Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Last of the 2013 Pottery

Happy Saturday, Kittens.

On Thursday, I received the final three pieces of pottery that I made in 2013.  Here they are:

A handbuilt vase-thing ...


A (slightly heavy because it was too dry to trim properly) vase ...


Aaaaand, a handbuilt plate-bowl-thing ...


Stay tuned for exciting 2014 pottery coming soon to a blog near you!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Update: Norfolk Edition

Happy Snowy Tuesday, Kittens!

Over the weekend, M and I went to Norfolk.  I am not really sure why, other than neither of us had been there before.

It is not very likely that either of us will ever go there again.

There doesn't really seem like there is much to do in Norfolk.  We did some sightseeing.  We ate at some pretty good restaurants.  For the size of the city, they had a surprising amount of vegan/vegetarian friendly places.  We had dinner on Saturday night at an Italian place that had a separate vegan menu.  And, dinner on Sunday night, was the buffet at an Indian restaurant.  If I could remember the names of the places, I'd tell you ... y'know, just in case you ever find yourself hungry in Norfolk.

We didn't arrive until early Saturday evening, so we really only had time to check into the hotel (the Norfolk Plaza), which was nice enough, although it had seen better days.


On Sunday morning, we went for a 2.5 mile run.  It was COLD.  And, then, we had brunch at a downtown diner, D'Egg.  Then, we walked to the Nauticus Museum and the USS Wisconsin.  Touring battleships is kind of fun.



Then, dinner at the Indian place and a little driving tour of the downtown area.

Monday morning, we got up.  M went to a bagel place to pick up breakfast, and, after eating, we packed up and drove home.

I've uploaded some of my photos to the Flickr: Norfolk 2014.

We got to his place around 4, watched some movies, and "watched some movies."  Then, I left for tap class.

Tap class was difficult.  I must practice a lot this week.  UGH.

AND, I didn't get to bed until after 11, so I am VERY glad that the Federal government closed today.

I went for an almost 4-mile run.  Did some shopping at the Whole Foods.  And I plan on spending the rest of the day watching it snow, eating, drinking, ironing, and knitting.  Good times!


Thursday, January 02, 2014


Hi, Kittens!

It's the New Year!  2014!  How the fuck did that happen?  And where did all these eye wrinklez and gray hairz come from?

ANYWAYz, it is the time when one makes resolutions for the New Year (2014!*).  And, here are my New Year's (2014!) Resolutions (in no particular order):

1.  Last year, I read 10 new books (I re-read a lot of other books, but only 10 new ones).  In this New Year (2014!), I resolve to read *at least* TWELVE NEW BOOKS!  I have already started with "Ender's Game," which a couple of my co-workers will not. shut. up. about.  So far, it is not too bad.  Yay! 

2.  Last year, I ran 97 times for a total of 431 miles.  This year (2014!), I will run 500 miles and I will run 500 more.  Just to be the man to run 1000 miles to your door.  A-hahahaha.  I kid.  I resolve to run 100 TIMES!  And, if those 100 times total to 500 miles?  BONUS!!!

3.  Last year, I blogged 30 times.  Ugh.  So few.  This year (2014!), I resolve to blog MORE!  No promises, blogging is so, like, 2010.  BUT, I am old.  It is hard to adjust to these new fangled technological things, like the Tumbler and the Twitter and the Instagram.  SO, I shall continue to post on a a semi-regular basis. 

4. Last year, I continued with my pottery studies and I began to learn tap dance.  This year (2014!), in order to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks, I will continue to take pottery and tap dance AND I will begin to LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE (possibly Spanish.  but maybe French)!

And, finally...

5. Last year, I bought so many, many supercute pairs of shoes (and boots!).  This year (2014!), I resolve to NOT BUY ANY SHOES (OR BOOTS**)***.

And, what were your New Year's Resolutions?

*I'm sorry.  I'm going to keep typing that until I stop typing 2013.
**Excluding the boots I just bought
***Until, at least, April 2014.