Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm Much More Offended By "Disco Turtle"

This was one of the lead stories on Channel 9's 11 o'clock news last night:

Racy Display Riles Silver Spring

Perhaps a more accurate title should be "Racy Display Riles One Silver Spring Resident."

Only one man, Michael Gurwitz, was quoted as finding the display distasteful, describing the teenaged-looking models as "having Lolita written all over them."

To that, I say, "What the fuck ever, dude." It's nothing worse than the images we are bombarded with everyday on the TV, in the movies, and by what people are wearing on the street.

The only thing offensive I find with the ads (which I walk by nearly everyday on my way to work) is that the models need a bath. They look kinda grungy.

I want to take them all home and throw them in the shower. OK, I *may* want to do a little more than that with the shirtless guy in his underwear, but still ... a little shampoo, conditioner, and body wash goes a long way.

Besides, if you're going to protest something in Downtown Silver Spring, don't protest a new business that is bringing jobs and -perhaps- a sense of style to a place where it is sorely needed. Protest those fucking useless and completely hideous turtle statues that are popping up all over downtown like a bad case of acne.

Disco Turtle. GAH!

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