Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Update: Xmas Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

Previously, on VUBOQ, I was wandering the streets causing random cars to burst into flames ... well, apparently, I have a new SuperPower.

But, enough about that!  Things were superbusy crazypants up until I left for Greensboro, NC after work last Friday.  Luckily, my flight was on time, and I arrived on time, in one piece, and slightly tipsy (yay for airport barz).

Friday night, I went to one of my brother's friend's birthday party.  I knew a couple people.  It was fun-ish.  The beer was cheap.  And, then, since I was starving, we left the party and grabbed some food.  Yay food!

Saturday, I met some of my college friends for lunch at the Village Tavern.  $5 martinis all day on Saturday! WOO HOO!!!

My BFF from college (24 years and going strong) gave me some fun Elon gear.  Go Fighting Christian Phoenixes!

Saturday afternoon, the parental units arrived.  I took a nap.

On Saturday night, the water heater exploded (see aforementioned SuperPower).

On Sunday, I went for a six mile run with the President of my Greensboro Fan Club.  And, then, I showered at my brother's girlfriend's house.  Yay!

On Monday, there was much blobbing around the house.  Plus, some grocery shopping.  And on Monday evening, Santa came.  Apparently, I have been a very Good Boy.  Either that or Santa turns a blind eye to the naughty naughty buttsecks.

I got several gift cards (Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, Regal Cinema, Target), a couple of Polo goods (it helps when one's brother works for Mr. Lauren), and my parents paid for the upcoming Spring pottery session.

Tuesday morning, I flew back to the DeeCee.  And, later that evening, I unwrapped my favorite present ... M (not the one in Las Vegas, the one who lives here). 

Today, I went to work. Yuck.  We were allowed to leave at 3PM because of the weather.  And I did laundry.  And roasted vegetables.  Good times.

Soooooo ... how was your Xmas (for those of you who celebrate it)?


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week Update: Excitement Edition

Good Sunday Afternoon, Kittens!

I guess it's time to update everyone on my week and weekend.  It has been fabulous (mostly).

After work on Monday, I busied myself by getting My Cocky & Rude Bloggy Gift Exchange packages ready to mail.  I hope that they (a) have arrived by now and (b) that they arrived in one piece.

On Tuesday, my co-worker drove me to the Pottery Studio so I could pick up the last few pieces of my pottery.  I was mostly pleased with how things turned out.  Especially this bowl:

Cool BowlWhich I gave to my co-worker as a thank you for the ride

And My Little Yellow Soup Tureen:

We All Live in a Yellow Soup Tureen

Once I got home, I had to get ready for my building's monthly board meeting.  So much fun.  not really.

On Wednesday, I did laundry and M (not the one in Las Vegas.  Obviously) came over for an Adult Sleepover.  We watched Men in Black 3 and ate pizza.  And maybe did a few other things ...

On Thursday, I relaxed mostly.  And, made spicy stir-fried napa cabbage and noodles.  Tasty!

Friday, the real excitement began!  First, the power in my building went out.  And came back on.  And went out again.  And came back on.  And went out again.  Until finally, I left around 2.

But, I had a doctor's appointment.  I am mostly healthy.  He prescribed some antibiotics for my persistent cough.

On Saturday morning, I got up and went to a Holiday Brunch at Old Ebbitt Grill.  I had the pumpkin spice french toast.  Very. Tasty.

Then, home to take a nap.

And, then, I met M and we went to Game Night with Mike (Who Makes Cakes).  As we were looking for parking, M's car got a flat.  We called AAA and they sent someone out to change the tire.  As M waited for AAA, I walked to the house and, suddenly, a car BURST INTO FLAMES.  Seriously.  Right as I was walking by it.   Some college age kids had just parked it.  And one of them was all, "Dude, I think your car is on fire."  They called 911.  I went to see if I could find a fire extinguisher.  But, by the time I found one, it was too late.  See:

I bring the excitement. First, my friend gets a flat. Then, this car fire starts right as I walk by.

Game Night was fun.  We ate pizza.  Drank wine.  Played Apples to Apples and Spades.  M and I won in Spades.  Yay us!  Then, we came back to my place and had even more fun.

And, then, we may have had more fun this morning before heading to Eggspectations for breakfast.

And, then, we may have had more fun when we got back from breakfast.

And, now, I am ready for a nap, but -first- I must do a little cleaning ... and ironing.

Good times!

Hope your week/weekend was equally as exciting!  *smooches*

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Week Update: [Insert Clever Title Here] Edition

Good Sunday Evening, Kittens.

Let's catch you up on the past week, shall we?

Lessee ... I went to work every day ... and did not kill anyone.  Always a plus.  I am so unmotivated at work these days.  *sigh*

On Monday, I recovered from the weekend of working at the Crappy National Fucking Harbor.  And, um, I may have had a "friend" come over for an Adult Sleepover.

Tuesday, after work, I went to the pottery studio to do a little last minute glazing.  All of my work from this semester should be ready on Tuesday-ish.  Prepare yourself for an onslaught of pottery pix.  And try to contain your excitement.

Wednesday, I did laundry.

Thursday was the Day of the CSA Vegetables.  I am sort of tired of fresh vegetables.  Or, more accurately, I am tired of trying to figure out what to do with all the fresh vegetables I have.

And, on Friday, I went bowling (with the same "friend" from Monday night).  I did badly.  Also, bowling with a bad back is not a great idea.  Owz.  And, then, we got take out from Mandalay.  Mmm.  Yummy Burmese foodz.

Saturday, I may have had the buttsecks ... twice ... before heading to the Kitchen Design place to talk about my new kitchen.  Then, I ran home.  4.5 miles.  So exhausting.

Lots of blobbing then commenced.

And, Saturday night, Tomokito came down for Martini Time and Drinking an Entire Bottle of Wine Time.  Boozy good times!

Sunday, surprisingly not overly overhung.  After a leisurely morning, I headed over to the German and his Hot Wife's apartment to help them move.  OK.  I didn't really do anything other than drink beer and eat pizza.  Other people moved furnitures and boxes.  I have a bad back.  Really.

Then, I came home and cleaned and ironed.  Tonight, I'm going to figure out which vegetables to cook and maybe work on my annual StickSteven Year in Review Holiday Letter.

Where has the time gone?  Eh?

Hope you had a beautiful week and a fun-filled weekend!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Weekend Update: I've Been Working on the Weekend Edition

Good morning, kittens!

And, I'm back from my "wonderful" weekend at the National Harbor.  Well, parts of it were wonderful, but most of it Just. Sucked.

The wonderful parts were being able to hang out with V from Philly and ... well, that's about it, really.

Friday, after work, a co-worker drove me to the National Harbor, because there is really no good way to get there via public transportation.  I met V at the Aloft and he gave me a key to our room and then went back to work the Holiday Festival. 

The Aloft sucked.

The room had no heat.  We complained twice and each time they said they would send up an engineer to look at it.  They did not.

V from Philly got back from the Festival around 7ish, and we met his co-worker for dinner. We first went to the Rosa Mexicano, but they had no available seating until 9:30PM.  So, we tried this Italian place (name of which I can never remember) where my co-workers and I sometimes go for lunch.  They were not accepting walk-ins until after 9PM.  Really?  WTF?  We did manage to find a trio of seats at the bar.  And our bill?  For three came to about $130.  Really?  WTF?  This is not forkin' New York City.  It's the National Harbor.  In Fort Washington!  Prince Georges County!  And, thus, one theme of the weekend was set: Long waits for over-priced, fair-to-middlin' food.

After dinner, V from Philly's co-worker drove back to Philly.  We went to the dueling piano bar, Bobby McKeys.  $5 cover?  What?  Really?  $9 beer?  WTF?  Really?  We had one drink and left.  And, then, went to Harrington's.  No cover.  Still expensive beer.  Plus, a very nice (possibly drunk) redneck in a camouflage jacket said V from Philly and I made a cute couple and he should put a ring on it.  Ha!

The next morning, we grabbed breakfast at Freshii and caught the shuttle to the Holiday Festival.  I was on my feet for 9 hours shilling wines from a Pennsylvania winery.  One thing I learned is that even if you know nothing about wine, people tasting it will believe anything you say about it and will be all like "oh, yes, I do get a hint of that at the finish." 

The tent was cold.  Even with Uni-Qlo heat-tech longjohns and turtleneck and foot warmers, I was still chilly.  At the end of the day, we packed up and shuttled back to the main harbor area.  We ate dinner at Thai Pavilion, which fit into the theme of restaurants there.  Over-priced.  Fair-to-middlin'.

Then, we went back to the hotel, watched some TV, and I crashed before 10:30PM.  Werk iz hard.

Sunday, we stepped and repeated.

Breakfast at Freshii.  Drove to the Festival.  Shilled wine.  Tried to be pleasant to people even though I wanted to bash their faces in.

I have decided that sales/customer service is not the job for me.

We finished at 5.  Packed up the car.  And drove to Silver Spring.  We had dinner at McGinty's in DTSS, and when we got the bill, V from Philly said, "Wow.  These aren't National Harbor prices."  No, indeed, they were not.

Then, he drove me home and headed back to Philly.  I blobbed around the house for a bit and went to bed.

I am so glad I am off today.  I have a lot of running around to do.  Good times!

Have a great day!  *smooches*

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Good Evening, Kittens!

Because there are some things I want to tell you about, but can't just yet, I am going to share with you some pottery pictures ...


Mugs!  The inside is Michigan Brown.  And the outside is Lisa's Favorite Blue and Black (around the rim).  I think I will be giving one of these to V from Philly, who I will be seeing this weekend because I told him I would help him work some sort of Mulled Wine Booth at the National Harbor's Harbor Holiday Festival (or something like that). The company is putting us up in a hotel room there all weekend. And I get to talk about booze to strangers.  Good times!


Bowl!  It is all in Lisa's Favorite Blue.  I am thinking I will give this to a family member.  Maybe my brother (and his girlfriend) for Xmas. I used my credit card points to get my family members gift cards to various and sundry stores.  So I feel like I should also give them something that I actually paid for ...

Hm ...

As for my online shopping/black friday/cyber sunday/whatever let's shopday experience ...

My brother will also be getting some of this Super Delicious Hand-crafted Tonic. It's from Arizona, so, Carrie, you should totally buy some.  It is full of the Nomz!

I have decided that Uni-Qlo's on-line store is going to drive me to bankruptcy.  I bought 2 sweaters, a pair of dress pants, 5 pairs of socks, and two t-shirts the other day.  I wore one of the sweaters to work today and got OODLES of compliments.  YAY!  Admittedly, I did look super-cute.  Well, super-cuter than usual.

I also bought more lube.  Well, after Thanksgiving, I needed more.  *ahem*  What?  No judgement.

And, I guess that's all the news (that I can share).  Have a wonderful night!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Update: Whole Lot to Be Thankful for Edition

Good Afternoon, Kittens!  I hope you had a delightful Thanksgiving and are using the rest of the weekend to relax and exercise off all those excess calories you consumed ... as for me, my Thanksgiving holiday has been possibly one of the Best EVER!

On Wednesday afternoon, I got some VERY  GOOD news (which I will be sharing later once everything is signed and official). THEN, M in Las Vegas texted asking if I would be home on Thursday, because he wanted to pick up the car.

Um.  WHAT?  "Are you in town," I asked.  He said he would be but was driving from DC to his family's in NC.  CRAZY PANTS!

Later that evening, another M (this one local) called saying he and a friend were in the neighborhood and could they stop by.  "Sure," I said. When they got here, the friend stayed in the car.  Weird.  But, whatever.  So M and I chatted for a minute.  And then ended up having superhot buttsecks while his friend sat in the car waiting ...

Hmmm ...

On Thanksgiving morning, some of my neighbors, former neighbors, and friends ran the 2nd Annual Sligo Co-op 10(ish)K and Brunch.  That was awesome.  The weather was gorgeous and we all had a good time.

When we got back, we had brunch at K-Factor and the Canadian's apartment.  While I was there, M (from Las Vegas) texted saying he was at Fort Totten Metro and could I come pick him up at Silver Spring.  Fortunately, I had only had one mimosa so I was fine to go pick him.

He had flown on the red-eye to NYC and then transferred to DC and then metro'ed to Silver Spring.  CRAZY.  And, he was planning on just hopping in his car and driving the 6 hours to his parents' home in NC.  CRAZIER!

He brushed his teeth, washed up a bit, and ... um ... well, then, we ended up having superhot quickie buttsecks before he left.

And, then, I went back up to brunch.  Very hungry.

I left "brunch" around 4 and started making a vegetarian chili.  M (from DC) had mentioned that he wasn't going anywhere for Thanksgiving.  He has recently become vegetarian and didn't want to deal with all the drama surrounding that with his family.   So, I invited him over.  We ate chili.  Watched DVDs.  Went to bed superearly and ended up having really fun buttsecks that night ... and the next morning.

It seems I have had a very Whore-y Thanksgiving.

Friday, I helped the neighbors rake leaves.  Then, I met this guy who I've been talking to online for a long time for lunch.  He's nice.  We did not have superhot buttsecks.  Not sure if he's my type.  But, a nice enough guy, for sure.

Then, I got ready for the theater!  My co-worker and I went to the Kennedy Center to see "Jekyll and Hyde" starring American Idol alum, Constantine SomethingThatBeginsWithAnM.  OMG.  The show was boring.  And his singing had two levels - flat or LOUD.  Way too many "power ballads" for one show.  Blech.  The female leads were pretty awesome though.  Loved them.  And I may have giggled once or twice at the goofy staging.

Can't win them all I guess.  Next show we're seeing is "White Christmas."  I imagine that it will be AWESOME!

This morning, when I finally woke up, I noticed that the wind had blown an entire new batch of leaves all over our nicely raked yard.  Grrrrr.  So, I helped a couple more neighbors rake that mess up.

Then, I made pickles.

Watermelon radishes, purple carrots, regular carrots and weird fractal looking cauliflower

And, now, I am trying to update my iphone.  It is taking forever.  After I finish that, I'm heading to the bank, likker store, and the 7-11 to buy PowerBall tickets ($315 million, bitches!).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Update: Half-Marathon Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

I have returned from a fun-filled and slightly exhausting weekend in the City of Brothers Who Love.

After work on Friday, I headed to Union Station.  My train wasn't scheduled to depart until nearly 9PM, so I had arranged to meet a friend for drinks/food beforehand.

Said friend never showed up.  Grrrrr.  And, then, made some lousy excuse.  This is a friend that I used to hang out with last year, but he met a boyfriend and ignored me.  Now, they have broken up, and he contacted me again.  I thought I would give him another shot.  Oh, well.  I am done with that guy.

The train trip to Philadelphia was uneventful.  I was mostly drunk.  V from Philly picked me up at the train station and we drove back to his place.  Had a few drinks.  And went to bed (it was nearly midnight).

The next morning, there may (or may not) have been some Morning Fun.  Then, we met Lora for brunch at the Green Eggs Cafe.  OMG.  The food was so good there.  And the portions were HUGE!  We all ordered different things and shared.  It was awesome!  Nom nom nom.

After brunch, V from Philly and I went to the Convention Center to pick up my race packet.  Then, we headed to the Macy's for the unveiling of their Christmas windows ... and Look Who Was There:

ANDREW McCARTHY and some guy in a red suit
After that, we drove up to Manayunk, so V from Philly could buy some new running shoes at a local shop where a friend of his works.   Then, we ate a very late lunch at a restaurant up there.

We drove back.  Blobbed around.  Decided we were too full to go out for dinner, so we ordered a pizza.  I needed to carb load.

We had to get up Way Early for the Half-Marathon.  V from Philly works with a group who runs a Beer Check at Mile 19, so he had to get up there before the roads closed.  He dropped me off at the starting line around 5:30.  KBrrrrr.  It was cold.

The race eventually started.  YAY!  It was fun, but so crowded I couldn't really concentrate on the sights.  I got a high-five from Mayor Nutter at the start ... and the finish.  The worst part of the course was a never-ending hill around mile 9.  UGH.  But after surviving that, the rest of the run was relatively easy ... until Mile 12, when a blister on my right toe burst.  Ouch!

My official time was 2:02:16.  Slightly better than I thought I would do, but not as good as I wanted to do.  I finished 3916 out of 10971 overall and 246 out of 511 in my division (M 40-44).  Not too shabby, I guess.

After the run, I hobbled back to V from Philly's place, showered, ate leftover pizza, drank a beer, and fell asleep.  He got home around 3 (I think?).  And, then, we went to a gay happy hour at the Hotel Monaco.  After that, we went to Khyber Pass Pub for drinks and dinner.  I had a vegan pulled "pork" BBQ sandwich, which was super tasty.  And, then, one of V from Philly's friends joined us and we went to another bar somewhere for more drinks.

And, then, we walked home.  And fell asleep around 10:30.

This morning, he dropped me off at the train station on his way to work.  I got home around noon.  Did housework.  Went to the grocery store.  And, now, I'm just chillin' until pottery class.  Good times.

Hope you had an awesome weekend and a great Monday!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Busy. Tired. Ready for the Weekend.

Good Evening, Kittens!

It's been a heckuvaweek (so far).

Monday, I went to the Trader Joe's.  And, then, I ironed 10 shirts.  Later, K-Factor came down and we watched "True Grit" (the remake, not the original).  It was pretty damn awesome.  I also made a potato leek soup (plus carrots).  It was delicious.

Later that evening, K-Factor and I went to pottery class.  I made three bowls, worked on my mini-soup tureen project, and glazed two mugs and a bowl.  Good times.

Tuesday, after work, I went for a 3.5 mile run.  And, then, I attended my monthly co-op board meeting.  Joy.

Wednesday, I did laundry and talked to my BFF from college. 

AND, today, THURSDAY, I had the job interview.  I think it went well.  I hope it went well.  I need the significant increase in salary that it would bring.  And, this evening, another Board member and I had an orientation/interview with a prospective buyer of one of the vacant units in our building.  Also, the cute shirts I ordered for my building's Thanksgiving Morning 10(ish)K (and brunch) arrived. They are cute! YAY!

Tomorrow, after work, I am heading to the City of Brothers Who Love!  On Sunday, I am running the City of Brothers Who Love Half Marathon. ACK!  13.1 miles!  It will be the longest I have run since I ran the Marine Corps Marathon way back in 2001.  I would like to run it in under 2 hours, but I don't think that will be possible.  It would be nice though. 

On the plus side, I will be crashing at V from Philly's pad for the weekend (and maybe there will be a little *wink wink nudge nudge hubba hubba hubba*).  AND, I will get to see the Super Awesome Ladies, Bossy and Lora. And maybe some other Philly Phriends ...  AND, I know there will be delicious food and fun drinkydrinkdrinks involved.

It's always a good time ...

Have a wonderful weekend!  Stay tuned for an exciting recap on Monday (assuming I survive the run).

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Update: Parental Visit Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!  And Happy Veterans' Day!  I hope you will all be able to celebrate and honor our veterans tomorrow by not going to work and hitting the mall for Big Big Sales.

ANYWAY,  my parents visited this weekend.  They arrived Thursday late afternoon.  That evening, we just blobbed around and ate and talked.

On Friday, I had a hair appointment.  While I was away, I tasked my parents with cleaning my place and putting away my Halloween decorations.

When I got home, we piled into the car and I drove (eek!) to the Kennedy Center.  We had a tour of the building and, then, had dinner at the KC Cafe.  After dinner, we attended a performance of "Warhorse."

It was pretty amazing.  BUT, I would like to say that the people who were all like, "The horses are PUPPETS! and, after awhile, you don't even notice the puppeteers" are either totally craycray or possibly mentally challenged.  Every time the horses appeared on stage, I was always like, "who is that character who is always leading the horse around."

Then, I would remember it was the puppeteer in charge of head movement.  I found it a little distracting.

BUT, still, the play was very good.  And, the parents enjoyed it.  Hurrah!

Then, I drove (eek!) home.  Through Rock Creek Park!  In the dark!  SCARY!  It was like driving through Deliverance

On Saturday, we went to Target.  The parents bought me a humidifier.  Yay?  They seem to think that will help with my "Winter Cough."  We'll see ... At least my sweaters shouldn't be so staticky now.

For dinner, we ate at El Golfo.  Yum!  Then, we came back and watched some of Downton Abbey Season 2. 

The parents left this morning.  And, I went for an 11 mile run.  Then, I went to the likker store and the Whole Foods and had a boozy lunch at Adega.  YAY!

Then, I had a nap.

Tonight, Tomokito and I are having cocktails here.  And, in the morning, I have a phone interview for what could be a very interesting (and much higher salaried) job.  Send good vibes around 9AM.

After the interview, I'll need to grocery shop and iron and maybe do some cooking for the week.  And, then, there will be pottery class ... which kicks off a very busy week.  More on that later, I'm sure.

Have a great night!  And enjoy your day off tomorrow (if you have a day off tomorrow).


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Election Isn't Over


As some of you may know, I have a brother ...

The Brother and MeWe are practically twins

He is involved in some sort of David and Goliath Battle (he would be the David in this scenario) to be named Tailgater of the Year (or something) for Appalachian State University (which is a minor university located in Western North Carolina, and vastly inferior (except maybe in sports) to Elon University).

He has asked me to ask you to take some time out of your busy schedule and vote for his Humble Band of Tailgaters.  If you feel so inclined, here is the info:

Please follow these simple instructions: 

And, there you have it.  
Wasn't that easy?

OH, and you only have until, like, NOON on WEDNESDAY. So. HURRY UP for fuck's sake!

Have a great night!
Many *smooches* (especially if you vote for my brother)

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Weekend Update: Not in Atlantic City Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

This weekend, I was supposed to meet my friend, V from Philly, in Atlantic City; however, that trip did not happen.  Something about a Frankenstorm and most of Atlantic City being washed out to sea ... oh, well.  I was very disappointed.

Luckily, V from Philly decided to come here.  Yay!

He arrived Friday night.  I had been out to happy hour with a co-worker and former co-worker.  We basically blobbed on the sofa, drinking beer and watching DVDs.  Then, we went to bed.

On Saturday morning, we took our time getting out of bed, but eventually made it up to Eggspectations for brunch.  Where I was reminded that I am not a huge fan of the hollandaise sauce. Then, we took the metro into the DeeCee.

First stop was the Million Puppet March Rally.  It was kind of a bust.  There were definitely not a million puppets.  But, yay for support for public broadcasting.

We, then, wandered over to the US Botanic Gardens.  That was nice.  Lots of plants.  I took a few pictures:

Coffee BeansCoffee Beans!


At the US Botanic GardensUs!

Then, we walked over to the National Museum of the American Indian for awhile.  After wandering through the exhibits, we decided to find a place for happy hour.

V used some sort of app and we learned that the Hamilton has happy hour from 3-6 with half-price sushi.  So that's where we went ...

Navy Strength Gin MartiniThe Leopold's Navy Strength Gin (114 proof) Martini was regular price. $11 though

As you may remember, Leopold's is my favorite gin in the world!  I had never had their Navy Strength Gin.  I ordered it as a martini and the bartender said, "Boom!" and set about making it.

The gin was super smooth and tasty, but -let's just say this- it set me on the road to ruin.

We ate our sushi.  I had a beer.  And, then, V wanted to walk to the White House (it was only a few blocks away). 

After taking a few photos, we walked up to Lincoln for more cocktails!  I had two there, the Donkey (a blueberry-infused gin cocktail.  Tasty), and in honor of my powerless friends in the Northeast ...

ManhattanA Manhattan!  YUM!

Then, we walked up to Logan Circle to meet Mike (Who Makes Cakes) for dinner at Logan Tavern.  The wait was about 30 minutes, so we walked to Nine to grab a cocktail (2-for-1 happy hour!  Oh, yeah!). I had some sort of gin/lemon thing.  It wasn't very good.

We ate dinner.  It was yummy.  I had the vegetable side platter - broccoli, mashed potatoes, and roasted butternut squash.  Mmmmm.  I also may have ordered a Stoli Doli (pineapple infused vodka martini).

After dinner, we walked back to Nine.  We ran into some more friends there.  After a little while, I was ready to go home.  We were lucky enough to catch a bus and made it home quickly.  Yay!

And, then, I went to bed.

This morning, we woke up.  Yay for an extra hour of sleep!  And, then, went for a run.  I ran 8 miles.  V ran 6.  We showered and walked to El Golfo for brunch.

When we got back, we took a nap on the sofa and watched DVDs.    And, then, we went up to Adega for an early dinner.  V left from there.  So I am home all alone and probably going to go to bed early.

It was a busy fun weekend for sure.  I hope yours was too!  And, if you want to see a few more pix from the weekend, they are on flickr.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tell Me About It, Stud

Sligo Creek before the Deluge
Good Afternoon, Kittens!

Well, Sandy has come and gone.  She tried to do her worst, but we persevered.  The power flickered once, but that was it.  Hurrah!

So, how did I spend my day "working from home?"

I'm so glad you asked ...

I baked a pumpkin in my toaster oven.

Is that a
pumpkin in your toaster oven or are you just happy to see

I sat on the sofa a lot ... except when a certain Ball o' Kitteh stole my spot.

There is a Ball o'Kitteh in my spot.

I ventured out into the wind and the rain to take a photo of the roaring torrent, Sligo Creek.

Roaring Torrent

I made Blue Hubbard Squash Risotto, using this recipe (minus the radicchio).

Blue Hubbard Squash Risotto. So. Much. Stirring.

Isabella and I celebrated when the radiators came on.

Cat on a Hot Tin Radiator

Then, I headed up to K-Factor and the Canadian's apartment for an evening change of scenery.

And, that was my day.  Good times for sure.

Today, I am trying to be productive, but it's not happening.  Boo.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Update: The Calm Before the Storm Edition

Good Evening, Kittens. 

As I sit here waiting for Sandy, I thought I'd take a few minutes to update you on my week and weekend.

The week was SuperCrazyBusyInsane!  I had a major deadline on Friday plus an event for Energy Action Month on the same day.  I spent most of the week trying to get all of that done.  GAH!  Fortunately, the event was a success (yay!) and I managed to get all of my reports and databases turned in on time (double yay!).

After work on Friday, I was in a celebratory mood, so I came home, put on my pajamas, and made a martini.  As I was settling in for a long night of sofa-blobbing.  My friend, V, texted, "are we still going out tonight?" ... D'oh!  I had totally forgotten about that.  Oops.  SO, I put on real clothes.  He picked me up.  We had a quick dinner in Downtown Silver Spring, and, then, we went to the Green Lantern.  We left around midnight.  It was boozy good times.

I may (or may not) have smoked a cigarette afterwards.

Saturday, I ran errands in the morning and bought supplies at the Giant.  Then, I met my Cute (and Well-Hung) Neighborhood Friend, M, for lunch at El Golfo.  He had never been there before.  Poor guy.

We parted ways after lunch, and I came home and clean clean cleaned my apartment.  Because, later that evening, I held my (usually) Annual BYOP Pumpkin Carving Party.  It was fun.   We drank vanilla-cinnamon infused vodka with apple cider.  Ate Mike (Who Makes Cakes) pumpkin spice cake.  Carved a pumpkin or two.  And talked and drank and ate and talked and drank and ate.  Good times!  Most people left around 11ish.  Tomokito stayed around and chatted until maybe 1?

And, today, I got up and went for a 6 mile run.  And, then, I called some friends.  And I did the post-party washing up. And I ironed for the week.  And I applied for a new job.  And roasted a blue hubbard squash (for a risotto).  And had more cake with my neighbor, K-Factor.  And soon I need to figure out what I want for dinner. Probably leftover blue mashed potatoes and sauteed red kale.

The storm has still not arrived.  I am hoping the Federal Government closes and I don't have to go to work tomorrow.

I am also hoping my power stays on.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pottery Porn

Good Evening, Kittens.

Last night, at pottery, a couple of pieces had been glaze-fired ... Prepare yourself for some Unattractive Pottery Porn

Duo of Boring VasesToo big to be mugs.  Too squat to be useful.

BowlActually, this isn't half-bad.  I may gift it to a family member.  Or a family member's girlfriend.

And, there you have it. 

In other news,  work.  It is keeeeeeeeeeeeeelling me.  I just have to make it through Friday.  I can do it!  I know I can.

Have a fabulous evening (or day.  whatever)!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Update: I Ran All Night Edition

Good Morning, Kittens!

Not much to catch up on from the week.  Work is work.  I missed pottery class last Monday (sore back.  bad rain.  lazy).  My date with the SuperHot Trainer Guy got postponed (again).  His other job keeps him very busy, and he has to work late a lot.  *sigh*  And, I did laundry.

This weekend, however, quite a bit happened.

I decorated for Halloween.  Meaning, I put up my Halloween lights, including the Cute New Mummy Lights I got using a Target gift card I found the other day.

THEN, I got a package:

Cute Nu Shooooz. Early Xmas present from the folks. Yayz!

Cute Nu Shoooooz!  They are an early Xmas present from my parents.  Yay for parents who support your bad habits!

That evening, I met SCGB at Adega for wine and carb-loading.  I had (most of) a ginormous flatbread pizza.  YUM!

And, on Sunday, I woke up SuperEarly.  My co-worker and her BF picked me up and we headed to the Army Ten Miler. 

I had a pretty good run.  It wasn't as fast as i wanted, but my bad back and being sick the last two weeks hindered my training.  Also, the last two miles were pure torture.  According to my Nike+ GPS watch, the last two miles were also my fastest.  And, I finished the race with a time of 01:26:30. About 8:30ish second miles. 

I came in 6306th place overall (out of 21912).  In my division, Men 40-44, I was 790th (not sure out of how many).  And out of all males running, I was 4941.

My time was almost 13 minutes faster than last year.  Of course, last year, I was recovering from surgery. 

The sad thing about running this weekend was that I missed a 20th Reunion Brunch with several of my college friends and professors.

What a fun group of people, no?

ANYWAY, after the run, in order to avoid the ubercrowded metro system, co-worker, her BF, and I went to lunch at Pentagon City Mall.  And, then, we headed home.

I showered and took a nap.

And watched DVDs.  And knitted.  And then had a martini.

And, then, somehow, ended up inviting a Cute Neighborhood Guy over for an Adult Sleepover.  That was fun.  He left around 8 this morning to go to work.  I am off.  Yay!

I need to clean.  Iron.  Grocery shop.  And, at some point, get my butt off the sofa.

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week Update: Miserably Ill Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

This past week has been chock full of fun and excitement!  Especially if you define "fun and excitement" as "feeling like Death Warmed Over!"  YAY!

I contend that V from Philly gave me some sort of Deadly Philadelphia Germ.  He refutes that claim, because he has not been sick. Whatever.  Carrier.

ANYWAY, I spent most of the week feeling like El Crapola.  The cold has been mostly in my chest.  Lots of coughing and hacking.  Not much sinus pain (huzzah for small favors).  And, thus, I did not do much.

I did go to pottery class, where I threw two (future) mugs and a bowl.

I also made two very yummy soups: black lentil/tomato/vegetable and thai red curry butternut squash (pictured above).

This weekend, I have been feeling a bit better.  Still, I cancelled my planned daytrip to Philly to hang out with the fabulous Lora and Bossy.  I will see them -fer sure- when I run the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November.

I've mostly blobbed around the house.  Drinking juice.  Taking vitamins.  Making Serrano-infused Tequila with the chilies I had to pick b/c of the Threat of Frost.  And also some Vanilla-Cinnamon Infused Vodka for my Low-Key BYOP Pumpkin Carving Party in a couple of weeks.

Threat of frost tonight, so I picked the last of my peppers.The Last of the Chilies

 I did manage to run 3.5 miles this morning.  The Army 10-Miler is next Sunday.  I don't think I'm ready. Stupid back issues.  Stupid cold.  BUT, I will do my best.  I will probably be slower than I want to be though.  *sigh*

I am off tomorrow.  So, I'll be doing laundry.  And grocery shopping. And all sorts of other fun things.

Hope all is well and healthy in your world!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Weekend Update: V Edition

Good Evening, Kittens.

Well, we are on Day 3 of my 4-day weekend (*w00t*), so I thought I would bring you up-to-date on all the excitement in my life.

So, on Friday, I mostly ran errands.  I also ran a few miles.  I went to the Giant and bought some necessary supplies, like kitty litter and paper towels.  Then, I did a little grocery shopping at the Whole Foods.  And, I may (or may not) have had a slightly boozy lunch at Adega.

Three guesses where I am and the first two don't count.

Once home, I took a long nap.  Then, I cleaned the bathroom. Yay clean bathroom! 

As I was doing all this housework, I was reminded that my iron had died.  I also remembered that I had a Target giftcard.  SO, I went to and did a little shopping.  I bought a new iron (yay!), a new rug for the bathroom, a shoe rack, and some Halloween novelty lights. YAY!

And I spent the rest of the evening watching Downton Abbey, Season 2.  LOVE!

On Saturday, I journeyed out to Wheaton to talk to the people who are designing my kitchen.  AND, I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE the design.  However, it is a bit more expensive than I had budgeted.  I'm trying to see how I can make do. 

I do have one major decision to make: the floor.

The cabinets are wood with a brushed aluminum veneer.  And the countertops are this ice-stone-like recycled materials red.  With the floor, I can't decide between white cork and red linoleum.  Here are the options.  What do you think:

UntitledWhite cork flooring

UntitledRed linoleum flooring

I am leaning towards the red flooring.

After meeting with the kitchen people, I met my friend, V, for brunch.  We went to Eggspectations.  Yum.  Then, we went back to my place and "watched a movie."  (*wink wink nudge nudge*).

He left.  I got cleaned up and headed into DC to meet my friend, V from Philly, who was here for the Red Dress Run.  V from Philly is a hasher, and those people?  They are a little cray-cray.  But the after-run party was fun (even though it was at McFadden's in Georgetown). We got a little durnk.  And, then, we took a taxi back to Silver Spring.  We walked down to Pacci's for a late night pizza.  YUM.

And, then, we came home and went to bed.

This morning, we slept in.  Had some coffee.  Eventually (after a little "movie-watching"), we walked over to El Golfo for brunch.  On the way there, we met another V, the woman who was the front-desk receptionist at the company I used to work for in Silver Spring.  She lives across the street from me.  Such a nice woman :-) ... Brunch at El Golfo was delicious.

We came back home and took a long nap on the sofa.  Then, he had to drive back to Philly (*sad face*).  And, after we found his car, I went on a 7 mile run.

Now, I am home, about to have dinner, crack open a bottle of champagne and watch the last episode of Downton Abbey, Season 2.

I'm so glad I'm off tomorrow, too!

Have a great night and a Happy Monday (especially if you are off!).


P.S. the fabulous Earl Cootie is celebrating 101 Days of October.  And, I'm a guest poster.  Check out my October photo here (and send him some of your Fall pix too)!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Update: Operatic Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

What a weekend!  It was definitely too short.  At least this coming week is only a four-day week for me!  and a four-day weekend!  BUT, enough looking ahead.  Let's look back and reflect ...

My work week was pretty much the usual exercises in clusterfuckery.  I did have a phone interview.  We'll see how that goes.  I think the job would be interesting.  And I think it will pay more.  Not sure if I impressed them during the interview or not, though.  Oh, well.  We'll see ...

I also got the bid for my kitchen remodeling project - $15,000.  Not including appliances.  My parents were supposed to be helping me pay for it.  But, after talking with my mother tonight, I'm not so sure I want their help.  Although I'm also not sure how I will pay for it otherwise.  Ugh.  There was too much "that's too expensive" and "you should find another contractor" and "you should get lower quality materials."  Really?  Is that what I'm going to have to put up with if I take their money?  I'm thinking "no thank you."  I can sell a kidney.  Or cash in one of my retirement accounts.  Or something. That conversation made me cranky. 

ANYWAY,  Friday, after work, I got my hair cut.  And colored.  YAY!  Afterwards, I met Mike (Who Makes Cakes) for dinner.  We went to Pacci's in Silver Spring.  Mmmm.  Pizza.  Deliciousness.

On Saturday morning, I went for a 4 mile run.  The weather was a little chilly.  Then, I walked up to Whole Foods and Adega (where I had lunch).  Came home.  Took a nap.  And, then, left for Opera in the Outfield, an annual simulcast of an opera being performed at the Kennedy Center.  This year's opera was Don Giovanni.  Don Giovanni is a womanizing cad.

Three Blondes and a Bird
I met ShallowGal, her husband, and their three adorable spawn at National's Stadium.  We camped out on the Outfield.  Eventually more friends joined us. And the opera started.  It got dark.  AND COLD.  The ShallowGal Family left at intermission.  I stayed until the end.  It was a very fun time.

Sunday morning, I woke up, blobbed around, and then headed to SCGB's apartment for brunch with his bf, the German, his hot baby mama, and their baby.  SCGB made awesome food.  I had many mimosas.  I got home around 3.

Then, T (who I had a date with a week ago Friday) came over.  We chatted ... and may (or may not) have done a few other naughty things.

He left.  Tomokito and (Not a Baby) Baby Hana came down for a short visit.  They left.  I ate dinner.  Then, I ironed.

And, I think my iron died.  Total.  Sadness. Or maybe it's just resting ...

And, that was my weekend.  Good times, no?


Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Update: Exam Prep Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

And, suddenly, it is Monday again.  How the heck does that keep happening?  Oh, well ... I am back to fill you in on all the fun and excitement of my weekend ...

On Friday, after work, I had a date.  With someone new.  Let's call him "T" ... We went to El Chucho in Columbia Heights.  They have delicious margaritas.  He doesn't drink.  I had two.  They also make tacos and other foods ... which were pretty good.  He is also vegetarian. That is nice.  Dating vegetarians is easier than dating Omnivores.  I'm sorry.  But, it is.  He drove me home.  We kissed good night.  Good times.

On Saturday, I woke up (eventually) and went to the Whole Foods.  And, then, I went to the Likker Store.  But it wasn't open yet.  So, I stopped by Marshall's.  Where I found a pair of Lucky Jeans.  In my size.  For only $35.  I bought them.

Then, I went back to the Likker Store.  And I bought beer, Shocktop Pumpkin Ale (or something like that).

And, then, I studied.  All morning and afternoon. Study Study Study Study Study.

Plus some studying.

That evening.  I made Oprah's Pumpkin Vegetarian Chili. Because, I had invited two of my vegetarian/vegan neighbors over for dinner (as a study break).  They brought spinach salad.  And vegan brownies (which we ate with Cookie Butter and Almond Milk Ice "Cream"). 

On Sunday, I ran 6.5 miles (or so).  And then I studied.  Study Study Study Study Study. Study.

With some more studying.

And maybe a cocktail.

Around 4:30, Tomokito and (No Longer a Baby) Baby Hana came down for a study break. With more cocktails (except for Hana.  No cocktails for her!).

They left.  I ate dinner.  And studied some more.  Study Study Study.

And, then, I got tired of studying.

So, I read a book.  Read Read Read. 

And, then, I went to bed.

TODAY, I got up and went to the Testing Center.

And, I took the LEED Green Associate Exam.

And, well, I totally kicked its ass and made it beg for mercy.  Oh, yeah.  The LEED GA is my bitch now.


So, now, I can forget everything I learned, have a cocktail, eat leftover pumpkin chili, and go to pottery class.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Update: Randomness Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

What a fun weekend had I!  On Friday, after attending a fun environmental/green building symposium, I met SCGB, Bobby, Tomokito, and Eric from Baltimore at Nellie's for happy hour.  and, then, we went to a really yummy (but, probably over-priced) Thai restaurant for dinner.

And, then, I staggered home.  Yay!

On Saturday, kind of overhung.  BUT, my co-worker, Dana, and I went to this local eco-design business (which we had learned about at the aforementioned symposium).  She was looking at backsplashes, and I am thinking of having them design/build my new kitchen.  Yay for new kitchens!

Then, I walked up to the Whole Foods, shopped, and had lunch at Adega.  Yum.  Once home, I made a metric shit-ton of hot sauce (using chili peppers from our CSA).

Why, yes, I did just make a metric shit ton of hot sauce.

For dinner, I made corn on the cob and green bean in a walnut miso sauce.  YUM!

Saturday night, I watched "The Bubble," an Israeli film about a Palestinian/Jewish gay couple.  Let's just say it ends badly.  Of course, most gay flicks end badly.  How come the only Happily Ever After for gay people in cinema is death?

On Sunday, I did a lot of cleaning type stuff.  After a full morning of work, my living room and coat closet are clean(ish) and organized.  That is a good thing.  That afternoon, Tomokito and I walked up to our local Pacers to buy new running shoes ... but it was closed!  GAH!  So, we went to Adega and drank a bottle of wine.  YAY!

And, today, which I also had off (yay!), I did lots of errandychore things.  I went to the Trader Joe's.  And I ironed.  And I -finally- bought my new running shoes.  And I took a nap.  And I washed dishes.  And I put a cute little plant on our front stoop. And I started a vanilla bean vodka infusion.  And I did a little bit more tidying up.  And I am still not done tidying up ...

New plant for the front porch.

And, I guess that's about it.  Pottery class starts back tonight.  Yay!

Hope you had a fun weekend!  *smooches*

Thursday, September 13, 2012

And I Could Walk 5000 Steps

Good Evening, Kittens!

This week at work, I've been participating in some sort of Walking contest sponsored by the Occupational Health and Safety Office.  I got a pedometer and have been wearing it from 9 to 5 as I go about my daily bidness.

The annoying thing is that I start work at 7:30.  BUT, I guess they want to make the contest fair-ish.

Fair or not, I am still losing.

On Monday, I walked 5,661 steps ... about 2.5 miles, maybe?  That night, I found out that K also has a pedometer.  So, we decided to have a little contest on our own (Tues-Thurs, b/c he's going out of town for the weekend).  The loser would become the Personal Sex Slave of the winner for ALL TIME!*

On Tuesday, I walked 7,740 steps.  K did not walk that many.

On Wednesday, I walked 13,401 steps. K did not walk that many either.

I also did laundry.  And, then, when I went to cook dinner, I sliced open a delicata squash from our CSA.  and the seeds were all rotted and gross.  I spent the next 15 minutes calling people I know to see if they knew if the flesh was still edible.  No one answered their phones. WTF?  Srsly.  It was a crisis!  And, no one answered their phones.  Eventually, a friend of mine -who is a chef- did answer.  and, he said, "Throw that bitch out."**

So I did.

I also learned who to call in a Crisis Situation.  Thank gawd I didn't need to be driven to the hospital or anything.

And, today, I walked 10,406 steps.  K did not. I AM THE WINNER***!!!  YAY ME!!! 

Tomorrow, I am going to a symposium on DC green buildings.  SCGB will be there.  We are going to have lunch.  And, in the evening, I am having Happy Hour at the Nellie's with Eric from Baltimore, Tomokito, and many, many others.

And, I have no plans for the rest of the weekend.  I am going to clean my house.  And run.  And grocery shop.  And -maybe- work on my (stalled) kitchen remodeling project.

Good times, Sweet Kittens.  Good.  Times.


*OK.  This may not be entirely true.
**OK.  He may not have said those exact words.
***The actual prize is dinner.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Weekend Update: Ann Arbor Edition

Good Evening, Kittens!

First off, my horrible week at work filled with much stress and dread turned out to be not so horrible after all.  I am still proceeding with caution, but I think the worst might be over.  YAY!  Still.  I need new jerbz.  Must get out of the craziness soon.

On Friday, I left work after lunch to head to Ann Arbor, MI.  My co-worker drove me to Greenbelt Metro, so I could catch the express bus to BWI.  I got to the airport super early.  I had time for a couple of glasses of wine before boarding.  Yay!

Once I arrived in Detroit, my superfantastic cuzin had arranged for a car service to drive me to her house.  Yay!  Easy!  Convenient!  Comfortable!

We quickly ate some Chinese take-out.  I freshened up.  And, then, we all worked our way over to GayProf's BF's house for GP's Tenure Party!  Yay for Tenure!  The party was full of boozy good times!  And lots of delicious food!  And -OMG!- SuperBoozy, yet Extremely Delicious, Bourbon Champagne Punch.  After three cups, I was three sheets to the wind.  I'm not 100% sure what time we left, but I don't think I got to bed until around 2:30AM.  Ughz.

Saturday morning?  Very.  Over.  Hung. Brain was soooooo fuzzy.  We were all pretty useless on Saturday, but we did manage to drag ourselves out of the house for brunch/lunch and a little shopping in Downtown A2.  SFC's Hubby bought a game, which we played.   I can't remember what it was called.  Something Haunted House Something?  Maybe?  It was pretty fun.  Except the part where SFC killed her Hubby and the Poltergeist killed me.  That sucked.

AND, then, we went over to GayProf's house for dinner.  His BF was too overhung to attend (boo!).  But, we had Manhattans.  and then dinner (salad, brussels sprouts, and spicy mac 'n' cheese).  And, then, there was SuperTasty Pecan Pie for dessert.  Followed by After Dinner Drinks and fun conversation with the GP!

This morning, there was much blobbing around the house and conversation with the Cuzin.  And, then, we had lunch and a drive to the airport.

So sad to leave the SuperFantasic Cuzin.  *sigh*

On the plus side, I was able to arrange a ride from BWI to home.  This guy who I met on the Grindr and with whom I have been playing Words With Friends agreed to pick me up.  He was very nice (and also cute).  6'4".  PhD in Civil Engineering. Originally from Sierra Leone.  Once home, he came in for a little while.  Which was also fun *wink wink* ...

And, then, I ironed shirts for the week, made dinner, and -soon- I will be heading to bed.

Hope your weekend was also SuperFun!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Week Update: There and Back Again Edition

Good Evening, Kittens. 

It's been awhile since my last post, so we have quite a lot of ground to cover.  I'm going to skip the Giant Cesspool of Crap which is my job and focus on the Fun Stuff.

On Wednesday, after work, I headed over to K's condo for an Adult Sleepover.  He made caipirinhas (I am not sure I spelled that correctly ...).  I brought over most of my CSA vegetables, because I would have no opportunity to use them.  And, then, to use one of Mush's favorite phrases, he fucked me through the bed.  It was quite lovely.  And, luckily, my back seemed to hold up ok.  It was a little twingy the next day, but not too bad.

Thursday evening, I did laundry and packed for my trip to New York City!  The Very Large Apple!  Yay!

My train was super early (6:30AM).  On the plus side, it meant I got to Uni-Qlo right when it opened.  No lines!  No crowds!  It was a beautiful shopping experience, except I had trouble finding somethings in my size.  That was a minor problem, because I still came away with all this:

Uni-Qlo PurchasesCute Short Sleeve Light Purple Polo not shown (b/c I wore it Friday night)

After shopping 'til I dropped, I headed over to Jake's.  On the way, I stopped at Enid's for lunch - fried green tomato BLT (hold the B) and cocktails!

Fried green tomato BLT, hold the B.

Jake and I blobbed around until we left to meet David at this cute little vegetarian restaurant, Soy and Sake.  Very tasty.  We had the "chicken" satay and "ham" and collards spring rolls for appetizers.  And, then, I had the "lamb" curry.  Nomz.

After dinner, we walked over to the river.  And, then, had gelato.

UntitledPlease note the cute polo

The next morning, Jake and I got up at 7 and went for a run.  Well, I went for a run.  Jake rode his bike. 4.5 miles.  Not too shabby.  We got back.  Got cleaned up.  Lounged a bit.  And then had brunch at Lokal.

Liquid Brunch in BrooklynHonestly, I had solid food, too.

Then, I blobbed on Jake's sofa and watched a Dr. Who Marathon.  For, like, ALL DAY.  We eventually went to dinner at this really yummy Mexican place that had delicious infused tequila margaritas.  I had cucumber marg with jalapeno-infused tequila.  And a grapefruit marg with habenero infused tequila.  The food was also good.

Once home, we watched the Dr. Who season premiere.  How very exciting.

On Sunday, we slept in a bit later.  No running!  And, then, had brunch at a little Korean-y place in Greenpoint.  Their house bloody mary had kimchi in it.  Yum.  And the food was tasty too.

That afternoon, Jake went out to hang out with his mom.  I blobbed on the sofa, and then headed to Queens (!) to hang out with my friend, Minn, and his hubby.  Minn is heading to Luxembourg in a few weeks for a year (possibly longer) grad school program.


And this is the view from the roof of their apartment building ...

UntitledThis might be Manhattan?

We had drinks and food at some Eurotrash restaurant in Astoria.  And then more drinks back at their place.  Good times!

On Monday, we slept in.  Yay!  And, then, went out for bagels and coffee.  Then, I headed into Manhattan.  I needed to pick up my pants from Uni-Qlo (free hemming!).  And, then, I met SuperCute Enrico at a bar in Penn Station for a quick minute as he caught a train and I was waiting for mine.  And, then, David joined us.  Yay!

And, suddenly, it was time to board my train back to the DeeCee.  I love taking the train!  BUT, passing through Philly always makes me sad.  I want to disembark, eat Capagiro gelato, and have boozy good times with Bossy and Lora.  And I want to eventually meet (Soon to Be Famous Author) Nicole.  And to hang out with V.

30th St Station.  Miss you, Philly Phriends!

But, sometimes, when GAWD shuts a door, s/he opens a motherfucking window ...

UntitledThis was my view for a good portion of the trip

And, I finally arrived in DC.  Metro'ed home.  Ate dinner.  Went to bed.  The End.

(A few more pix on the flickr.  I haven't had time to title/tag/whatever them yet, though).

Hope you had an enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!