Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend Update: The Best Day of the Year Edition

Hello, Kittens!

I hope you all remembered that Monday was the Best Day of the Year!  And, I had a super-fantastic 4-day weekend to celebrate it!

On Friday, I picked up the rental car and, after running a few errands (in which a "few errands" means "eating lunch and buying booze"), I drove to pick up Mike (Who Makes Cakes).  Then, we drove to pick up my cuddly little boo bear, M.

And, then, we all drove to Virginia Beach.

It. Took. For. EVER!

Once we arrived, we checked in to our fabulous resort hotel and, then, went out to dinner. I may have had a few cocktails.

Then, Mike (Who Makes Cakes) and I chilled in the hotel bar, whilst M (who may have had a few too many cocktails) went to bed.  Boo Bear just can't hang with the big boys ;-)  LOLz.

Saturday was ABSO-fucking-LUTELY gorgeous.  After breakfast, we walked to the Virginia Beach Convention Center so I could pick up my (and Tomokito's) Shamrock Half Marathon runner's packets. Mike (Who Makes Cakes) was doing extra shopping, so M and I walked back to the hotel via the Boardwalk and (a not very delicious) lunch.

That evening, we had a late dinner at a very yummy restaurant.  And, then, drove to the airport to pick up Tomokito.

The next morning, I got up VERY early to run the half marathon.

Here is a video (Listen closely, you can hear M's very sexy voice and my ... um ... not so sexy voice):

The run was ... hm ... well, on the plus side, I ran a PR of 1:51:35.  Yay me!  BUT, the course was soooooo boring.  Yawn!  BUT, afterwards, we got FREE BEER!  Mmmmm!  BUT, it was cold and way too early to drink four free beerz.  So, I only had one.  And then I went back to the hotel and cleaned up.

Finished! Unofficial time 1:51:35. NEW PR! Go me! #running

The four of us had a lovely breakfast.  And, then, we played games and drank Guinness and Irish Hard Cider until dinner.

Dinner was yummy.  AND VEGAN!

Monday morning (the Best Day of the Year!), we woke up, packed, ate breakfast, and drove home - where it had snowed!  Like 5 inches!  I have always dreamed of a white St. Patrick's Day.  Ok.  No I haven't.  I'd rather my SPD (aka tBDotY) be full of sunshine and daffodils. 

M gave me a supercute birthday gift - a running shirt with this image on the front:

My birthday present from Marcus is this running shirt. On the back it says, "Drinker with a Running Problem." *hehe* #bestdayoftheyear

And, on the back it says "Drinker with a Running Problem."  CUTE!

M and I went out to my favorite Irish Pub for dinner - El Golfo!  I had spinach enchiladas!  and Negro Modelo!  And, then, we headed home to drink and watch DVDs.  YAY!

And, then, we went to bed because, well, work.  Blah.

BUT, overall a fab day (and weekend!).  I hope yours was as well.


Saturday, March 08, 2014

Catching Up + Pottery

Good evening, Kittens!

How the heck did it become March already?  On the plus side of the time flying is that it is almost the Best Day of the Year!  YAY!

What happened last month?  Hmmmm ... M and I had a bit of a spat, but we made up. I went to Detroit for work.  Detroit.  In February.  I kinda hate my boss (except, I really like my boss(es) and they felt bad about sending me to Detroit, so I also get to go to Miami in May.  Oh, yeah~!).  BUT, I did get to hang out with the SuperFantastic Cuzin and (the blogger formerly known as) GayProf.

As is my usual MO, I also made pottery.  Here are some photos:

A flower pot, because I accidentally put my finger through the bottom while painting on the slip design ... oops


An OK ish mug


A teacuppy thing (obviously I need to work on my handle pulling)


A Japanese-style teacup (because it was too dry to attach a handle.  bah.)


A bowl with some glaze crawl (maybe it gives it personality?)


And, possibly, the best thing I've glazed in a long time


It's a little heavy, but I kind of love it.

Pottery ends next week.  I am, of course, continuing with my "studies." 

In other news, I am running the St. Patrick's Day 8K tomorrow in DC, and, next weekend, I am traveling to Virginia Beach to run the St. Patrick's Day Half-Marathon.  Wish me luck!  And, fingers crossed that my back holds out.

*big smooches*