Friday, April 14, 2006

Like Crack, Only More Fattening

In my former life, as Enviroboi, I know I waxed philosphic about my one, true love. Now, in this "new" forum, I get to do it again! YAY.

I am so addicted to Starbucks Apple Raisin Fritters, which is saying a lot, considering I don't really like raisins all that much. The Fritters are (relatively) cheap and (super) delicious. Venti brewed coffee - $1.80. Apple Raisin Fritter - $1.75. Complete sugar high - Priceless.

As some of you may know, Starbucks is doing some sort of Akeelah and the Bee movie tie-in. The word on my little Starbucks cardboard "don't burn your hand" holder-thingy today is antediluvian. It was one of my vocabulary words from my High School Junior English Class. I think it's the first "Starbucks" word I a) knew the definition of and 2) could spell correctly if asked. Although, "Steven, how do you spell antediluvian" doesn't enter into conversation too often.

Last night, Christal and I went to dinner at some Mexican Place on Flower Avenue. I have completely forgotten its name, but -yum- they have the best Spinach Enchiladas ever. Then, I drove Christal to the grocery store. She needed to pick up "a few items." Two full carts later ...

Ha ha. I jest. She did need to pick up more than "a few" items. And, if I hadn't have taken control of the cart and hurried her along, we'd still be standing in the processed meat section debating which package of bacon to buy: thin cut or thick cut? maple or honey? $2.39 or $2.45? GAH!

If the buddha grocery shopped ...

I got home around 10, called John, and, soon after, went to bed. Today, I have to buy all the supplies for Saturday Afternoon Margaritas: Hot Tub Edition! (SAM:HTE!). Plus, Christal is having a little soiree at her place tonight, so I'll need to pick up some wine and feta-stuffed olives for that. Saturday morning, I'll do all the cleaning and prep for SAM.

I don't have any plans for Sunday.

Maybe I'll go to church.




More than likely, I will celebrate the resurrection by sleeping in late and nursing a god-awful hangover.


  1. was it Samantha's perchance? if so, they do have the best spinach enchiladas in the dc area. their salsa is also near the top of the heap.

    i looked up antediluvian and it didn't mean what i thought. i placed it in the realm of geology when it really lives in the mythic world of the bible.

  2. I hate god-awful hangovers.

  3. Nope. Not Samantha's. It was El Golfo. I drove by there on my way home ...

  4. i did pause when you mentioned going to church. then i snorted and had to blow my nose. it's all your fault :P