Friday, February 29, 2008

My Umbrella is a Rainbow

Sometimes I wonder why I couldn't have been blessed with the Gift of Knowing What I Want to Do When I Grow Up.

It seems my job aspirations turn and twist like a weathervane in a tornado, and so many times I end up thinking, "How did I end up here" and "Where am I going?"

With my contract coming to a close in the next 3-6 months, I am once again wondering what path to follow ... What do I want to do when I grow up?

I've toyed with going back to school (VUBOQ, Ph.D. is in da house!), but my quandries over what to study (Shouldn't one be passionate about the subject?) coupled with reading bolgs about the dog-eat-dog World of Academia aren't helping to motivate me in that direction.

Curriculum Development?
Federal Government?
Private Sector?

Right now, I feel like chucking it all, moving somewhere dirt cheap, working part-time in a bookstore, and spending the rest of my time writing, knitting, and making fun pottery.

Somehow, I don't think that will work ...


I am leaving work today at 1:30. Hurray for an early start to the weekend! Huzzah! As soon as I blow this popsicle stand, I'm heading straight to the pottery studio ... to make pots. Yay!

After pottery, I'm heading over to Y's.

And that is the extent of my weekend plans thus far.

Although, I am hoping Tomokito organizes some sort of Project Runway Marathon viewing on Sunday.

Saturday I really, really need to work on organizing my house to get ready for the madness which will be descending upon it March 15-18 ... and beyond!

I started the coconut/almond vodka infusion last night. Keep your fingers crossed that it will turn out yummy.

Here's a little something to think about from Yahoo! News:

Researchers at the University of Tokyo concluded that ethanol -- an intoxicating agent in alcohol -- does not cause memory to decrease, as widely believed, but instead locks it in place.

The researchers, led by pharmacology professor Norio Matsuki, gave mild shocks to lab rats to condition them to fear. As a result, the rats would freeze in terror and curl up the moment they were put in their cages.

Researchers then immediately injected the rats with ethanol or saline.

The researchers found that rats with alcohol in their veins froze up for longer, with the fear on average lasting two weeks, compared with rats that did not receive injections.

"If we apply this study to humans, the memories they are trying to get rid of will remain strongly, even if they drink alcohol to try to forget an event they dislike and be in a merry mood for the moment," the study said.

Do you think by "apply this to humans" they mean "give them electric shocks and inject them with booze?" Because, if so, SIGN ME UP!!! *w00t*

Possibly more later. *smooches*

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Booze Nooze

Yesterday, I bought a new (to me) brand of gin. Unfortunately, I can't remember what it's called. I'll be making a New (to me) Brand of Gin Martini with Feta-Stuffed Olives when I get home from work this evening, and I'll let you know how it is (and what it's called).

Isn't that exciting?

Also, using the amazing powers of Google, I learned what the walnut liqueur I've been wracking my brain trying to remember is called ...


It is yummy. Esp. in coffee.

Buy me some :-)

It's in the Jeans

Using the (very small) portion of my tax refund which I did not donate or shove into savings, I decided to treat myself to a new pair of shoes and a pair of jeans. Last night, on, I found a pair of jeans I liked ... at the right price ... plus I had a 10% off coupon.

I bought the Genetic Men's Carbon Relaxed Bootcut Denim Jeans (regular price $231, Overstock price $54.99). Bargain!

Here are photos:

Now for the shoe shopping! Yay! Shoes!

For Want of a Clever Title

My fun evening activities last night:
1. Laundry. Two Loads.
2. Making the bed (Clean sheets! w00t!).
3. Cooking Thai Green Curry.
4. Putting away laundry.
5. Going to bed.

Where did the evening go? I felt like I didn't even get to relax? How did that happen?

Y came over for dinner. He was too tired to do anything other than sleep on the sofa. What is it about IT people and their nocturnal ways? Does it have something to do with network traffic being slower at night?

This morning, I strained the blueberries out of the blueberry-infused vodka:

Blast off!
More later, kittens. *smooches*

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's the Frequency, VUBOQ?

I seem to be posting quite frequently today.
Wonder what up with that?
There must be boredom in the air!

National Monument Theft

One of my favorite places in the world is White Sands National Monument. It is one of the few places I've been which I find to be stunningly beautiful.

Here's a fascinating fact:

Some of the more active sand dunes in the park are moving in a northeasterly direction at up to 30 feet per year.

Do you know what this shocking statistic means? Well, I'll tell you ...

The distance from White Sands National Monument to the Canadian border (in a general Northeastern direction) is approximately 1900 miles.

1 mile = 5280 feet so ...

1900 x 5280 = 10032000 feet

10032000 feet divided by 30 feet per year = 334400 years

WHICH MEANS (are you ready for this?):

In the year 336, 408 AD, White Sands National Monument will become the White Sands Canadian National Monument!

Thieving bitches. Give us back our monument!!

Pimping the GBM, Again

As some of you may know, the Global Blogger Meet-Up is rapidly approaching! Have you bought your tickets? Have you? Are you coming? You know you want to!

The festivities begin on March 15th and continue with riotous drinking and carousing through the 18th ... and beyond!

I've sent out the evite for the inaugural event (my Vodka* and Dessert Birthday Extravaganza Spectacular!). Bloggers from all over the world will converge to eat cake, drink vodka, and meet each other (and my friends, aka the "characters" in teh blog). Yes, Y will be there. As will SCGB! Across the Way Neighbor! DUN (I hope)! Across the Hall from DUN Neighbor! And many, many more! Including a couple of VUBOQ's nicer exes. Good times, Kittens. Good times.

Other exciting events will include: dining at Jaleo, afternoon margaritas, singing and dancing at Cobalt, sightseeing, an intimate Chili and Sangria Party at Casa de Esteban, and much, much more! [Exact Schedule of Events TBD]

Thanks to the generosity of Only Me, each GBM Participant will receive a wonderful t-shirt. SO, GBM Participants (and you know who you are), send me (1) your t-shirt size, (2) if you'd like your blog addy printed on the back, and (3) any fun design ideas you might have!

*Vodka Update:
Chili-Infused Vodka is spicy and ready to drink!
Blueberry-Infused Vodka will be finished today or tomorrow!
Almond/Coconut-Infused Vodka will be started as soon as the Blueberry is finished!

That Which Was Lost

I found my mittens last night! Yay!
Apparently, I had left them in the laundry room when I was replacing the fuses.

And, speaking of laundry, that is what I will be doing tonight. I will not be watching Project Runway, because Tomokito has to go to San Antonio for work. And we will not be able to access her cable. Boo. Hiss. Oh, well. I think I will invite the neighbors down for booze and conversation though.

I guess that's about it. Perhaps I will be more interesting later on ...

but, I doubt it.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Potteryito Ergo Sum

Behold! Vases!

and Mugs!

These are the four objects I finished on Sunday (and, finally, got around to uploading the photos).

My favorites of the four are the tall vase and the mug on the left. I think I might give Y that mug for his birthday (assuming it is finished in time).

Perhaps some lucky 10% Refund Challenge/Poor Bastage Who Has to Pay the Tax Man Contest participant will win one of the others? Hmmm ...

Don't ... Tempt Me Further, Frodo Baggins

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation (with SCGB?) about vegetarianism. He had read an article (which I can't find), which stated that the most common food items that would make a Vegetarian renounce Vegetarianism were pork products.

Not surprisingly, the two foods which I have the most difficult time resisting (even after 8 years of being meat-free) are ...

Bacon and NC Pulled Pork BBQ

Sometimes, I dream about them ...

What is it about that wonderful, magical animal*?

#3 on my list (even though you didn't ask, and please don't be disgusted by this) is turkey skin. Mmm. Crispy, fatty turkey skin pulled off the bird on Thanksgiving morning. Mmmmm.

So, vegetarians, what meat do you find the most hard to resist?
Meat-eaters, what do you think you would have the hardest time giving up?

*From one of my favorite Simpsons dialogues:
Homer: Are you saying you're never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
Lisa: No.
Homer: Ham?
Lisa: No.
Homer: Pork chops?
Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal.
Homer: Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.


I am beginning to realize that the only way Martha Stewart can keep her house looking spotless is with her staff of thousands. I, on the other hand, have a staff of one [two, if you count the Psychokitty, but usually she is more of a cleaning hinderance than cleaning help]. Project Cleanliness is Next to VUBOQliness is bordering on dismal failure. It worked for awhile. But, then, life, as it tends to do, got in the way.

Pottery class started, which means that my Monday cleaning doesn't usually happen. And not getting to bed until late on Monday night means I am too tired to clean on Tuesday. And, on Wednesday, the neighbors all gather around the Magic Glowing Box to watch Project Runway, which doesn't end until late, meaning I am too tired to clean on Thursday. Suddenly, it's the weekend and nothing has been done.


Today, even though I am tired to the point of my fingers hurting slightly as I type, as Gawd as mah Witness, I'm going to pull myself up by my bootstraps, put on my lacy maid's outfit, and friggin' clean the forkin' apartment.

OK. Not the *entire* apartment, but I will clean the living room and the kitchen. Go me. Then, I will open a bottle of wine and chug it*.

Now, for a little blogkeeping:

  • Don't forget the Global Blogger Meet-up is fast approaching. March 15-18 is less than a month away. Buy your tickets! Pack your bags! And get ready for the time of your life.
  • Have you done your taxes yet? Remember, tithe your refund to the charities of your choice and be entered in a FANTASTIC contest: The 10% Refund Challenge. Or, if you owe, let me know to be entered in a separate FANTASTIC contest: Poor Bastages who Owe the Tax Man.

God Bless America! God Bless Taxes! God Bless VUBOQ and his Most Funtabulous Contests!

Finally, pottery class report:

I threw a casserole. It was HARD! OMG. I have Pottery-Inflicted Injuries! It took me nearly an hour to center the 5.5 pounds of clay for the casserole. While doing that, I scrapped some of the skin off the side of my left hand. Ow. Then, after I finished the casserole, the wire I used to slice the casserole off of the batte dug into my fingers and made Major Ouchiness. This friggin' thing better look good when I'm finished or I'll be slightly perturbed.

Next week, I will trim it, attach handles, and take a photo so you can witness the glory that is VUBOQ's First (and probably last) Casserole Dish.

More later, kittens. *smooches*

*I'm kidding. I will not chug it. I will sip it slowly, showing it all the respect a $6 bottle of wine deserves.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cranky McCrankerson

I have finally noticed the opthalmic migraine pattern ... I get them mostly when I'm SuperTired ...

SuperTired and Cranky.

I'm very displeased with the "sick" co-worker. I was very looking forward to going home for a quick nap during my lunch break. Of course, if he is actually sick, I won't be as displeased. However, usually the more sick a person sounds on the phone when he calls in, the less I believe he is truly sick. I know. It's cynical. But, seriously, the whole whispered, pausing speech pushes the bounds of believability.

The message left on my phone was something like this: "Hi. It's [co-worker's name] ... I'm still ... sick ... I feel so ... *gasp* ... weak" blah blah blah etc etc etc.

Later on this morning, for the first time in a very long time, I had to hang up on a caller. The woman was KUH-RAY-ZEE. Usually, when I get a Crazy Caller, who is complaining about toxic chemicals and landlord conspiracies to make them sick and fibromyalgia and how the local government is full of cronies and inbred idiots who are out to kill them, I can usually say something along the lines of "I don't have the information you need, but if you call [another hotline] at [this number], they should be able to assist you."

In most cases, that works. The Crazy Caller takes the number and is another satisfied customer.

The woman I spoke with this morning was an Extra Special Breed of Crazy Caller. Whenever I mentioned another hotline, she had already spoken to them 5 years ago. I tried to give her different numbers and websites and technical contacts. After about 10 minutes, with her still rambling on about people removing her air filters without her knowledge and being exposed to toxins, I said, "I am not able to help you. You haven't accepted any of the numbers and contacts I've tried to provide you. Thank you for calling. Good-bye." *click*

Fun times, kittens. Fun times.

[p.s. What is it about people on the West Coast? That always seems to be where the ExtraCrazy are.]

Weekend Update: Forking Oscars Edition

Conversation during the Oscars last night:

V: When are they going to give Laura Linney her forking Oscar?
Y: If it's a forking Oscar, you should get it.
V: I totally should! I act like I enjoy it every time!

Let the record show that there was no forking later that night. *sigh*
It was worth it though. I laughed for a good 15 minutes. OK. Maybe I was a little durnk. But, still, fun-NEH!

As for the rest of the weekend, Friday night, Y came over for dinner. I made little pita pizzas. YUM. DUN and SCGB joined us at some point and we drank lots of wine.

Saturday, slightly over hung. I did make it to the hardware store to buy new fuses for the laundry room. Go me! Saturday night, SCGB and I watched Sex and the City DVDs at Tomokito's.

Sunday, I went to the pottery studio. I trimmed two vases, two mugs, and pulled the handles for the two mugs. Then, I went over to Y's. I knitted (I have finished the left and right front panels of the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom)! I made pasta for dinner. Around 7:30, two of Y's friends came over (with their new babeh) to watch the Oscars.

I stayed up way too late (Blame John Stewart. He was too funny). I didn't sleep well. So, I'm really tired, slightly cranky, and I want to go home for lunch but can't because one of my c0-workers has called in sick. Blah.

I also am feeling the beginnings of an ophthamalic migraine. bah.

On the bright side, I have pottery class tonight. Yay. I think I'm going to work on either making a casserole dish or some sort of jar with a lid.

Happy Monday. More later. *smooches*

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Peek Inside My Brain

What you see:

What VUBOQ sees (and it makes him laugh. Every. Time.):

Friday, February 22, 2008

I Am Cheap

Y sent me a message this morning about some sort of wine-tasting that UMD Graduate Programs (?) is hosting. The event includes tasting five (5!) different wines, guidance from a wine expert, and horse doobers. Afterwards, there is a cash bar. Cost: $25.

I responded that, while it sounded like a fun event, we could have our own wine tasting (sans the wine expert) for considerably less. AND, we could do it naked (if we so desired).

Naked Wine Tasting. I think it's going to be the Next Big Thing.

Charity Navigator

Here's an interesting tool to check on the efficiency of your donated dollars (y'know, the 10% of your tax refund which you are planning on donating): Charity Navigator

These are the reports for two of the three charities to which I donated:

Food and Friends
Washington Animal Rescue League

Medical Students for Choice hasn't been evaluated by Charity Navigator.

Financial News

Look over there -->

Three people (so far) have participated in the 10% Refund Challenge!!! *w00t*
And, two poor bastages are entered in the "We Owed the Tax Man" Pity Party!

You can play too! Donate 10% of your refund to the charity/charities of your choice and let me know. If you have to pay, you won't be left out ... drop me a line and I'll put your name in the hat for a separate drawing! Yay!

Last night, I completed my 10% challenge by donating to a very worthy organization, Medical Students for Choice. Considering that more medical students learn about Viagra and hair replacement than providing the full range of reproductive healthcare, I think it's money well-donated.

I also put some money into my Pax World Roth IRA and opened up an ING Direct 6 month CD (3.65%). In these uncertain times, perhaps it is best to squirrel away the extra cash for a rainy day rather than spending it on frivolous things.

OK. I admit it. I did set aside some of my refund to buy jeans and a pair of shoes. I deserve at least a little pampering.

As for my weekend plans, not much is on my plate ... yet. Tonight, I'm staying in to watch movies and knit (fun times, yo!). The weather is not really conducive to me wanting to venture forth into the city. Tomorrow, I'm hoping there is a Project Runway Marathon on and I can catch a few of the earlier episodes I missed. If not, I will spend the time cleaning the apartment. No plans yet for Saturday night. Sunday, I am going to the pottery studio. Then, I'll probably head over to Y's to watch the Oscars.

I guess that's about it for now. More later. *smooches*

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Apply Within

As some of you may know, the contract for which I slavishly toil will be ending soon. And, by "soon" I mean "sometime between the end of March and September."

Of course, there is always the option that my company will re-win the contract or the new company will want to transition the staff; however, because the Federal Agency's Contract Office is in chaos complete control and all we have received so far from them is a "Letter of Intent to Pursue the Possibility of Extension of the Contract for No More Than 6 Months," I have set the goal of finding a Sugar Daddy New Job Sugar Daddy.


Here are my very simple requirements for a New Job Sugar Daddy:

1. Fabulously wealthy
2. Willing to support me in the manner to which I want to become accustomed
3. Of sound mind and body (at least until I've been written into the will)
4. Close to death
5. D/D free

If this sounds like you or you know someone who fits the above requirements, please leave a comment or send me an email. Detailed application will soon follow.

Like a Big Pizza Pie

In case you missed the lunar eclipse last night, here's a photo taken with my digicam ...

It's towards the end of the eclipse, which, btw, was pretty cool. I hope you caught it.

The PR4 Reunion Show was a lot of fun. Big laughs. Good times. No one got drunk and sloppy though. Darn.

In other news, after much consideration, I have decided that, in addition to the 10% Refund Challenge, I will have a separate contest for you poor schlubs who have to pay the Tax Man. I mean, after writing a big ol' check to the guvmint, you should have something to show for it, right? Well, you'll get to show everybody your name ... over there -->

AND, you'll be entered into a drawing for a FABULOUS (tbd) PRIZE! woo hoo! Good luck, Refundless Masses. Sucks to be you.

I guess that's it for now ... more later. *smooches*

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tithing Tithers Who Tithe Tithefully

Guess what, kittens?

My federal refund has been deposited into my bank account. YAY! As you know, I issued forth the challenge of donating 10% of our tax refunds to our favorite charities.

This morning I gave money to the Washington Animal Rescue League and DC's Food and Friends. I am planning to throw some pennies at one more organization this evening. I can't from work, because its website is blocked by the Evil Firewall of Doom. *sigh*

Once I make that donation, I will have met the requirements of the 10% Refund Challenge! YAY!

If you'd like to join the cool kids (Earl Cootie and Mel) over there on my sidebar, donate 10% of your tax refund to your favorite charity (or my favorite charities). Then, send me an email or leave a comment on teh blog. The drawing for the fabulous (yet to be determined) prize will be held on April 15th.

On your mark.
Get set.


Why Can't We Sing Frosty the Snowman After Xmas?

Last night was yet another VUBOQian Cooking Adventure.

First, I started one of the two vodka infusions for the Global Blogger Meet-Up/VUBOQ's Vodka and Dessert Birthday Extravaganza. Here is a photo:

It should be ready in about a week. Then, I can start the second vodka infusion.

For my next trick, I made a "Moroccan Chickpea Stew." I put the title in quotes, because I wrote down the ingredients I needed to buy, but forgot to include the quantities. Plus, the recipe I found on epicurious used dried beans. And, VUBOQ?, he doesn't have the time/patience to soak and cook dried beans.

Of course, when I got home from the store, I realized I didn't have about 2/3 of the spices the recipe called for (that would be cumin and coriander). I did have cinnamon. YAY. I also have garam masala, which has cumin and coriander (and a bunch of other stuff) in it. So, that's what I used.

So here's what I did:

1. In large pot, cook one diced onion in about 1 T of olive oil until soft. Add one cinnamon stick while the onion is cooking.
2. Add two cans of organic chickpeas (juice and all).
3. Bring to a boil. Add a couple of shakes of garam masala (or more).
4. Add one large can of diced fire-roasted tomatoes (juice and all).
5. Add the zest of one lemon.
6. Simmer until until flavors mingle.
7. Serve with couscous and crusty bread.
8. Eat, smile, say "YUM."

Y came over. We had Angel Spit Martinis*. Then, he studied while I knitted on the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom. I have also come to the realization that his 40th birthday is about a week after mine. I probably should help him plan some sort of party or something.

I also need to get my evites ready for the Global Blogger Meet-Up Events.

Of course, tonight, all I need to do is watch Project Runway. YAY!

More later, kittens. *smooches*

*Note to Dorotheeandjay: You can only buy Leopold's Gin in Ann Arbor, MI. If you want to make a martini with another really nice gin, try Plymouth London Dry. Keep your gin in the freezer. I usually use 1 oz dry vermouth, 3 oz gin, stir with ice (never shake!), and strain into a chilled martini glass with your favorite olives (I like garlic-stuffed olives).

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How Many Blueberries Does It Take ...

... to get to the center of a tootsie pop infuse 1L of vodka?

I'm hoping not more than 1 pint of possibly over-priced Chilean non-organic blueberries purchased from Whole Foods for $4.99.

The organic Chilean blueberries would have been $0.99 more. And, well, I figure the booze will kill any residual pesticides, right?

Suddenly I feel like I have put a price on my friendships ... y'know, if I liked you people more, I would've paid the $5.98 for the organic ones. Don't be insulted. Srsly. I hold you all in the highest regards.

I did splurge and spend an extra $0.20 per can on 2 cans of organic chickpeas. I'm making some sort of moroccan stew tonight for dinner. VUBOQ is worth teh organix.

Which reminds me, VUBOQ is also worth the drinking of the most fabulous gin EVER, Leopold's. I bought myself a fifth last year in Ann Arbor during my Birthday Extravaganza Vacation in the Frozen Tundra. Surprisingly, I still have half a fifth left (Is that a tenth?).

Anyway, on Friday night, I decided to treat myself to a Leopold's martini. When DUN came down, I offered her a taste (but only a small one, VUBOQ doesn't share the Leopold's). Her exact words were:



"This is like the difference between a store-bought tomato and an organic tomato purchased at a Farmer's Market"


"It's like drinking angels' spit."

Thus, we must all refer to a Leopold's martini as an Angel Spit Martini. Go forth and spread the good news.

The word of VUBOQ for the people of VUBOQ.
Thanks be to VUBOQ.

Winter Vase 1

Here is the vase I trimmed on Sunday:

(I decided to come home for lunch and, thus, could upload the photo earlier than planned.)

Weekend Update: How the Heck Did It Get to Be Tuesday Already Edition

Good morning, kittenes!

The long holiday weekend has come and gone, and I'm back at work churning out crap for The Man.

Everything happened pretty much as scheduled (see previous post).

Friday night, I made delicious mango/mushroom/fire-roasted tomato pasta with a yummy grated peppercorn romano (I think it was romano). Mmm Mmm. DUN joined me. We started watching The Devil's Backbone, but, then SCGB came down. Since he had missed about 1/3 of the movie, we stopped it and just talked. It seems like Y came over later ... he must have, because I remember him being there on Saturday morning. Hm. Srsly, a lot of this weekend must have been spent in an Alcohol Cloud.

Saturday, I made yummy breakfast: Eggs scrambled with chili sauce and blue cheese (kind of like Buffalo Wing Abortions). Then, I knat. I finished the back of the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom. See:

Then, I started the left front, but got all confused on the pocket part and had to rip the whole thing out. Thank Goodness for Ravelry. I emailed a woman on there who had made the same sweater, and she's given me some pointers. That evening, I went up to Tomokito's for martinis and Project Runway. Yay. I left her place after the show. Then, SCGB got home from a wedding and we had a drink.

Sunday, Carolyn and I went to the pottery studio. I trimmed one vase and threw another. I have a picture of the trimmed one, but I didn't have a chance to upload it. I will do so this evening. After leaving the studio, I headed over to Y's to wait for Eric from Baltimore.

Once he arrived, we had a quick vodka tonic and left to meet Tomokito and Steveandbobby in DC for Sunday Afternoon Margaritas. Yay! Cheese dip! Spinach Enchiladas! 3 Pitchers of Margs! Then, we headed over to Cobalt for $2 Smirnoff Cocktails ... *oog*

I think we left around 9PM? After we all piled into Y's car, everything became a little hazy. Embarrasingly, I don't even remember the durnken secks (although I was assured that there was durnken secks).

I woke up around 9 and was not hungover. *w00t* There is a god after all. I did laundry. Then, left to meet Mike and Tomokito at AU for lunch. We went to Chef Geoff's. I had two martinis. Mmm. Martinis. I got back to my place around 5 (stupid metro single-tracking), and I had to rush around to get back to College Park for pottery class.

Pottery class was super successful! I made a vase and two mugs! I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. Hopefully, the final results will be just as good. I think I will go again on Sunday (or later this week) to trim and pull handles. After class, I walked over to Y's. I do not sleep well at his house though, so I'm really tired. *bleah*

My plans for today? I'm going to start the first Global Blogger Meet-Up Vodka Infusion. I'm going to attempt to knit the left front of the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom. And, I'm going to watch the rest of The Devil's Backbone.

Fun times, kittenes. Fun. Times.

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Weekend Is Full of Glittery Shiny Diamelles

Here's how VUBOQ is planning to spend his extra-long Holiday Weekend:

Friday night - dinner* with DUN (and maybe SCGB), knitting, DVDs
Saturday day - knitting, DVDs, grocery shopping
Saturday night - PR4 episode that I missed on Wednesday
Sunday day - pottery studio
Sunday afternoon/evening - margaritas
Sunday night - hot durnken secks
Monday day - shopping for a new stove, meeting Mike and Darryl for lunch
Monday night - knitting, DVDs

Fun times, eh?

*UPDATE: OMG! OMG! OMG! I was totally wandering around the Whole Paycheck and it hit me! *ka-POW!* I should make my totally fabulicious mango mushroom fire-roasted tomato pasta sauce. So I bought a mango, some mushrooms, and a can of diced fire-roasted tomatoes. Here's where the fun part comes in: I don't remember how to make it! w00t! Experimental cooking, bitches! Make it work!

The Hair Up There

I got my hair did for Valentine's Day. Hurrah! I luvs the day I have my hair did. After that, I no longer have the desire to blowdry and fluff and style and wax and spike and primp, and my hair returns to it's natural state of disorder and clumpiness with random hairs sticking off in random directions (see photo).

I do have some photos of my hair actually styled and looking a little over halfway decent, but those pics are on my digicam and have yet to be uploaded. Patience, grasshoppers.

I was going to do a BOSSYesque Going to Get My Hair Did entry, but after reading hers, I thought, "*meh* Too complicated. Too time-consuming. Best not to raise my readers' expectations or I'll have to crank out well-organized, thoughtful entries all the time."

And who wants to do that?

After the Hair Adventure, I met Y at a cute little Thai restaurant in Woodley Park, Jandara. I have always *heart*ed Jandara. My cousin and I used to eat there a lot. They make this yummy entree, lightly battered and fried green beans with chili sauce, that I ordered as an appetizer. Y ordered chicken satay. Then, for our main course, I had spicy fried eggplant, and Y ate duck in red curry. YUM! Then, there was a complimentary Valentine's Day dessert - some sort of coconut jelly in little heart shapes. Very good, but not sweet.

I also had 3 cosmos. Pink! Valentinesy! I was a little durnk. Our Thai waiter was v. cute and fresh off the boat. There's just something super-endearing about the lilting, sing-song Thai accent. Y paid. *w00t*

I can't believe I ate so much. *oog*

We got back to my place around 10, and almost immediately went to bed. Mmm. Bed. Bed is good.

I got up this morning, slightly overhung, and went through my usual routine. As I was brushing my teeth before heading out the door, I started laughing. I was only wearing one shoe. I guess I was putting on my shoes, got distracted, and forgot to put on the other one. The question is: How long had I been walking around wearing a single shoe? Hm ... I don't know.

I'm not working on Monday because of the federal holiday (Yay for Dead Presidents!). I think I'll save my weekend plans for a later post.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart-Shaped Biscuits

When I was a child, every Valentine’s Day morning, my mother, a notorious non-morning person, would pull herself out of bed to make us a special breakfast. Nestled among the eggs and bacon or the pancakes and sausage, we would always find a couple of heart-shaped biscuits.

That’s what I remembered as I wandered through the Whole Foods, surrounded by men buying bunches of organic roses, 2 dozen for $49.99! As I stood in the busy lunchtime checkout line watching the man in front of me buying chocolate-dipped strawberries, brie, and a baguette, I remembered my mom’s crinkly-edged biscuits, cut in half with a little pool of butter melting slowly in the center,

I saw men trying desperately, at the last minute, to buy a little romance along with their Vitamin Water and Free Range Roast Chicken Sandwiches with Chipotle Mayo. Maybe they can purchase a rose-filled, chocolate-dipped romantic evening, but where is the love? Can they put that on their VISA Debit Cards?

As for me, I know where the love is. It’s in my memories, and it was on my plate every Valentine’s morning, a rock-hard crinkly-edged heart-shaped biscuit.

Happy Baseball Day!

I know what you're thinking, "It's not Baseball Day; it's Valentine's Day!" And, you would be right, except last night VUBOQ, in a flash of brilliance realized that baseball and Valentine's Day have a lot in common!

First, take a look at a baseball field, in common parlance, a baseball diamond (Get it?):

Take another look:
The Sports Gods really should call it a baseball heart. Srsly.

Did you notice what the little white squares are called? Yep. Bases. AND they're numbered!

First base, Second base, Third base, and Home base!

And we all know what those stand for! If you don't (you poor, poor sweet sexless thing), here's a chart:

First Base - Kiss
Second Base - A feel
Third Base - Um? Blowjob?
HOME RUN - Sex. Duh.

Unless, you are of the gay variety. Then, you get this:

First Base - Blowjob
Second Base - Teh hot, steamy, sweaty buttsecks
Third Base - Threesome
HOME RUN - Caligula-esque Orgy!! *w00t*

I don't know why all you people are straight. Srsly.


Finally, in baseball, if one team has scored 7 goals (TOUCHDOWN!) and the other team hasn't scored any, you don't say that the score is 7 to ZERO. You say the score is 7-LOVE! Isn't that sweet? Isn't it romantic?

And that, dear readers, is why today should be called Baseball Day.

I hope you all have a fantastic day with lots and lots of Home Runs!

More later. *smooches*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The knittens are done! Huzzah! They are actually a nice dark blue color, not mud-gray as they look in the photo. My cellphone camera does not do a great job with color accuracy.

Anyway, I am planning on giving them to Y for Valentine's Day. Blue is his favorite color. Aren't I the most thoughtful person EVER?

In other news, I *may* not be able to watch PR4 tonight. Tomokito has some sort of work dinner thing and won't be home until late. If I can manage to stay awake, we can watch the 11PM rerun. I don't think that will be happening ... especially since I want to go to bed now.

I guess I will knit on the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom tonight ...

Terrible Twos

Happy Blogrthday to VUBOQ
Happy Blogrthday to VUBOQ
Happy Blogrthday to VU.

Yep. Today we are two.
Hard to believe, huh?
I mean, like, so much has happened in two years.
I drank a lot.
And I knitted.
And I watched DVDs.


Seriously, people, why do you keep reading this schlock?
I find it a little baffling, really.

Oh, well. I promise to keep on drinking, knitting, and watching DVDs for years to come ... just for you.
Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, we had an ice storm last night. I love how the trees looked like they'd been dipped in glass this morning. I didn't love walking (er ... sliding) to work, though.

I also didn't love how the traffic lights were out near my office. Listen, people, I don't even drive and I know that, when the traffic lights aren't working, you treat it as a 4-way stop. It does NOT mean that you can just speed through the intersection like it's not there. And, I'm looking at you gigantic garbage truck which almost plowed over me.

*golf claps to the few cars I saw which did treat it as a 4-way stop*

Lessee .... not much else to report. Y came over last night to hang out. I was tired and cranky, so I probably wasn't much fun to be around. Sometimes, I don't know why he insists on putting up with me.

I'm supposed to do laundry today, but it seems like our washers may be borked. gah. We also have a board meeting tonight. w00t. And, then Project Runway. YAY!

More later. *smooches*

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 12 of 12

I take the crappiest photos edition.

7:40AM. In line to vote at the elementary school near my apartment.
In Line to Vote

8:07AM. It only took about 20 minutes. Then, Elementary School Bake Sale. Mmm. Blueberry poundcake.
Bake Sale

8:08AM. Leaving the Bake Sale (*sad face*) to walk to work.
School Bus

8:32AM. I voted!
I Voted

12:56PM. Lunchtime at Chipotle.
Beans Beans Good for the Heart

12:57PM. She was all "Peppers y onions?" And I was all "Shut up. I'm trying to take a photo."
Where's My Burrito

12:58PM. Walking back to work, past the Shop of the Great Satan.
Ben und Jerry's

1:01PM. Back at my office. I *heart* my $10 eBay winter coat.
Office Building 2

1:02PM. Going back up to the grind. Bah. Humbug. But Chipotle. YUM.
Going Up

4:38PM. On the walk home. Who did I vote for?

4:41PM. And ...

5:32PM. Naptime with my pussy after a long, hard day.
Naptime 2

No More Nachos Right Before Bed

So, two nights ago (oops, forgot to blog this yesterday), I had a very odd dream. The only part I can remember now is that my best friend from college and I were on this island and ended up in this funky little 1960s ranch-style home with, like, the best dish collection EVER.

My best friend disappeared. I got distracted going through the piles and piles of fantastic dishware. Upon being reunited with my friend, I learned that she had had sex with a transvestite, "Edna," who lived in the home.

Edna looked like a real-person version of this:

[Image from the Comic, Single and Looking]


Get Your Vote On

Ugh. Ever have one of those nights in which you keep dreaming that you're not getting any sleep, so when the alarm goes off you don't feel rested at all? Mm-hm. Yep. That was me this morning.

AND, I couldn't even sleep as late as usual, because I had to go get my vote on!

Yep, I was up at the asscrack of dawn to wait in line to cast my vote for Phil Kauffman for Board of Education Member-at-Large. Woo hoo! Voting Rocks!

Oh, yeah, and there was that Presidential race as well ...

Across the Hall from DUN Neighbor was working as an Election Judge. I stopped by to say hi. She asked how long the wait was. I said about 20 minutes and that the line was to the end of the hall.

The other judge looked at me and said, "Thanks. That's really helpful to know."

Given that I hadn't had my coffee yet, I couldn't tell if he was genuine or being a smartass (or being a genuine smartass). So, I stared at him for a few seconds, giving him my best "Uh? What?" look and continued talking to AtHfDUNN. Word to the wise: It's best not to engage me in conversation before my first cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, in non-voting news, pottery class was fun last night. Scroll down to see a picture of my pitcher.

AND, while in pottery, my friend, Min, called to tell me he and his partner are getting married! YAY! They live in Boston, and the date (of the marriage? of the party? I'm not sure, because the message was a bit garbled) is March 14th. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go since that's the day before the Global Blogger Meet-Up.

Alas. I will call him tonight when I get home from work.

I'll also be participating in 12-of-12 again today. Stay tuned for exciting photos from my thrilling day.

More later. *smooches*

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey Batter Batter Hey Batter Batter

I made pitcher.

Now, I make bedtime.

*good night smooches*

Woo Hoo! I's Famous!

I just flew in from the Pacific Northwest and, boy, are my arms tired.

Also, the Letter to the Editor I helped my friend write was published today!

The VUBOQ worshipping may now commence.

Weekend Update: Best Weekend EVER Edition

OMG, Kittens. This was the best. weekend. EVER. and I didn't even have a lot of sex!

Friday night, I chilled at home with DUN, SCGB, and DUN's boyfriend. Fun.

Then, Saturday, I had to get up early, because Tomokito and I went to a matinee of the Japanese play, Shintoku-Maru [aka. Hot Japanese Boy Naked]. The play was performed in Japanese, but with a recorded synopsis by Alan Rickman (who I luv) at the beginning. The play, itself, was a bit odd ... one might even go so far as to call it avant-garde. And, did I mention there was a hot Japanese boy naked? FULL BACKAL! Of course, it made me realize that 22-year-old Japanese boys who look like they are 16 or 17 don't really do all that much for me. But, still. NAKED! For like 5 minutes.

One of the most surprising things was that there was a couple sitting behind us who had brought their 7 year old (ish) son with them. Um. Not age appropriate? The kid was bored. There was one scene near the end which I interpreted as a child's rape (but in the program synopsis said "savagely beaten"). I don't think I would want my kids (if I had kids) to see that.

Of course, about halfway through the play, my coffee kicked in. "It should be about time for intermission," I thought. About 10 minutes later, I realized there wasn't going to be an intermission. Gah. Last 30 minutes of the show? Quite uncomfortable.

After the play ended, Tomokito and I headed over to the Austin Grill in Penn Quarter for a bite to eat and many happy margaritas. Mmmm. Margaritas. Well-fed and well-lit, we picked up the Barry Manilow tickets at the Verizon Center and did a little window-shopping in "Chinatown" [which I really think should be renamed, "Chainatown"].

We ended up at an Irish pub, Fado, for a couple of pints of beer before the show. Mike and Y joined us later (at Starbucks, because Mike forgot his ID and couldn't get in to the pub). We, then, headed back to the Verizon Center for the show.

When we finally found our section way way way way up high in the supernosebleed seats, the usher said, "Oh. You're behind row K. You will need to go over to Guest Services to get reassigned seats."

"Geez," I thought. "We're probably going to get even crappier seats."

So, we headed over to Guest Services, but, because Y had stopped to get something to eat, they wouldn't give us 4 seats together. So, we had to wait for him.

When he finally arrived, the woman at Guest Services said, "Oh, good. I was worried you wouldn't get four seats together, so we saved these tickets for you."

"Gosh. Thanks," I said. And looked on the map. Our old seats were in Section 432. Our new seats were in Section 111:

I believe when we finally found our new seats I said (quite loudly), "We are so fucking close!!!!"

Happy happy.

This is Mr. Manilow, as taken with my crappy cell phone camera:

The concert was fun and SuperCheeseTastic! I didn't want it to end. But it did. *sigh*

We got home around midnight, had a post-Manilow beverage, and went to bed.

Yesterday, I recovered from all of Saturday's excitement by knitting. Y studied. Then, I met Tomokito and Mike for dinner, while Y continued to study. Then, I went to bed, while Y studied.

And, that was my Best Weekend EVER (so far)!

Today, I have pottery class (yay!). AND, I'm going to the post office to mail a couple of packages.

I noticed yesterday that my Maryland refund has been deposited into my account (yay!), so as soon as my Federal refund is deposited, I can make my 10% Refund Challenge donations to charity! Let's tithe those refunds, kittens.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Someone Was Craving Grease Today

Can you guess who?
My Lunch

Meanwhile, here's a fascinating scenario for everyone to discuss:

You have this pair of jeans that are slightly out-of-fashion; however, they make your ass look GREAT! Do you continue to wear them? To work? This morning?

Oh Sinners, Let's Go Down

First off, apologies to everyone (except, apparently, Mel, who enjoys these types of things) for the pictures of rat guts yesterday. I was feeling punchy.

To make up for it, here's a cute rat pic:

All together now, "Awwwwwwww." Feel better, Bala Wala Shi?
Good ...

Second, this is what happens when a SuperDuperPowerBlogger shows you some linkyluv:


Even more hits than the day I blogged about discovering the Cheating Cheater who Cheated Cheatfully had cheated on me with a skinny twentysomething with long hair and bad skin. Who knew you could get lots of hits from something other than personal tragedy?

Live and learn. Live. And learn.

Lessee ... I'm a bit overhung this morning. Y came over for Spicy Chinese Rat Intestine Noodle Soup, and, to celebrate the Lunar New Year, I popped open the bottle of champagne leftover from my New Year's Eve Champagne Tasting. I got a little durnk. *oog*

Using the Japanese Udon Noodles instead of the Cellophane Noodles was a STROKE OF GENIUS!* Delicious. Try it at home. The one thing I did differently from usual was to boil the noodles separately for four minutes. Then, add them to the soup.

My weekend plans are pretty exciting. Tonight, I am going to drink and knit. Fortunately, tomorrow will be SuperFunTastic! First, Tomokito and I are going to play at the Kennedy Center. We're seeing the Japanese play, Shintoku-Maru, which is being performed as part of the Japan! Culture + Hyper Culture festival.

I knew I wanted to see this play as soon as I read the email subject header from Tomoko last week:

Spam: Hot Japanese Boy Naked. [This Hot Japanese Boy]

Yep. We learned if someone uses "naked" in the email subject heading to me, it is immediately labeled as "spam." Wonder why?

The play is a matinee, so, afterwards, we are going out for margaritas! YAY! And, then?


No plans for Sunday as of yet. Although, I imagine it will be filled with drinking, knitting, and post-Manilow euphoria.

More later. *smooches*

*For ten thousand VUBOQ Bonus Points, identify this movie quote: "He's having a stroke ... OF GENIUS!!!"

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Breaking: Chinese Noodle Soup Shocker!!

VUBOQ is thinking about using Japanese udon noodles instead of the clear, vaguely reminiscent of eels, cellophane noodles in his Spicy Chinese Noodle Soup.

Chinese Ambassador lodges a formal protest!

America REELS from the SHOCK!

News at 11.


I have a feeling I'm going to be posting lots of stupid little things today. Apologies in advance.
I just made a hair appointment! YAY! I will be blond(er) again! YAY!

It's on Valentine's Day. I didn't have an appointment around Xmas, so I didn't give Leah, the Colornatrix a year-end tip. Do you think a Valentine's Day gift/tip would be appropriate?

I am v. excited about the hair.

Oh. And Happy Chinese New Year.
It's the Year of the Rat.
Everyone should make Spicy Chinese Noodle Soup!
I am. [Unlike some DC restaurants, no rats in my soup.]

PS. A note to those of you visiting for the first time thanks to some linkyluv from BOSSY: I don't normally put photos of dissected rats on my blog. Srsly. This is a one time thing. Promise.

EPA Makes Understanding Greenhouse Gas Reductions Easier for Stupid People

From an EPA Press Release:

Can you picture what it means to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1 million metric tons? News stories are packed with measurements of greenhouse gas reductions, but it can be difficult to understand them until now. EPA's new Greenhouse Gas Calculator helps you turn greenhouse gas savings into more easily understood everyday terms.

The calculator converts greenhouse gas-related savings estimates, typically presented in "million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents," into familiar terms such as the greenhouse gas emissions that would result from:

· Driving a particular number of cars for a year,
· Using a particular amount of gasoline or barrels of oil,
· Using a particular number of tanker trucks' worth of gasoline,
· Providing energy to a particular number of homes for a year,
· Growing trees across a particular number of acres for a year,
· Recycling a particular quantity of waste instead of sending it to the landfill, or
· Generating electricity from a particular number of coal fired power plants for a year.

Users can enter savings in emissions, electricity consumption, gallons of gasoline, or number of vehicles into the calculator and determine up to 13 different ways to express the magnitude of the savings. The calculator uses the latest emission factors, approaches and statistics available through 2007.

As an example, if a typical household switched all its incandescent light bulbs to Energy Star qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs, it would save about 75 percent of the lighting electricity use, or about 1,463 kWh a year. After five years, these energy savings are equivalent to:

· Saving about 10,289 pounds of CO2 emissions,
· Conserving 530 gallons of gasoline,
· Saving 11 barrels of oil,
· Planting 120 tree seedlings, or
· Recycling 1.6 tons of waste.

Information on the calculator:

It's Like Melrose Place ...

... without the pool
... and Heather Locklear
... and the evil doctor trying to kill everyone

BUT, other than that, my building is just like Melrose Place. I *heart* my neighbors.

Last night, we gathered in Tomokito's apartment to watch Project Runway. Spoiler Here: I am soooooooo glad Little Ricky is gone [buh-bye]. I'm also quite pleased that Chris won. Now, if only Christian would stop making puffy sleeves and Rami could curb his desire to drape everything, life would be well and good. Highlight to read.

Anyway, back to my neighbors, Across the Hall from DUN Neighbor brought the fixin's for margaritas. I brought two-bite brownies. Tomokito, besides supplying the cable, contributed cheese and crackers and chips and salsa. DUN made super-delicious cupcakes! It was FUN-tastic!


More later. *smooches*

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hillary Clinton and teh Gayz

Admittedly, I gathered these links from Scott-o-Rama, a proud Clinton supporter, so there is the possibility of bias. I, in the liberal Democratic position, am willing to listen to other viewpoints. So, if any Obama supporters would like to convince me of his LGBT-friendliness, I would be happy to reconsider my decision to vote for Ms. Clinton. You have until the 12th ...

A Message to LGBT Americans: I Want to be Your President

When I am President, we will work together to make sure that all Americans in committed relationships have equal benefits and that nothing stands in the way of loving couples who want to adopt children in need. We're going to expand our federal hate crimes legislation and pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and assure that they are both fully inclusive of all people. And finally, we will put an end to the failed policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Courage, honor, patriotism and sacrifice – the traits that define our men and women in uniform – have nothing to do with sexual orientation.

Check out the video of Logo Channel's interview with Hillary on

Politics make my head hurt, so keep your arguments simple and to the point. *smooches*


Behold! The mostly finished Left Knitten (see knitten yesterday). I have to do the thumb, but I can't remember how to pick up stitches, and I'm too lazy to check the intarnetz. I'll do it when I get home tonight... I'm also a bit knorked out.

In other knitting news, I worked a bit on the Never-Ending Cardigan of DOOM last night. However, I had to tink the last row. And, then the final tinked stitch was totally forked. I figure that since it's on the end of the row, it won't matter though.

Here's a question for you knitterly types: When making a sweater, should you block the individual pieces before seaming them all together? Or should you not bother and then block when the seaming is all done? Does it matter?

Good Morning, Baltimore!

I watched Hairspray (the musical) last night. Loved it. It was too much fun. Although, I do have to say that I don't quite understand all the John Travolta love. He was *meh* at best. Everyone else was amazing though. John Travolta, you are the weakest link. Good-bye.

I also started reading The Botany of Desire, and, while my initial impressions are good, one thing is driving me crazy: There are no footnotes. Maybe I'm reading the book too critically, but when I get to a sentence that states something like there were no honeybees in the United States prior to the 1800s (or whenever), I really want to know the author's source. He could have included endnotes (I admit I didn't look), but I hate endnotes. All that flipping back and forth is annoying.

Is it asking too much for authors of mainstream/popular science writing to include footnotes? Gah.

Now, it's time to get political (gack!). Maryland's primary is coming up next Tuesday, and I have been semi-seriously weighing my options for President. Truthfully, I'll vote for whomever the Democratic nominee is; however, I have had a difficult time choosing (in fact, distinguishing) between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

My heart wants to vote for Obama. I like Obama's desire to change Washington, but I seriously doubt he can do it. Bill Clinton came to Washington with all sorts of novel plans and ideas - universal health care, gays in the military, etc. Even with a fairly decisive mandate, the charisma of Bill Clinton couldn't change Washington. He had to learn to work the system. Even though Obama is an inspirational speaker full of hope and his passion and conviction speaks to me, I think the Washington Machine would beat him down.

My head wants to vote for Clinton. She's been put through the Washington wringer and survived. She knows how to work the system, and I think she can get things done. She seems to have clear, thoughtful plans on what she wants to do and how she wants to do it.

Do I want a president to inspire the country? Or do I want a president who can work the system to get things done? For weeks, I've been going through this head vs. heart debate with no clear winner. Finally, it came down to one issue: How do they feel about teh gayz?

I think Hillary Clinton is more GLBT friendly, and, thus, she wins my vote next Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Am I Blue?

Knitting at work. Knorking? Knirking? Kno matter ... I'm making knittens!

I cast this one on yesterday because (a) I was bored, (b) I didn't want to work on the cable scarf that's been in my bag for ages, (c) DUN was making mittens while watching the Super Bowl and I felt inspired, and (d) I didn't want to cart the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom to and from work.

Knittens are fun and easy! I like this color (although it's a bit darker than it looks in the photo.

Pottery! Pottery! Pottery!

Last night, I made a pitcher!

It seems tall. Of course, things always seem taller in my memory than in actuality. Especially after it dries and shrinks in the kiln. Next week, I will pull the handle (and take a picture of my pitcher *heh*).

Kiln is an odd word.

The other students all seem friendly. I think it will be a good class. I might start going to open studio on Sundays to get a little more practice.

Speaking of knitting, I cast on a knitten yesterday at work. Not sure why. Guess I was bored. I'm not quite sure how it's going to turn out. The yarn isn't quite as thick as I thought, so they knittens may be a bit ... holey. Oh well ... they aren't for me.

Finally, I've been working on a Global Blogger Meet-Up schedule of events ... this is all tentative, but here goes:

March 15 (Saturday): Dinner at Mandalay in Silver Spring followed by VUBOQ's All Star Dessert and Vodka Birthday Party!

March 16 (Sunday): Sight-seeing in beautiful Washington, DC. Sangria and tapas at Jaleo! Possibly clubbing at Cobalt! [Although I'm not sure how fun it is on a Sunday night. I will check.]

March 17 (The Best Day of the Year): Afternoon Margaritas and Spinach Enchiladas at Alero, followed by a (smallish) Chili Party at the hacienda.

March 18 (Tuesday): Sight-seeing in beautiful Washington, DC (for those people who aren't leaving) ... or just blobbing around the house knitting, drinking, and eating leftovers.

This is, of course, subject to change, but it gives you a general idea of the festivities, no? Sounds fun? You want to come? You want to be listed over there --> under "Global Blogger Meet-Up" right?

More later. *smooches*

Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekend Update: PS Edition

The best thing about watching the Super Bowl with my international friends (Japanese, Israeli, and Argentinian) is that *I* was explaining the game to them!


Important things like:

1. You get four chances to go 10 yards. And if you don't make it, the other team gets a free throw. If you do make it, you get to slap everyone's asses! *w00t* Ass-Slapping!

2. The game actually stops for the commercials. The teams want to see them too!

3. A touchdown is 6 points. A field-goal is 3 points. A free throw is 2 points. And a run is 1 point.

4. At the end of the fourth inning, the team with the highest score wins! The losers all have to do a round of tequila shots.

Sports! I loves them!

Weekend Update: Skankified Ho Edition

Friday night was rather uneventful, so we'll skip right over it and move directly on to Saturday.

Saturday morning, I did my taxes. And, for those of you, like me, who have to pay PMI*, we must give Congress a big SMOOCHY thank you, because ...


Yes, kittens, yes, it is. I checked to make sure in my March issue of Kiplingers. It almost makes having to pay stupid PMI to the blood-sucking mortgage companies worthwhile. Almost.

So, this year, VUBOQ is having Super-Happy Refund! YAY! We *heart* Super-Happy Refund!

*super-happy refund booty dance*
(_\_) (_/_) (_\_) (_/_)
doot doot doot. doot doot da doot doot.

Now, I'm sure you are asking yourself, "What is VUBOQ going to do with his Super-Happy Refund?"

I'm so glad you asked. I'm going to put most of it in savings and my Roth IRA! YAY!

PLUS, and here's where you come in, starting today, VUBOQ issues forth his

10% Refund Challenge!

VUBOQ challenges everyone who gets a refund this year to donate 10% of your refund to the charity (or charities) of your choice! Yes, bitches, it's time to tithe. VUBOQ will be sharing more about the charities of his choice later on ...

If you decide to participate in the 10% Refund Challenge, send me an email (or leave a comment) and I will enter your name into a drawing to receive a fantastic prize (of a yet to be determined nature).

The 10% Refund Challenge will end on April 15th.

The gauntlet has been thrown. Will you pick it up?

OK. Now, back to the weekend ...

Saturday evening, I went to two 30th birthday parties with SCGB. The first one was at a group house in Petworth (Columbia Heights?). It was full of librarians and guybrarians and other brainy nerdy chic people. The "cake" was amazing. It consisted of a tower of mini-cream puffs coated in a sugary glaze. OMG! SCGB and I had to step away from the cake before we devoured it all.

We left that party around 11 to go to the 2nd 30th Birthday gathering held at some club in downtown DC (at the corner of 14th and K). Straight people are so weird. There was a bouncer who was only letting random people in. You sort of had to line up behind this rope and he'd come around to decide if he'd let you in or not. So odd. I mean, really, it's a club in DC. Full of straight people. Why on earth would I *want* to go in there? Finally, it's our turn and SCGB says we're here for the party. The guy immediately lets us in. Some people didn't look to happy about that but whatever. Do I care?

Inside the club was the largest gathering of skankified hos I have ever seen. I don't know if it's because DC women have to dress so conservatively during the workweek that on weekends they cut loose and dress like cheap whores from New Jersey or if they were all simply cheap whores from New Jersey. So skanky hos, disgusting straight men drooling over the skanky hos, super-expensive drinks ($10 for a gin and tonic) certainly made for an interesting (and short) stay at that party. I do have to add that SCGB's friends were not dressed like New Jersey whores and seemed equally as appalled as we did. In fact, SCGB's friends were quite nice. Too bad we were there, and not somewhere cool.

I guess we got home a little after one. On the metro ride home, SCGB and I began to discuss the lyrics to Alanis Morisette's "Ironic." Now, we all know that nothing in the actual song is ironic, but what if Alanis knew that and sang the song anyway realizing that a generation of angry young women would completely misunderstand the meaning of irony. Isn't that ironic? It's like rai-i-ain on your wedding day ...

I guess I got to bed around 2.

Sunday morning was all *oog* and *urgh* and *gah*. I didn't even drink that much. Why was I so overhung? WHY? I was supposed to go to a movie with Mike and Tiger, but called to cancel.

I ended up going to El Golfo (spinach! enchiladas! margaritas!) with Tomokito and Y in the afternoon. I was a little tipsy, so when we got home I took a nap. Mmm. Nap.

Around 7, I popped some popcorn and we headed up to Tomokito's to watch the Super Bowl commercials. They sucked. And, apparently, there was also some sort of sporting event on as well, but I got tired after like the 3rd inning and went back to my apartment.

And that was it. Fun times, kittens. Fun times.

Oh. And guess what? Pottery class starts up tonight! YAY!!!!

*Primary Mortgage Insurance, the bane of my existance.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Who Are You Wearing?

As I was getting ready for not one, but two, 30th Birthday Parties (both are friends of SCGB), I realized that the most expensive thing I am wearing is ...

My underwear.

My sweater - hand me down from a friend of DUN's boyfriend (It's the sweater I'm wearing in my profile picture.

My t-shirt - was left in my apartment by a guy who lived with me for awhile (those of you from my diary-x days might remember that drama).

My pants - I bought for $1.75 at Kohl's.

My belt - was a hand-me-down from a guy I used to date (once again, diary-xers might remember when I was sleeping with dating the two Brians, DC Brian and TN Brian. The belt was from DC Brian).

My socks - I picked up in Heathrow Airport for a few dollars.

My shoes - Marshalls. Less than $10.

My underwear - Steven, of course.

Friday, February 01, 2008

I Write the Letters that Make the Whole World Read

A friend of mine directed me to a Letter to the Editor in his hometown newspaper and asked me to write a response for him [because I'm so eloquent *cough*].

Here's the letter:

Homosexual behavior unsafe

Mainstream media, including our own [Newspaper redacted], reported a recent upswing in sexually transmitted diseases.

In politically correct fashion, the reports did not mention that the increase is largely due to sex between same-sex partners. Check it out on the Centers for Disease Contol website _ 53 percent of new HIV/AIDS infected are men who had sex with men.

More than 8,000 homosexuals died from this disease in the last reported year (2005). Bob Dylan wrote, "How many deaths will it take 'til he knows that too many people have died?"

Would you encourage an alcoholic to drink? Then why do you encourage homosexual behavior, a similarly destructive lifestyle?

[Name redacted]
[Town redacted]

Here's my response:
Dear Editor:

I am amazed that you published the letter “Homosexual behavior unsafe” on February 1, 2008. This may surprise you, but it is no longer 1986. We know HIV/AIDS isn’t simply a “gay plague.” People like, Mr. [Name redacted], who continue to spout the same hateful rhetoric supported by cherry-picked statistics and distorted logic, contribute nothing to the search for a cure nor to helping prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

According to the CDC website, in 2005, 17, 011 people with AIDS died. Mr. [Name redacted] stated in his letter that 8,000 homosexuals died from this disease. Simple mathematics tells us that 9,011 heterosexuals with AIDS died. How many deaths will it take? How many deaths will it take before we stop encouraging heterosexual behavior?

Let the heterosexual who is without sin cast the first stone, Mr. [Name redacted].

Perhaps, instead of blaming a small segment of the population for a problem which transcends sex, sexuality, race, and ethnicity, we should work to educate ourselves and others. We should provide quality healthcare and support to those who suffer from debilitating diseases. Most importantly, we should be strong advocates for comprehensive sex education in our classrooms.
If it's published, I'll let you know ...

I Knew a Showgirl. Her Name was VUBOQ.

Well, Kittens, the four Manilow tickets are taken ... Y, Tomokito, Mike, and I will be watching the Manilow sing from far, far away and high, high up. I'm sure there are tickets left. You should join us! I am so looking forward to this crazy (and possibly cheesetastic!) event!

Lots of exciting things happened last night. A very sexy blogger called me, and, now, I have a bit of a voice-crush. Mmmm. You can call me anytime, Mister.

Then, I bound-off the first of two promised Harry Potter scarves. All I have to do is attach the fringe and this one will be winging it's way to Canadia (possibly as early as Monday). WHICH MEANS, I can now cast-on the -soon to be referred to as- Neverending Cardigan of DOOM. My parents gave me all the yarn (Color: Spice!) and needles and such for Xmas. The cardigan is Lion Brand's Saturday Morning Hoodie ...
AND, I finally watched Letters from Iwo Jima, which was stunning. I thought it was much better than Flags of Our Fathers. Perhaps, there is something more tragic/dramatic about the loser's story? It was fun watching a movie in Japanese, as well. I need to do that more often. I'm always amazed when I don't have to read the subtitles to understand what is happening. Of course, that is becoming less and less frequent.

*mourns the loss of my mad Japanese language skillz*

Not too many exciting weekend plans. I'm staying in tonight (to cast-on the Cardigan!). Y might come over at some point. I want to watch a movie or two. Saturday, I think I'm going to a party with SCGB in the evening. And, at some point, Mike and I are going to hang out.

No one's invited me to a Super Bowl party yet. I'm OK with that. I'm not a huge fan of baseball, anyway.

More later. *smooches*