Sunday, August 31, 2008

Great End of August Pottery Giveaway Results!

As I'm sure you are tired of reading about, y'know, the accident, here's a post which should brighten (at least) 6 peoples' day ...

And, the winners are:

The tall, blue/white spiral-ish vase ...
Spiral Vase
... goes to the lovely Ms. Clio Bluestocking!

The beige/blue curvy vase (on the right)...
Vases 3 and 2
... goes to the funny and talented Ms. Eight Lives Left!

The mustard/brown squaretop vase ...
... goes to the Hot Tranny Mess and Current Blogcrush, Ms. ShallowGal!

The small curvy blue/white vase (on the right)...
Winter Vases 2 and 3
... goes to SuperIntellectual, Ms. Bala Wala Shi!

The mustard/brown vase ...
Vase 1
... goes to the UltraCrafty, Ms. Marve!

and, finally, the hotly contested pencil holder ...
Pencil Holder 2
... goes to the King of All Word Games, Mr. Sticky Crows!

Marve and Torn, could you please email your mailing addresses to environy(at)gmail(dot)com? kthx.

Have a great day! *smooches*

[ps. i'm feeling better. still a bit sore. and it hurts to swallow solids. but otherwise, a-ok.]

Saturday, August 30, 2008

If You Think This Is Bad

You should see the other guy ...

Actually, if you have seen the other guy, you need to call the MoCo Police Department.

I think the forehead wound is self-inflicted. Apparently, I'm not the most coordinated wielder of umbrellas. But, I figure if I hit him as hard as I hit myself, he's feeling a little pain this morning, too. I also have some bumps on the top of my head, a few bruises, a stiff neck, and I still sound like Faye, the 65-year-old chain-smoking Time-Life operator.

And, if you'd like to contribute to my New Umbrella Fund, please send a check ...

Now, that that's out of the way ... here are some of the fun pix I took yesterday on my Mall/Museum DC Walkabout:

SE Asian Vases in the Sackler Gallery

An Old Friend
Hello, Old Friend

Garden in the Rain
Flowers at the Castle

Puddle Reflection
Puddle 2

I have such a crush on this statue.
FTC Statue

The rest of the photos are in the Rainy DC Photo Set.

Happy Saturday. *smooches*

And, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and comments. *hugs*

Friday, August 29, 2008

Shaken. Bruised. And Just the Facts.

This is not the post I was intending to write this evening, but ... I need to write things down to sort them out in my head as best as possible.

At approximately 2:50PM on my walk home from the metro station, I was attacked from behind.

I have walked down Wayne Avenue at least twice a day for 5 years, at all hours of the day and night. I have always felt perfectly safe doing so. Even today didn't seem out of the ordinary.

As I approached the intersection of Dale and Wayne, I passed a young black man in his early 20s. I made eye contact and nodded.

I crossed Dale and heard a noise. I turned and saw someone running up Dale. That's when I noticed someone following me. I turned off my iPod and reached for my phone. And he jumped me, putting me in a chokehold and trying to pull me to the ground.

I began hitting him over my shoulder with my large umbrella (which, sadly, is now in pieces). I hit myself in the head a couple times, too, and have a few lumps.

He pulled me to the ground and I continued to swing my umbrella, even as I felt myself starting to black out. A passing car, slowed almost to a stop, and starting honking. I yelled, "Help." [Which considering I was having a hard time breathing wasn't much of a yell]. The man jumped to his feet and ran.

Dazed, I called 911. As I was on the phone with them, the middle school this was happening across the street from let out. So, I waited for the police with one of the crossing guards.

The police arrived quickly (although it seemed like an eternity). I gave a description. I pointed out the direction he ran. The only thing I can remember him saying is "Don't choke me" or "I'm choking you" or something like that. Which has to be the stupidest thing for an attacker to say ever.

He didn't take my wallet. Or ask for money. Or take my camera. He may have tried to rip off my messenger bag, but I was wearing it across my chest (and I think that may have contributed to the choking).

"Do you think he was on drugs or alcohol," one officer asked.
"I don't know, but he did attack me on a busy street in broad daylight, which doesn't seem quite normal."

I asked for one of the officers to drive me home. They were all very nice. I doubt they will catch the guy.

And, now, I'm home. I've taken some advil. I put ice on my lumps. My throat hurts when I swallow or try to talk. I feel like I'm constantly on the verge of tears. And I have to wonder, since he didn't demand money (that I remember), would he have killed me?

Quick and Tasty

Good morning, kittens!

Just a quick bite this morning before I head out. I'm meeting a friend for lunch. Then, I'm thinking of crusing around the Freer/Sackler Galleries.

I'll fill you in on all the fun details when I get back. Plus, my exciting plans for the Holiday Weekend (as soon as I make some exciting plans, that is).

For now, why don't you scroll down and enter the Great End of August Pottery Giveaway? Or leave a comment full of Obamay luv? Or speculate on McCain's running mate (here's a hint: It is not VUBOQ)?


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh Hai!

Good Afternoon, Kittens.

Very uneventful morning. It was raining, and I thought, "What a great day to not have to go to work!"

I hit snooze twice. Yay.

Then, I blobbed around the house. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the recycled sari yarn. I may have hit upon a plan (with thanks to BustersDad). We'll see how it goes. So far I'm mildly pleased (after ripping out about 4 other attempts last night and this morning). Photos eventually, I'm sure...

Around noonish, I went to lunch with SCGB (with side trips to the bank and Whole Foods). We ate at Panera. Yummy chainy goodness, fer sure.

Now, I'm home. I think I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon knitting and blobbing and knitting and watching TV. Tonight, I'm heading over to a neighbor's to watch Obama's acceptance speech. I will try not to cry ... but, srsly, just listening to excerpts of Bill's speech on NPR this morning made me a little misty and wistful for the good ol' days when there was someone with sense (and a Democrat!) in the White House.

I'm taking a handle of tequila to the party. I figure we could all do a shot every time Obama mentions "hope" or "change."

Have a lovely afternoon and evening. *smooches*

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Few Random Thoughts Before Bed

Alternate Title: Why teh Fork Am I Still Awake?
Atlernate Answer: Because There's Still Some Vodka in teh House

Not Entirely Random Thought #1: Little Princesses should not be allowed to stay up until after 11PM ... even if they are on vacation ... and, especially, when it prevents VUBOQ from talking to his BF. Note: When VUBOQ was a Little Princess, his parents made him go promptly to bed at 8PM (possibly earlier).

Which reminds VUBOQ of this Childhood Summer Memory...

VUBOQ: *whines* But it's still light out ...
VUBOQ's Mom: *pulls shade* Now it isn't.

*sounds of VUBOQ's friends still playing outside*
~End Scene~

Random Thought #2: I should get back into the habit of flossing daily.

Random Thought #3: I started knitting a scarf out of the recycled sari yarn. I'm not so sure I like it.

and ...

Random Thought #4: My living room seems lonely when it is not cluttered with junk.

G'nite, Kittens. *smooches*

Calling All Knitters

Lookee what I got! It's yarn! Made from recycled saris! My friend in London sent it to me. So colorful! So pretty!

The only question, now, is what to make? Any ideas? What would you make?

Here's another picture:


PS. Don't forget to participate in the Great End of August Pottery Giveaway!

Goals for Today!

Good Morning, Kittens!

How's work? Just think, it's almost the Holiday Weekend! Hallelujah! Labor Day! The day when we honor our mothers for going into labor! Send her flowers or something. Srsly.

My goals for today are:

1. Shower.
2. Shave.
3. Apply for at least one job.
4. Clean off the kitchen table.
5. Revel in the joy of a clean living room.
6. Encourage more people to enter the Great End of August Pottery Giveaway!
7. Sort laundry.
8. Do laundry.
9. Venture forth to Mike's to watch Project Runway tonight (because a certain cable-owning neighbor, who shall remain nameless (but it starts with a T and rhymes with "Romokito") is off covering the convention in Denver. Let's all hate on her, shall we?).
10. Drink.
11. Go to bed.

Seems very doable, no?
Have a sunshiny day! Now, go enter the contest (if you haven't already).


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Great End of August Pottery Giveaway!

Well, kittens, this is it. I have six pieces of pottery which need new, loving homes ...

But, first, some random pictures from my day (see how I am? making you wait?) ...

My storage area in the boiler room:
Scary, no?

Oooh. Marigolds. Pretty ...

I'm a Buff Bride!

And, now, the moment you've all been scrolling down for ... the Giveway! Huz.Zah. The following objects need new homes:

We're Homeless. Wah.

In order to receive a piece of pottery, please leave a comment detailing which one you would like (pencil holder, big blue and white vase, small curvy blue/white vase, small curvy blue/beige vase, mustard/MI brown vase, mustard, MI brown square-topped vase).

In the event that more than one person wants a particular item, a random drawing will be held (people who live in the DC/Metro area may receive special consideration ... b/c, srsly, postage can get expensive). Also, people who beg shamelessly and/or slather me with huge amounts of praise may also receive special consideration.

I will accept comment entries until midnight on Friday.

OK. Have fun! *smooches*

Meat-Free Monday: Yet Another Pasta Salad Edition

Good (Almost) Afternoon, Kittens!

How's work? Making the most of your Tuesday? Pounding out those ever-so important technical reports full of fun charts and graphs that no one ever really reads? Don't worry, though. I appreciate your effort, so it's not completely wasted. Really.

Last night, I made a delicious pasta salad, which was a riff on a recipe idea my SuperFantastic Cousin told me once. I took the basic ingredients of a Caprese salad and tossed them all with macaroni (I wanted to use orzo, but the store didn't have any).

I used:

1/2 pint of golden pear tomatoes
1/2 pint of grape tomatoes
Container of marinated mini-mozzarella balls
1/2 pkg of macaroni (cooked, drained, rinsed in cool water)
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar (just a splash)
Lemon juice (just a splash)
Basil from the garden
Salt/pepper to taste.

And that's pretty much it. Super fast and easy. And YUMMY.

Not much on my agenda for today. I've applied for one job. I need to spend some time looking at some job websites. I want to work on the spare room a bit, but first I have to venture forth to the great outdoors to post a letter.

Who has all the fun? Me!

Have a great day! *smooches*

Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh, the Domesticity

A few projects are nearing completion. Huzzah.

First, the Dark Mark Illusion Scarf. All I have left to do is add the fringe and block it (and blocking doesn't always happen in Vutopia).

Here's the From the Top view (with flash):

Dark Mark Scarf 1

Here's from an angle:

Dark Mark Scarf 3

Oooh. Scary, no?

AND, I finished up a batch of limoncello for Peter's Birthday Party (which was ... um ... Saturday). So, it's a little late. Big deal:


It came out a bit darker than usual. I believe this is because I used some sort of unprocessed cane sugar instead of regular old bleached out white sugar. The syrup was a bit brownish when I added it to the booze.

It also tastes a bit boozier than I remember, but -over ice- it is quite nice. *hic*


Weekend Update: Earl Cootie Is Pressuring Me to Get This Done Edition

Good Morning, Kittens.

My tired knitting fingers are having a hard time typing this morning ... I am *almost* finished with the Dark Mark Illusion Scarf. I should be binding it off later this morning. I didn't finish it by the Closing Ceremony (wah), but I also started it a day late ... so finishing it a day late is OK, too. Right?

Anyway, totally fun weekend. On Friday night, we went to a wine tasting party. Everyone brought a bottle of wine, which was masked and numbered. Then, you tasted each wine and rated it 1 (low) to 10 (high). Let me tell you, kittens, there were 23 bottles of wine. After about 14, vuboq was a little loopy and all "woo hoo this is the best wine ever!" The host had bought loads of really yummy cheese, too. Mmm Mmm. Good times. And, to top it off, Y won the prize for the Worst Wine! He brought a sweet Israeli dessert wine, which, in retrospect, wasn't bad, just an inappropriate choice with all the other dryish dinner wines. I'm surprised it lost b/c I suspect one of the other wines was corked.

Saturday, total wine hangover. Not headachy, just groggy for most of the morning and afternoon. That evening, we went to SCGB's 30th Birthday Party BBQ Extravaganza. Tomokito and I enjoyed ourselves:

peteris30 036

More pictures of that party are on Flickr.

Sunday, I blobbed. Lots. Then, I metro'ed over to Y's to watch the Closing Ceremony. He's leaving for New York this evening. I will need to make plans for the week and apply for some jobs or something.

Happy Monday! More later ... perhaps even a Meat-Free Monday Update.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Behold the Ravages of Age (redux)

I'm pretty sure I've used that title before. Oh, well.

Some mornings, I get out of the shower and think "Damn. I look goooooood."
Other mornings, I'm all, "What gutter did *that* crawl out of?"

This, unfortunately, was a Gutter Morning. And, gawd help me, I decided to document the disaster. Normally, I apply several photo-taking tricks to appear younger. The secret for looking young on a blog? Smoke and mirrors, kittens. Smoke*. And mirrors**.

The photos you are about to see are unaltered in any way. Prepare to be horrified!

I hate to shave. Fortunately, I come from a long line of people who were Beard-Challenged. This is about 3 (or 4?) days growth:

Do you see what I see? OMFG! I have some gray facial hair! How did that happen? GAH!

And, a view of my (almost) natural hair color:

More gray hair! ACK!


And, finally, the most horrific photo of all (you may want to avert your eyes):

Teh GIGANTIC (and growing) BALD SPOT!!!

Life. It is so cruel.

Fortunately, I'm going to win the lottery tonight ($98 million, $58.4 million cash payout) and people will love me for my money rather than my looks.


*Jiggle the camera slightly to get a blurry photo.
**Smear the lens with vaseline.

I apparently have no shame whatsoever.

It's Friday (I Think)

Good Morning, Kittens!

How's work? Just a few more hours 'til Go Home Time and the warm comforting embrace of your evening martini! Yay for Gin! Yay for weekends! Give yourself a big pat on the back for surviving another week of office drama.

As for me, I have loads of running around to do today.

I have to buy my lottery ticket ($95 million, $58.4 million cash option). I must deposit a couple of checks. Then, I have to buy an interesting bottle of wine for a wine-tasting challenge party tonight. The friend of a neighbor is hosting. It should be fun. Wine! Cheese! Wine and cheese!

I suppose I should also buy some groceries too. Apparently, vuboq can not live on gin alone.

He must also have olives!

Saturday is SCGB's Backyard BBQ 30th Birthday Celebration Extravaganza! That should also be a good time.

Then, the Closing Ceremony on Sunday. Hopefully, I can coerce someone into inviting me over to watch it. I'm not sure if the Olympic Knitting Project will be finished on time. I started Chart 3 (out of 4) last night. So, if I'm lucky, the knitting will be done, but not the blocking and the fringe attaching. Oh, well. At least I learned a new skill! I hope to design my own illusion scarf in the future :-)

OK. I need to get going. More later. *smooches*

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ta to the Da!

VUBOQ finished painting! Yayz! I can already see places I missed though. Second coat tomorrow! Huzzah!

Make Like Monet

Good morning, kittens!

How's work? Are you working hard for the money? So hard for the money? Are you working hard for the money but they still don't treat you right? So right? The weeks almost over. You can make it. I bleev in you.

Yesterday, I had a bit of an upset tummy, so I didn't do much of anything. wah. poor me. And, then, a certain cable-having neighbor was at a party until LATE, so we didn't get to watch the Drag Queen episode of Project Runway. wah.

On the plus side, I did get to spray defoliant on all the poison ivy in our yard and have pizza with another fabulous neighbor.

My plans for today? Even Isabella is wondering ...
Yep. I'm going to paint the railing on our stoop. What up with that spongebrush thing though? I've never used one before. I guess it's like a regular brush... we'll see ...

Have a great day! *smooches*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Exciting News!!!

VUBOQ has been keeping a secret for several months. It has been *very* difficult.

But, now, you can go read it yourself ... His Very Best Friend in DC (and one of the first people he met when he moved here in 1999) has Exciting News.

Go! Read it NOW!!!

Behold! It is Wednesday!

I think.

Good Morning, Kittens! *huggles and cuddles and lot of luv*

How's work? Just a few more days until the weekend. You can make it! I know you can!

As for me, yesterday was fun. I met my friend, Jerry, for lunch. We went to Nirvana, an Indian restaurant in downtown DC with a vegetarian lunch buffet. Delicious ... although I have slightly unhappy tummy this morning. *wah*

Then, I metro'ed up to American University to hang out with Mike for a bit. I also looked up a former professor, but she wasn't in. boo. hiss. I had a good time with Mike though.

Once home, I blobbed around the house, and, then, came over to Y's (where I am now). I'll probably head back to my place after lunch.

There are so many things I need to do, but I don't have the motivation to do any of them. Poor me. Plus, I find myself getting more and more frustrated with Y ... I don't know if it's a product of me being generally frustrated with most everything now or if he is actually deserving.

Case in point: This morning, after the alarm went off, he got out of bed and fixed himself a cup of coffee.

Does anyone see anything wrong with that statement?

Here's a hint: VUBOQ likes coffee in the mornings, too.

Hence, frustration.

Coupled with slightly unhappy tummy.
And unemployment-related angst.
And lack of motivation to do anything at home.

And, VUBOQ has had better mornings. Fer sure.

More later. *smooches*

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Definitive Guide to Gin

Of course, some of you may disagree.

You are wrong.

Best Gin Ever: Leopold's [a small batch distillery formerly in Ann Arbor, MI. Now somewhere in Colorado. If you can find it, BUY IT! And send it to me.]

Best Gin for Martinis If Money Is Not an Object: Hendrick's

Best Gin for Martinis If Money Is Not an Object and You Want to Feel Like You Aren't Actually Drinking Gin: Plymouth London Dry

Best Gin for Martinis If Money Is an Object (and You Want to Be Just Like VUBOQ): Seagram's Extra Dry

Best Gin to Use for Martinis If There Are No Other Options (Like You are Stranded on a Deserted Island or Something): Bombay Sapphire

Best Gin for Gins and Tonic: Tanqueray

Gin That Has No Other Use Besides in a Gin and Tonic: New Amsterdam Straight Gin (but even gay people can drink it. The smart ones refuse to, though).

Gin That Everyone Else Seems to Love But VUBOQ Does Not Understand teh Love, Because Srsly It Is a Fifth Full of Nastiness: Tanqueray 10

Best Gin If You Are GayProf: Vodka.

And, there you have it. The word of VUBOQ for the people of VUBOQ. Thanks be to VUBOQ.

Now, go forth and make a martini ... like this:

1 oz dry vermouth
2.5-3 oz gin
3 olives
Tiny splash of olive juice

And, if you know what's good for you, you'll keep your gin and your martini glasses in the freezer.



Good morning, kittens!

How's work? Must be busy, because you're not reading my blog ... srsly, is unemployment *that* boring? My stats (not that I check them obsessively or anything) have dropped considerably since the unemployment began ...

So one must wonder ...

(a) have August blog-reading doldrums set in?
(b) is VUBOQ uninteresting now that he has no job?
(c) does it really matter?

Soon, it will be Fall, VUBOQ will consider going Red 4 Autumn again, and all will be well in Vutopia.

Well, if VUBOQ has a job, that is.

Meanwhile, the exciting events from yesterday were ...

1. The Phone Interview with MD Unemployment was fine. After they confirm my "bonus" with my previous employer, they will reinstate the benefits. Huzzah.
2. I completed another Federal Government application. (If I get this one, I'll be moving. Anyone want to guess where?)
3. I went to two different grocery stores.
4. I registered for the next pottery session, which starts in September.
5. I started making a batch of limoncello.
6. I had birthday drinks with SCGB.
7. I knitted.
8. I watched Galaxy Quest.

Never give up. Never surrender.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Update: Every Day is a Weekend When You're Unemployed Edition

Good morning, kittens!

Happy Monday! Is everyone glad to be back at work after a totally fun-filled weekend? I'm sure you are.

Isabella is helping me organize my unemployment papers, because I have a phone interview scheduled with the unemployment office. They seem to be under the impression that (a) I got a severance package [Does a $596 bonus count as a "severance package"?] and (b) that I am *not* unemployed. I don't see how those two things can even go together ... but, whatever. Y seems to think I'll tell them the amount of my "severance package;" they will die laughing; and reinstate my benefits. We shall see.

vuboq totally *hearts* dealing with bureaucracy.

So, this weekend ...

Friday night, I watched the Olympics. And knitted.

Saturday, Y and I watched Doctor Zhivago at the AFI (there was an intermission. Huzzah). After that 3.5 hour extravaganza, we went to DUN's apartment for a fun little dinner party.

Yesterday, we went rollerblading in Sligo Creek Park. Later, we had dinner at Adega with SCGB (whose 30th birthday is today, btw). Adega has this really great weekend dinner special - 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, and a bottle of wine for $35. We shall have to partake of that again sometime. Y left after dinner, and I went upstairs to watch the Olympics with Tomokito.

Fun times. Really.

Today, I *must* finish an EPA application. The job closes tomorrow. I'm almost done with the essay questions. I think I might invite SCGB down for boozy milkshakes this afternoon for his birthday. We'll see ...

Have fun working. *smooches*

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Congratulations, Dorothee!

You are the winner of the Summertime Cold Soup Contest! YAYz!

From Dorothee's emailed entry:

My recipe is called "the super healthy beets and watercress soup"

First, the ingredients:
- 3 beets
- half a bunch of watercress (I used a whole bunch but it is too much I think)
- 2 or 3 cups of lowfat buttermilk
- goat cheese! a lot!
- around 2 tsp of white wine vinegar
- some salt and pepper

Now the recipe:

- Use a steamer to cook the beets, it took me 35min (and now my bamboo steamer is pink...) When the beets are ready, wait for them to cool down (or you will burn your fingers) and then cut the ends and peel off the skin. Cut them and wait.
- Put the watercress in your blender, add the buttermilk, the goat cheese and the vinegar and blend. Pour in a bowl.
- Put the beets in the blender with some buttermilk and blend.
- Then mix everything in the bowl with salt and pepper (as much as you want)

Warning: Your fingers will be pink when you're done but no worries, it goes away. And beets are so good for you that it is worth it!

And her photo:

Looks yummy, no? Why don't you try making it tonight?

So, Dorothee, for your prize, pick *one* of the following:

A. Vase (approx. 4.5 inches tall)
Vase 1

B. Pencil Holder (3.5" tall, 6" long)
Pencil Holder 2

C. Squaretop Vase (almost 5" tall)

D. Canister 2 (almost 5" tall, not including lid)
Canister 2

E. Wide Spiral Vase (5" tall)
Spiral Vase

Congrats, again! And, thanks for playing.

*Cold Soup Smooches*

Friday, August 15, 2008


Good morning, kittens!

How's your Friday? Slaving away for the Man? Just remember Happy Hour is only a few short hours away. You can make it! I believe in you!

Not much going on here. This morning, Kristi and I took a load of quarters to the bank to deposit in the co-op's account. On the way home, I bought my lottery ticket ($70 million, $42.5 cash option ... which is *almost* enough to achieve my goals). Keep your fingers crossed because there could be a Pottery Bar coming to a location near you.

Later this afternoon, I'm heading to the pottery studio. Hopefully, my final projects will be out of the kiln. Then, I'll walk over to Y's for a little nookie and, possibly, go out for Happy Hour/Dinner/Something.

My only other plan this weekend is to go to the AFI Silver to see Doctor Zhivago. So excited. Love that movie. And I think seeing it on the big screen will be fantastic. At 197 minutes, I wonder if it has an intermission?

OH. And don't forget the Summertime Cold Soup Contest ENDS TODAY at MIDNIGHT! Get your recipes/photos to me ASAP!

Have a fabulicious day! *smooches*

Thursday, August 14, 2008


A few days after 1999 melted into 2000, I was in the courtyard of Bai Yun Si, the White Cloud Temple, in Beijing with a friend. The temple was near her boyfriend's home, and I was looking for something special, something jade, something I could wear to remember my time in China. The jade disc I bought spoke to me. I probably paid more than I should have, but at less than $10, it was still a bargain.

I tied it around my neck and it didn't come off for 7 years. Then, the cord broke. I replaced it, but the new knot would untie itself every few days. I wondered if Someone was trying to tell me Something. Frustrated and scared that I would lose my bi, I stopped wearing it. Last week, DUN bought new cord for me and spoke to a worker at a bead store about the best way to fasten it.

Last night, I added a hook and eye clasp to the new cord. I put the bi back on ... and, it's weird, but I felt like a little piece of me had returned. I felt complete.

And, then, I remembered a story I started -but never finished- a few years ago, [tentatively titled] The Story of Bi.

On my last day in Beijing, I met him at Bai Yun Si. “I have something for you,” he said, giving me a small red box. “Open it.”

Inside was a jade bi, a pale green circle on a long red cord. He took the ends of the cord. “This is my heart,” he said, placing it around my neck. “I’m tying it short so you can’t take it off.”

“I never will,” I promised. And we kissed for the last time, standing underneath the old wisteria.

I remembered that, you know, sometimes I'm a pretty decent writer. Maybe that part of me is coming back, too [obviously not in the form of blog posts].


Exciting New VUBOQ Sidebar Feature

Over there -->

I've added an Unemployment Tracker.
Now, you, too, can experience the Joy of Being Unemployed right along with me! YAYZ.

AND, if you notice that the "Resumes Sent/Jobs Applied For" number hasn't changed in a few days, send me a little note and be all "WTF, VUBOQ. Get Moving, Mister."

It's got gray icing. I can't even begin to imagine how you make gray icing!

which would be the answer to yesterday's little guessing game ...
I hope you are all smacking your heads and saying "D'oh!"

Anywayz, good morning, kittens!
Yesterday, I didn't accomplish much at all. *sigh*

I did make a fabulous dinner though:
Cous Cous Salad. Teh Yumz.

Then, DUN came down for martinis and a little jewelry making (more on this later, possibly). Once we finished, we headed up to Tomokito's for Project Runway and Shear Genius. VUBOQ was pleased with the results of both shows (although, perhaps, maybe the Jerell/Stella team should've won on PR. I know! Shocking!).

Sorry this is so boring. I'z a bit overhung. *smooches*

PS. Don't forget the Summertime Cold Soup Contest ends tomorrow at Midnight!!! Send in your entries SOON!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Game and a Recipe

First, let's play a fun guessing game.

Look at this picture (taken at the Whole Foods Bakery Counter):

Now, who can be the first person to name the movie and the quote that VUBOQ immediately thought of when he saw two of those cakes?

It made VUBOQ laugh. The Cute Bakery Girl looked at him strangely when he laughed and took a picture.

Now, Calvin asked for my limoncello recipe. I think I've given it out before, but I'm too lazy to search for it ...

The Rule of 7s Limoncello

You will need:
Lemons, Sugar, Grain Alcohol, Water, Glass Container

Place the zest of 7 lemons in a glass container.
Pour 750 mL of grain alcohol (like EverClear) over them.
Place in a cool, dark place for 7 days.

On Day 7,
Make a simple syrup: On low heat, dissolve 700g (about 3.5 cups) of sugar in 750 mL of water.
Let cool to room temperature.
Strain the zest out of the alcohol (which should be a lovely yellow color by now).

Add the room temperature syrup to the strained alcohol.

Voila! Finished. Easy Peasy.

My Kingdom for a Cold Soup

Good Morning, Kittens!

I had planned to go jogging again this morning, but, when the 7:30 Alarum Bell rang, I could not drag my tired, stiff, sore body out of the bed. Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men, eh?

Not much going on today. I need to go to the grocery and hardware stores. I need to organize a couple of lunch dates. I need to clean the house. I need to do laundry. And, I need to find a job. Not particularly in that order ...

I also need to start the limoncello for SCGB's upcoming birthday. Limoncello is SuperEasy to make; however, the likker store has not had any grain alcohol (like EverClear) in stock the past two times I've been there. I'll try my luck again today.

Otherwise, I may have to improvise and I'm not quite sure how.

Knitting: The scarf is coming along nicely. I'm in the boring "background section" now. And will be for approximately 20 more inches. Dullsville.

OH. I finally watched Infernal Affairs yesterday. If you don't know, The Departed was the American remake of it. I have to say the Chinese version was a bit better. First, Tony Leung is CUUUUTE. Yum. Second, the ending was not quite as cut/dried as in The Departed [If I remember the ending of The Departed correctly].

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is busy making cold soup for the Summertime Cold Soup Contest!!
You only have until Friday, August 15th to submit your entries to me. See here for contest rules.

Do it. There are prizes!

Tonight, there will be more knitting, Project Runway, Shear Genius, and some jewelry making with DUN. Fun times.

Have a fabulous day at work! Don't let the BossMan (or Woman) get you down!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 of 12: Unemployed Edition

Here are 12 pictures from my exciting Urban Adventure!

I left Y's apartment bright and early (ok, fine, when you're unemployed 9:30AM *is* bright and early). I left his building and was greeted by gorgeous sky and crepe myrtles.

Crepe Myrtle

I cut through the park on the way to the metro station. This graffiti always makes me laugh.

Yey is too short

L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station is probably much busier earlier in the day. Jiggling the camera makes it look busy though.

Busy L'Enfant

I love the (relatively) new covers Metro has installed over the open escalators.

Exiting L'Enfant

I went to the National Gallery of Art. First to the East Wing to see the Treasures of Afghanistan exhibit. Then, I wandered through the West Wing.

Even the ancient Romans were touched by the Flying Spaghetti Monster's noodly appendage.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

I have a thing for Saints ...

Me and Saint Sebastian

After leaving the NGA, I wandered up the the Capitol. I love the Grotto, a octagonal brick building with a fountain.

The Grotto

After relaxing in the shade for a bit, I walked to Jaleo on 7th and E for sangria and tapas. Best Sangria in DC. Srsly.


Then, home to take photos of my latest pottery.

Vase and Cat

Followed by a nap.

Just Up From a Nap

Then, another summery beverage (blueberry-infused gin with lemon italian soda).

A Toast to Some Mighty Fine Weather 2

The rest of my evening will be filled with knitting and DVDs.


Oh, and a board meeting at 9PM (ugh).

Check out the other photos from my day on Flickr.