Bloggers have left.
Y and I have made up for lost time.

Now, I must knit.


Saturday, March 22, 2008


After hard-boiling the two dozen eggs for DUN's birthday cum Easter egg dying party, I noticed that three of the eggs had cracked. Instead of eating them instantly, I decided to do a practice dying run. Take a look at my flickr set here: Easter Eggs.

The party starts at 6ish tonight. Should be a good time.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Mad Fotografee Skillz

I believe that everyone has *at least* one special talent, something at which they truly excel.

Y's special talent seems to be an extraordinary ability to photograph me with the goofiest expressions EVAR!

Exhibit A

Exhibit 2

Exhibit III
Looks like we're not going to the zoo (*sniff*). Instead, we're off to the Irish Pub. *w00t*

Move Along Nothing to See Here

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I'm back at work again. But only 'til 12:30. Yay!

Yesterday was fun. I met Heidi and J for a bite to eat at Adega. Then, we parted ways: Them to the Sights of DC and Me to Get Some Nookie.

Ah. Nookie.

I feelz so much better.

I got back home around 7:30ish. J fixed a delicious dinner (punjabi beans. yum). We had lots of wine. DUN came down for food and chat. We were also joined by Lil Meerkat's cousin, Buster (he's a bad, bad meerkat ... or whatever). Fun times, kittens. Fun. Times.

I collapsed around 11.

Today, we are going to the Zoo! *w00t* The weather is nice, if a bit chilly. I'm sure the animals will be in fine form. I want to see the Golden Lion Tamarins and the Cassowaries.


After that, we'll wander through Woodley Park and Adams Morgan. Then, head over to Nellie's to meet a buncha buncha friends for Happy Hour! Who all is coming? Me, Y, Heidi, J, Tomokito, Mike, Jerry, Dana, RayandJoey, maybe Kris, maybe Darryl, maybe SCGB, maybe DUN, and maybe YOU?!?!?

Saturday, I have a lot of errandy things to do. Plus, I want to tidy the house a bit. AND, I need to start preparing for my SUPER-EXCITING interview on Wednesday. Saturday evening, we are all heading up to DUN's abode for a Not-Her-Birthday Party (even though it totally is). I'm bringing a bunch of hard-boiled eggs for us to dye! FUN!

Sunday, Heidi and J are heading home. Luckily, Y has graciously (after a bit of persuasion) agreed to drive them there. Then, I need to come home to finish tidying the house. Maybe do some laundry. And get lots and lots of red hot luvin'.

The next round of houseguests arrives at some point on Tuesday [one night only *whew*].

Thursday, March 20, 2008

OMG. I'm Back at Work

And, I don't like it. Being "off" is much more fun. Fortunately, I'm only here until 12:30 today (and tomorrow)! *w00t!*

So, I'm 38 years and 3 days old now ... and, look, OMG! GIGANTIC EYE WRINKLZ!!!

[photo by goblinbox]
Kill me now.


Yesterday was a bit of a Do-Nothing Day. The weather was a bit coolcloudyrainyblah. Heidi and J and I wandered up to hiphappenin' downtown Silver Spring. We had a late lunch at Adega (mmm... portabello sammich) and ran some errands.

Then, back home. I did laundry (teh funz!) and made green Thai curry (teh yumz!) and we watched Melrose Place on DVD.

It was DUN's birthday, and she didn't have any major plans (as the SuperCute BF was headed to NJ). She joined us for curry and MP. Fun times.

I didn't sleep well last night. *yawn*
And I am needing to have some of teh buttsecks soon.

Perhaps more later. *smooches*

PS. the job interview is scheduled for 3/26. *w00t*

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Culture Time!

Yesterday, J and Heidi and I ventured forth unto the Capital, ending up at the National Gallery of Art. Heidi had fun. J? Not so much an art museum person, methinks.

After awhile, I entertained myself by taking photos of paintings of St. Jerome ... while singing "Jesse. Now, Jerome" in my head. You can of course see my fabulous Jerome Series on my flickr page. I felt I was being a little unfaithful to Saint Anthony of Padua (my totally faves saint EVAR ...) but the NGA doesn't seem to have many artworks depicting my little Tony.

After departing the NGA, we had an early-ish dinner at Teaism (veggie bento. YUM!).

Once home, we had martinis (and I had cheesecake) and watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Bringing Up Baby.

Check out Goblinbox's GBM photo set here.

Fun times, kittens. Fun times. Let's see what happens today (besides laundry, of course).

Oh, and just in time for Easter ...

Jesus Forkin' Christ!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cake Comparison

Birthday Cake Side-by-Side Photos:

Which do you prefer? 2007 or 2008?

Post-Birthday Roundup

Yesterday, we finally dragged ourselves out of bed around 10ish ... who knew that all those margaritas and $2 cocktails would be so unforgiving? Around 2, Mush, Only Me, and I headed into the District for a little casual sightseeing ...

We went to the Mall. There were Cherry Blossoms. I tried to eat them.

We walked up to the Capitol Building and sat in the Grotto (which I lurve ... I'm not sure why).

Then, we walked to Jaleo for tapas and the best sangria in DC. Mmm. Mmm. Delicious. Darryl joined us there, which was fun. I remembered that last year, I met friends at Jaleo on my birthday as well. The main difference was that last year it snowed. *kbrrr*

We came back home. Mush made a delicious veggie chili. A few of the neighbors joined us.

They left. We went to bed.

All in all, a pretty durn good birthday :-)

Thanks for all your comments and birthday wishes.


Monday, March 17, 2008

It's the Best Day of the Year!

Happy Birthday to me!

Here's a picture of me and my cake from Saturday night (Mush took it on her phone):

Not as cute as last year's I'm afeerd. I guess that's what happens as we get older ...

Last night was SuperFun! We had Sunday Early Evening Margaritas at Alero. Then, we went to Cobalt for $2 vodka highballs. OMG. So drunk.

And, this morning, so hungover.


More later. I'll be uploading pictures in a bit. Maybe.
Or, I'll be taking a nap.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Good Time Was Had By All

The Vodka and Dessert Birthday Extravaganza was a total blast. You can check out pictures here: Global Blogger Meet-Up Set.

25 people + over 5 liters of booze + not getting to bed 'til after 3AM = A Very Good Time.

I could use a nap. Srsly.

A few fun pix from Goblinbox: Punch! Party!

Today we're doing Afternoon Margaritas (at some point) ... perhaps, Early Evening Margaritas instead ... and then heading to Cobalt. Yay!

I guess the most important question is: How are *you* spending the Best Day of the Year Eve?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

They're Here!

Morning, Kittens!
Everyone made it just fine and ON TIME! (Can you believe it? No flight delays! Even the Weather Gods themselves want the GBM to be a big success!)

We ate pizza, drank wine, and -OMG- drank more wine.


Why am I up?

The pictures I took last night were gross, so here's one this morning of some Sleeping Bloggers. 2000 VUBOQ Points if you can guess who they are:

Friday, March 14, 2008

And They're Off ...

Let the Weekend of Craziness commence (in 30 minutes or so)!

I may not have much time to post until mid-week, but I'll try! Srsly. Y'all need to be a part o' the fun vicariously.

*Love and happy weekend smooches to all*

At Any Moment I Might Vomit

The house is CLEAN!

I mean, not just regular clean, but you can eat out of the bathtub clean. And given how many people are going to be in my house this weekend, someone may have to eat out of the bathtub.

I vote for Only Me.

Hyphenated Non-IDentity arrives this afternoon, with the rest of the kittens getting in this evening or tonight. *whew*

I have borrowed enough (hopefully) bedding from the Most Rockingest Neighbors EVER! So everyone will have many comfortable sleeps in my abode.

I still feel like I have lots to do, but I'm not really sure what those things are ...

Other than PANIC, because (get this) ...

(are you ready?) ...

Y's Mother *may* be coming to the Vodka and Dessert Birthday Extravaganza on Saturday!

She arrives around noon today. Y was saying that she didn't really have anything to do on Saturday night, so he might just drop her off at a friend's house or something. Being the crazy idiot wonderful person I am, I said he should bring her to the party.

At this point, Y, who usually misses the point, was supposed to say, "Oh, no. I don't think she'd like that very much. I think the friends are looking foward to seeing her." Instead, he said, "OK. I will ask her."


This will be the first time I've ever met the parents of someone I'm dating. EVER. Not that I'm nervous (lie), but when I think about it, I do kinda want to crawl under the bed to hide.

*deep breath*

I suppose I shall focus on being the fantastically fun and gracious host I always am and it will all work out.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'm *almost* done with my shopping for the weekend. Can we talk about how full my fridge is right now [See the final 12 of 12 photo in the previous entry]? I have a few last minute things to pick up at Whole Foods [raspberry sorbet, bread, 2-bite cupcakes, rice]. I want to make a fun ice ring for the punch, but I need a bundt pan or something ...

I'll be picking up some extra bedding and another air mattress from the Most Rockingest Neighbors EVER (!) tonight.

I'll also be cleaning the bathroom, spare room, and my bedroom. Plus, I'm moving the Kitty Litter Box into my bedroom, so the guests can use that closet [Aren't I the greatest host ever?].

All the out-towners now have confirmed rides from the airport to my place [Thanks Sassy and Clio!]. Y bailed on driving me to BWI because he has a major deadline this Friday at Midnight. Plus, his mother is coming to visit from Israel (I think she arrives on Friday as well). Luckily, Clio stepped up to the plate! YAY!

My parents (bless them) have deposited some birthday money into my checking account to help pay for weekend party groceries and for a new dining nook table. I want to buy a cute Pub Table and Stool set ... eventually.

I guess that's about it for now. I need to take a few moments to step back to see what I've forgotten to do and/or buy. Maybe when I get home.

I emailed the bloggers attending the GBM a tentative schedule of events. If any of you out there in Bloglandia want to join, here it is:

Friday (3/14): Out-of-Towners arrive. Casual Wine/Pizza/Movies at Casa de Esteban
Saturday (3/15): [No daytime plans yet], Dinner at Mandalay, followed by Vodka and Dessert Birthday Extravaganza at Casa de Esteban (8PM start time)
Sunday (3/16): Sunday Afternoon Margaritas at Cleveland Park Alero (on the patio if weather permits), followed by either a stroll throught the National Zoo or hanging out in Dupont Circle, followed by Cobalt.
Monday (the Best Day of the Year): Sight-seeing in DC, followed by late lunch/early dinner at Jaleo, followed by a drink or two at an Irish Pub (tentative), followed by Veggie Chili Party at Casa de Esteban.

Hyphenated Non-IDentity leaves on Monday morning. Goblinbox leaves on Tuesday morning. Only Me and Two Cents are here for the remainder of the week. I'm taking the Best Day of the Year through Wednesday off and working until 12:30 on Thursday and Friday. So there will be ample opportunity to hang out (if you want).

I am *so* looking forward to the weekend of craziness ...

More later (perhaps). *smooches*

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12 of 12

8:15AM. Going up. 6th floor: Boring Office.

10:30AM. Ack. Can't take it anymore. Going down.

10:35AM. Window cleaners. Eek. Scary.

11:45AM. Post-coital Lunch. Salsa and cheese on toast.

11:50AM. Post-coital partner. [Y usually is gone when I come home for lunch, but today he came to bed about 15 minutes before I got up for work. I figured he would sleep in a little later than usual.]

12:15PM. Pasta Vacation is Coming Soon [I have mad Spanish skillz].

3:50PM. Welcome to the 6th Floor Jungle.

4:45PM. Yet to be written Thank You note to my aunt in Maine.

5:30PM. It is good to be home. Martini and goronzola on crackers.

6:45PM. Love me. Love my laundry.

7:00PM. One can never post enough photos of their pussy.

8:30PM. I can haz full refrigerator.

The end. *whew*

God of the Interview

Quoth the recruiter, "it's a match made in heaven."

In-person interview will be either 3/17 (Happy Birthday) or 3/20!

Pop Quiz

True or False:

1. VUBOQ went home for his lunch break.
2. VUBOQ went home for his lunch break so he could have hot, steamy, sweaty buttsecks.
3. VUBOQ took pictures of teh buttsecks for his 12 of 12 photo essay to be posted later today.

Bits. Bobs.

The phone interview didn't happen because the recruiter was sick.
Because I was waiting around for her to return my call, I missed the job fair.
Her receptionist called around 2:30 to say she would call me this morning.
The job fair ended at 4. No way I could get there on time. Alas.


I did get lots of cleaning done. Although I noticed when I'm stress cleaning, I clean weird things. Exhibit A: At 10:40PM, I was washing the tops of the doors and door frames. I also cleaned the top of my refrigerator (which only people over 5'11" can actually see).

I spent about 1/2 my monthly food budget yesterday ordering from Peapod (Giant Groceries on-line delivery service).

Today, I will be doing laundry and organizing my bedroom into something not-quite-so chaotic.

And, OMG, it is totally shedding season. Cat hair. EVERYWHERE. I brushed like 10 brushfuls of cat hair of the PsychoKitty yesterday. TEN! If you're coming to my house at some point in the next week or so and are allergic, take your meds, kittens.

Oh, and I have to buy some wine. And maybe more vodka. And I need to pick up things from the Whole Foods.

12 of 12 photos coming later today. Stay tuned.

Lastly, to Only Me, the mug you liked is Y's birthday present. Sorry.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Le Bleah

The recruiter is out sick. She may call me this afternoon.
I'm off to a job fair after lunch.
In the meantime, here are some pottery pix:

Winter Pitcher 1Winter Vase 1Winter Mugs 1 and 2Winter Vases 2 and 3

More later, perhaps. *smooches*

Monday, March 10, 2008

EEK, Part 2

I have a phone interview with the recruiter tomorrow.
*deep breaths*

Weekend Update: Where's My Forking Hour Edition?

Ah. Daylight Savings Time. How I love it. (*cough* *hack*) I thought that, since I spent most of yesterday overhung and in bed (or on sofa), the missed hour wouldn't be missed this morning.

Boy. Was I wrong?

Bah. DST can suck it. Princess.

Friday night, I watched Music and Lyrics. VUBOQ *hearts* Drew Barrymore. Cute movie. Got sort of long though.

Saturday, I did lots of work on the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom. See:

Since I took this picture, I have seamed the raglan edges and the side seams. I still have to seam the sleeves and pockets. Then, I have to pick up stitches around the neckline to knit the hood. Then, I have to pick up stitches on the pockets to knit their ribbed edges. Then, I have to pick up stitches around the front sides and hood to knit more ribbed edges. Then, I have to teach myself to crochet so I can crochet the button loops. Then, I have to buy buttons and sew them on and I'm done! [Estimated date of finishing: September 2008].

Later, Tomokito came down for pre-party martinis. Around 8-ish, we left for Mike's party, which was too much fun. I met lots of cute boys (and one super-hot muscle daddy. mmm). I may or may not have flirted shamelessly with all of them. Apparently, I got a little durnk (which would explain the all day Sunday hangover).

Y drove me and Tomoko home. Somehow I made it into bed. Y crashed on the sofa. Sunday was very unpleasant. Around 3, we went up to Panera for food. I started to feel better after I ate. Once Y dropped me off at home, I put in a DVD and went to bed early (10:30).

I have pottery class tonight. Yay. I should be getting some finished works back (yay!). Tomorrow I have taken the day off to go to a job fair at EPA. I must remember to print out some resumes.

Friday, March 07, 2008


Haagen-Dazs Mocha Chip.


*happy weekend smooches*


I just sent off my application for the job.
*deep breaths*

It's a SuperCute Day!

OMG! I love it when I walk to work, and somewhere along the way I discover that I am feeling SuperCute! Trust me, it doesn't happen every day...

I think it's because I'm wearing new jeans! These aren't the Genetics Jeans (*heh*) I bought from (which should be arriving today!).

Here's the new jeans story, which I forgot to blog about when it happened:

A week or so ago, one of my co-workers couldn't find a sitter for her daughter. Thus, it became Bring Your Daughter to Work Day in my office. The child was well-behaved, but there's something about high-pitched kiddie voices in a quiet office that after about 5 hours started to drive me FRIGGIN' INSANE. I had to. get. out.

Unfortunately, it was WAY cold, so I couldn't walk around outside. Instead, I ended up wandering the aisles of Marshalls in Shitty Palace Mall (aka. City Place). I hardly ever find anything that fits me in any Marshalls ... yet, lo and behold, I came across a cute pair of jeans ... in my size (which is usually 29x32 or 30x32, depending on the brand) ... for only $15.

I tried them on.

They fit.

I looked cute.

I bought them.


The end.

Today is going to be a busy day for me. My goal is to get my application for that job out by noonish. Plus, I have several assignments for work that I need to complete (and ... er ... start).

Not many big plans for this weekend. Mike is having a big house party on Saturday. On Sunday, I'm going to the pottery studio. The rest of the weekend will be spent cleaning. And, hopefully, there will be some buttsecks at some point.

Perhaps more later. *smooches*