Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today, the Drops Will Dance

Good Morning, Kittens.
Once upon a time, a very long time ago, I was the poetry editor for my college's literary magazine.  One of the professor's submitted a lovely poem, titled "Pancake Mornings."  I need to find it.  It was all about how her mother would make pancakes and test the skillet by throwing water on it.  When the skillet was ready, the drops would dance.  The poem ended with the professor walking into her classroom thinking "Today, the drops will dance."
And, that, my friends, is a good way to think.  I am not quite there yet.  But, I certainly would like some dancing drops today.  Rather than the lacklusterness and bone-aching tiredness that seems to be permeating my being.  At one point, I forgot how to swallow and choked on my tea.
It's been that kind of day already (and it's only 8:30).
But, enough about today ...
Yesterday, I had a lunch date ... with a cute boy.  What is it with all these 28-30 year olds suddenly finding me semi-desirable?  This one (I almost wrote "kid") is 29, turning 30 in August (or September?).  He works in Eastern Market (2 metro stops from my office).  He's also short (5'7").  But cute.  And earnest.  He likes to call himself adventurous.  I'm not quite sure that's the term.  I get the impression that he thinks if he says it often enough it will become true.  I'm not meaning that in a negative way.  A positive (dare I say, adventurous) outlook is a good thing.  We had a good conversation.  I had tomato soup and grilled cheese.  He ordered the reuben.  Which was funny because as he was eating it he said, "You know, I really don't like corned beef."  Oh really?  Why did you order it?  "The chef recommended it to me."
I don't like beets.  I don't care how many chefs recommend them to me.  They still taste like dirt.
Really nasty dirt.
(and, yes, every now and then, I will sample a beet to see if my tastes have changed.  They have not.  Yet.)
So, lunch was fun.  We have another date on the calendar for a week from Saturday (we aren't going out this week because I am heading to New! York! City! for the weekend.  More on that later).
THEN, after work, my co-worker and I met a former co-worker (now friend) for happy hour!  Yay happy hour!
I got home around 8:30.  blobbed for a bit.  And went to bed.  Good times.
Today is laundry day.  AND, as an added bonus, we have New Washing Machines!  Front loading! Energy Efficient!  YAY!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Force You to Look at My Pots

Well, not really, since you have to click on the links.  You could simply refuse to click.  I won't be offended.
Anyway ...
Good Morning, Sweet, Sweet, Happy Kittens!
The only thing of interest which happened yesterday was pottery class. Yay!  And it was a good one.
Two finished pots (a.k.a. soup mugs).  I am pleased with how they turned out.  In fact, I may keep them.  (I know.  Shocking!).  They are glazed in black and, then, were dipped in Lisa's Favorite Blue.  The blue is not quite as vibrant as I had hoped. It's a new batch of LFB, so -I am thinking- the studio manager made it a little thinner than last time.
I had several things ready to glaze - one of my raised platters, the cannister, and a small bowl.
Then, I threw another bowl.  Then, I cleaned up and came home.
And went to bed.
Such an exciting, exciting time.
Today is going to be an eventful day as well.  So come back tomorrow.  Same VUBOQ time.  Same VUBOQ channel.
Have a great day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Update: Do Nothing Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

Welcome to my wrap-up of all the excitement that happened this weekend ...

And, there you have it! Wasn't that awesome!

Haha. I kid. I kid. I did have *some* fun this weekend.

Lessee ... Friday night, Cute Neighborhood Boy came over. We had cocktails and watched "The Aviator." We also made out (during the slow bits of that movie ... and, fortunately, there are a lot of slow bits). There also may (or may not) have been some of the Oral Secks. But, I don't blow and tell.

OK. Maybe I do.

ANYWAY, on Saturday, SCGB and I had a delicious lunch at El Golfo. Mmm. Spinach Enchiladas. Then, after I had a nap (and SCGB did some laundry), we had cocktails and measured my kitchen for the Great Kitchen Remodeling Project.


Later, Tomokito came down and we had (more) cocktails and watched Burlesque. Yay. It is awesome.

Sunday, I was a blob all day long. I should have gone to the birthday brunch of a one of the guys from the Summer of Fun. However, I wimped out. Also, I wouldn't know anyone else there. and, just gah.

So, instead I stayed home and blobbed.

And went to the Whole Foods.

And had lunch at Adega.

And came home and ironed 8 shirts.

And had more cocktails.

And then I made pancakes.

Good times.

Have a great day! Pottery class tonight. Yay!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Comes Again

Good morning, Kittens.
And, the weekend has rolled around AT LAST.  Let me just tell you: Five day workweeks are full of the SUCK.  And, yes, I know, most people work five-day work weeks.  BUT, working a five-day work week with nine hour days is worse.  Also, this week and next week are both 5 day work weeks.  GAH.  This pay period (Mar 16-31), I will be working 106 hours.  Kill me now. 
On the plus side, I have an exciting weekend of Fun and Adventure ahead.  Tonight, Cute Neighborhood Boy is coming over for movies and ... um ... "movies."  He was supposed to visit last night, but he had to work late.  Tomorrow begins the Great Kitchen Remodeling Project: Design and Concept Phase. And, on Sunday, I'm going to a birthday brunch.  Should be good boozy times.  Hello, Unlimited Mimosas!
In other exciting news, yesterday, I bought a suit.  This one. Mini! (Forking!) Houndstooth!  YAY!
And, I guess that's about it.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cherry Red

Good Morning, Kittens.

Since work sucks. And I have a HUGE presentation today (although, if I do say so myself, I look pretty darn cute). AND the rest of my life is dull as dishwater (although, I do have a possible date with the Cute Neighborhood Boy tonight) ... let's talk about something REALLY exciting ...

My Kitchen Remodeling Project (which is still in the "Concept Phase").

First, I have found my Cherry Red Dream Refrigerator (pictured). It comes in "studio" size (14.4 cu. ft.). And, I WANT! And, who cares if it uses up 25-30% of my remodeling budget? NOT ME!

I can make it work. I can. I know I can.

My fabulous cuzin sent me the book, Small Spaces, Beautiful Kitchens for my birthday. I need to read it soon and formulate a plan.

SCGB has agreed to help me take measurements and design what I want. FUN.

Maybe I will have new kitchen by the end of the Spring or sometime mid-Summer. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Good-bye, Asbestos Green Floor Tile.
Good-bye, Drippy Sink Pipes.
Good-bye, Non-working Stove(s).
Good-bye, Total Lack of Storage and Counter Space.

Hell0, Beautiful New Kitchen (with a Cherry Red Fridge)!

Have a great day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Congress is Fucking with My Sex Life

Good morning, kittens.
As you may know, there is a bit of a budget battle going on up on the Hill.  And, I am sure you are probably thinking, "Whateverz.  That doesn't affect me at all."  You are right! It probably doesn't.  But, it does affect me!  And, in the overall scheme of things, I'm a little bit more important than you (sorry, just stating a fact *wink*).
If you haven't figured it out by now, I am a government contractor.  And, because of the Congress' inability to pull their collective heads out of their collective asses and pass a budget, spending for anything other than "Health and Safety Issues" where I work has been stopped.  [Of course, it is kind of funny to see how people can justify things as "Health and Safety."] 
So, you may ask, how is this clusterfuckery of Congress' Continuing Resolution Acts fucking with my sex life?  Well, it's like this ...
During the first week of April, I am supposed to be going to Dallas (Texas!) for training.  Last summer, I was in Dallas for a conference.  During that trip, I happened to meet a very hot African-American gentleman.  We managed to arrange our schedules so that we could have one very happy night together (and a couple happy afternoons!).  I was hoping to arrange an encore experience with him.  However, thanks to the lack of funding, I will not be.  My Contracting Officer has decided that me getting laid (and, you know, receiving some crucial -non-sexual- training) is not as important as my coworkers and me getting paid.  He has refused to release my travel funds (even though funding for this training was built into the contract).  Argh!
Also, I will not be able to have many yummy margaritas with my Beautiful Texas Ladeeeez, Biddy McBidson, Marathon Mom, and Swanky Mama.  AND, that, my dear kittens, is EVEN WORSE than Congress fucking with my sex life. 
I am totally bummed.
On the bright side, when I got home yesterday, I had a Surprise Birthday Package!  "Burlesque" on DVD!  OMG!  That was definitely a day-brightener after receiving my horrible travel news.  So, thank you so much for the DVD, Michelle M.  You totally made my day.
I did not have pottery class last night (the studio is closed for Spring Break).  Instead, I made an experimental brussels sprouts pasta salad ... which turned out to be quite tasty.
I cooked the brussels sprouts using Mark Bittman's recipe, Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Hazelnuts.  Except I used cashews instead of hazelnuts and habenero-infused vinegar rather than balsamic vinegar.  Then, I tossed the brussels sprouts and cashews with red onion, carrots, tomatoes, and tri-colored twisty pasta (and a little more oil and vinegar).
It came out quite tasty.
Then, K-Factor came down.  We had beers, leftover birthday cake, and watched "Burlesque."  Good times!
Have a great day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Update: Best Weekend of the Year Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

This is going to be a long-ass post, I think. Four days of Birthday Fun! and Excitement! Woo hoo!

So, Thursday was the Big Day! I turned 41! W00t! I woke up kind of early to go to the MVA to get my driver's license renewed. I couldn't renew by mail because my address needed to be changed. Bah.

So, I get to the MVA Office at 8:45AM. I punch my "reason for visit" into the computer and it spits out my number. As I'm processing the number, it's called out! I went straight to the counter and was out of the MVA, new license in hand, in about 15 minutes. How sweet was that?

I had been planning on being there for at least an hour and a half. With all the extra time, I took myself out for breakfast. Mmmm. Bloody Mary.

After eating, I went home and chilled for awhile before I headed to the pottery studio, where I made this:


After pottery studio, I stopped off at Adega for some wine and eggplant fries. Mmm. Eggplant fries!

Later that evening, SCGB, K-Factor, and Tomokito came down for pizza and beerz. YUM!

All in all, a very good Best Day of the Year!

On Friday, I slept in! Yay! Then, I did party shopping. First, I bought supplies at the Giant. Then, I went to Cowgirl Creamery in DC and bought lots of yummy cheeses. Then, I treated myself to boozy lunch at Zaytinya. Mezze! and Retsina! YAY!

I did more party shopping at Whole Foods - fruit and more cheeses and pretzel bread. Mmm.

I had a relaxing Friday evening at home. Lovely.

Saturday, I cleaned. All day. And, then, I got ready for the party! The theme of the party was "In My Prime" (since, y'know, 41 is a prime number). So, I asked Mike to make the delicious steak cake (it's strawberry inside. tasty!) pictured at the top of the post. Prime beef! And, what goes great with red meat? Red Wine! All the guests brought their favorite red wines and we had a fun little wine-tasting. With cheese. And fruit! 21 friends. 13 bottles of wine opened. Such a good time!

Eventually, I will have pictures. I didn't take any, but my friend, Robert, did. He'll send them to me at some point, I'm sure.

And, on Sunday, one of us was Very Hungover. and Slept Very Late. and did party clean up and sofa blobbing for most of the day. Then, I went for a 3.5 mile run. And around 6PM, a very cute guy who, a few weeks ago, saw me on the bus and contacted me through a dating site with the line "I think I saw you on the bus this evening" came over to watch a movie. He only lives about 5 minutes away. And, did I mention he's very cute (and very young (30))? I would like to see him again, for sure.

And, that was my quick recap of the Best Weekend of the Year! Many thanks to those of you who left Happy Birthday comments, facebook posts, and tweets ... and extra special thanks to those of you who sent me cute cards! and even more special thanks and *smooches* to those of you who sent me presents! I have always said I have the best friends EVER. And, it's true. I do! You all ROCK!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Best Day of the Year Eve!

Good morning, Kittens.
Greetings from Germlandia!  I am still a festering, oozing mess of mucuos.  Mmm.  Tasty.  And, later on this week, I may (or may not) be marrying a box of Puffs Plus with Lotion.  I might as well, we are already sleeping together.
Yesterday, after getting home, I did ... nothing.  I sat on the sofa and blobbed the blobbing of a million blobs.  I did have a rather interesting email chat with a leftover from last summer's Summer of Fun.  He's invited me to his birthday brunch in a few weeks.  That should be interesting.  I wonder if I should take a present?  Probably ...
And, speaking of birthdays!!!  It's the Best Day of the Year Eve!!! So exciting.  And, it is also my last day of work this week!  OMG!  Yay!  I am busy putting together how I am going to spend the Best Day of the Year.  Currently, it involves a trip to the DMV (or whatever the DMV is called here in MD).  My driver's license is expiring ... and,yes, even though I haven't owned a car since 1995, I still keep my driver's license up-to-date.  I do drive other peoples' cars and rentals every now and again.  After that ordeal, I am going to head over to the pottery studio to finish some projects before UMD's Spring Break starts.  Finally, I think I will be doing Best Day of the Year Dinner in - pizza and beerz with some of my neighbors. 
Once home tonight, I will finalize all my plans, as I do laundry and try to tidy up the house a bit.  Good times, for sure.  So what are your plans for the Best Day of the Year?  Anything special?  Anything involving shopping and sending something to me?  Hmmm?
Have a great day!
*germy smooches*

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Update: Bang Bang Fizzle Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

Some of you requested to see a photo of my Bedazzled Uterus Shirt. Here it is. Plz to ignore my bad hair and cheesy grin. This photo was taken at a friend's birthday party awhile back (and I may (or may not) have been a little intoximacated).

As for my weekend, it started out fun and then *crashed* with the Thud of a Foot in Mud.

Friday, Tomokito, SCGB, and the Guy Who Says Like A Lot, went to the Lady Gaga vs. Madonna vs. Kylie Dance Party at the 9:30 Club.

This is what I wore:


Kind of cute, no?

We started by pre-gaming at SCGB's Brother's Condo. Wine. Yum. When we got to the 9:30 Club, it was already packed. And the line to the coat check snaked around the upper floor. WTF? So, we threw our coats in a corner and checked out the action.

Oh, wait. What action? Dullest Dance Party Ever. With stupidly bad onstage dancers. And the crowd was 75% single straight girls in their early 20s who would only dance to Lady Gaga. Blah. No cute boys.

So, we ditched the Dance Party and walked down the street to Town. Much better. Better dancier music. Cuter boys. More drinks. No huge coat check line. We had many boozy good times. In fact, the Guy Who Says Like A Lot had too many boozy good times. He disappeared. Oops. So around 2AM, Tomokito, SCGB, and I left.

When we got to Silver Spring Metro Station, guess who came running up to us? The Guy Who Says Like A Lot. Where did he come from? How did he get there? No one had any idea. So, we poured him into the taxi with us and took him home.

I ended up staying at his place, because he was WAY too drunk to function.

At 8AM, I woke up and walked home.

And went back to bed until noon.

Still. Very Hungover.

That evening, I met CJ for dinner (at Mi Rancho! Mmm. Mexican!) and a movie (The Adjustment Bureau). Good flick. But you could probably wait until it comes out on DVD. Oh, and Anthony Mackie? He is supercutielicious!

Sunday morning, I woke up with a sore throat (and some more mystery bruises). Gah! I did my grocery shopping. I had boozy lunch at Adega. I tried to do some cleaning at home. And, around 6, Tomokito came down for wine and conversation (and spicy feta salsa!).

And, then, today, was my flex day off. Yay! Of course, the sore throat turned into awful sinus congestion and all I've done all day is sleep on the sofa. So much for my plans to do massive laundry and clean for my birthday party next weekend.

I did stagger to the Giant to buy Puff Plus with Lotion (yay!) and some drugs. And, I am skipping pottery class tonight. Bah. Next week is Spring Break, so I will definitely need to get to the Open Studio later this week. Luckily, I'm taking Thursday (aka the Best Day of the Year) and Friday off!

Hope you had a fun weekend!
*germy smooches*

Friday, March 11, 2011

Looking Forward

Good morning, Kittens!
I hope you all are sending good thoughts out to the earthquake/tsunami-stricken peoples of northern and central Japan.  What a mess.  It seems that most of my friends (that I know of) are OK.  Huzzah.
But, enough about them, this blog is about ME! Me me me me me me me!  And, then, a little more ME!  YAY ME!  And, there are important things going in my life ... like,
What do you think about this outfit? I'm not entirely sold.  I feel like an upside down (and very skinny) tree.  I would have changed, except I was running a smidge late this morning.  Oh, well.  It's just work.  I could show up like a total schlub and no one would care (Exhibit A: One of my co-workers always shows up like a total schlub and no one cares.  I should take a surreptitious photo of him sometime.  It's gross.  Srsly.).
My weekend should be a Total Blast.  Tonight, I am going to the Lady Gaga vs. Madonna vs. Kylie Dance Party at the 9:30 Club with Tomokito and SCGB.  The Guy Who Says Like A Lot should also be there.  I can't wait.  I am also torn on what to wear ... most likely skinny jeans, cute shoes, and a t-shirt of some sort.  But, which t-shirt?  The bedazzled uterus t-shirt? So many difficult choices to make ... *sigh*
On Saturday, I am planning on meeting CJ for brunch in Downtown Silver Spring ... of course, this is assuming that I'm not way overhung and tired from a night of dancing.  I think I will be OK, b/c (a) we are not meeting until 11 and (2) drinks at the 9:30 Club are allegedly expensive.
I have no plans for the rest of the day, although I do need to do some massive cleaning in preparation for my fabulous birthday party the following Saturday.  On Sunday, I am hoping to get to the Pottery Studio.
And, I'm off again on Monday.  I may take a trip to the Laundromat.  And do more cleaning and stuff.  Good times.
Have a great day and enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Green Tea Mornings

Good Morning, Kittens.
You may recall that late last year, because I was experiencing a weird, skipping heartbeat, I gave up my morning coffee.  The weird, skipping heartbeat stopped (yay), but -without my morning dose of caffeine- I am Mr. Cranky Bear.  So, I started drinking black tea.  Mmm. Tea.  That lasted for quite awhile ... until I ran out of my regular tea and -after pillaging my cabinets for a substitute- I started drinking some loose leaf tea a friend gave me from India.  And, that's when the weird, itchy rash started.  Maybe it was related, maybe not (I am now thinking "not" because it's been nearly two weeks and, although most of the rash is gone, I am still an Itch Monster).  So, I switched to green tea.  Mmmm.  Green tea.
I *heart* green tea.
Except, recnetly, I decided that I would try the unique concept of Sleeping Later, rather than Getting Up Earlier and Dawdling.  Now, I wake up at 5:45 (instead of between 5:15 & 5:30), immediately take a shower, and start getting on with my day.  The only problem with this is that I don't have time to get my Morning Caffeine Fix.  Bah.
Today, I hit on yet another Novel Idea: Take tea bags with me to work.  So, that's what I'm doing.  Sitting here.  Drinking green tea.  And blogging.  Efficient use of work time, no?
In other news, yesterday, I did laundry.  And I cooked fried rice.  And I talked to my best friend from college.  And then I went to bed.
OMG.  My life is so Fun and Exciting!
(At least I have a lot of cool things to look forward to this weekend!  Yay!)
Have a great -albeit rainy- day!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Another Exciting Day in the Life

Good (still barely) Morning, Kittens.
Yesterday was chock full of fun and excitement.  Wait.  No, it wasn't.
Work was the same as always.  And, then, I came home.
Apparently, this guy saw me on the bus, because he sent me a message through one of the "dating" sites I use.  He's cute.  Young.  We exchanged a few emails.  Weird that he was on my bus though.  I always picture my neighborhood as being a sort of Gay Dead Zone.  We'll see if anything happens.  Probably not.
Once I got home, I decided that I didn't want to go to the gym (my cute, new shoes were hurting my feet).  I convinced myself that it wasn't *that* cold, and I could go for a run outside.  I did.  It was *that* cold.  K-brrr.  I wore a tracksuit (look at me, I'm all Sue Sylvester) and was still a bit chilly.  Then, it started to get dark.  Scary!  I only ran about 2.5 miles.  Better than nothing, I guess.
After my run, I made a martini (yes, that is one of the reasons I run - the reward for finishing!), took a shower, and thought about what I wanted for dinner.  I ended up cooking rice with red quinoa and making curry-glazed carrots.  I also heated up my last quorn chik'n cutlet with gruyere.  Nomz.  It looked a little colorless, so I through together a simple spinach salad too.  Yay!
Then, I watched a bit of a movie, tidied up some, and went to bed.  Woo hoo.  Fun times.
Have a wonderful (if slightly gray) day!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Weekend Update: A Day Late Edition

Good Afternoon, Kittens.
Busy day here at the Workplace ... well, at least this morning was busy.  Now I am unmotivated to do any more work.  *bleah*
So, this weekend ... Friday Happy Hour was fun.  It happened in two stages.  Stage 1 was with my co-worker, who was supposed to meet a friend around 6/6:30.  Since we got off at 4, we decided to have a little pre-happy hour happy hour.  Yay!  Around 5ish, I left that bar to begin Stage 2 at Nellie's on U Street, where I met JZ, SCGB, and Tomokito for supercheap vodka highballs.  A good boozy time was had by all.
Saturday, I met the Guy Who Says Like A Lot for brunch at Austin Grill, which was nice.  After a post-brunch nap, I went for a 3.5 mile run.  Then, I was supposed to go to CJ's Mardi Gras Party, but my ride flaked out on me.  I called two back-up drivers, but neither of them could go.  I checked to see if getting there via Metro was possible.  It was, but the bus from the station to the neighborhood only ran every 30 minutes.  Yuck.  So, I decided to stay home.  Which was nice.  Every now and then, I enjoy waking up on Sunday not hungover.
So, Sunday -not hungover-, I went to the pottery studio.  Here is a photo of the raised platter that I've been working on.  I also threw the two separate pieces to make a slightly smaller one. It was pouring down rain by the time I got home, so I settled in and made delicious tomato soup.  And watched DVDs.  And drank martinis.
Monday morning, I slept in ('til 8AM!).  Then, I went to the post office.  I *finally* mailed a package for a Blog Contest that happened in November(?).  Yay!  Then, I metro'ed to Pentagon City Mall, where I picked up to pairs of dress pants that I had hemmed at Nordstroms (Nordstrom? Nordstrom's?).  They look good, but might be a tad too dressy for every day workwear.  Maybe they will do for Important Meeting Workwear. 
Then, I wandered through the Mall, across the street, and into the Land of Credit Card Doom, aka Nordstrom('s?) Rack ... where I bought these SuperCute Shoes (um, what Shoe Moratorium?).  After shopping, I met Ray at California Pizza Kitchen for an early lunch.  Always good to catch up with him. 
After lunch, I headed back to Silver Spring.  I really, really wanted to take a nap, but instead I got sucked into reading the Worst Book Ever Written, aka Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.  OMG.  So bad.  But, I also couldn't stop reading it. I also couldn't stop wondering if the heroine ever found shoes or if she ran around in her stockings for most of the novel.  Maybe I skipped over her putting on new shoes (I skimmed over vast portions of the text).  Who knows?  Anyone? Anyone?
Then, I ironed 6 shirts and 2 pairs of pants.  Yay!
Then, I had Martini Time.
Then, I found out that K-Factor was sick and wouldn't be going to pottery class.  Boo.  Pottery class without the K-Factor isn't as fun.  I did throw a lidded mug and assembled the second raised platter.  So, class was good.  The trip home from class wasn't ... I just missed the UMD Shuttle to College Park Metro Station.  I had to wait about 10 minutes for the next one.  As soon as we boarded, the driver said "I have to take this shuttle out of service, because the new driver hasn't shown up."  We waited 5 more minutes for the new driver.
I get to College Park Metro Station and missed a train.  I had to wait 20 minutes.  At Fort Totten, I had to wait 10 minutes for the Red Line train.  Once at Silver Spring, I missed a the bus home by 2 minutes.  So I walked, arriving home a few minutes before the next bus did.  BAH.
And, then, I took a Benedryl and went to bed.
Fun times, eh?
Have a great day!

Friday, March 04, 2011

The Weekend Ahead

Good Morning, Kittens.
Here's a picture of the newly reblonded me.  After the reblonding, I met Mike (Who Makes Cakes) for dinner at Neisha Thai in Tenleytown.  The food was yummy.  As were the cocktails.
Which meant that I did not go to the gym after dinner.  Too full.  Too tipsy.  Too bloated to run on the treadmill.
I will go early tomorrow morning ... unless I am too hungover from happy hour tonight.
Anyway, once home, I blobbed around for a bit and then went to bed.  How's that for an exciting evening?
As for my weekend plans, tonight (as I mentioned), I am going to happy hour with some friends.  Yay!  The only problem is that I finish work at 4 today (Yay!), but no one will be able to meet me until 530 or 6.  I will need to come up with some way to pass the time (that doesn't involve getting so s**tfaced I don't remember the happy hours).
Saturday, I am (hopefully) going to a CJ's Mardi Gras Party.  The only problem is that he lives in Outer Outer Way Outer Silver Spring and it's relatively inaccessible by public transportation.  I invited this guy that I've been seeing on a semi-but-not-frequent basis.  He has car.  BUT, he hasn't really given me a yea or nay.  SCGB has plans (I think).  There is another guy (who has a car) who seems nice that I may ask last minute.  Otherwise, I am stranded.  Bah. 
Sunday, I will go to the pottery studio for a little while.  And maybe I will clean the house up a bit.  And I need to get a package ready to mail.
I'm off on Monday!  Yay!  I think I'm going to Nordstrom's to pick up some pants I had taken up.  Then, running around wasting time until pottery class that evening. 
Woo hoo! Busy busy weekend!
Have a great Friday!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Laundry is My Life

Good (nearly) Afternoon, Kittens!
Yesterday happened like most of my Wednesdays always happen ... with a few minor exceptions.  I woke up. I went to work.  I came home.  I made a martini.  I did laundry.  I cooked dinner.  I called my friends. 
Then, I called my father to wish him a happy birthday.
And dinner was a bit of a disaster.  Still tasty, but I have yet to manage the Art of the Potato Pancake.  Maybe someday.
After dinner/laundry/calls were finished, I made another cocktail and ironed a shirt for today.  Woo hoo.
Then, covered myself in calamine lotion, popped two benedryl, and hit the sack.
How exciting was my day?
Today will also be filled with fun and excitement: Work.  Re-blonding.  Dinner w/ Mike (Who Makes Cakes).  And, if there is time, gym.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Cable from Itchyville

Good morning, Kittens!
I am still itchy and rashy ... but slightly better.  Skin is stupid.  Health insurance is stupid (but necessary).
Last night, I went to the gym.  I tried a new plan: carrying my gym clothes with me to work.  It was OK.  The gym was crowded, but I still got a treadmill with no waiting.  At some point, I really need to figure out the weight machine things.  I ran about 3.33 miles in 40 minutes (including 5 minutes each to warm up and cool down), finishing up around 7.  I walked home. 
I was starving, so I ate spoonfuls of cold mashed potatoes.  Nom.  Then, I chopped up some of the kale I cooked over the weekend and tossed it with butter-y cheese-y pasta.  Nom Nom.
Tonight, I will be doing laundry.  Good times.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It's the Best Month of the Year!

Good morning, Kittens!  And, welcome to the Best Month of the Year!
And, why, you may be asking is this the Best Month of the Year?  Well, for one, the long, dark dread of Winter will soon end.  PLUS, it is the Month of my birth.  and what month is better than that?  None, I tell you!
So, yesterday was very itchy.  And today is shaping up to be the same way.  Stupid Mystery Rash.  I did buy some benedryl and calamine lotion.  That seems to be helping some.  *ugh*
On the plus side, I'm almost certain it's not Secondary Syphillis (key word: "non-itchy").
Meanwhile, pottery class was pretty cool last night.  I am trying to make a platter on a pedastal-like thing.  What you do is throw a thick plate and then stretch it out into an oval by tossing it on a table.  Then, you throw a cylinder to use as the base of the platter.  Mine looks kind of wonky, but it was a first attempt.  I might be able to make it look better after it dries out a little.  We shall see.
Today, I am trying something new.  I brought my gym clothes with me to work.  Now, I will head directly to the gym from the metro.  The advantage of this plan is that something at home will not distract me from my gym mission.  We shall see how this goes. 
Have a great day!