Sunday, April 02, 2006

DST. Yeah, You Know Me

Did everyone remember to Spring forward late last night?

Even though I hate losing the hour (it makes me groggy the first few days), I love love love it being light in the evening. Spring and Summer are AWESOME. Now, if only someone could make it so that it never got above 80 degrees or so here in the DC Metro Area...

I have done absolutely nothing this morning, except make coffee. And, hm, with John gone, I can actually make it the way I like it! Yay! [I like my coffee like I like my men, strong and black. Ha.] Actually, I like strong coffee with cream or milk (no sugar). John likes weak coffee (known in these parts as light brown water) with tons of milk and sugar. Quoth John: "If it tastes like coffee, I don't like it." *geh*

So this morning, I made the coffee stronger than I usually do. YAY!

I have no plans for the day. I may go sit in the sun and knit for awhile. Then, I thought I might call Robert to see if he's interested in meeting for an early dinner somewhere.

Maybe I'll eat an orange.

PS. The picture has nothing to do with this entry. It's one I took on my trip to Thailand in November 2004 (when I met up with GaijinGirl/Token Asian).

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  1. there's a move here by stupid people to try and get us onto daylight savings time. the thing they don't understand is that we're always on dst. according to history, saskatchewan is on mdt all the time. i rather like not having to change my clock. in summer when the sun stays up until nearly 10 pm, i'm not caring about having an extra hour of sunshine.

    glad you had coffee the way you wanted it.