Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pottery Photo Session

I should be cleaning my apartment.  Victor from Philly will be arriving around 2ish.  We're running the Army 10-Miler tomorrow.  ACK!  But, instead of cleaning, how about some pottery photos?

This is a handbuilt bowl-thing:


Here is a bowl:


And here are two mugs that sort of are almost alike:


And, now, I suppose I should get back to cleaning ... ugh.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still Shutdown ...

Government Shutdown Day 7 Activity 3: Naptime! Oh yeah ...Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ...

It looks like M and I might be getting back together.  Recently, we've had amazing times together.  And, he seems to be open to us going to counseling.  I am hoping both individual and couple.  BUT, I haven't had the inclination to look into it because.  well.  I am stressed out about the whole stupid Government Shutdown.


As for the other guy I was casually dating (remember: the hot bad kisser?), I let him down easy.

WHICH, brings me to the title of my new book idea: How to Let Him Down Easy by Not Returning His Phone Calls.

I KID!  I did return his phone calls.  well, his text messages.  And I was all "this just isn't working for me."  Because it wasn't.  I don't get it.  He was super-hot. Smart.  Good job.  Nice guy. BUT, I wasn't all that into him.  *sigh*  I should have been.  Oh, well.

I have been baking a lot.

I made Carrot Cake Cookies.

Government Shutdown Day 8 Activity 4: MOAR COOKIES (Carrot cake cookies)

And Cookie Butter Coffee Cake.

 Bam! Cookie Butter Coffee Cake!

And, although this isn't baking, a fucking amazing Peanut Soup!

Peanut Soup!

I am still taking tap dance.

And making bad pottery.

And I made more habenero hot sauce.

And I'm infusing some vodka with lemons and habeneros.

Government Shutdown Day 9 Activity 1: Lemon Habenero Infused Vodka

And, I should really work on updating my resume.  And applying for jobs.  Because who knows when (or if!) this stupid shutdown (which is keeping me from a job I really like) will end.

I should also clean my house.  And maybe do the ironing.

Or I could just watch DVDs and take naps and drink martinis.


Sunday, October 06, 2013

Government (and Emotional) Shutdown

Hello, Dear Kittens!

As you may have heard, the Federal Government has been shutdown since October 1st.  What you may not know is that this affects VUBOQ most negatively.  I have been out of work since that time.  My company was able to carry me on overhead last week; however, starting on Monday, I will either have to use up my leave time (which is not very much) or go unpaid.

I would like to take a few moments to clear up a few common misconceptions.  Congress is working very hard (LOL!) to make sure that furloughed Federal employees will receive backpay.  However,  furloughed government contractors are not the same as furloughed Federal employees.  We will not receive backpay.  Additionally, Maryland and Virginia have made it Very Easy for furloughed Federal employees to apply for unemployment benefits.  Furloughed government contractors have to wade through the usual bureaucratic unemployment redtape.

I will be calling my company's HR person tomorrow to check on the status of my health insurance.  I have no idea what happens in this weird grayzone of not employed but will have a job if the Republicans ever get their shit together and vote on a "clean" (meaning no stupid Defund Obamacare amendments) Continuing Resolution (CR).  I feel that it would be slightly ironic if I lost my healthcare because a handful of Tea Party House Republicans want to defund a healthcare program.

Or maybe that isn't irony?  Is it like rain on my wedding day?

Or ten thousand spoons when all I need is a knife?

ANYWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, I have been finding all sorts of fun ways to spend my furlough days (funnily enough, most of them involve alcohol ... or even more alcohol.  Oh, hello, Bourbon.  Will you be my friend?).

I am putting photos of those Fun Activities on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Flickr.  Feel free to check them out ... somehow ... I am too lazy to post links.

Last Wednesday, I took a Spur of the Moment Day Trip to the City of Brothers Who Love!  It was boozy, gelato, fantasticness!  I met (for the first time EVER!) famous author Nicole Wolverton.  Not only did she sign my copy of her (very good.  Go buy it now!) book, "The Trajectory of Dreams," she also paid for my lunch.  I had a vegan BLT.  It had no T.  So I guess it was actually a vegan BL.  Which seems kind of weird in retrospect.  It was tasty.

AND, I got to hang out with BOSSY!  OMG! So fun!  We haven't been able to chat about life and booze and life and boys in So.  Long!  We had great fun ... and in this picture I am only half as drunk as I was about to be ...

Government Shutdown Day 2 Activity Something: Boozy with BOSSY.

Other fun Government Shutdown Activities have included making cookies with a pregnant former neighbor, buying new pottery tools, pickling radishes, and watching the movie "In a World ..." (which was very funny.  Plus, free popcorn for furloughed workers!).

Last night, Eric from Baltimore came down.  Along with Tomokito and SCGB, we went to Number 9 for cocktails and then Town for dancing.  Good times!  I ran into my super fabulous stylist, Leah, there.  Crazy!

And, then, today, I had a third date.  With a very attractive high school English teacher, who is totally my type (but not actually a very good kisser).  And, I am not quite getting his humor.

However, M (the ex with whom I am still sometimes having Very Hot Sex) and I are hanging out on Tuesday evening.  And, by "hanging out," I mean "possibly having very hot and sweaty buttsecks."  The last time we did this, it did not end well.  We didn't speak for over a week.  However, it turns out that he got mad about something very stupid and reacted in his typically petulant way (getting all huffy and leaving but at least nothing was thrown at my head). 

I really think that we need to stop meeting for the very hot and sweaty buttsecks and maybe try to transition to being friends.  However, have I mentioned that the very hot and sweaty buttsecks is very hot and sweaty?

ALSO, there is the new guy. Who seems more ... erm ... stable ... but there are concerns on my end about the quality of any potential buttsecks (based on the badness of the kissing) ... I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it.  So to speak. 

AND, I think that brings you up to date on all that is fun and exciting (and stressful and causing my blood pressure to skyrocket) on my end.  Stay tuned for more fun Government Shutdown Antics!