Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I Don't Care

I'm a little disappointed. I wanted to go see a screening of the Japanese film Repast, directed by Naruse Mikio tonight at the AFI. However, when I sent out an email to several of my friends, no one responded in the affirmative.

I could have gone by myself, but ... I don't know ... it wouldn't be the same. *sigh*

Then, I get home and the dog jumps all over me with his muddy paws. John calls and I tell him. "You were wearing my shirt, weren't you," he said.
blah blah blah lecture lecture lecture.
"When I come home, I change first. I don't wear an $80 shirt to play with the dog."

What-the-fucking-ever. I wasn't playing with the dog. I was letting him in and cleaning up his shit and he jumped up on me.

The friggin' mud will come out in the wash.


Reasons why I have a cat:
1. Litter boxes are easier to clean than scooping up shovels full of dogshit.
2. Cats don't jump up on you with muddy paws.
3. Cats are aren't annoyingly needy. They are calm and soothing.

Sometimes I feel like I just can't do anything right.


  1. going to movies alone can be a zen experience. you should have gone.

    i hope you responded thusly: i was letting YOUR dog that i've been watching for over weeks in and if he'd ever get any training he might be better behaved

    AND what about the smoky restaurant bar that we waited forever for a table for in philly because....?

  2. don't you mean that cats *aren't* anoyingly needy?

  3. Sorry about the dog incident. I'm with Dablo. Though I do wonder why you were wearing his shirt...

  4. I was wearing his shirt, because it was cool that morning and I didn't have any clean long sleeve shirts at his house.

  5. You must tell the BF not to nag meaninglessly when he's far away. Also tell him, "SHUT THE FUCK UP, luv, I'm HOUSESITTING FOR YOU. Now would not be a good time to find me in a huff back in my own condo, ignoring your shit."