Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lessons Learned

Good morning, my fair kittens.
Are we all recovered from the long weekend?
I'm not.
I did learn a few things:
1. Drinking doesn't make me happy.
2. Shopping doesn't make me happy.
3. When I've been dating someone for awhile, I need validation of my existence from that person.
As for Number 1, I noticed this weekend what could become a disturbing habit: When I am concerned, stressed out, upset, one of the first things I do is make myself a drink.  This does not seem to be a healthy coping mechanism.  I'm not saying drinking is bad, but drinking should not be an emotional crutch.
Thus, I'm going to be taking a little Alcohol Vacation starting June 1 (I can't start immediately, b/c I still have some box wine* in the fridge).  I'm not sure how long the Alcohol Vacation will last.  It will be at least 2 weeks.
As for Number 2, I did a fair amount of shopping this weekend.  I bought a book for the nook.  I bought some workout clothes.  And, I bought a new pair of shoes (these).  I am still emotionally unsatisfied.
And, for Number 3, people have called me high maintenance in the past, with which I strongly disagree.  However, I do feel that if I've dated someone for, y'know, 6 weeks or so and spoken on the phone nearly every day during that time (except when that person become seriously ill), I have the right to be a little freaked out/worried when I don't hear from him for 4 days (and counting).  So, I need contact and communication.  I am ok with that.
And, I am still worried about J.  Every day, I think "maybe I will hear from him today."  I have no idea what I will say to him when (if?) I do hear from him other than that I was worried about him.  And maybe my expectations have been too high.  I am working on lowering them.
Other than that, not much to report.  I had a fun Boozy Lunch with Tomokito and SCGB on Memorial Day.  I went for a 3.5 mile run in the heat.  I did not die.  I cooked an experimental dinner.  It was edible, but not superdelicious.
Today, I don't know what I am going to do after work.  I'll think of some way to fill my evening.
Have a great day!
*No judgment.  Box wines are improving. Srsly.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Update: The Case of the Disappearing Date Edition

Good Memorial Day Morning, Kittens.

So far this has been possibly the worst 4-day weekend EVER. Luckily it has been punctuated by some bright moments of fun as well.

To start off, my Thursday night date with J was postponed (who's surprised?) because Awards Night at his school did not finish until late. We talked that night and he would be through with work around 2 on Friday. That would be perfect, because I was getting my hair cut/colored and would finish around 3. We planned to meet in Cleveland Park to catch a movie, Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Well, around noon he texts, then calls, saying he might have to help set up for graduation ... or he might not. Maybe he can get out of it. He'd let me know. Later, he texts and says he couldn't get out of it. So, he wouldn't be done until 5 or 6. Boo.

Which was fine. After my hair was finished, I went to AU to hang out with Mike (Who Makes Cakes). We chatted until 5, and then headed to Nellie's to meet up with SCGB and some of his friends. Well, Mike abandoned me, saying he wanted to go home. I went on to Nellie's. Turns out it wasn't SCGB and "some of his friends." It was SCGB and "his date."

Hi, I'm a third wheel.

At 6:38, J texts saying he is almost done and out of there. He asks how Nellie's is. I say fun, but I'm hungry and suggest meeting somewhere for dinner.

No response.

Around 7:20, SCGB and his date want to go to dinner. I decided to go home. I text J to let him know.

No response.

At 10PM, I text again telling him I'm going to bed and sad that we couldn't see each other that day.

No response.

Saturday morning, I text wishing him a good morning and asking if he's OK.

No response.

The problem arises that I had invited him to Tomokito and Mike's Margarita birthday party at Jerry's. He didn't have the address.

Of course, I'm also really worried. It's not like him to not text or call. So later in the morning, I call to give him the address. No answer. I leave it on voicemail.

Then, I think, maybe he left his phone at work or something ... so I email the address as well.

No response.


Since 6:38PM on Friday.

Since it is now Monday morning, I am fluttering between the emotions of anger, worry, and sadness. The last time he disappeared was when he got sick. Did he have a relapse? Is there something else going on? It's the not knowing that is the hardest part ... I tend to imagine the worst. Have I been dumped? Why? What happened?

So, mostly I sit at home and worry.

BUT, like I said, there were some fun things ...

Tomokito and Mike's Margarita Birthday Party was a lot of fun. Eric from Baltimore came down. A fun crowd of friends showed up. There was lots of food and drink and good times. After several hours of boozing it up, we walked down to 9 (the bar formerly known as Halo/Mova). That, too, was fun.

Except, I got to the point of drinking, where I stopped having fun and started getting all sad and depressed. The group was talking about going to Secrets (a male strip club). I decided to leave. So I left. And hopped on the bus home. And felt drunk and sad.

Sunday morning, I felt hungover and sad.

But, I started texting with a guy from last summer (he was letter D, but now I'm going to call him M). I always liked M and hoped that maybe we could move beyond Summer of Fun and into something else. But, he's kind of too spontaneous for me. We would make a plan to do something. I would call to confirm a few days before, and he would say things like "oh. I decided to go out of town." Bah.

Anyway, I was telling him that life was crashing down around me (with work, love, life) and he invited me to his Pity Party. He was recently laid off and in bit of a flux. So, we hopped in his car and drove to Baltimore for the day.

We walked around Fells Point. We bought gelato. We ate at Sticky Rice. And then we came home.

He makes me laugh. And I did feel better (at least for a little while).

And, that brings us to today. I'm having boozy lunch with Tomoko (and maybe SCGB? I should text to see if he wants to join). I think I'm going to DSW. I have a $20 off coupon that expires soon. And, I toyed with the idea of going into DC later to get another tattoo.

I love this saying: ichi-go-ichi-e.

It can be translated as "one time one meeting" and has lots of layers of meaning. The interpretation that resonates the most with me is that you should treat each time you meet someone as if will be the last time you will meet them.

The last time I saw J was last Sunday. I wish I had said some of the things that were in my head.


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Good morning, kittens.
Yesterday was quite eventful!
I can't go into too many details (because I don't want to get dooce'd), but ... one of my supervisors blew up in a meeting, physically threatening a colleague and accusing two people of lying to him. (I was not in the meeting so this is all hearsay, of course).  Yeah, he was escorted from the building later. Today's morning staff meeting should be a Jolly Good Time.  And I'm wondering if our afternoon meeting is even going to happen (the supervisor is in charge of leading that meeting). 
I also had a boozy milkshake with lunch.
Once home, I had a well-deserved slightly dirty and very dry martini.  Then, I did laundry.  Good times.
Tonight, I am supposed to have a late date with SuperCute J.  We have had bad luck with Thursday dates.  Every single one we have planned has had to be cancelled. We shall see if this date breaks the curse or continues the streak.  Any bets?
AND, today is my Friday.  Oh, yeah.  4-day weekend!  Tomorrow, I have a hair appointment.  Saturday is Afternoon Margaritas and Bar-Hopping in celebration of the birthdays of Tomokito and Mike (Who Makes Cakes).  I have no plans for Sunday or Monday.  Perhaps I will hang out with J (who is possibly being introduced to the friends on Saturday!).
Have a great day!  and a wonderful weekend (if I don't update again)!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pizza and Prosecco

Good morning, kittens!
Just a quick update to assure you that all is well in Vutopia.  Ok, reasonably well, at least.  I have the same complaints about work, but I'm still having fun with SuperCute J ... not that we've been able to meet up since Sunday, but we have talked on the phone every night.  Of course, that means that I am going to be a little later than usual.  Which means, that I am a little crankier than usual in the morning.  Also, I haven't been sleeping very well.  I think my room is too hot and there is too much on my mind ... too much on my mind that I really can't share with anyone (yet).
Meanwhile, yesterday, I went on a tour of the still-under-construction (potentially) LEED Gold Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.  It was pretty interesting.  I'd like to see it again when it is completed (in August).  Then, on my way home from work, I got a text from K-Factor.  She was all "I am home from work early.  Do you want to play?  Drinks?  Dinner?  What do people do when they are home this early?" We ended up sharing a bottle of prosecco and a spinach, feta, and tomato pizza from Manny and Olga's.  Nom nom nom.  J called while I was still there and I said we were having a "p" party. (Y'know.  Pizza and Prosecco).  We sort of realized at the same time that there was an alternate meaning.  And laughed.  Not into that.  Fer sure.
As we were hanging up, J said "Enjoy your P 'n' P*."  And we had another chuckle. 
After hanging out with Kristi for a bit (and discovering that there is a pottery studio practically right around the corner from our building ... it's still not as cheap as UMD, but it's much more convenient.  I may check it out sometime, if K-Factor stops taking pottery with me), I headed back downstairs.  SCGB texted asking if he could borrow my iShuffle charger.  I found it ... and borrowed a tie for today (I needed one that was a solid light blue).
Then, as I was going to bed, J called back.  We talked.  I went to sleep.  The end.
Not much on the agenda for today.  I need to do laundry when I get home.  And motivate to organize my life.
Have a great day!
*for those of you not hip to the lingo, I shall explain.  "PNP" can stand for "party and play," which is basically do drugs (or poppers) and have crazy sex.  Don't you feel educated now?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update: Boozy Good Times Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

What a friggin' (mostly) awesome weekend!

On Friday, there was a slight change of plans. I left work a little early and metro'ed up to Wheaton (WHEATON!), where I met J at the Dunkin' Donuts. Then, we walked around the Mall Formerly Known as Wheaton Plaza. It's called something else now. I bought the Harry Potter 6 DVD for $9. Suh-WEET.

Then, we decided to eat dinner at this SuperYUMMY Thai restaurant that I knew (Suporn Restaurant). One problem. IT HAS BEEN CLOSED FOREVER!!! OMG. So. Sad. We saw a Thai place across the street and decided to eat there. AND, O to the M to the G. It was so friggin' delicious. YUMMERz. I might even be tempted to go back to Wheaton (WHEATON!) to eat there.

Then, J went to his Mom's house and I went home and fell asleep on my sofa whilst watching HP6.

Saturday, I woke up early(ish) and went for a 5-6 mile run.

Then, I met my friend, SuperCute CJ, for brunch at Eggspectations. I had many bloody marys. And some awesome eggs and latkes. Nom nom nom.

I spent the rest of the day planning my outfit for the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington (GMCW) Spring Gala. I looked fabulous, btw.

I left the house around 4:45 and bussed to the condo where SCGB was house/cat-sitting. We pre-gamed and then walked to the Gala.

OMG. The Gala was so much fun. Booze! Food! Interesting people! We met this SuperCute couple from New Zealand. And there was a Silent Auction. I may (or may not) have won a movie package to the Avalon Theater ... I don't know b/c I haven't heard anything and my credit card hasn't been charged. Maybe someone overbid me, but when I checked with 5 minutes left, I was the winning bid ($30 ... the pkg was valued at $50).

There was dancing!

Such a good time (see after party pic at the top of the post). Somehow I gained a sparkly top hat.

ANYWAY, I hopped on the Metro home.

Sunday morning? Very. Hung. Over. I was useless for most of the day. But I did manage to (a) vacuum, (b) take out some recycling, (c) clean the litterbox, (d) straighten up my bedroom, (e) hang up my suit, (f) weed the flower bed, and (g) walk to the Whole Foodz ...

WHERE, I "accidentally" bumped into J. He came over for a little while. It was very fun (and there may -or may not- have been some Quality Nekkid Time).

After he left, I ironed lots and lots of shirts. Had a martini. And made a veggie burger for dinner.

Overall, a pretty fan-fucking-tastic weekend.
Many thanks to SCGB (who got me invited to the Gala) and to J (who, well, y'know ...)

Have a happy Monday!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Looking Ahead

Good Morning, Kittens!
The past few days have been rather uneventful.  I did laundry.  I weeded the gardeny goodness (which, by the by, is coming along quite nicely.  Perhaps I'll take some photos this weekend).  I ran 3.5 miles.  But, more exciting than the past is the future.
After work today, I am seeing J.  HUZ-ZAH!  He is mostly recovered from his bout with debilitating illness.  We are going to Jaleo for dinner (and maybe back to his place afterwards for a little *wink wink nudge nudge*?).  I am planning to ditch work a little early this evening and stroll around some museums before we meet up.
Tomorrow, I am meeting CJ for brunch.  And, then, in the evening, I am going with SCGB to the Gay Mens Chorus of Washington's Spring Gala.  The theme of the gala is "Orient Express" or "1930s Ocean Voyage" or something like that.  Which raises an interesting question: What the hell am I supposed to wear?  The invite says "festive black tie optional." 
Um.  OK.  What about those who don't have black ties?  I have ties in several fun colors, but not black.  Can I wear my charcoal gray suit?  Should I research the 1930s to see what people wore on ocean voyages or the Orient Express?
Does anyone have any ideas?  Or a black tie I could borrow (preferably one that is festive)?
Have a great day!  It's Friday! We we we so excited!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week(end) Update: Silk Purse Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

I know. I know. I have been remiss in my blogging duties. BUT, I have a good excuse:

Life sucks. And who wants to hear bad news?*

ANYWAY, so things with J have been in a holding pattern whilst he recovers from a rather unpleasant illness ... which explains why he was AWOL for the past week. I have learned that, when someone to whom I am becoming emotionally attached drops off the face of the planet, I become a Crazy Stress Monster.

Combine that with a Helluva Shitstorm happening at work (that may -or may not- involve me leaving my position .... mostly b/c I am tired of dealing with the crap ... but I have to find another job first. Tricky) and you have someone (meaning me) who spent the latter part of the week and most of the weekend in a boozy boozy haze of booziness (not during the workday, mind you. just after work).

On the plus side, out of desperation sprung a fantastic new (to me) cocktail. A riff on Gayprof's fab Tequila Gimlet (2 oz tequila, 1 oz Rose's Lime Juice, shake with ice), I created the Oh My God That's a Lot of Tequila Gimlet: 3.5 oz of tequila, 0.5-.75 oz lemon juice, maple syrup, shake with ice).

I drank a lot of those. I am out of maple syrup.

ANYWAY, I did nothing over the weekend except eat and drink and watch Mad Men Season 4. Tomokito and I shared a bottle of prosecco. And I had a boozy lunch with SCGB on Sunday.

Oh, I went for a run on Sunday of about 7 miles. Ow. My kneez.

AND, I registered for the Army 10-Miler (October 9th). It looks like October is going to be the Month o' Running with the 10-Miler and the the Marine Corps Marathon 10K at the end of the month. I hope my knees don't explode or anything. That would be bad.

THEN, on Monday, I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning. Considering that I have not been to the dentist in over 10 years, the news was pretty heartening. I have relatively healthy gums (as long as I continue to floss and brush well). And, only 4 cavities. Which may sound like a lot. But remember, 10 YEARS! (Holds up both hands in the manner of Charlotte in Sex and the City The Movie**). Two of the cavities are on wisdom teeth. So I have the option of filling or removing my wisdom teeth. Even though the possibility of really good drugs is tempting, I opted for the fillings. Hurrah.

After the dental appointment, the fun began.

I met the lovely and talented ShallowGal for Boozy Lunch in Georgetown. It was boozy. And fun. and then ShallowGal bought us cupcakes. Nom.

I went home and took a nap. When I got up, I ironed (3 shirts!). Then, J called. Yay! I hadn't heard from him since an email on Friday morning. He filled me in on what had been happening (and offered to provide a doctor's note. cute).

Then, I walked to Downtown Silver Spring, where I met the lovely and fabulous Clio Bluestocking for boozy dinner at Mandalay. It was boozy! and delicious!

Then, I came home. Puttered around the old homestead, and went to bed.

The End.


*Based on the number of comments left on a good news post vs. a bad news post, I'm going to venture that most of my readers do ;-) (I kid because I love. *smooches*)
**Please tell me you got that reference.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Good morning, Kittens.
It's been a rather disappointing week so far ...
Monday, I spent most of the evening working on my resume and cover letters. 
Tuesday, I did laundry.
Yesterday, I spent the entire day in a torturous Health & Safety Training.  Why do I need to know about motorcycle safety?  Why does every employee in our building need to know about motorcycle safety when only about 1% actually ride motorcycles?  The only thing that was getting me through the day was the knowledge that I had a date with J after work.
Except, late morning, he texted that he was sick (again) and was back from the doctor.  They don't know what's wrong and he was going to bed, but he left me with the vague impression that our date might still be on.
Except, that I didn't hear from him again.  I called around 4:40.  I texted when I finished work.  Nothing.  It's possible that he was asleep.  I decided to go home, go for a run, and eat cupcakes and do tequila shots.
I texted one more time around 7.  Still no response.
I ended up (finally) watching a few episodes of Mad Men Season 4.  Then, I went to bed.  I called J to say good night.  No answer. 
I am worried about him.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well last night.  Hopefully, I'll hear from him at some point today.  I'd stop by to check on him ... if I knew where he lived.
Oh, well ...
Iin other news, I'm supposed to meet CJ for dinner tonight ... but he hasn't confirmed.  He mentioned something about maybe having to go out of town.
And, happy hour on Friday with former co-workers is being postponed.
This week has totally gang aft agley'ed.  Can I take a mulligan?

Monday, May 09, 2011

Weekend Update: Kind of Relaxing Edition

Good Monday Morning, Kittens!
You may remember that I was planning to have a relaxing, uneventful weekend ... and I did!  Sort of.
Friday, after work, I ran a few errands (likker store!  Whole Foods!).  And, then, settled in for a quiet evening at home with (organic) box mac 'n' cheese (+ broccoli).  Tomokito came down and we had prosecco (and, then, some red wine).  Good times!
Saturday morning, I woke up kind of early and went for a 5 mile run.  When I got back, I planted some flower seeds - cosmos, sunflowers, and poppies.  Then I remembered I had some other seeds that my mom had sent me for my birthday, so I planted those too: potulaca, spider lily, cock's comb, oregano, and cilantro.  We shall see if any of them come up.
I cleaned up and went to the Farmer's Market, where I bought lots of little plants - basil (2), lemon basil, purple basil, rosemary, thyme, and jalapeno and habenero peppers. 
I am so garden-y.
Then, the best thing that happened all weekend happened.  J came over.  He's still recovering from some sort of illness/cold.  We were supposed to go into DC, but he was not feeling up to it.  We ended up on the sofa watching episodes of Mad Men Season 1.  And making out.  And eating pizza.  And there may have been some other "stuff" too.  He told me that he found my blog (via my flickr account).  But, said that because it was more of a personal journal he had stopped reading it.  I told him it was fine to read it if he wanted.  I mean, really.  I'm not going to say anything here that I wouldn't say to him in person.  (That is, until he dumps me and I'm all hurt and I spew forth the bitter I've been dumped vitriol. ( am sort of kidding about this.))  Even though he is SuperCute, he hates having his picture taken.  I did manage to take this one.  Super!Cute! *swoonz*
He left around 10:30 ... I read and waited up 'til he texted that he was home safe and sound.  Then, I crashed.
Sunday, I went to the pottery studio.  The kiln is *still* broken.  WTF?  The woman at the desk said they are having trouble getting the repairperson out to fix it.  Bah.  I hope it will be fixed by the time the summer session starts!
Once I got home, I ironed like a crazy person.  I did not iron ALL the things, Clio Bluestocking, but I did iron 9 shirts and 2 pairs of pants.  Oh, on Saturday, my SuperCute Slimfit Cargo Pants from Uni-Qlo arrived.  Love them!  There's a photo on my facebook page (but I can't figure out how to get a link for you. Sorryz).
At around 4PM, Tomokito came down for blueberry margaritas. K-Factor and the Canadian joined us later. 
And, I closed out the evening by finishing, perhaps, the most depressing book ever, "The Surrendered" by Chang Rae Lee.  It was a beautifully written book, but OMG the tragedy of the characters' lives.  *sigh*
I guess that's about it.
Have a great day!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Weekend Update: Have You *Seen* the Cabana Boy Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

Since last night was so exciting (laundry!), I thought I'd fill you in on my SuperBusy Weekend + 1.

On Friday, David arrived. We met at Capitol City Brewing Company (near Union Station) for Happy Hour. Many, many friends joined us ... the SuperCute Anthony, Mike (Who Makes Cakes), Mario, and Tomokito! We (or, well, I) had many many beerz. And, then, we (minus SuperCute Anthony and Mario and plus SCGB) went to La Loma for many many margaritaz and enchiladas! Nom!

Saturday was yardwork day. Prior to the yardwork, I went for a 3.5 mile run. Whilst I toiled in the sun, David went to the gym. Then, we met at Adega for lunch. Eggplant fries. Nomz! And, J joined us towards the end of the meal. I bought a bottle of wine, and the three of us headed home to watch Burn After Reading (and to eat much kettle corn).

Movie over, J and I headed out. J was meeting his brother. And, I, I took the road less traveled by ... I mean, I metro'ed into DC to meet Kris and his friend to go to the KYLIE CONCERT


My two favorite costumes of the night were ...

This sparkly dress (with some fucking KILLER shoes)

2011 Kylie Aphrodite Tour 34

And, this one which looked kind of like D&G skinned a muppet:

2011 Kylie Aphrodite Tour 28

Admittedly, the hot dancers in their undies and awesome hats were also nice.

The next day, David and I caught the bus to NYC.

Once there, we grabbed a bite to eat (veggie burgers at Lucky Burger). Then, he went home and I headed over to Jake's.

Jake and I hung out for a bit. We ordered Japanese takeout. I went out for a bottle of wine. We watched TV and went to bed.

Monday was my Big Day. I got to the Kings County Superior Court around 9AM. I met with the ADA (so young!). We talked a bit. He talked to his boss. We went over the questions. And, at 11:30, I testified in front of the Grand Jury (sans Raquel Welch-esque wide-brimmed chapeau). It went well enough. I was nervous. I didn't particularly like discussing what happened, but -since it was the Grand Jury- I didn't have to go into excruciating detail.

If you don't know, the Grand Jury decided if there is enough evidence for the case to move forward to trial.

The ADA said they had a few questions, but they would be answered by the eye witness (who was supposed to testify on Tuesday). I should find out their decision next week.

So, I thanked the ADA for his efforts and headed to Uni-Qlo. I shopped like a person who has money and is not about to be inundated with medical bills. I bought some socks, two shirts, a cute pair of slimfit cargo pants, and a SuperCute plaid hooded windbreaker type thing.

Jake met me and we went to lunch at Spring Street Natural Foods (or something like that). I had a martini (or two) and a vegan philly cheesesteak. It was ok. The best part was the bread. So delicious. And, then we had a trio of gelato - caramel, vanilla, and walnut ...


Then, we walked around for a bit ... and I headed for the bus stop.

I got back to DC a little after 10PM. So tired. Luckily, SCGB picked me up at Silver Spring Metro so I didn't have to walk or wait for the bus. Yay.

And, that was my SuperBusy Weekend + 1.


Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Oh, Right. I Haz Blog.

Good afternoon, Kittens.
I know, I know.  I have been bad blogger.  BUT, I have a good excuse.  Last night I was planning on writing a massive blog post (with photos!) about my weekend ... David! Kylie!  NYC!  Grand Jury!  Uni-Qlo!
However, as we have all learned, the best laid plans o' mice and VUBOQ gang aft agley.  Of course, last night they totally gang aft agleyed in a Very Good Way. 
Around lunchtime yesterday, I received a text from J.  He had dinner plans with his family and suggested coming to my place afterwards.  He arrived around 8.  I was still cooking dinner.  I ate.  We had vesper martinis.  Then, we watched some of Mad Men Season 1.  And, there may have been some making out and fun cuddly times on the sofa.  He left around 10:30. 
We are going out again on Thursday.  Cinco de Mayo!  Hm.  Maybe we should celebrate by eating Chinese.
So, anyway, now maybe you can understand why I didn't blog my weekend last night.  I will soon! 
Have a great day!