Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Plan Revampification

Mice. Men. Gang aft a'gley. *sigh*

Today was going to be my running around during my incredibly long breaks to get ready for my first-ever stint as a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding this weekend. I'm so excited I've been bemoaning "Always a bridesmaid. Never a bride." in the mirror for weeks. Alas, one of my co-workers has called in sick. No incredibly long breaks. Just a few shorter ones.

Maybe I will still have time to run over to Marshalls to pick out a few cute shirts for the wedding events - y'know crazy drunken rehearsal, crazy drunken rehearsal dinner, crazy drunken wedding, crazy drunken wedding reception, crazy drunken post-wedding reception party ... I *heart* my cousin!

In other news ...

I actually have work to do this morning, which is kinda sucky.

But, on the bright side: 5 Days Until I Have Sex! YAY!



  1. I was a bridesmaid in a straight wedding once. It was fun. Hope yours is too!

  2. Your cousin sounds wonderful. I hope you have SO MUCH FUN.

    Yay for sex!

    (I've been hanging out with you via IM for so long now that I type "yay" on average of twelve times a day. Every day. Yay!)

    I, too, was a bridesmaid at a straight wedding once. I had to make my fucking dress. I never want to do it again.