Friday, January 29, 2010

Week in Review and Weekend Plans

Good Morning, Kittens.
I hope everyone is ready for the weekend.  I know I sure am, and I will tell you why in a moment, but first ... here's a run-down of this week.
After a fabulous weekend in New York City and a even fabulouser Monday in Philadelphia (you did check out my pix on flickr, right?), Tuesday was kind of hectic.  I had a doctor's appointment and, then, a lunch meeting to learn about combined heat and power systems (CH&P).  Oh, yeah, can we say "Discussion was WAY over my head?"  I knew we could.
Once work ended, I went on Date #2 with (hm ... I really need a clever nickname for teh new guy ... what about Mr. Fantastic?  Let's use that for awhile and see how it sticks) Mr. Fantastic.  He met me at the Columbia Heights Metro Station and we walked to Adams Morgan for dinner at Perry's (yes, the Perry's that is famous for Drag Brunch).  I had never eaten there before.  We had sushi and delicious cocktails.  And, the waiter was nice.
Dinner over (Mr. Fantastic paid!), we walked back to his place for dessert.  Or, should I say "dessert?" ... Yes, there was much making out on the sofa.  It was quite fun.  He is so yummy.  He walked me to the bus stop around 10.  So very tired when I got home.  So very tired when I got up for work on Wednesday morning to travel all the way to Franconia-Forking-Springfield for a meeting at my company HQ at 8AM.  *oog*
Wednesday night, I did a little grocery shopping.  I did laundry (including washing the sheets and remaking the bed).  And, I collapsed in exhaustion.  Fun times.
Thursday at work was rather uneventful.  When I got home, I busied myself making veggie stock (using potatoes I had forgotten about, rosemary, and some random veggie remnants which had been in the freezer.  I also made a recipe from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Sauteed Brussel Sprouts with Hazelnuts.  OMG.  It was so tasty.  I'm having the leftovers for lunch today.  Around 7PM, Ray brought Jasha for another extended stay.  After he left, I was able to stretch out on the sofa with a glass of bourbon and relax (by chatting on the phone with Mr. Fantastic).
Today, I have quite a bit to accomplish at work and, then, I am meeting the blogger formerly known as the Silver Spring Penguin for happy hour.  She's giving me a vegetarian French cookbook that she no longer wants.  Yay.  After that, I'll head home and blob.
Saturday morning, I need to be up early to clean and tidy and organize (and OMG! tax season approaches).  In the afternoon, I will head up to the Whole Foods to stock up on supplies, because Mr. Fantastic is coming over for a little Slumber Party.  He'll meet me at Whole Foods and we'll head back to my place to hang out.  Then, in the evening, I think we are going to Mandalay (super delicious Burmese restaurant) ... or I could cook.  We'll see what we feel like and what the weather is like as well.  I plan on lots of movie watching and -if all goes well- some "movie watching."
Sunday, I want to head into DC at some point (after a leisurely lie-in and brunch-like foodz) to check out sites for my big 40th Birthday Party (March 20th - Save the Date ... unless it ends up being on the 13th.  Save that Date too!).
And, that's pretty much it for now.  *smooches*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Someday I Will Blog About My Weekend

OMG, Kittens! 
This past weekend was a journey in fabulosity! 
 There was the Big Apple!
and Booze (imagine?)! 
and shopping (sales!  $9.99 purple slim fit jeans!  Ben Sherman!)!
and fabulous restaurants!  
and hanging out with SuperGoodFriends!
And, then,
There was the City of Brother of Love!
and Blogger Friends!
and Even More Booze!
and, at some point, I will upload the photos and do a proper post.
BUT, today, was busy because I went to the doctor.
He seemed nice but did not ask probing questions. 
And, he brushed off my comment that the whole heart-thing could be stress-related.
EKG - normal.
Blood Pressure - borderline
Blood - drawn and in process
Next Step - Cardio-sonogram (do you think they'll make a video I can keep?)
Then, a lunch meeting.
And, tonight, a date ... with the Super Cute and Fabulous Guy Who Needs Some Sort of Clever Moniker.
Now, back to the grind.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Date to Remember

Good morning, kittens.
Excuse me while I gush for a moment ... I had a really great date last night.  He's almost impossibly attractive: (almost) 41, 6'2", shaved head, fantastic smile, beautiful gray eyes. His skin is the color of strong coffee with juuuuuuust the right amount of half-and-half stirred into it.  And he's smart: Working on some sort of Way Over My Head physics research that he wants to translate into some sort of technological start-up (or something).  Our birthdays are two days apart.  He has nice hands. 
We met after work at the U St/Cardozo Metro Station.  From there, he went with me to do a little shopping along 14th Street (Go Mama Go, Home Rule, Pulp). Then, we had a leisurely dinner at Busboys and Poets.  We talked.  We ate.  We laughed ... we seem to have a lot in common.  The check came.  He paid (on the condition that I pay next time ... Next! Time! *w00t!*).
It was raining when we left the restaurant, so we shared my umbrella.  He walked me back to the Metro station.  And we made out for a while at the top of the escalator. 
Once home, I called him to let him know I made it, and we ended up chatting (while I packed for NYC) for over an hour.  *sigh* 
I feel like it's been a long time since I've been so giddy after a first date.  Nice to know I can still feel that way.  And, I'm still smiling.
In other news, I'm off to NYC after work today.  I'm looking forward to meeting up with as many friends as I can ... and also to do a little shopping.  On Monday, I'll be heading from NYC to Philly with some fabulous bloggers to hang out with BOSSY and some of her Friends.  Yay!
Have SuperFUNtabulous weekend!  *smooches*

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Over

Good Morning, Kittens.
My building's Reign of Terror is over.  Yes, VUBOQ is no longer president of the Board of Directors.  The people have spoken.  And, I, being a just and benevolent dictator, reluctantly passed on my crown.
Actually, our bylaws state that a Board member can only serve two consequtive years.  So, I am done (for *at least* a year)!  Woo hoo!  *happy dance*
The Board meeting went very well (I think).  Attendance was surprisingly high.  We even had several non-resident owners show up, which was nice ... My address to the shareholders went over well.  Many thanks to SCGB's S for some last minute editing.  Girl has a way with words, srsly.
In other news, the weird heart thing continues.  I spent most of yesterday morning trying to schedule a doctor's appointment.  Of the 10 or so recommendations I received from friends, about 5 didn't accept my insurance, 4 were not accepting new patients, and the one which was couldn't fit a New Patient in until next month.  I wonder if a regular patient would be able to have an earlier appointment?
So, I went online and searched for doctor's around my work area.  I found a group in Capitol Hill and have an appointment with one of the doctors there for next Tuesday.  I checked out his profile and he does internal medicine/cardiology.  Seems like what I need.  We'll see what happens (and, fingers crossed that I don't keel over before then).  Aaaah, health care.  What fun.
And, that's all for now.  Happy Wednesday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Long Weekend Update: Matters of the Heart Edition

Good evening, Kittens.

I hope you have had a productive day. My weekend has been chock full of fun and excitement ... if you consider blobbing on the sofa and taking naps to be "fun and excitement."

Lessee ... Friday night, after work, I had plans for happy hour. I headed to Bar Dupont for their $5 happy hour cocktails. Mike was running late. Tomokito had to cancel. So only Bobby met me. After a couple of drinks, we headed to Upstairs Annie's to meet Mike and his friend, Kelvin. Annie's is a steakhouse. I had a salad. and several cocktails.

Mike's friend, Brian, joined us. Bobby left. And we headed somewhere for another round of drinks. And then I came home.

Saturday, I blobbed around the house. Tomokito came down for cocktails. Then, I went shopping. I used a gift card my brother gave me for Xmas to buy the above pictured tome, I Know How to Cook. It is fabulous. and French. and full of meat recipes. But, whatevs. Someday I will use it to cook delicious vegetarian French food. After shopping (and refusing to buy a SuperCute pair of chocolate brown skinny jeans because the Actual Mission was to find a nice pair of black flat front work pants), I headed over to Mike's for a night of games. We played Wii. We played cards. We ate pizza. We drank wine. I came home.

Sunday. More blobbing. Actually, LOTS more blobbing, because it was rainy and gross. I watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD (extended versions!).

Monday (today!), the weather was sunny and warm (comparatively). So, after lounging around for a bit, I walked up to Whole Foods for some shopping and then had a boozy lunch at Adega. Then, I came home and napped. And washed dishes. And ironed. And got ready for the big annual meeting of my co-op (which is tomorrow, which also signifies the end of my two-year term on the Board. Huzzah!). And, in the process, discovered I had made several mistakes on hand-outs which will need to be re-done and re-copied. Gah.

Around 5PM, Tomokito came down for cocktails (imagine!) and, then, SCGB, who is home after spending 2 weeks in Dubai (!), joined us.

And, now, I find myself alone, with a bowl of rice in green tea broth, contemplating my mortality ...

You see, since Saturday, my heart has been doing this weird "skipping beats" thing. Sometimes it's after two beats. Sometimes it's after 83 beats (hello? hypochondriac alert?). I think it might be stress related. And I probably should go to the doctor about it ... once I find a cute gay/gay-friendly doctor who accepts my new insurance.

So, couple the weird heart thing with the super painful shoulder (which has hurt for about a week b/c I've been sleeping in a weird position) and the fact that I feel like I could be coming down with a cold of some sort (feel slightly feverish + cough + random aches) and you have the whole OMG I'M TURNING 40 IN A COUPLE MONTHS AND MY BODY IS FALLING APART!!!! thing that is running my life now.

Yeah. Fun times. Anywayz, if I die in the next couple of days because of this weird heart skipping beats thing or the Swine Flu or some random Shoulder Tumor, will someone volunteer to take care of Isabella? Thanks!

Have a great week!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Do Your Top 10 Most Played Songs Say About You?

Good afternoon, kittens.

So, I was looking at my Top 25 songs on my iTunes this morning ... and my 10 most played songs are:

1. Grace Kelly by Mika
2. Independence Day by Melanie C (remember? Sporty Spice?)
3. Dancing Queen by ABBA
4. Shoorah! Shoorah! by Betty Wright
5. The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) by Cher
6. Cover Girl by RuPaul
7. Love Today by Mika
8. Take Me Home by Concrete Blonde
9. Jealous of My Boogie by RuPaul
10. Tayler, the Latte Boy by Kristin Chenowith

It would seem that my List says I'm GAY GAY GAY!

Have a great day! *smooches*

Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Virgin No More

Good Friday Morning, Kittens!
Is it too early for a buttsecks post?  Yes?  Too bad!
I have this weird belief that virginity resets with the New Year.  It's more fun that way.  Srsly.  Think about it.  You can tell the first person you have teh hot steamy secks with in the New Year that he (or she) will be your first.  He (or she) will treat it all special and it will be SuperFun.  And, then, you can be all "I'll never forget you" and bat your love-sparkled eyes at him (or her).  And, then, you can say, "I hear the Second Time is Even Better" as you go at it again.
At least, in theory, that's how it's supposed to work.
So, last night, I lost my 2010 virginity.  It was pretty good.  The guy is nice.  We've been online chatbuddies for years (it seems), but have never been able to get it together.  He's fun and personable (even though -IMHO- he works too hard/much).  The secks was Hot and it put me in a good mood for the rest of the night (and this morning!).  Isn't it amazing how good secks will do that?  Of course, there are drawbacks: 1. No relationship potential (other than occassional forkbuddies) because he is totally on the DL* and 2. He reminded me *a lot* of the Cheating Cheater who Cheated (Cheatfully). On the plus side, his *ahem* "private part" was Much Bigger and Uncut (oops.  TMI?).
Overall, a fun way to de-virginize for 2010.
Have a great weekend!  Will possibly be updating this weekend as well ... stay tuned.
*DL = down low

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

License to Hustle

Good Evening, Kittens.

I posted this earlier on Twitter, but I don't think many people saw it ... and it's Too Good to Not Share Again.

This afternoon, I received an email from my company to update my corporate resume (um. ok. whatevs). As I was pondering how to describe my current job descriptionless job, I scrolled through to look at the rest of my resume.

And, that's when I saw this. (sorry for the link, but, when I tried to use the actual image, it came out super tiny. No idea why).

Yeah! You know you are jealous!

*wanders off singing Staying Alive*

P.S. I eventually learned that DISCO stands for Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office. Not quite as fun and/or interesting ...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 of 12: Metro Sucks Edition

Good evening, kittens. My 12 of 12 for January. Enjoyz.

IsabellaKittehs do not have to get up at 5:15AM to go to work. Jellerz.

IntersectionNot many other people have to be up that early either, as evidenced by the intersection at my bus stop.

BarfA little light Metro reading. *vomz*

Boarding the Orange LineAfter missing my bus and sitting on the Red Line at Fort Totten for about 10+ minutes (with the train doors open *kbrr*), getting on the Orange Line at Metro Center was uneventful. Yayz.

EscalatorEmerging from the depths.

WorkHello, my Workplace and the Sun. Is. Still. Not. Up. WTF?!?

Out of ServiceBack on the metro to go out to lunch. Machine out of service. Who is surprised?

zucchini fritterHello, Zucchini Fritter, chock full o' deliciousness ... mmmm.

Mac n cheese2nd Course, tangy mac n cheese. Not as nom nom nom as the fritter. *sigh*

Desk shotHello, weird shot of my desk.

WTF Red Line?In which the "1" did not stand for minutes ... and when the train did appear, it was out of service. Joy. 45 minute commute becomes 1.5 hour commute. Fun Times.

MartiniFinally home. Hello, my friend.

And, that was my day. Or most of it anyway.

Tuesday Morning Complaining

Good morning, kittens.
When Tuesday is your Monday, Tuesday is full of teh suck.
Complaint #1: My toilet ran all night long.  Making little mini-flushing noises at random intervals.  This is a problem that my toilet has only in really cold weather.  I think it must have something to do with the temperature of the water in the tank causing the seals to contract or something.  I only ever think about it when it is happening (and it just started happening a few days ago).  In the spring/summer/fall, it's fine.  I suppose I should get a plumber in to take a look at it. 
Complaint #2: As I was shutting down my computer this morning, I looked at the time and thought "excellent.  I have four minutes until my bus comes."  And, *vrooooooom* there went my bus.  Early.  Fork!
Complaint #3: A train went out of service at Union Station, which meant that my train sat at Fort Totten Station for over 10 minutes ... with the DOORS OPEN!  VUBOQsicle anyone?
Complaint #4: My office is FREEZING.  And, I have just noticed (what can I say?  I'm not very observant sometimes) that the possible reason for this is that (1) there is no heater in my office and/or (2) there is no HVAC vent work in my office and/or (3) the heat in the adjacent offices do not work very well.  I don't think I can bring in my own heater because it apparently blows out the fuses two offices over.
What else will this fabulous day bring?
It can only get better, right?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Update: You Know You're Old When Your Idea of a Fun Weekend Is to Sit at Home Alone Edition

Good afternoon, kittens!

I'm home from a boozy lunch with the fabulous Ms. Clio Bluestocking. Afterwards, I wandered over to Marshalls and bought a pair of jeans. $20! Yay! But, I seriously think the manufacturers are lying about the size. These are 29 waist. And they feel big. AND, I feel like I've gained weight because I'm not able to walk as much with the new job. What is that all about?

0111101424a.jpgVUBOQ is getting fat.

ANYWAY, my weekend ... it was cold. I didn't want to go out, BUT Mike dragged me out to meet a friend of his in Downtown Silver Spring. Margaritas were involved. So I went. It was fun. After dinner, I walked home and sat on the sofa and watched TV.

Saturday, I had to get up EARLY(ish) to go get my hair done ... here I am suffering for beauty:


And here I am all purdy:


After my hair appointment, I went to Mike's house for a late brunch/lunch/thing. He made eggs florentine. Yumz.

Then, I came home and blobbed around the house.

Sunday? More blobbing (and some cleaning). Mixed with even more blobbing.

Then, I blobbed a bit more.

Having every other Monday off is awesome. I think I'm going to head up to NYC on the 22nd after work. Yay.

And, that was my weekend. Now, I must nap. *smooches*

Friday, January 08, 2010

Morning Email Posting

Good Morning, Kittens.
I wonder if there is away to get this email posting thing to publish pictures as well?  Hm ... Maybe I will experiment with that this weekend.  Anyway ...
My presentation yesterday went well ... once I had the chance to give it.  I was impressed with how clever I sounded.  My client seemed to like it.  The Colonel had some positive input.  So, overall, not too bad.
Last night, I had my third date with ScooterGuy.  We met in Georgetown and went to a Japanese restaurant, Hashi (Chopsticks).  I ordered kitsune udon (noodle soup with tofu and spinach).  Delicious.  He gave me a ride back to the closest Red Line station.  Fun date, but I'm not really sure where it's all going ... as GayProf queried me last night, no I haven't asked him.  That seems like one of those weird questions that can freak people out.  It's not like I am totally wanting to be in a long-term relationship with him, but knowing if having teh hot buttsecks in the near future is a possibility would be a good thing.  Otherwise, I might have to make a NYC Booty Call.
Tomokito's husband was having a birthday party last night.  Apparently, I was invited.  Hm.  Who knew?  It was kind of loud in my living room, but when I went to bed I couldn't hear anything.  Yay.
As I was heading to bed, I noticed a little snow flurrying ... this morning, there was probably just over an inch.  So in to work I came.  Woo.  Hoo.
No real weekend plans.  I have loads of house cleaning to do.  Plus, I have to work on some co-op Board stuff before our meeting on Monday night.  Fun times.
Have a great day!  *smooches*

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Test

Good evening, Kittens.
I'm experimenting with posting via email.   I can't access blogger at work, but I can access email.  Plus, I am much more likely to blog in the morning than I am at night.  So maybe this will be a viable option.  We shall see ...

If not, you'll just have to deal with my slightly less frequent postings.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Good Evening, Kittens.

It's been a busy couple of days. Last night, Ray came over to visit with his kitty, Jasha. We ate leftover butternut squash lasagna. He left. I stayed up too late. And, this morning came too early.

Work has been busy. Two unexpected projects have been dropped in my lap. Plus, I am supposed to give a brief presentation at the full staff meeting tomorrow. Gah.

Then, today, the department (division?) I work in had "Staff Development" ... which consisted of lunch and a teamwork building activity. Unfortunately, even though I told the Executive Assistant that I am vegetarian. There were no vegetarian food options. I ate chips. And the meeting was just over 3 hours long.

I wasn't able to eat anything until around 3:45PM. Fortunately, one of my co-workers had some leftover vegetarian chili to share. Hurrah.

There's co-op drama as well ... mostly concerning the co-op fee increase. Ugh. The emails are flying. I will be *so* glad to be off the Board (as of January 19th! YAY!).

I am eating frozen pizza, drinking wine, and listening to Lady Gaga. It's good to be home.

(On the plus side, I have a date with ScooterGuy tomorrow after work.)

Have a great evening! *smooches*

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Oh, Hai. You look old.

Last night, I missed a call from Mike (Who Makes Cakes), who -god bless him- is one of the most honest people I know. And in his voicemail message he was all ,

"blah blah blah blah blah oh, and ...


... Your new facebook profile photo makes you look old."

I called back. And was like "What?"

And he was all, "Well I viewed it on my phone and it's small. You usually look younger than your age. This one makes you look older."

"My age is 39 (shut up! for another few months!). Are you saying I look older than 39."

*sound of back-pedaling*

"No. No. I'm just saying that in your other pictures you look really young. And in this picture you look older than really young."



And that's how you put the cherry on top of a Monday, Kittens.


Monday, January 04, 2010

Weekend Update: It's a New Year Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

This is Jasha. He's a kitten, too. Jasha is Ray's cute little ball of Russian Blueness. The reason Jasha has taken up residence in BOSSY's Guest Room is because Ray is moving to a new apartment. Until Ray gets settled, Jasha will be with me ... and Isabella. Although the whole Jasha/Isabella introduction thing? Not going very well. Of course, it's not going horribly either (need I remind you of the Gertrude/Isabella disaster?).

So, my weekend ... New Year's Eve was quiet. I had the final happy hour of 2009 with Tomokito and SCGB in his apartment. I decided not to go to the party with ScooterGuy, because the weather was crappy. Later, I watched the ball drop with Tomokito and her husband. Then, I returned to my apartment to drink champagne and watch Mad Men.

New Year's Day, I did lots of blobbing around the house in the morning. In the late afternoon, I headed over to Ray's apartment to help him pack and to pick up Jasha.

Saturday, I blobbed around the house. And, around 5:30 met up with a bucketload of friends for the first Saturday Early Evening Margaritas of 2010. ScooterGuy was supposed to come, but backed out because he was tired from working. Nevertheless, it was so much boozy good fun. And as Tomokito wrote on facebook, "It was fun last night even though it was f@#*ing cold! Friends keep you warm. Always."

I didn't get to bed until nearly 3AM.

Sunday was a day spent in a total lethargic state. Around 4, I went up to K-Factor's to use her slightly larger (but more counterspace having) kitchen to make a butternut squash lasagna to take over to my neighbors who had a baby over the holidays ...

0103101858.jpgMmm... lasagna ...

Totally busy good times. Have a great Monday! *smooches*

Friday, January 01, 2010

10 Years Ago

Happy New Year, my sweet sweet kittens.

Maybe the start of a new year is not the time for reflecting on years past, but that's what I find myself doing. Ten years ago, I had finished my first semester of graduate school. And, I spent the turn of the millennium with my friend, Anne-Marie, who I had worked with in Japan and who had taken my position at a small junior college on the outskirts of Beijing.

Here are a few photos I found from that trip ...

Top Left: Mao Ping (Anne-Marie's boyfriend) and I in Tiananmen Square at Midnight(ish) (Neither of us had a watch)
Top Right: Anne-Marie, her friend Louise, and I enjoying lunch
Bottom Left: Louise, me, Anne-Marie on a traditional street having a traditional snack
Bottom Right: Anne-Marie and I play in the snow at the school

In 10 years I traveled internationally (China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, England, Scotland); I earned a graduate degree; I became vegetarian; I worked; I got laid off; I found a new job; I made new friends; I reconnected with old ones; I've dated and had sex and fallen in love and had my heart broken more times than I care to remember ...

No matter what this new decade holds in store for me, I'm certainly looking forward to the ride.