Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Immigration Nation - revised

I wrote this semi-diatribe about immigration, an issue about which I don't know enough, and I felt like I was simply stringing together a series of cliches and soundbites I've heard from other people. I considered deleting the entry. Instead, I'm typing up this short introduction and hoping that my readers will take the opportunity to educate and enlighten me.

Here it goes ...

Although I know next-to-nothing about my family's history/ancestry, I am practically positive that we are from immigrant stock. I would guess that a very large percentage of Americans are as well.

So what is all this fuss now about immigration? We got here first and we want to keep it to ourselves?

We worry about our tax dollars being spent on immigrant health care.

They're here illegally but they still get a free education, we say.

Well, fuck that, our spoiled brats don't give a damn about their education. Let some people who are trying to better their lives take advantage.

Judge a society by how it treats its weakest members. These are the people that are working ridiculously long hours, getting paid shit, and doing all the crap jobs that most Americans don't want to do.

They are the important underpinings of our economy. A little healthcare, free education, and understanding go a long way. They're only trying to do what our ancestors did a few generations ago: Make a better life for themselves and for their families.


  1. I agree. What's more, with a 30% drop-out rate in our own highschools (cover of most recent TIME) I can't really see the harm in letting those attend schools who might actually use them. Also, immigration has been one of the driving factors in real estate appreciation as more people chase limited housing stock (which makes me happy) and allows me to renovate my house at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost (another good thing) and fills in shit jobs that no one else wants and we'd have to pay twice as much for here (increasing inflation pressures) so hey, I'm all for immigration!

  2. Ronald Reagan, of all people, said "Protecting the rights of even the least individual among us is basically the only excuse the government has for even existing."

  3. Just yesterday, Copperred said, "There is something fundamentally wrong with a society that allows homelessness." That can be stretched to mean that there is there is something fundamentally wrong with a society that lacks compassion.

  4. "we got here first" - love that. what about all those savages? were they always here?

  5. Silly, Diablo. You *know* they don't count.