Monday, April 10, 2006

Thoughts on Curry

While I was uploading my pictures from Thailand (see previous entry), I began to think about curry. I love me some Thai curry - green curry, red curry, penang curry, country-style curry, yellow curry ... mmm ...

As for John, well, he no like curry. He no like curry. He no like coconut. Ergo, while the John is away, the VUBOQ will make curry! Yay!

Tonight, I am going to make Gaijin Girl/Token Asian's favorite (if I remember correctly), Masaman Curry! This morning at Whole Foods, I bought an onion, potatoes, mushrooms, and Thai jasmine rice. S**t! I forgot to buy coconut milk. AUGH.

Anyway, I found a package of Masaman curry paste in my cabinet yesterday. I thought about looking for a "fake meat" to add to it, but eventually decided to use mushrooms. I wonder how that will work.

I. am. very. excited.

Thai curry. Yum.

peanut butter. I think I need to buy peanut butter for the curry, too.


  1. i know how you like meaty mushrooms. i'd call it a fetish almost as intense as the one you have for feet.

  2. we have a lot of Indian clients here that come in periodically to pick up reports and product. They all smell of this musk which is a combination of body odor AND curry. It overwhelms me, and as a result the mere scent and taste of curry instantly snaps my brain into association and I gag.

    Maybe Thai curry is somewhat different.


  3. Thai and Indian curries smell different.

    I love both, personally.

    And you don't need a meat analog, just put yummy veggies in there! Yay!