Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Update: Giving Thanks/Drinking Booze Edition

Good morning, kittens!
What a wacky, booze-filled weekend I just had ... So, on Wednesday, we got out of work early (3PM!). Yay!  I went home.  Blobbed and did laundry.  Who knows how to have a rockin' good time?  Oh, yeah.  That would be me.
On Thursday (aka Thanksgiving), I gathered with a group of friends and neighbors and we ran a 10K through downtown Silver Spring and Sligo Creek Park.  It was a lot of fun. The weather was awesome.  We finished in just under an hour, and, then, after cleaning up, we had brunch at K-Factor and the Canadian's place.  There was much mimosas.
At 1PM, I had to leave the brunch and quickly cook brussels sprouts for dinner at Brian's house in DC.  They said to meet at 3.  I figured we would have drinks and appetizers followed by dinner around 5 or so.  I arrived at 3:30, and everyone was sitting at the table ready to eat.  srsly?  I was still full (and a little drunk) from brunch.
After dinner, we watched a movie, Crazy Stupid Love.  It was cute, but I started to get a champagne hangover.  I left around 6, got home at 7, and blobbed on the sofa for the rest of the evening.
Friday, I did nothing.  Tomokito and I went out for afternoon drinks around 3. That was fun.
Saturday, our building had a Leaf Raking Party.  Yay. Raking leaves.  So much fun.  (not really).
That evening, I headed to Mike (Who Makes Cakes)'s house for pizza.  My ex, Y, was visiting from NYC, and he brought his new BF.  I was relieved that I am much cuter than the new BF, who -while nice enough- seems youngish and a little chubby.  And, as GayProf wisely said, "Fat and young now means fatter and older later." Apparently, we are cruel bitches.
Sunday, I put up my Xmas decorations, lights in the window and the purple! tinsel! tree!  I ironed a metric shit-ton of shirts. Then, Tomokito came down for afternoon cocktail hour.
And, I spent the evening blobbing and dreading work today.
Good times!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

Good Morning, Kittens!
Since I last updated, not a whole lot has happened ... Pottery class on Monday night was uneventful.  I glazed two bowls.  I still have three more which haven't been bisque fired. Hopefully, they will be before the final glaze firing (which is now next Tuesday).  Last night, I called my BFF from College to wish her a (slightly) belated happy birthday.  And, I blobbed around the house.
My building has also been without hot water since Sunday afternoon.  That was *finally* fixed yesterday.  Huzzah.  Hot showers are a beautiful thing.
Today, I am hoping we will be granted an Early Release.  And, then, I will do laundry.  And, as we all do on Thanksgiving Eve, I will snuggle warm in my bed while visions of sugar plums dance through my head ... or something like that.
As for the long (four day!) holiday weekend, I don't have a lot planned.  For Thanksgiving, my neighbors and I have organized a 10K run, followed by brunch.  We have t-shirts
After brunch, I will need to cook up some brussels sprouts to take to Brianna's house for a 3PM Thanksgiving Dinner/Potluck-like Thing.
And, that's really all the plans I have.  I am thinking I will be hanging out with Ray on Friday at some point.  And, I should do some cleaning and organizing and getting ready for next week. 
I think that's about it.
Have a great day and, for those of you who celebrate it, a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Week Update: Holy Cow, I Keep Forgetting to Post

Good Morning, Kittens!
Terribly sorry for the lack of posting ... I'd say I've been busy, but -actually- I'm just lazy.
So ... let's see ... where did we leave off ... last Monday's penultimate pottery class was good.  I trimmed 5 bowls. 
Tuesday, I did laundry (a day early, because ...)
Wednesday, I had an after work happy hour with my company people.  I left work early (around noon) to have a visit with the surgeon.  And, guess what?  I get to have surgery AGAIN!  YAY!
Or, well, not yay.  Because PWS*?  Not Fun.  I've scheduled it for Friday, December 2nd.  Woo hoo.  Which means, I will be missing out on lots of fun Holiday parties.  Boo.  But, hopefully, I will be recovered enough to not be Super Mr. Crankypants while I'm at my brother's house over the holiday.
SO, after receiving that wonderful news, I went to happy hour.  Since it was a work-thing, I try to limit my alcohol consumption.  No one likes to get ubersloshed in front of their bosses.  I was not entirely successful.  I did not get ubersloshed; however, I did get slightly tipsy.  Grrr.
Thursday, our new division chief guy had a "team-building" luncheon at a place that had NO vegetarian options (I had checked ahead so I brought my lunch).  We had to wear these horrible matching shirts.  Vomit.  On the plus side, the new division chief guy dismissed us after the lunch.  YAY!  Of course, I had evening plans in the District.  So, my co-worker and I went shopping and then drinking at Capitol City Brewery. 
That evening, I journeyed to H St, NE, to visit my friend, Barbara.  And meet her new boo.  That was fun.  Cocktails.  Snacks.  Good conversation.
Friday, at work, the Cleaning and Organizing Bug struck.  A co-worker and I cleaned out and organized our supply cabinets and closet.  They are so nice and tidy now.  Yay!  After work, I blobbed on the sofa.  Yay for blobbing.
Saturday, I had dinner with Mike (Who Makes Cakes).  Then, we went to Ray's 30th Birthday party at Melting Pot, where I realized that I don't really enjoy fondue all that much.  It was fine.  Nice people. Decent drinks.  But, I don't feel any need to ever go there again.
And, Sunday was totally not my day.  I planned to get up early to go to the Whole Foods before the Weekend Thanksgiving Shoppers descended like locusts.  However, I did not get up early.  And when I finally got to the store, I realized I had forgotten my wallet.  I went back home and did some housework until time to drive to pottery.  Once at pottery, nothing I had made was ready to be glazed.  Grr.  However, I did have some finished bowls and vases.  Unfortunately, one vase had some broken glaze.  I managed to slice my thumb open on the sharp edges.  Ouch.  AND, when I got home, Tomokito called to see if I had hot water.  I didn't.  It turns out our building's hot water heater broke somehow.
The plumbers came, but they can't fix it.  Which meant a very cold shower this morning.  K-brrrrr.  The plumbers left.  I walked to the Whole Foods and, then, treated myself to some drunken noodle at That at Silver Spring.
Then, home and -eventually- bed.  Yay!
Today is the last pottery class.  fingers crossed that they did a bisque-firing and I can glaze my pots.  Otherwise, it will be a sad, sad Xmas for some ...
Have a great day!  *smooches*
*pooping while screaming

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Update: Fun with Cupcake Edition

Good Afternoon, Kittens!

Happy Monday! I am so glad that I am not working today! Yay me!

My (extra-long, four-day) weekend has been SuperAwesome.

Thursday, after work, I had my hairz did. Then, I met Mike (Who Makes Cakes) for dinner at El Guapo. Spinach! Enchiladas! YAY! Then, I went home.

On Friday, I mostly blobbed about all day. K-Factor and I had boozy lunch at Adega. I took a nap. That evening, I had a date with V. You may remember V as the guy from a few weeks ago who I went out with, had four cocktails on an empty stomach and ended up having a little too much fun in his car in my building's parking lot.

WELL, this time, I thought to eat. And still had a cocktail or two. But, had enough sense to bring it inside. We had some good times *wink wink nudge nudge*

On Saturday morning, I did a little (very little) cleaning and tidying. Around 3PM, my former neighbor (who used to be referred to as DUN, but isn't diagonally upstairs anymore) and her brother, SCGB, came over for a visit. K-Factor and Tomokito and (no longer a baby) Baby Hana joined us. Boozy good times.

Then, I threw them all out and got on the Metro to my co-worker's house-warming in Germantown (or Gaithursburg?). Her house is HUGE! I think the turn-out was not as large as she hoped, but I still had fun. AND, they drove me home. HUZZAH! That was much better than a drunken hour-long Metro ride.

Sunday morning. Very. Hung.Over. BUT, I still managed to make it to pottery studio, where I managed to throw 3 not-completely-horrible bowls:

Trio of Bowls

I blobbed for a bit longer, and, then, I headed into the city to meet the SuperFantastic Ryan(WithCupcake). OMG! He is SUCH the nice guy. See:

We had drinks at Nellie's (which was surprisingly crowded and way too noisy for me. What can I say? I am old). Then, we walked to Busboys and Poets for dinner. Nom! For dessert, we had pumpkin ice cream. It was delicious! (and had bits of crust in it, which was weird).

I went home. Ryan(WithCupcake) went to meet up with his fellow conference attendees.

This morning, I had a doctor's appointment to check my vitamin levels. Everything seems to be in order with the supplements I am taking. But, my blood pressure is ridiculously high. I need to keep an eye on it. Ughz.

For the rest of the afternoon, I'm going to be running some errands, napping, and, then, heading off to pottery class.

Good times!
Have a great day!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Have a Complex

(I also have a tapeworm, named Carl ... but's that a story for another post)

Good morning, Kittens.

As you may know, I am not really dating anyone seriously right now (b/c, y'know, a certain someone is in Las Vegas and the other guys I have been seeing have not been panning out). BUT, I do maintain a couple of profiles on a couple of "dating" sites.

I realize that the majority of men do not use these sites to date. I do. I have met several fun friends and gone on some cool dates with guys off these sites.

Recently on one of them, I have received a flurry of emails (OK, 3 emails, spread over about a week) from a man in Baltimore.

Now, (1) Baltimore is too far for me, and (2), while this guy said in his profile he is 40, he must've had a hard, hard life (and not moisturized regularly).

Anyway, he seemed nice enough, but I am not at all attracted to him or interested in meeting him. I could only see the emails continuing, so, after the third email, I sent him the following:

Thank you for the compliments and your several emails. I apologize for not responding sooner; however, while I certainly admire your tenacity, I am not interested in exploring the possibilities of "something more." Good luck with your search (and, even though [online dating site] may not be the ideal place to search for it, I do believe it is possible).

I thought it was polite and to the point (read: leave me alone, plz). Then, I get this response:

well best of wishes and take care, well no surprise here. Generally I don't find it a bit surprising being the majority of the older guys in the gay community have a complex that kinda strange. I guess its just the city over there. Good luck to you.

OLDER GUYS?!?! COMPLEX?!?! What about my email made him think I have a complex? Srsly. I kind of want to write him back and be all "um. hwhat? I just don't find you attractive and was trying to be polite. Sorry."

Some people. *sigh*

In other exciting news, at work yesterday, an indirect supervisor called me into his office and said, "This isn't about work. But, what do you think about me as a person? How would you describe me?"

um. hwhat?

So, I lied.

And all was well.

Today, after work, I am getting my hairz did. Yay! And, then, I am meeting Mike (Who Makes Cakes) for dinner.

It's a long weekend for me. Federal Holiday on Friday (Yay Veterans!) and Monday is our regular day off. Suh-weet!

If I remember, I'll try to post a 12 of 12 ... I wouldn't hold your breath though.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

VUBOQ Does a Good Deed

Good morning, Kittens.

Guess what day it is?



But, it is also some sort of charity day in the DC/Metro region called "Give to the Max Day." Now, I know a Max, and I wouldn't suggest giving him any moneyz (I won't say why, but it rhymes with "Bot Brustworthy." It could also rhyme with "Bill Bonly Bend Bit Bon Brostitutes." No judgment, just sayin'). However, if you have a few pennies to throw at some local charities, you might want to consider it.

There is a cute story about how I came about learning that today is "Give to (not just any but) the Max Day" ...

A friend of mine (who happens to be a well-hung 26-year-old ex-Marine) mentioned that he is wanting to volunteer to help the homeless.

And, I just so happen to have two very wonderful and generous-with-their-time neighbors (K-Factor and the Canadian) who volunteer with a local organization, Miriam's Kitchen. So, I shot them an email to get the contact information for the volunteer coordinator.

Later that day, I receive an unsolicited email from (can you guess who?) ...

A volunteer at Miriam's Kitchen! Isn't that crazy?

And, not only is he a volunteer at Miriam's Kitchen, he is all soliciting Social Media (like, y'know, Very Popular Blogs) to spread the word about "Give to the (Not TJ, but) the Max Day."

And, I was, like, WHOA! CRAZY! Look, here's a cute little link he sent to promote the day.

So, that's what I'm doing. I mean, I cleaned out my closet and gave Miriam's Kitchen 13 Winter Coats; the least I could do is give them a bloggy shout out.

Go. Give. Feel good (better?) about yourselves.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Good morning, Kittens.
Last night was pottery class.  Some days you throw the clay.  And other days the clay throws you ... I was out of clay.  Even though there are only 3 classes left (and just 2 before the final bisque kiln firing), I bought a new bag.  $25.  I like new bags of clay better than recycled clay.  New bags of clay are clean, heavy cubes.  Recycled clay tends to be soggy and lumpy and sometimes has non-clay things in it (bits of sponge and shredded rubber tools).
I won't use all of my new clay in the next two weeks, but there is always next session. Right?
And, so I took the new bag of clay and wedged three pieces.  The first one was 3 pounds.  The second and third were between 2.25 and 2.50 pounds.  I turned three pounds of clay into a fairly decent bowl.  And I turned 2.25 pounds and 2.50 pounds of clay into wetter, blobbier blobs of clay.  The clay threw me.  And, after the second failed pot, I knew that I wasn't going to accomplish anything else in class.  So, I cleaned up my work space, shoved the wetter, blobbier blobs of clay back into the bag, and headed home.
where I had a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers while I washed the dishes and picked out my clothes for today.
And, then, I went to bed.
Have a great day!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Weekend Update: One is the Lonelinest Number Edition

Good afternoon, Kittens. 
I'm a little late on the post-weekend update because I had to wait for the plumber this morning (and by "plumber" I mean "my friend, the Nuge").
So, Friday, after work, I made mashed potatoes and sauteed red kale and quorn chik'n cutlet w/ gruyere.  NOMz!  And then I watched DVDs and drank too much.
On Saturday, I was uberproductive!  I got up and went for a 6.2 mile run (checking the route for the Sligo Co-op 10K and Brunch, which takes place Thanksgiving morning).  I took down my Halloween decorations, and I broke my kitchen sink ...
Well, in trying to fix my kitchen sink, I made it worse.  Drippy McDripsalot!  Fortunately, the Nuge provided some over-the-phone guidance to staunch the flow of water.  Yayz. 
And, then, I divvied up my Habenero Hot Sauce into cute little jars to give away to people who like Habenero Hot Sauce.
And, then, I ironed 10 shirts and 2 pairs of pants.
And, then, I blobbed on the sofa drinking myself into a comfortable haze.
Sunday morning, I was up. very. early.  Time change.  Yay.  So I cleaned.  And started a knitting project.
Then, I went to the pottery studio.  Several pieces were out of the kiln, like this one ... and this one. I glazed a little pitcher and a bowl.  And I threw another bowl.  I am almost out of clay.  And there are still 3 more classes left (I think).
Once home, I discovered that Isabella had decided to use my knitting project as a fun, new toy.  Yarn!  Everywhere!  and one of my #6 dpns is nowhere to be found.  I love the bamboo needles, but I hate how they are the exact same color as my hardwood floors.  Bah.
Later, Tomokito came down and we watched Project Runway Season 2 on DVD and drank champagne. 
And, that was about all of my weekend excitement.
The Nuge came over this morning to take a look at my kitchen sink.  It can't be fixed without the building's water being turned off.  Gah.
Have a great day!

Friday, November 04, 2011

A Weekend of Nothing Much

Good Morning, Kittens!
Yesterday was uneventful.  After work, I went for a short run of about 2.5 miles.  Then, it got dark.  I ate leftover chili.  Went to bed.
My life has been so exciting lately.
And to prove that it has been so exciting, here is a list of my planned weekend activities:
Yeah.  See?
I am only sort-of kidding.  I do have *some* plans, but they all involve me being single/solitary/aloooooooooooone.
Tonight, I am making mashed potatoes.  Yum.  I am not sure why I find that worthy of being recorded in this blog.  I guess it is a testament to the mundaneness of my current state of being.
Tomorrow, I am going for a 6.2 mile run.  I thought I should give the Sligo Co-op 10K route a test drive before I finalize it.  And, I need to clean (from the party), undecorate (but the motherfucking decorative gourds stay put 'til after Thanksgiving), iron, and -maybe- I can find someone to hang out with on Saturday night ... perhaps to even spend an extra hour with after the time change.  wink wink nudge nudge.
But, I doubt it.  So far, no one has been receptive to the idea.
AND, on Sunday, I will go to the pottery studio.  There are only a few more weeks of class left, and -given the recent pottery catastrophes- I am a little behind on my Xmas list.  *durgh*
I guess that's about it.  I'm sure something fun will come up at some point.  We make our own fun, right?
Have a great Friday and a funtabulous weekend!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Holy Fuck! It's November.

How did that happen, kittens?
And the month certainly started off with a bang.  A co-worker returned from his (very late, very long) lunch around 4PM completely schnockered.  And proceeded to go on a full-force profanity-laced rant about the incompetant people with whom we work.  I was in and out of the office during this time (some of it was avoidance), but apparently he dropped the c-bomb in reference to a female colleague.  He left the office around 4:50.
Now, I understand the need to rant about this job, because -honestly- some of the people here are not very clever.  And, by "not very clever" I mean "dumber than a box of rocks."  and the move at the glacial pace of a government agency.  So it can be frustrating.
However, it has not yet driven me to drink (during working hours).  And, one would hope that if it ever does, I will have the sense to go home after lunch rather than return to the office and show my ass to my co-workers.
To my drunken and slovenly co-worker's credit, he did apologize to the co-worker who bore the brunt of his rant, and, this morning, he apologized to the rest of us in the office.  Still, if my brunt-bearing co-worker wanted, she could totally have the guy fired.
Good times, for sure.
So, I went home.  Had a few beers.  Ate frozen pizza and leftover cake.  And made a metric shit-ton of habenero hot sauce.
Tonight, I am doing laundry.  And going to bed early. 
Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Good Morning, Kittens!
I had pottery class last night.  And, it's beginning to look like it won't be a Merry Christmas for some of my family and friends ... another piece of pottery has bitten the dust: the mug on your left in this photo.  I understand that things get broken in pottery class (not everyone is as careful as I am - haha). However, my feeling is that if you break a piece of pottery, you should at least have the common courtesy to leave a note.  This mug did not break on its own (unlike my bowl that cracked last week).  Someone had to knock it against something.  Grrrr ...  but, oh, well.  There are still 3 more weeks of class left.  Maybe I can make a replacement or something.
In other pottery news, the studio manager is out with some sort of surgery, which means no one knows when anything is going to get fired.  *sigh*  Maybe it is going to be a pottery-less Christmas for everyone.
Not much else is going on here in Vutopia; however, you should click on over to Earl Cootie's blog to check out his 100 Days of October.  There is a very special guest photo around Day 95 (or so).
As for me and the rest of my day, I plan on surviving work (somehow) and then going home.  I should go for a run, but I think -instead- I am going to make some more habenero hot sauce.
And, then, I am going to blob on the sofa and go to bed early.  Yay me!
Have a happy Tuesday!