Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hot In Here

OMG. It's, like, a gabillion degrees outside! A Gabillion Degrees Fahrenheit! [None of that wussy Celsius shit over here.]

One of the advantages to being a deputy program manager is that I make the schedule. And, sometimes, when I make the schedule, it just so happens that I give myself a three-hour lunch break. Hey. I deserve it. I work hard. *heh* "hard"

This afternoon, I bought cucumber and avocado sushi rolls and inari sushi from Whole Foods. I walked home, ate my yummy lunch, and played with my pussy. I brushed my pussy a lot. It's pussy shedding season, y'know ... as evidenced by a) the massive hairball puke pile on my hardwood floor and 2) the 8 thousand lint brush roller sheets it took to almost completely dehair my sofa.

On the walk back to the office [via Starbucks. Mmm. Coffee], I noticed it had become a lot warmer. So warm, in fact, that the asphalt roads began to boil and evaporate. Fortunately, the concrete sidewalks seemed fine, if a little softer than normal.

Of course, now I'm back in the office in the glorious glorious air-conditioning. I only hope that the building maintains its structural integrity ... at least until 5PM (aka Go Home Time). Then, it can melt into the ground. I won't care.

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  1. I turned on the A/C in here today! ("In here" being my office building.)