Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Life is Boring

Good Afternoon, Kittens.
Busy day here at the office.  I am putting together a presentation for tomorrow.  It will be brilliant, I am sure.  I'm also participating in a 3-hour webinar on Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs).  Who has all the fun?  That would be me.
Not much of interest happened yesterday.  I went to the Whole Foods to buy food for dinner.  Once home, I went for a run.  I ran about 3.5 miles in 30 minutes.  Not too bad.  Then, I had a martini.  mmm.  Martinis.  They are so delicious.
Today is laundry day (yay?).  And, then, I will need to hit the hay a little earlier than usual.  The presentation starts at 8 in the morning.  And, it's off-site.  Ugh. 
On the plus side, tomorrow is my Friday (yay!) and it's an 8-hour day (as opposed to our regular 9-hour days).  Good times, kittens.  Good times.
Have a great rest of your day!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

At Some Point This Will All Make Sense

Good Morning, Kittens!
Yesterday was Quite. the. Day ... in that nothing really happened, but I'm going to make it seem that So Much is going on in my Fabulous Gay Life. 
Lessee ... at work the clusterfuckery continues.  There was supposed to be a big meeting today, at which I was to give a short presentation; however, the Person In Charge never sent out a meeting invite or bothered to come up with an agenda or schedule a room.  Thus, no meeting.  At least my presentation is ready for whenever the meeting happens.
Also, as I was on my third (and Much More Polite) draft of the email I was writing to the Pottery Studio about how inconvenient it was to find the studio closed on Sunday, I got an email from the studio manager.  She apologized for our troubles and said they would make it up to the students who showed up on Sunday. 
I went to the studio after work (my co-worker drove me there. yay!), and the studio is going to give us free clay.  Yay!  We *heart* free clay.  It still doesn't make up for the hours of time lost, the gallons of water sweated, and the neck sunburn, but it will do.  At the studio, I trimmed a bowl, a small casserole and a mug.  I came dangerously close to trimming through the bottom of the mug.  Oops.  Fingers crossed that it will be fine.  I also attached handles to the casserole and mug. 
On my way home, I stopped by Subway to pick up dinner.  Then, around 9:15, K-Factor and the Canadian came down for margaritas.  They forced me to make them margarita after margarita until I finally had to shout "I'm out of tequila!"  That would be when they left.  And I could fall into bed.
I woke up this morning and my right big toe hurts.  Ow.
And, let's discuss the new, extra-confusing Metro Fare increase.  The fares went up on Sunday. You might ask, "What's so confusing about an 18% increase?"  Well, let's take a look at some of my recent trips:
Sunday at noon: Silver Spring to College Park - $2.15
Monday early morning: Silver Spring to Stadium-Armory - $3:45
Monday around 8PM: College Park to Silver Spring - $1.85
Tuesday early morning: Silver Spring to Stadium-Armory - $2.85
Do those fares make any sense to you at all?  Also, the $2.85 this morning is $0.10 less than the fare before the increase.  WTF Metro?  W. T. F?
Finally, a Happy 36th Birthday to my favorite Amazon Sister, GayProf.  *extra special birthday smooches*
Have a great day!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Update: Fun and Frustration Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

What a weekend! So many mixed emotions. I feel like soup. Or something. I'm not even sure what that means.

Anyway, Friday, after work, I went up to SCGB's apartment for a little dinner gathering. It was fun; the food was delicious (SCGB made a yummy white sangria. OMG. tasty!), but I was ubercranky. I don't know why, other than work is totally wearing my out. Still, many good laughs were had. And, I *tried* to be pleasant (but not very successfully).

Then, I left the dinner party to go on a "date" with this guy who was in town for the SilverDocs Documentary Film Festival. When I met him, he was traaaaaaaaaaaaaaashed. And, srsly, no thank you. So I returned home and had a cocktail ... which was much more satisfying than spending any more time with him.

Saturday morning, I slept in. When I woke up, I had a text from my friend, Min. 45 minutes after I got out of bed, Min came over for a visit. His father is in the hospital ... right down the street from me. And, has been in that hospital for nearly two weeks. And, Min has been staying there nearly everyday. He filled me in on all the drama, and I told him, if he wanted, I could give him my spare set of keys and he could hang out here when he needs a break. Hopefully, his father is going to be discharged soon, so it probably isn't necessary. I wish I had known he was here sooner though.

After Min left, I decided that I needed some retail therapy. I need a new pair of shorts for the Summer. After scouring Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory, I think I found (and bought) the only pair of 29 waist shorts in all of Silver Spring. See? Cute, no?

Saturday evening, I was supposed to go a BBQ in the far-out suburbs of Maryland. However, I couldn't find a ride. And I couldn't get in touch with the host to arrange a ride. I only have his email and he wasn't responding. Wah.

Instead, Tomokito came down and we had margaritas (YAY!) and watched Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. Tomokito had never seen To Wong Foo before ... and, c'mon, she had to! It's like Gay Canon ... practically.

Sunday morning, I woke up Bright and Early and met Tam the Fabulous Canadian for brunch. And, yes, she is Fabulous. and you all should be extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeemely jealous (except of course those of you who have already met her). Here we are, the Preppy People:

We parted after brunch, and I went to the pottery studio. And here's the thing: Getting to the studio on Sundays is a huge pain in the ass. It is hot (hello, 98+ degrees). AND, the University, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to save money by not running the free shuttle from the College Park Metro Station to the University on Sundays this summer. Which means, I have to walk. About 15-20 minutes. In the SuperHeat. Not. Fun.

Around 1PM, when my drippy sweaty messy self finally gets to the Student Union, I see one of my classmates and he says, "Turn around." Um. What? The student worker who is supposed to open the studio (Sunday hours: Noon - 5) never showed up. GAH. My classmate said they tried calling people, but couldn't get in touch with anyone.

So, I bought a bottle of water from the Student Union convenience store and walked back to the metro station. Let's just say I was H-O-T. Literally and figuratively. And, that a certain organization may be getting a slightly irate email on Monday morning.

The whole pottery issue is exacerbated by the fact that the studio will be closed next week for the holiday. And I have several pieces that, if I don't work on them soon, will be too dry to finish. ACK.

So, I came home and fixed myself a blueberry margarita (pictured above). Yum. And, after more water, more margarita, and a nap, all seems to be better.

Later, I will be doing my ironing for the week (*ugh*) and possibly having more margaritas.

Have a wonderful Monday (tomorrow!).

Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh, Hai.

Good Morning, Kittens!
Where have I been?  I love reading the blogs where everyone is all like "I am sooooo busy I don't have time to blog."  And, I really wish I could say that.  Except it would be a big fat hairy lie.  And I don't like to do that ...
Unless it involves my sexual escapades.  (haha.  kidding. all those stories are TOTALLY true)
ANYWAY, where have I been?  Right.  Here.  And why haven't I updated in ... um ... three (?) days?  Because nothing has happened.  Life has been dullsville.  I am tired of writing that I woke up and went to work and came home and had a martini and ate dinner and went to bed.  *sigh*  Such a snoozefest.
I think I need to start inventing something more interesting ... like, I dunno ... a textual affair with a 25-year-old Marine based in Arizona who is an aspiring model?  Except that wouldn't be made up. 
*look something shiny changes subject*
My weekend is going to be chock full of fun and excitement. 
Tonight, SCGB is having a little dinner gathering.  I'm bringing the margaritas.  I think he's making fajitas.  Nom.   And, at some point, I am hoping to meet up with this film director who is in town for the AFI's documentary filmfest, SilverDocs.  He looks short in his pictures (but he sent me a picture of *something else* that is definitely Not Short). 
Saturday, I have to mow the lawn.  And, I should go running (although I might do that Friday night).  In the evening, I have been invited out to Gaithersburg (or Germantown?) for a BBQ.  The issue:  I don't have any means to get there (because it is not metro accessible).  I supposed I could ask the Guy Who Looks Like the Cheating Cheater to drive me, but there's the whole issue of how I met the host (and what I think the host's intentions are).  So, here's the story:  I have been chatting with the host online for over a year (maybe two).  He's in a long-term relationship of about 20 years.  And, obviously, the relationship is open.  Because, I really think the only reason I was invited to this BBQ is so that the host can have the opportunity for a little side-action.  But maybe not.  Maybe it's all just Playful Chatroom Banter.  Only one way to find out though ... and that's to figure out how to get to whereever the BBQ is.
Finally, on Sunday, we have possibly the Most Exciting Event EVER!  I will be having brunch with Tam the Fabulous Canadian.  OMG.  I think I just swooned. (and then I will go to the pottery studio ... unless Tam forces me to drink too many bloody marys and I have to go home and lie down for a bit first).
And, there you have it.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Walk a Mile in His Shoes

Good Morning, Kittens.

Recently on Facebook, a few "friends" besmirched my good name by insinuating that I own too many pairs of shoes (Is that even possible?). Thus, in my defense, I present to you, my true friends, every pair of shoes I own:

Let's start from the top left and work our way across, shall we?

Top Row: SuperCute Converse Chucks, SuperCute Madras Tommy Hilfiger (which are beginning to wear out. so sad), black Lottos (with light blue trim), canvas and leather Calvin Kleins, black lace-up Clarks, brown lace-up Dockers, brown slip-on Eccos, very old never wear anymore Birkenstocks, Japanese Geta. (Bold = current everyday work shoes)

Middle Row (right to left): More Japanese Geta, brown Kenneth Cole Reaction (aka Pottery Shoes), brown Streetcars (I owned an identical pair and they were *sooooo* comfortable. When they wore out, I bought a new pair and ... um ... not so comfortable. WTF?), Ben Sherman boots, square-toed boots, black square-toed Kenneth Cole Reactions, random brown shoes that i don't really like (they smell like chemicals. I should throw them out), ZoMG pink and green Converse high tops, black Vans with gray skulls.

Bottom Row (left to right): Steel-toed Doc Marten hiking/snow/work boots, Blue Timberland boots, beautiful Polo boots with funky red and black flannel, black Eccos, brown Doc Martens (which I love, but they don't love me), very expensive Italian dress shoes that are only worn on Very Special Occasions, Birkenstock clogs which are only worn around the house, Brooks running shoes.

Grand Total: 26 pairs. (I one shoe for every week of the year. That seems reasonable.)

SO, what say you? Too many? How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Have a great day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Update: Recovery Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

How much did you miss me whilst I was "working" in Denver? Did you read my post about all the excitement that happened there? Did you? Did you love it?

I'm sure you did.

SO, after all of that excitement, my weekend was rather dull.

Friday, I did laundry. Oh, yeah. I can haz clean clothes. Later (after Baby Hana went to bed), Tomokito and I had drinks. yay. Drinks!

Saturday, I did some cleaning. I went for a run. 3 miles (which after a week of not running was kinda exhausting). Then, I went to the Whole Foods and replenished my seriously depleted stocks. I made pasta salad (yum!) and, then, um, the Guy Who Looks Like the Cheating Cheater came over and we had mad mad mad mad mad butt secks. OMG. totes teh hot.

Sunday, after You Know Who left, I went to the pottery studio. Here are some pix:


Once home, I ironed my shirts for the week, and, then, Tomokito and I had Martini Time. Yay for Martini Time!

And, that's about it. Have a happy Monday! *smooches*

Friday, June 18, 2010

VUBOQ Does Denver

Good Afternoon, Kittens!

Remember me? I used to blog.

I am back from Denver (and taking the day off!), so I have time to update you on all my exciting adventures in the Mile High City! I'm sure some of you may have followed my fun-filled twitter/facebook status updates so you already know *everything* I did, but -just in case- here's the rest of the story...

It all started on Sunday night with a little pizza gathering at K-Factors. I was dreading my early morning SuperShuttle pick-up time (4AM! GAH!), when Mr. Doesn't Have a NickName Yet But Looks Sort of Like the Cheating Cheater called. He wanted to come over. I explained that (1) I had to get up early in the morning to leave and (2) there wouldn't be any Sexy Time. He said all he wanted to do was cuddle (oh, really?) and that he would drive me to the airport. SWEET! So, of course, I said yes. He came over. We talked. And had a *little* bit of "fun" before I had to go to bed.

We got up around 4 and he drove me to the airport. Huzzah. The flight was uneventful (if a little bumpy as we passed over some storms in the Midwest). My co-worker picked me up in the rental and I checked in to the hotel.

We wandered around for a bit. I had to buy a new belt because mine broke in the suitcase. Gah. Then, we met another co-worker and some Colorado Colleagues for lunch. I had tostadas:

Denver2010 001Tasty!

After lunch, we headed to the Convention Center to start attending sessions. And, that's how much of my daytime was filled: Attending sessions on all sorts of fun energy-related topics. During breaks I tried to wander around the city as much as I could. And, in the evenings, I would do a little sightseeing/local color experiencing as well.

Monday night, we wandered down to the Lower Downtown (LoDo) District in search of a microbrewery that a friend recommended, Wynkoop Brewery. We eventually found it across from Union Station. I had the chile beer. It was spicy-tasty-yum!

Tuesday, after the sessions, a co-worker and I decided to see what we could learn about Colorado Wines. So, we headed back to LoDo to visit a wine shop I remembered passing the night before. The guy in the shop was uber-helpful (which raises the very interesting question: What up with all the friendly people in Denver? So talkative. So chatty. Have they never heard of being rude? *sheesh*). I bought a couple of bottles of Colorado wine (a rose made in Denver and red made somewhere that isn't Denver, but is still Colorado). The wine shop guy said that we should try this wine bar up the street if we wanted to sample local wines. So, we walked there. I asked the bartender, "Do you have local wines by the glass?" To which he replied,

"You mean from Colorado?"

stunned. silence. followed by a "Yes."

He said they didn't, but then said that there was a cigar shop (of all places) which had a free Colorado wine tasting every day. YAY! We went there and tasted 5 wines. I don't remember much about them other than "Ooooh. 5 wines = slightly buzzy me." (Can we blame the altitude?)


After the wine tasting, we went back to the Convention Center for a conference happy hour. Free drinks. Yay. My co-worker went bowling with people from her company (we work for different contractors) and I went here:

Beer and food at Dixon's in LoDo.

Wednesday, during the lunch break, my co-workers and I walked up to the Denver Art Museum. We didn't have time to go in, but the outside is funky fabulous:

Denver2010 025

In the evening, my coworkers had dinner plans with their company, so I wandered over to a vegetarian restaurant a local recommended, WaterCourse. Sweet potato and black bean tacos! Local beer! FTW!

After dinner, I decided to walk to the Capitol Building to take some evening photos. As I worked my way there, it slowly dawned on me ... lots of lesbians, cute boys, JRs?, rainbow flags, Hamburger Marys ... somehow I had ended up in the gayborhood. Sweet.

So, I took some photos of the Capitol and then walked back to JRs for a drink or two (and met a really nice bartender, Eddie - so cute). As I was leaving the bar, my co-worker called me. They were boozing it up in LoDo, so I hopped on the free bus and met them ... just as they were piling into a taxi to go to a hipster dive bar with some vendors from the conference who were paying for everything.


Thursday morning? Very. Hungover. I actually skipped a couple of sessions so I could catch up on my sleep. And, then, around 230, I hopped in a taxi for the airport. I got there in plenty of time. Had some food (and beer!). Boarded the plane.

We had to circle around a storm system, which was kind of amazing to see (the picture I took after we passed it doesn't do it justice ... ):

Because of the detour, we landed a little late, but SuperShuttle was still open. Yay. I got home around 130AM. Not too shabby.

I took today off to recover.

And, that's about all that happened. Fun times. Denver is cool. Additional photos are here.

Have a great weekend. *smooches*

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Update: Pride, Parade, Purple, Polt, Pottery OMG Alliteration Edition

Good evening, Kittens!

Tomorrow, I am heading to Denver! Yay for work trips! Yay for conferences! Yay for random hook-ups with guys I've met online meeting new friends!

And speaking of meeting new friends, Saturday was the DC Pride Parade! YAY! And, OMG Kittens, prepare to be jealerz ... I met Polt! YAY! Srsly, he is so awesome (and we only got to talk for a few minutes) I just wanted to give him big huggles. It's so cool to meet genuinely nice people. *sigh*

ANYWAY, I totes forgot that it was the 12th, so no 12 of 12 post (even though I took a boatload of pix). Here are a few DC PrideParade photos:

Peter und MeSCGB and I looking all cute (prior to totally melting in the heat/humidity)

dcpride2010 024They were doing this acrobatic shit on a MOVING truck. Srsly. Crazy!

On the bus homeI can haz Rainbow Beads FTW

And, all of my Parade pix are here.

After the parade (and meeting his Purpleness Polt*), Mike (Who Makes Cakes) and Ray and I, headed over to the Restaurant Formerly Known As Food Bar (But Now Called Something Else That I Can't Remember) for cocktails and dinner. I had a Caesar salad and a lot of Gins and Tonic. nom.

Then, I hopped on the bus home ... and it only took for-fucking-ever, because of traffic and a Chuck Brown Concert at Carter-Barron Amphitheater. Bah. I got home around midnight.

I had planned to get up early to go for a run. Yeah, that didn't happen. By the time I woke up (8:45), it was Way Too Hot and Humid. I will run in Denver.

So, I putzed around the house, doing chores and arranging hookups in Denver stuff. Then, I went to the pottery studio. I threw a cool looking vase (but it has a slight flaw which I am trying to figure out how to correct) and a small casserole dish (Hello, Wedding Present for Nic and Maura?). I also picked up the last glazed piece from last session:


Not 100% sure what it is. Maybe it could be used for a spread and crackers? Or olives and their pits. It's not very large, which is the main problem for determining a function. Oh, well. It was a fun experiment to make.

After studio time, I packed for the trip. And, then, I chilled with some of my neighbors. There will be early bedtime tonight, because SuperShuttle is picking me up at 4-fucking-AM. G to the AH.

I guess that's it. I should be able to blog from the Mile High City, so stay tuned for all my adventures there.


*I wore my purple jeans just for him ... (and purple underwear. shhhhh)

Friday, June 11, 2010

And So It Goes ...

Good Morning, Kittens.
Yesterday, I did laundry.  Yay.  I can haz clean clothes.  Life is good.  Not much else is going on.  I am semi-busy preparing for my work trip to Denver next week.  I'll be there Monday through Thursday at the E2S2 Symposium.  Should be a networky good time. 
Work might be slightly busy today because of that.  We'll see ... I am already in a battle with the printer which refuses to print out my document.  Or any document.  Or delete any documents in its memory.  GAH.  And, naturally, the document I am trying to print has been formatted in such a way that I can not save the god damn thing.  Why does everything have to be so complicated?
After work, I am going shopping for a swimsuit.  I have (foolishly?) agreed to appear in a bloggery swimsuit calendar, which is kinda funny if you think about it because (1) I don't like to swim, (2) I kind of hate bodies of water - oceans, lakes, rivers, (3) I don't own a decent swimsuit, and (4) I have some major body image issues.  I'll figure something out. I'm toying with a couple of ideas that are sort of funny.  And, SCGB has agreed to be my Official Photographer. 
Later this evening, I *may* be meeting Ray to see the 8:30 showing of Ran at the E Street Cinema.  However, I am really tired and not sure if I want to sit through a 2.5 hour movie at that time of night.  Also, Ray was not sure he'd be able to go. I may text him later to see if he would be up for meeting for an early dinner.  Then, I can go home and chill.
This weekend is Pride.  I will be heading to the Parade on Saturday, which will be the sum total of my Pride-related activities this year (well, except for all the celebratory sympathy fucks with strangers I will be having*).  On the plus side, I am trying to coordinate a Parade (or Post-Parade) Rendezvous with His Purpleness, PRINCE!!!!!  (OK. Actually, it's Polt.  But, still, purple!)
I'm planning on turning it a bit early on Saturday, because on Sunday I need to head over to the pottery studio.  Open studio has started and I need to get my clay on!
So, that's it for now.  Have a beautiful day and Happy Pride Weekend!  *smooches*
*for those of you who are new to the blog and have not yet grasped my odd sense of humor ... I'm KIDDING. Srsly.  I won't be having tons of celebratory sympathy fucks with strangers this weekend.  I will be having celebratory sympathy fucks with people I know**.
**I'm kidding about that too. *sheesh*

Thursday, June 10, 2010

ShallowGal Made Me Do It

Good Morning, Kittens!
As you may remember, I recently finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (not to be confused with the The Girl with the Pearl Earring, which I have not read ... but I have seen the movie ... and the two stories are nothing alike.  Trust me).  Well, ShallowGal had the ShallowGall to leave a comment on my post which said I should read the other ones.  And, I'm all like "There are more?  Why did no one tell me this?"  I hate getting sucked into a series without my knowledge* (Hello?  Does anyone remember the whole Harry Potter fiasco?  No one said that was going to be SEVEN FUCKING BOOKS and 8 FUCKING MOVIES and 47 Harry Potter scarves knitted for myself and some friends ... the final scarf is stuffed in the bottom of my knitting bag awaiting fringe and ends being woven in).
Anyway, ShallowGal told me it's a trilogy, so -last night- I used the Nook to purchase the rest of the series (and it BETTER only be those four books!).  And that was the excitement from yesterday ...
Oh, and I got my hairs did.  See?  A better, blonder me.  Yay.
Have a beautiful day!  *smooches*
*but I apparently love using italics

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Why I Love My Commute

Good morning, Kittens.
What a morning.  First, my bus was late.  Then, as I was coming down the escalator at Metro Center, I *juuuuuuuuuuuuust* missed a train.  "No worries," I thought, as I checked the signboard.  "There's another train in 3 minutes.  I will only be about 10 minutes late.  Hurrah."
Of course, as I waited for that train, three minutes grew to five, which stretched to seven, which became a garbled metro announcement about how McPherson Square station was CLOSED because of smoke in the station and that a shuttle service was being requested.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with DC Metro.  McPherson Square is one stop before Metro Center.  Gah.  I texted a co-worker to explain that I would be late and why.  And she texted back "Do you want me to come pick you up?"  Oh, yes pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!  On the way to work, we stopped by Starbucks.  Mmmm.  Apple Fritter.
Once at work, LINES at Security!  WTF?  Oh, right.  Today is Eastern High School's graduation on the drill floor.  OMG.  Fortunately, one of the security guards saw us and motioned us to the front of the crazylong line.
I have to admit I was surprised.  I knew the graduation was today, but I figured it would be this evening.  Since when have high schools started graduating at 830AM? 
And that was how my morning started ...  Yesterday evening was much nicer.  I stopped by the Whole Foods on the way home to pick up something for dinner.  Then, I went for a run (3.33 miles according to Gmap Pedometer:  Once home, I had a cocktail, a shower, and dinner.  Around 9PM, SCGB stopped by for a drink and a chat.  Then, I went to bed.
So nice. 
Let's hope the rest of this day gets better.  On the plus side, I'm leaving work a bit early to go get my hair did.  Yayz.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!  *smooches*

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Little Bit of Nothing to Brighten Your Day

Good morning, kittens.
Lessee ... not much to report.  My life is falling into a boring little rut punctuated by an occasional party and random sex.  Unfortunately, last night was not punctuated.
After a SuperFun day of work (mostly spent researching sample SOWs and exploring the inner working of our plumbing system with some water auditors), I had a relaxing evening on the sofa.
I made a tequila gimlet (3 oz tequila, juice of half a lemon, lime juice and honey, shaken over ice) to drink while I cooked dinner: pan-fried tofu with zucchini, corn, and cashews served over rice with quinoa.  After dinner, I spent the evening chatting with friends online.
Then, my weekend "date" for the past two weekends (I really should come up with a nickname for him, since it seems he might become some sort of regular thing ... unless I totally pissed him off last night) hit me up and wanted me to Metro over to his place.
I said no ... the time was 9:30.  He lives somewhere on the Blue Line.  Half an hour before my bedtime is not an ideal time for me to hop on a bus and take two trains for a little sumthin'sumthin'.  I was afraid I'd fall asleep and and be awakened at 3 in the morning in some train storage lot by a cleaning lady.  Anyway, the guy didn't seem to pleased and he hasn't written back.  I sent him another quick note saying that I wasn't totally opposed to the idea, but I needed more lead time.
Of course, I ended up not going to bed at 10PM because I decided to finish reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ... and apparently I had more pages left than I thought.  I didn't finish the book until 1130 or so. 
This morning?  Very.  Tired.  Who wants to buy me a coffee?
Have a great day!  *smooches*

Monday, June 07, 2010

Weekend Update: Cupcakes and Drama Edition

Good morning, kittens.
What a crazyfun weekend.  Friday evening, SCGB and Tomokito came down to my place and we had cupcakes (which I had purchased from Hello Cupcake in Dupont Circle during my *cough* two hour *cough* lunch break) and champagne.  Yum.
Then, Saturday morning, I got up early and went to the Silver Spring Farmer's Market with SCGB.  I bought several plants: sweet basil, habenero chili, and lemon verbena.  I spent the rest of the day blobbing on the sofa.  A little knitting.  A little reading.  A little putting the plants in the ground.  I made two types of infused vodka - green tea and brown tea.  The great thing about infused tea vodkas is they are done really quickly.  Srsly.  The brown tea vodka was done in about 4 hours.  Green tea took about 12 hours.  Later that evening, I had a "date" (with the same guy as last week, the one who reminds me the Cheating Cheater).  He brought a bottle of champagne, so we drank that and shared the last cupcake.  And then we had teh hot sweaty buttsecks.  for hours.  Fun.
Sunday morning, I went for a run.  It was HOT.  I was a drippy sweaty thirsty mess by the time I got home.  Yuck.  Later in the afternoon, I had plans to go with Mike (Who Makes Cakes) to a BBQ hosted by Brian.  About two hours before the BBQ, Mike called me.  And, that's when the drama started ...  see, what happened was on Friday night, Mike ran into Mr. Not Quite As Fantastic As I Originally Thought (NQAFAIOT) on P Street and invited him to join a group of friends for dinner.  Brian was there.  And, at some point during the dinner, Brian, who only knows that Mr. NQAFAIOT and I have broken up (but not the whole Airplane Ticket Affair), invited Mr. NQAFAIOT to the BBQ. 
Mike did not know this invitation had taken place ... until Sunday morning when Mr. NQAFAIOT texted him to ask directions to Brian's.  Mike immediately thought "What?"  and called me to let me know that Brian had invited Mr. NQAFAIOT and what I thought they should do.
In a normal situation, I would have been fine with him being at the BBQ.  Large group of people.  Big house.  Plenty of space to avoid him.  However, the break-up is still relatively fresh and I am still very angry over the whole Airplane Ticket Affair.  So, I said I would have more fun if he weren't there.  Mike said he would call Mr. NQAFAIOT to let him know.
And, that's when the real fun started.  Let's just say that Mr. NQAFAIOT did not endear himself to Mike.  In fact, instead of gracefully bowing out (as I -and, I think, most other people- would've done), he insulted me (by saying that *my* friends were letting their plans be hijacked by my emotional needs) and had an hour-long conversation with Mike about it.  He then said that he would call Brian to see what he thought.  So, in the end, rather than allowing that sometimes people make mistakes and being understanding, he made the situation worse and was told, in no uncertain terms, not to come. Of course, one of Brian's friends was taking bets that he would still show up.  I was not worried about that because (1) Mr. NQAFAIOT had only been to Brian's house one time before (with me in April) and (B) Mr. NQAFAIOT couldn't find his way out of a paper bag ... with a map.
Naturally, the BBQ was great fun.  Brian apologized for inviting Mr. NQAFAIOT (which was totally unnecessary.  I apologized for having poor taste in boyfriends). I met some really cool new people. The green tea vodka mixed with peach lemonade was DELICIOUS (although not many people drank it ... more for me!).  And, my ex-BFF showed up.  It's been long enough since he inexplicably decided to stop speaking to me that his presence is very easy to ignore though.  I did have a good time moving into rooms where he was and seeing how long it would take him to leave (about 5 minutes).
Good times.  And, have a great Monday!  *smooches*

Friday, June 04, 2010

Babbling. Like a Brook.

Good Afternoon, Kittens!
This morning, I was superbusy and, thus, unable to type up my regular fun-filled dose of frivolity.  apologies.  Things have calmed down considerable (yay!), so ... on with the show.
Yesterday, I had plans to meet my friend, CJ, for margaritas.  And, after the Afternoon of Clusterfuckery, I totes needed a couple of glasses of tequila-laden liquid sunshine.  I was on the Red Line -which was- SuperPacked (like sardines.  srsly!) with one of my co-workers.  The train arrived at Dupont, and I disembarked.   As I was winding my way throught the crowd, I heard "This train is now out of service." 
"Ha ha," I laughed to myself, thinking of my unfortunate co-worker.  So, I texted her to see if she wanted to come have a margarita (or two) with us.  She did.  Yay.  It was fun.  She left a little early.  CJ and I ate and caught up.  Fun times.
All I did when I got home was blob on the sofa.  I should have washed the dishes in the sink.  I guess I'll do that tonight at some point.
Anywayz ... this morning, the program manager for my program for the entire country stopped by my office to do a little database training.  Awesome.  He's a pretty nice guy (as long as you are doing what you are supposed to be doing). AND, for the first time ever, DC will be submitting their data to headquarters.  Srsly.  First. Time.  EVER.  Who rocks?  That would be me.
After the National PM left, my co-workers and I were each presented with a certificate and an award in appreciation for our efforts organizing Earth Day Activities and supporting other programs.  Pretty cool. Always nice to be appreciated. 
During my lunch break, I treated myself to the purchase of some Hello Cupcakes.  Yum.  I've invited SCGB down to partake this evening (if he's around).  I wonder if Tomokito would like to come?  I should text her.
And, I'm pretty much going to waste the rest of this day.  I may go for a run when I get home if it's not too hot.
Tomorrow, I want to get up early to go to the Farmer's Market to buy some basil  and maybe some chili peppers to plant in the "garden."  Then, in the evening, my "date" from Sunday is coming over for another "date."  Hurrah.  And, on Sunday, I'm going to a BBQ.  I am currently infusing some vodka.  Mike (Who Makes Cakes) suggested green tea vodka.  So I'm giving that a try.  I am not very confident it will turn out.
Hope you have a great rest of the day and a fabulicious weekend!  *smooches*

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Laundry and Real Estate

Good Morning, Kittens.
The phones at work are fully operational again.  Hurrah.  So, I've been catching up on my phone calls all morning. Such. Fun.
Last night, I did laundry.  Two loads!  I know.  And, then I made dinner - pasta with mushrooms and spinach.  I popped open a bottle of cava.   Then, SCGB texted.  I was planning on helping him mow the lawn last night, but he decided to postpone the mowing until today. Instead, I took the bottle of cava upstairs and we drank it in his beautifully staged apartment.
Yes, SCGB's Sister has decided to put the place up for sale.  *sigh*  While I hope it sells quickly and for a good price (in which "good price" = "more than I paid for mine"), I will be sad when SCGB has to move out.  *sniff* ... Unless, of course, the new buyer is also SuperCute and Gay (and single and hot for me).  But, as SCGB wisely stated last night, "the gayz don't want to live out here" (except for me ... and maybe SCGB).
So, if you're interested in living near VUBOQ, there is an open house on Saturday and Sunday from 1-3.   Come!  Be my neighbor!  You know you want to.
As for my plans today?  I will be meeting CJ for dinner at Alero in Dupont Circle after work.  I am pretty sure that we will be consuming many margaritas.  Then, I have a few phone calls to make (re: my fabulous weekend social life).
Enjoy the rest of your day!  *smooches*

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

Good Morning, Kittens!
Yesterday, at work, our phones went down, which meant I could make no outgoing calls.  Hurrah.  This was not good since I need to make about 8 BILLION outgoing calls.  Oh, well.  [and the phones aren't working today either]
Once I got home from work, I relaxed for a bit and, then, went for a short run.  There was an exciting accident at the intersection near my apartment.  A bus hit a car.  Or a car hit a bus.  I didn't see it, but I did witness the trafficky aftermath.  I don't think anyone was seriously injured.  My run was good. 
For dinner, I made thai pesto pasta and salad.  At 9 PM, I went up to K-Factor's place for beer and dessert (peanut butter cupcakes and mint chocolate brownies = yum).
Before bed, I finally broke down and turned on the air-conditioning.  Yay.  Of course, my floor was covered this morning with this weird black stuff that my a/c spews out.  Gross.  I will sweep it up when I get home, I guess.  At least with the a/c on, I had a relatively good night's sleep.
And, that's all the news for now, I suppose.  Today's outfit is stripe-y.  Huzzah.
Have a great day!  *smooches*

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Weekend Update: Memorial Day Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

What a weekend, full of fun and learning experiences. For example, I learned that (1) I really should keep my mouth shut in certain situations and (2) I am a total whore ;-)

So, the ComboBirthday Party on Friday was awesome. The chili-infused vodka was a Big Hit. Yay. The ex-BFF didn't show up. Yay. And I can't say I'm surprised. Apparently his dislike of me overpowers his desire to spend time with mutual friends on their birthday. Whatever. Luuuuzer.

And, there was a small incident with SCGB's on-again-off-again BF. He said something insulting to SCGB and thought it was very clever. So, I said something similar (and insulting, but FUNNEH) to/about him a few minutes later. He got pissed off and left the party. Pretty thin-skinned for a lawyer. Oh, well.

After we left the party, SCGB, Tomokito, Eric from Baltimore and I spent some time eating yummy cheese and boozing it up in my apartment. FUN!

Saturday morning, Tomokito and I went to see Sex and the City 2. I liked (not loved) it, thought it was a fun, over-the-top romp in total SATC-style. I think my favorite part was the beginning where they did a brief bit about how the girls all met in the 80s. I wish that had been the whole movie. A SATC Origin Story would be awesome.

After the movie, we had lunch (and cosmos!) on the patio of McGinty's. Lunch was all fun and dandy until the crazy drug-adled pregnant woman showed up with her beer and cigarette. Scary. So we paid our check and left. Yay.

I spent the rest of Saturday blobbing and watching Mad Men Season 3 (OMG! So. Good!).

Sunday, we had brunch at my neighbor's. It was super-fun. I took more chili-infused vodka. That shit makes a fucking awesome Bloody Mary. YUM. Brunch was fun. I left around 2.

At 3:30, this guy I've been chatting came over. We had sex. For about two hours. it was awesome. I don't think it will be anything other than a regular FB though. He looks *a lot* like my ex, the Cheating Cheater. What is it with me and the stocky black guys? So yummy.

After he left, I blobbed on the sofa (and re-watched the final 3 episodes of Mad Men Season 3 ... did I mention that they were OMG. so. Good?). and I made a yummy rice/quinoa/tomato salad. Tasty. Later, SCGB's Sister came down for cocktails and conversation.

And, then, I watched Live Free or Die Hard ... which was much better than I anticipated (of course, I was also a little drunk). While I watched it, I coordinated a lunch date with another guy I met on line.

Monday, I went shopping. I bought a new pair of black shoes. Yay. Then, I had my lunch date. He was *really* nice. I would like to see him again at some point. (Not on Saturday though, b/c I have another sex date with my stocky Cheating Cheater look-alike).

The rest of the evening was spent blobbing. Hurrah.

And, that was my SuperFun Weekend. *smooches*