Thursday, April 20, 2006

Does Oral Sex Count?

Yesterday, after work, I met my friend, Jerry, for happy hour at Halo (2-for-1 drinks! woo hoo!). Well into my second Maker's Mark Manhattan (YUM!), our conversation turned to how many sexual partners we've had.

As Jerry was tabulating his total, I said, "4."
"Only 4," Jerry asked, seemingly surprised.
"Yes. But I'm not counting oral sex."

To me, oral sex doesn't count. It's not like I'm going around giving (or receiving, for that matter) random blowjobs to guys on the street. Even including oral sex, my numbers still aren't *that* high. Oral sex isn't as intimate and lacks the emotional connection of butt sex. So, when I'm asked to number my sexual partners, I don't include it.

Do you?


  1. Crap, I am as pure as the driven snow. Anybody got a good snow plow?


    p.s. Someday I'll be a real boy!

  2. Okay, Bill "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton! I do count oral sex as sex. I agree about the 'intimacy' level, but it's still sex.

    Larry, is your nose in that picture getting longer? Oh my! ;-)


  3. Oh, please. Yes, oral sex is sex.

  4. As a straight, I compartmentalize "intercourse" from "fooling around." So if asked for my number, I wouldn't include "just fooling around."

    (Of course, I don't think I've ever *just* fooled around, I always give it up 'cause I'm a slut like that. Heh.)

    I have to actually like someone to perform oral sex with them; I feel like it's actually more intimate than intercourse. For me, anywho.

  5. oral sex is sex if you know what you are doing and vice versa.

    does jerry know what he is doing? do you?

  6. I agree Oral sex is not sex. Sex in my book involves intercourse. But as with anything, people can define sex as they please.

  7. i think it's sex. some kids, in my city, don't consider it sex either and will exchange a blow job for cigarettes. i think, in many ways, it's far more intimate than intercourse is. maybe that's why i consider it sex.