Sunday, February 09, 2014

10% Refund Challenge!

Hi, Kittens!

It is that time of year again - Tax Time!  I did my taxes this weekend.  And, since I recently donated to the Washington Animal Rescue League in honor of Miss Psychokitty Isabella's 14th birthday, I will more than likely be donating 10% of my refund to Food and Friends and/or the Whitman-Walker Clinic.

Those of you who are loyal reader-kittens of this blog, may remember that I have challenged you to donate at least 10% of your tax refunds in previous tax years, and, then, rewarded one lucky Challenge winner with a piece of my pottery. 

This year, since no one really reads blogs anymore, I will send a piece of made-to-order pottery* to any kitten who donates 10% of his/her refund and emails me proof that the donation has been made.  Please, when you send your email proof, include any pottery/design/color preference.  If you need my email address, leave a comment to let me know.

Of course, since the pottery is made-to-order, you may not get it for several months (or longer ... sorry about that ... I am slow pottery-maker).

Deadline to receive any proof/requests is, of course, April 15th.  May the tax odds be ever in your favor.


*as long as it is either a mug, vase, or bowl.