Friday, April 07, 2006

Starbucks Pointers

To the lovely young couple who ordered 8 drinks at the Starbucks this afternoon, I have a suggestion:

It was very nice of you take all of your co-workers' orders and make a run to the Starbucks. However, after you have placed your order, step back and wait for awhile. Don't huddle around the tiny little serving shelf with your list of drinks, turning and examining each one to see if it's yours. And, then, saying things like "Wait. What did she say? What is this? Maybe that *is* ours."

Because it's not. It's mine. And, if you would have moved your fat asses out of the way, I would have been able to get my grande caramel macchiato a lot easier. Honest.

And, to the manager of the Starbucks ... maybe if you had a policy on how to handle large orders [like, I don't know, maybe telling the cute little barista that all those drinks were for one order and to keep put them aside?], things would have run a bit smoother and all those caffeine-craving coffeeheads wouldn't have been getting so cranky.



  1. OMG, i would have had to grab your plastic knife and make sushi out of them!

  2. GAH! I thought you were talking about ME there for a second!! ha!